Hot nurse treatment

I sat in the doctor’s office, feeling strange. I was the only person there, it was like a private room, there was only a couple of chairs, a coffee table and some copies of Time Magazine. I felt uncomfortable, but not so much that I was wanting to cancel, and leave. I wanted to get past the problem I was having, and after some back and forth on online forums, I was directed to Doctor Howard Jackson.

Ever since I had my first fuck at 15, I could not get more that a weak spurt off. I was embarrassed, and vividly remembered a week ago, when I was fucking my girlfriend, doing my best to hold back, work up a big load.

She panted, “Whip it our baby, cum in my face, splatter me!”

I quickly did so, she got her face right in front of my cock head, and the best I could get were a few drops, and nothing else. I felt like a failure, a face that many guys would give up their left nut for, and I couldn’t even spray her down properly. After research and online forums, Dr. Jackson was mentioned, his practice was limited to male performance, and glowing testimonials pushed me to make an appointment.

The door to his office room opened, and he stepped out, saying, ” Welcome Mister Hawkins, please come in.”

I complied, and seated in front of his office desk, I sized him up. Looked about 40, a solid build, he looked like a competent doctor, not some quack.

“So, what can I help you with?”

I started out about how little I could get off, stating how embarrassing it was to myself, and my girlfriend, trying to work up a big load, and not getting anything more that a weak dribble.

“Hmmm, yes, I can treat that, it will be no problem. Can we make you an appointment for my clinic? It will be a 5 day treatment, and I guarantee that you will be cumming like a fountain.”

I quickly agreed, and he placed the standard waiver in front of me.

He explained, “My treatment is a closely guarded secret, in the waiver you will see a clause that forbids you from ever divulging any of the treatment methods. Once you sign the waiver, we will be ready.”

I quickly signed, and he wrote out the address of his clinic, along with the phone numbers, and a metal tag with a 5 digit number.

“So, what 5 day period would be most workable around your schedule?”

Since I hadn’t used any vacation days for a while, I said, “How about the week after next, I’m sure my boss will agree. I’ll ask him tomorrow, and I will let you know.”

My boss was happy to grant me the time off, I contacted Doctor Jackson, and her said, “Excellent, we will see you at 9 AM on Monday. On the west side of the building is an underground parking garage, drive up to the attendant, give him the metal tag, and park there. Better security, and your vehicle will be safe.”

All during the time leading up to my clinic time, I wondered what his treatment was. I was curious as all hell, and hopeful that it would really work out.

At 8:55 AM, I drove up to the building, around the west side, was a large garage style door, and I drove up to it. The door slid open, and a security officer came around, and I handed him my ID tag. He smiled, and motioned me on to proceed.

I took the elevator up to the third floor, Doctor Jackson welcomed me, and led me into the treatment room.

“Ok Mister Hawkins, please disrobe, and lie back on the table.”

I did so, and felt the sting of a hypodermic, I jumped, but I felt a numbness overcome me, and I was not able to put up any resistance as I was clamped down to the table on my back. Wrists were clamped down above my head, my legs were spread open, knees pushed back and leather loops around my knees secured to the clamp covering my chest. Doctor Jackson lowered the back end of the table, I was acutely aware of how upthrust and exposed my asshole was.

He opened a door to a third part of the room, and said, “Candy, our next patient is ready.”

I looked, then took a second long look as his nurse entered. Holy shit, here was this sexy looking nurse, blond hair, blue eyes, a face like Helen of Troy, with huge melons, wearing the smallest micro mini skirt imaginable, it looked like the sexiest nurse costume for Halloween. What really grabbed my attention was the majestic cock jutting up from her loins, tenting up the front of the skirt, with a sock covering the top few inches, and a white bow tied around her balls. God, what a contrast.

“Hi Ron, I’m Candy, your nurse, and you are going to get my special injection.”

With my body secured, all I could do was watch as she slipped the sock off her cock, and smiled at me. She took a tube of KY, and I felt her hands spreading my cheeks apart, as she applied a liberal amount to my virgin asshole, getting me ready. She then slid a generous helping up and down that huge cock, making it glisten. She was obviously ready, her cock looking like a steel hard pole.

She produced a ball gag, and I was quickly silenced, as she shoved it between my lips, and fastened it shut.

“The treatment works best if you are gagged. Relax baby, I know how to give you a superb reaming, it’s my specialty, it won’t be long before you’ll be getting the best fuck of your life!”

I felt her hands grab my cheeks, spreading them apart so my ass could be fucked. I was going to be fucked in pretty well the same way a woman would, and I saw the grin, she obviously enjoyed the role reversal. The large swollen head nudged against my ass, and with a hard push, the huge head forced its way in. I let out a muffled grunt as I felt the intrusion.

“There we go baby, almost there, relax it, open your ass, open your ass to me!”

I did my best, Oh fuck, I was getting split open, my howls of pain were totally muffled as she pushed in, further and further, until with a grunt of pleasure from her, she was buried, completeing the deflowering of my ass hole, her bow tied balls smacked against my ass cheeks. I felt like I was wrapped around a steel hard pole.

“Oh yeah, always the best, fucking the tight virgin asses. Now, let’s work on loosening you up a bit.”

She pulled back halfway, and then drove back in again, holy fuck what a reaming, my sounds of displeasure were well muffled. After several, ass-splitting, abraisive thrusts, the fucking rhythm became easier, and she started to fuck me a little bit faster. The pain started to subside, and I did notice that my cock was rising up quickly, my erection rose up until I was longer and harder than I had ever been, as my sexy nurse gave me the reaming of a lifetime.

I felt her hand grasp my cock, and she purred, “Oh yeah baby, once you get into it, your cock always shows the way.”

She continued to fuck me, giving my ass a real good reaming. I could feel my cock surging in her grip as she held her hand steady around my cock, not pumping me, just holding my cock.

She cooed, “Bet you can feel the cum building up, right baby? Everyone who gets the treatment shoots a nice juicy load. Cum baby, shoot out that nice big load, the treatment works best when you explode, oh fuck, yeah, my own balls are ready to explode!”

I could feel her cock swell with a massive urgency, opening my ass hole to the max, and she grunted, “Oh yeah, gonna cum, gonna fill your tight ass, cum for me baby, cum with me, do it, fuck YEAH!”

Her cock started to pulse, and I felt a blast of hot spunk deep inside, and that did it. My own cock started to pulse, and as her cum drenched my prostate, I erupted. No milking was required, I shot, over and over, spraying ropes of cum, drenching my chest and belly, as she aimed it. Her cock continued to gush more hot spunk while I splattered my pouring load all over my upper body, I felt almost ready to pass out as the last of 10 full power shots splattered every which way.

When she pulled out, she purred, “Nice. We have four more treatments for you Ron, taking your ass in the same way. After our 5 day treatment, you’ll get the hardest erections, and shoot out a massive creamy load every time.”

I looked forward to that. Halfway through the second treatment, it was feeling really good, and I started to push my hips towards her on the in-thrusts, she smiled as she laid her cock to my ass hole, reaming me with that massive pole, spreading me open again and again as she grunted, growled and exploded, the hot cum filling my asshole. Candy smiled as she held my cock upright, and her eyes glittered as she watched the spunk shoot up like a fountain, another 10 full shots gushed out, oh fuck that felt so good.

My last 3 treatments were all pleasure, I was humping my hips up as soon as she entered me, and just like my first two treatments, 10 thick ropes exploded, shooting every which way, I finally had the power filled shots I wanted.

It was time to be discharged, and Candy gave me a big kiss, and purred, “Ron It was a pleasure giving you my special treatment.”

On my first date after my treatment, my girlfriend and I were more than ready. We didn’t even make it out of the house before we were in the bedroom, clothes flying off, and our bodies were soon locked together in a hot implacable clinch, my cock was ramming her as we fucked wildly. As she cried out and urged me on, my mind fixated on Candy. The hotness of her body, the huge cock that reamed my asshole, holy fuck, I was again harder then ever as I replayed how expertly my asshole got reamed. I could feel the tightening up, and with my girlfriend crying out, “Cum with me lover, cream my cunt, DO IT!” her voice shouted out as I felt my swollen balls let go, and I felt like a fire hose. I let 5 full power shoots drench her womb, then I pulled out, aimed, and shot the rest of my load all over, two shots splattered her face, two more covered her tits, and one last stream gushed against her bare, well waxed mound.

I flopped down next to her, and she cooed, she purred “Ummm, what a load, baby, that was amazing. You creamed my cunt so deep, and then creamed my body, so hot!”

I told her about how a skilled doctor had solved my problem, but left out exactly what the treatment was, citing the non-disclosure form I had signed. She was just happy that I was a gusher, and I would let her have all the hot cream she wanted.

Candy, you are amazing, I thought, with a big smile on my face.

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