Wife’s adventures


This is my first post. I have always been facinated for some reason thinking of my wife having sex with another man. Well, we have had some problems in our marriage where she has strayed and I have to admit, it turns me on. Sometimes, I even think about it when we are having sex. My wife is an extremely beautiful woman. 5’2 105lbs with 36c breasts. Long brown wavy hair and hazel eyes. I am an attractive male, 5’7 155lbs brown hair brown eyes. We are both 32 years old. This will be the first of 3 stories that I have in my head all the time.
She has always been approached alot since we began dating at 18. We were married at 19 and still together today and I have to admin, pretty happy.

She went on a girls night out with 3 of her friends to a local bar by the beach. They were there to see a band play, because one of her friends dates a member. They first arrived and starting drinking at the outside bar. The band showed up and the bass player immediately took an interest in my wife. I remember she was wearing a pair of tight jeans, rolled up to her ankle, low heels, and a tight black t-shirt. She never wears underwear but had a bra on. Her breasts looked remarkable, as she has very big nipples that are hard to hide. They poked through the shirt like 2 erasers. They started talking, about general stuff, life, weather, etc… and he said “maybe I’ll see you after the show”. My wife did not think anything of it and just continued to party with her friends. During the show, as they got more drunk, my wife was near the front of the stage with her friends, dancing to the music. They had a good buzz going, and were getting feely with each other, grinding. My wife and her best friend were dancing, rubbing each others ass and breasts. My wifes nipples were getting harder and poking more through the shirt. If it had been a little lighter on the dance floor, you might have been able to see how wet her pussy was getting. The bass player, from the stage, was staring and my wife was noticing his cock getting hard as they played. It was decent size about 6 inches. During the break in-between sets, he tried looking for my wife but could not find her in the crowd. They finished out the set then he found her. The bar was starting to empty and now her friends had gone outside to get ready to leave for the night. He called my wife over to the stage and they sat on the edge. He put his arm around her and they began talking. “Did youl like the show” he said. “Yes, she said, we had a good time”. “I saw that” he said. “Are you going to come again?”. “No, I dont think this is my kind of crowd”. Seizing the moment, he grabbed her hand. “Let’s go for a walk”. They walked to the back of the bar, to an landing above a set of stairs leading down to the dressing room. He grabbed her head and they began kissing, tongues licking each other. He ran his hand over her left breast and began to rub her hard nipple. She moaned in delight. She ran her hand down over his cock and rubbed him through his jeans, admiring the stiff hard member. He then took her down the stairs, past the band dressing room, to a boiler room in the basement. Again, they began kissing. This time, he undid her pants and started to rub her wet shaven pussy. With his other hand, he pulled down her shirt and bra to expose her huge tits. He began to play with her nipples and sucked on them gently licking them with his tongue. She undid his pants and began to jerk his cock until he was nice and hard. She could feel the wet juice of his cock on her hands. He pushed her head down but she did not want to suck his cock. Instead she began to jerk him harder as he pinched her nipples. She asked him if he had a condom and he said “yes”. She pulled her pants down to her ankles, as he slid the condom over his hard cock. She tuned around put her hands against the pipes, and spread her legs. He slid his cock into her pussy. This is her favorite position, doggy style. He was fucking her hard, his balls pounding against her ass. She moaned in delight as he reached around and felt her big tits. After about 10 minutes, he had to cum. She turned, faced him, and to his delight pulled the condom off and jerked his cock fast and hard. As he was moaning louder, she bent down and jerked his cock all over her tits. Cum sprayed over her nipples. After it was over and they cleaned up, they went upstairs, said goodbye and she left for the night.