Imagine you had a young house guest and while she was watching a movie she fell asleep cocooned in some blankets on the floor. Too many blankets – she looks a bit overheated. You tried to wake her so she could go out to the bars with her friends when they called. You called her name and shook her by the shoulder but it wouldn’t work. After telling her friends on the phone that she couldn’t make it your curiosity was peaked. You went back into the living room and lightly poked her hard stomach with your finger. Next you pushed her leg a little and it fell over limply. Getting a little bolder you rubbed her cute ass some. The word Hollister will always excite you from now on. You of course helped her to cool off by spreading those scratchy blankets open. No movement!

Sitting back on the couch you look down at her tight body and wonder. “Sharon!” She doesn’t answer. Gingerly, you kick her foot a little. Her skin is creamy and smooth like your wife’s used to be. But even through her blouse you can tell that your wife’s boobs were never so full and plump. It wouldn’t hurt to rearrange her clothing a little.

First you open her shirt as far as it will go without undoing any buttons. Her left tit falls enough that you can see a nipple if you bend down low. Then you slide her shorts down as if they just moved that way by themselves. A pink and black thong makes itself known to you. Whispering: “Sharon, Sharon, wake up.” As you undo one button, arising from her cleavage, you smell the sweet aroma of a 22 year old’s breast perspiration. Your zipper makes the slightest noise little noise and you are so careful.

You tuck her hair behind her ear and out of her face as your cock brushes up against her thigh. Electricity. Dick in hand and with more intention you rub it against her fanny. It’s been a long time since you felt skin so soft. When you stick the head up under the edge of her snug shorts the material pushes it firmly into her flesh. It twitches a couple of times and you hold very still so as not to shoot your load immediately.

It takes awhile but with a minimum of jostling her blouse is off. Oh, what a flat tummy. You move her flat on her back so that you can more easily remove her shorts which permits a musky scent to rise up from her barely panty-covered mound. Is that the smell of an aroused pussy? Or maybe she hasn’t showered recently. Which would be better? A turned on kitten or a ripe snatch? Thumbs hooked under elastic you lifted and tugged. Wow. This was the first time you have ever seen a shaved one before in person. It is so easy to see her lips and clit. Have you ever really gotten a good look at your wife’s clit before? Sharon’s is huge!! It’s almost like a tiny cock. You could suck that. Better not, how much could you get away with without awakening this angel?

Thank goodness for front clasp bras. her’s don’t sag. In the cold a few goosebumps pop around her nipples which don’t stick out that much. They are the small little mosquito bites of a girl who has never been pregnant. Soo cute. You roll one gently between your thumb and finger.

You run your fingers through her hair and then your hand all the way down from her dainty neck to her adorable toes. Back up again slowing to appreciate such muscular thighs. Careful now, don’t over do it. You cup each of her peaches; they jiggle delightfully. Meanwhile, your dick has bumped into the crevice between her cameltoe and her leg leaving a sticky string that connects you two. Can’t leave evidence so you lick it off. The smell is intoxicating and you nuzzle your face in that moist and secret place. You lick around her labia and down as far as you can reach past her pink gash. A new smell invites you to breath deep. It’s earthy and fresh and it’s the novel yet wonderful smell of a godesses’ posterior. You inhale deeply, whispering, “Oh Sharon, your lucky boyfriends…”

You kneel at her side and cautiously roll her over onto her front. It’s a shame when her ta-tas move from view but on the other hand this is the most amazingly fantastic ass you have ever seen in your life. Do her lucky boyfriends ever get to fuck it? Is she on the pill? Kneading her buns your cock throbs and almost cums when her brown winker flirts with you. You pull her cheeks open and stare intently before burying your nose in the crack. Surprising yourself you kiss it over and over again, then tenderly lick it. On impulse you touch it with your thumb. You have never touched anyone’s asshole before. It has a cool rubbery feel very unlike pussy lips. With spit on your finger you rub circles around the puckered jewel. Getting your face close again you press with your thumb and the tip goes in a little. Man is that outa this world. This girl is so cute you want to lick your thumb and plunge it in again. But you don’t dare.

Too late. Now your lust has carried you away and there is one more thing that you have to do. She hasn’t woken yet surely she won’t. Straddling her legs you bring your cock up to those delicious globes. It fits so nicely between her cheeks like a hot dog in a bun. The feeling is astonishing, breathtaking, spectacular.

Time to place your dickhead up to her hole. You press. You insist. Dropping a stream of spit-lube it gets all wet in and around there. You urge it to go in but it does not. You wiggle it and still no results. You grab the base of your cock with your hand and push it down toward it’s goal. The bottom half of the head of your cock has made egress. Just a little more now…then suddenly without warning all of your plum sized head is inside her super tight ass. The feeling is awe-inspiring. So many firsts tonight. What a stunning body and you are in it. Hands on either side of her shoulders now you worry yourself inside – inch by inch. After a time you can feel your balls being squeezed between her thighs and you know you’ve gone all the way. The warmth of her back is alluring as you kiss the little tattoo below her neck. Another careful thrust and your cum streams out filling her up with precious seed.

The next day she is none the wiser as her latest boyfriend pulls into the drive. The door closes gently and she calls out, “See ya later, my lucky boyfriend is here.”

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