A housekeeper and her sleepy sex experience

As I usually do every morning, I changed into my
uniform and headed up to the office to get my room
list. Today I was to work on the 11th floor. That was
ok because there were less rooms on that floor so I’d
have a bit of time to spend on each room perfecting
them. I grabbed my cleaning supplies and headed up to
the floor and got my cart ready for another day in

I had finished up 7 rooms and was thinking of lunch. I
was doing good with my timing, but just to be on the
safe side I decided to do one last room before I took
my mid day break. It was an occupied room which I liked
because cleaning stay over rooms went a lot faster than
vacated rooms.

I knocked and slid the card into the slot calling out
“housekeeping” as I did. There was no answer, so I
opened the door into a dark room, but didn’t feel that
there was anyone in the room. I started walking across
the room to open the curtains when I felt light headed
and stumbled…

She fell to the floor and I quickly ran over shut and
locked the room door so that I would not be disturbed.
I went over and looked at her peacefully slumbering
where she landed. She looked so sweet, not like most of
the other housekeepers I’d seen that must have been
working here for decades.

I was glad I had picked this floor and that luck was
with me in delivering me this treat. I placed a cloth
with a bit of the sleepy juice on it over her nose, I
didn’t want her waking up at the wrong moment now… I
reached over and slid a finger over her slightly parted
lips. Very soft and sensuous.

I couldn’t wait to defile that mouth. Just the thought
of it was starting my blood flowing and I could feel
myself getting hard under my bathrobe. I reached under
my robe and started slowly rubbing my stiffening cock
into complete attention while savoring the look of this
prone woman on my floor.

After a few minutes of taking her in I finally decided
I better get on with it. I didn’t have a lot of time to
work with. I slowly turned her over onto her back and
her mouth opened a bit more. I just couldn’t help
myself. I leaned towards her and lay my cock across her

I didn’t want to enter just yet, but I had to feel her
soft full lips on me somehow. So I had it laying across
her lips near the base and drew it all the way across
her mouth until the head slid across leaving a trail of
precum on her cheek and dripping into her mouth. I
almost couldn’t stop myself from plunging in right
then, but thought I have to wait. Good things come to
those who wait…

I opened up her top and was surprised to see no bra.
Mmmmm now what were YOU thinking little miss with no
bra… I bent over and took one of those delicious
nipples into my mouth swirling my tongue around the
areola slowly. Almost instantly her nipple hardened and
gave me something to nibble. I reached over and ran my
finger over the other taught nipple pinching lightly.

So it is true, a woman can be aroused even in slumber.
I was so turned on by this revelation a wave of
pleasure ran through my body ending in a dose of precum
dripping onto my thigh as I bent over her. I left her
top open like that and slid my palm down her belly to
her waist band on her uniform bottoms. As I slid my
hand in under the material I took my shaft in the other
and started stroking myself.

I was hoping I’d find she was pantiless as well, but
sadly they were there, but not to worry. I moved around
so that I was kneeling over her legs and I pulled her
pants down and off her loafers falling off with the
them. There she lay before me in naught but her
panties. I reached over, picked up a pair of scissors
leaned in and took care of those pesky panties once and
for all. Now my dear you will be completely bare under
those clothes and only you and I will know it.

I shuffled back a bit and lay my wanton cock on her
foot. I could feel her soft skin as I slowly crawled
forward letting myself drag as I went. I had goosebumps
all over my skin and when I got close to her pussy I
almost couldn’t hold myself back from the edge.

Here I was acting out one of my favorite fantasies.
This lady lying under me exposed and vulnerable to my
every whim! I knelt back, lowered my head to her furry
box and slid my tongue in. Holy she was wet! I placed
my hands under her legs and spread them apart so that I
could get better access to this sopping treasure before

I dove in and sopped it all up leaving behind my own
wet saliva, although she seemed to be making a nice
recovery on what I took away on her own. I didn’t want
to wait any longer. I had to enter her now. I leaned
forward, her legs still in my arms and let myself find
her naturally. She was so wet my cock seemed to glide
in without any problem.

I started pumping into her watching her body move to
the beat. Her breasts bouncing to each bump. I could
feel myself building up to a wondrous climax and I
almost let go, but I didn’t want this moment to end
just yet. It was too delicious to waste.

After a few more pumps I slowly pulled out and resumed
my crawl up her body letting my freshly moistened stiff
cock trail juices up her belly. I circled each breast
remembering how perfectly they fit into my palm. I
continued up to what I had been waiting for so long. As
my hard member brushed over her lips again I felt the
most exquisite rush I had felt yet. This was the moment
I hoped I’d be able to hold out for.

I reached under her chin and gently pulled her jaw open
a bit. I then placed the head of my cock to her soft
lips again and applied pressure. The head was soon gone
into her beautiful full mouth. I took the cloth off her
nose so that she had good breathing and slid in
further. I was in heaven! I started fucking her mouth
hitting the back of her throat every now and then until
I couldn’t hold on any longer.

I pulled out of her mouth and shot my load all over her
face. By the time I was done pumping hot cum on her she
had it dripping down the side of her face, pooled in
her eye and even some dripping back into her mouth.
There you go my little slut, my present to you.

I sat and watched as the sperm started to drip and go
where it may before I reluctantly took a wet nap and
cleaned my mess up, leaving only what went into her
mouth for her to wonder at later. After I cleaned her
up I put her clothes back on, turned her over so she
was lying in the same position she fell in and got my
jacket and left the room slamming the door as I went.

I jolted awake by a loud sound feeling very confused. I
started getting up and felt something in my mouth. I
inadvertently had swallowed some when I woke up, but
spit what was in my mouth out pretty quick. It was too
dark to see what it was I fell on that got in my mouth,
but I stood up and felt my way back to the door still
feeling a bit disoriented.

I must have fainted or something. God knows in the heat
we’ve been having it’s possible. I stood by my cart in
the hall for a few minutes reclaiming my nerves when I
noticed something else. I reached into my pants and
noticed my panties were gone.

I looked at the door to the room I was just in took the
handle of my cart and pushed it to the next room on my
list. I wasn’t about to go back in there…
although…. I did have this nice sensual sensitivity
in me that I didn’t notice this morning… I looked at
the door again with a small odd smile on my face and
continued to go about my work, judging by my watch I
had catching up to do after all.

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