How to replace a wife

I had always been devoted to my wife and daughters. When my
wife suddenly contracted cancer and died after only a few months, I
was really stricken. It was all I could do to get through work each

When I got home at night, the girls would be there, and we
would clean the house and fix dinner, and do all the things that you
have to do to keep a household going. With them there it was much
easier than it would have been if I’d been alone, and I told them so.
When I went to bed, though, I really began to miss my wife.

We had always been very active sexually. We even took pictures.
One night some weeks after she had gone, I began to get those pictures
out and look at them and masturbate to them to try and make myself feel
better, and maybe release some pressure so I could sleep.

This went on for a couple of months. Then one night I got up
to go to the john. On the way back, I passed my oldest daughter (16)
Annie’s bedroom. I noticed the door was partly open and glanced in.
There she was, lying on her back with her legs spread, with her hands
between her legs, masturbating for all she was worth. I just stood
there in shock, watching her fingers move in and out.

I don’t know how long I stood there. I don’t even know how
long I watched before I realized that her eyes were now open and that
she was watching me watch her. As soon as I realized that, I quietly
closed the door and went back to my own room.

I was so horny it almost hurt! I got out my favorite picture
of my wife and began to beat off, but I couldn’t help but think how
much Annie had looked like her, and see those little fingers moving,
and see that sweet face contorted with passion. I got harder and
harder thinking of her. Then the bedroom door opened.

There stood Annie, watching me, with a smile on her face.
She came over to the bed, and said “Oh daddy, let me help you!”. I
tried to refuse. I even tried to get up. But when she grabbed my
hardon in her little hands, I had no chance. She was awkward, but
I was so horny that it didn’t really matter. She stroked me a few
times and I was so aroused that I shot off practically in her face.

She let out a yelp of surprise and then laughed and wiped
herself off with the sheet. She lay down next to me and held me
close. She said “Daddy, daddy, I knew you were hurting, but I
didn’t know you were this bad off. Mommy told me to take care of
you. Why didn’t you say something.”

Then she put her lips on my cock and kissed it and then began
to suck it up again. After it was hard she licked and sucked it
awkwardly until I came again. This time, she was ready and
caught it in a tissue.

“Now it’s my turn, daddy. Do me” she said. She rolled
over, spread her legs and lifted her knees and stuck her little box
up at me. I was so dazed and was feeling so much passion that without
thinking I went down on her just as if she had been my dear wife. She
was delighted. All but crying with joy, she came three times in my
face before I stopped. I couldn’t help but notice that despite her
readiness to experiment, she was still a virgin.

I cuddled her sweet and sweaty little body up to mine, and
told her how much I appreciated what she had done for me. I told her
how much she looked like her mom, how she even smelled and tasted like
her. I told her that although it had been great fun, we must never
do this again. I never intended it, but before we were through talking,
we went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up with her lips on my cock. I gave
in and showed her how to do sixty-nine. Then we had a bath and breakfast.

The next afternoon, when I got home, the girls were already back
from school as usual. I made it a point to get Annie alone and try to
get her to agree to not do that anymore. She wanted to know why it was
wrong. I told her that incest and statutory rape was illegal. She
wanted to know how anyone would ever know and how anyone could ever
prove anything, and whose business was it anyway. I said that was
beside the point.

As we were having dinner that night, Bonnie, my youngest, 12,
wanted to know if she could have Annie’s room. I said what makes you
think she’s going anywhere? She said, well if she’s going to sleep
with you like mommy, why can’t I have her bedroom.

Then Celeste, my 14 year old spoke up, saying, she’s not going
to sleep with him all the time, dummy, I’ll get to take a turn too.
Bonnie got highly indignant, saying don’t call me dummy, and demanding
that she get a turn too.

By the time I had restored some semblance of order, I had learned
that all three girls had been in the habit of watching my wife and I make
love for years, and that they were by no means ignorant of either sex or
our enjoyment of it. They were also determined that I should no longer
want for satisfaction, and that they were collectively going to “take
care of you like mommy did”. Because “that’s what she’d want, and
besides before she died we promised”.

Call me a weak man if you will. but after a while I gave in.
That night I slept with Celeste, and the following night with little
Bonnie. From then on we rotated. Even little Bonnie got very good
at oral sex very quickly. She also enjoyed me stroking her body,
feeling her and eating her out, just as much as the older girls did,
although it took her longer to learn to give a good hand job because
of her tiny hands.

It was after several months of this that finally I broke down
and went all the way like they had been pestering me to do.

We had been watching TV and the girls were complaining because
nothing good was on. The girls switched on the VCR and put on a porno
movie then wouldn’t let me switch it off. We watched a while and then
as the movie got hotter, Celeste opened her robe, took off her nighty
and, looking at me, began to masturbate. The other girls watched a
moment and then undressed rapidly and started in too.

After two or three minutes, they ganged up on me. If you have
ever wrestled with three teenage girls, you know how difficult it can
be. Especially when they are taking off your clothes.

Well, after they got me nude and began to take turns kissing me
and sucking my cock, I was lost. Then to my horror, Annie came up
astride me, settled my cock in her box, and before I could say or do
anything, was lowering herself onto me. The other girls wouldn’t let
me move, keeping my hands busy in their own boxes. She was tight, but
wet and willing and determined, and suddenly her hymen broke and I was
in her. I was astounded at the intensity of my feelings and of the
sensations flowing through my body. My desires took over and before
I could stop myself, I was thrusting deep inside her again and again,
listening to her familiar cries of joy, playing her like an instrument.

Then when she came we stopped for a while to rest. Celeste let
it be known that she wanted her turn too, so I took her. With Celeste,
I rolled her over lifted her hips and spread her legs and thrust into her
from on top. I pushed until her hymen broke, then I pumped her for a
good long while as deeply as I could, and she, too came quickly. She
didn’t even wince when I broke into her. She just sighed and settled
me as deeply into her as she could get me, and began to make happy
noises like her sister and mother before her had.

Then I sat up and took little Bonnie on my lap. She settled
her wet little box around my cock and wiggled and squirmed and pushed
until her hymen burst and she cried out. I made her rest for a minute
then I humped her gently for a while, slowly building up until I was
thrusting as deeply into her as I had her sisters. When she came, she
clamped her legs around me and squeezed, and I couldn’t pull out. Her
tight little box spasmed and squeezed me until I couldn’t hold back
anymore, and I shot off deep inside my little 12 year old darling.

The other two girls were outraged that she should make me come
in her first. I calmed them down by taking them on again and working
at it until I could come in each of them too. Fortunately it was
Saturday, because I think it took all night and I wasn’t good for
much most of the next day. The girls were all wearing satisfied
smiles and languid looks.

That night, after all that sex, we had a family shower, sauna
and hot tub. We slept together in what we have all come to call
“mommy’s bed”.

From that day on we almost always have group sex on Saturday
nights, and I take Sunday nights off to rest. If I do sleep with one
of the girls, we do not have sex, we just sleep together. The girls
alternate so that I sleep with and have sex with a different girl on
each night. When one has a period, she simply steps out of the lineup
til it’s over and I continue to have sex with the other two.

I have seen to it that each girl has a supply of the pill and
that they all three take it each morning at breakfast.

Whenever one of the girls misbehaves, I simply withhold sex
from her for a while. I’ve found that they really don’t want to lose
that privilege and will do anything to avoid losing their night with
their father’s cock.

When we have our Saturday night orgies, they delight in seeing
who can make me come first. One game we play is I’ll have three pretty
little bottoms sticking up at me, and I’ll stick my cock in one, and she
has twenty seconds to pump on me and try and make me come, then I pull
out and move into the next one.

I have even gotten them into a three way daisy chain on the
premise that once they’ve had their face in each other’s pussy, maybe
they’ll get along better. I’m not sure it works. They may eat each
other, but they still argue. Sometimes they even argue while they
are having sex!

They are all like their mom, but are different, too. They
taste different and smell slightly different. When one comes to me
at night, I have no trouble telling who I am with. But I still miss
my wife.

I found out later that on the big night when I took all three
of them for the first time, They had set up a video camera and had it
running the whole time. I must be the only father in the world who
has documented evidence of the moment that all three of his daughters
lost their cherries. They even took closeups earlier showing their
hymens and afterwards showing them torn away. They delight in looking
at that and recalling graphically the first time I stuck it in, and
how good it felt.

That usually succeeds in turning me on and starting another
orgy. I really can’t imagine having another woman besides my daughters.
Someday I presume they’ll get married and move away, but for the moment
I am content with life and they seem to be too. Annie dates, but has a
reputation as the class virgin. The other two have no apparent interest
in having sex with the boys either, and are not even interested in lots
of dating yet. I am either very lucky or trapped, I’m not sure which.

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