Hot Nights in Mexico

It had been a while since we had been on vacation and the first time we had gone to Mexico. We had rented a two-bedroom condominium on the beach, and I have to say it was idyllic. We had left our two kids with their grandparents.

My name is Matt; I am 48 and I am in good shape, mainly because of a lot of exercise. My wife’s name is Annie; she is 40, 5’ 6”, with a great hourglass figure but the first thing anyone notices about her is her big freckled breasts. They are not as firm as they used to be, but her cleavage is something that still drives me crazy. She usually has her black curly hair cut shoulder length.

Our vacationing friends are Paul and his wife Helen. They are an odd couple in one respect, Helen is a little younger than Annie is and Paul has just turned 32. Paul had never married before he met Helen, he is very similar in looks to me, but always has plenty of energy. Annie had been married before; she is a wispy blond, very skinny with small breasts. Occasionally I sense some jealousy over the attention Paul gives my wife.

We were just over half way through our week vacation, and had left the restaurant after a great meal. We decided not to go out and party, but just kick back and enjoy the warm night at the condominium. As it was, we ended up playing around in the swimming pool until about 10 pm.

We slipped into shorts and T-shirts, left the pool and went back to the condominium. Not bothering to change from our swim clothes, we raided the kitchen for drinks. The layout of the place was quite nice, smallish kitchen / dinning area but with two large bedrooms complete with couches, tables and a small, secluded patio area. Because the bedrooms were more comfortable, we ended up migrating to our bedroom.

Paul produced a pack of cards and suggested we play at the table. We were all getting a buzz from the drinks, and looking back, I think Paul was the one that suggested playing for clothes. I expected Helen to object, but she went along with it, probably because she was a mean player and usually won. It was some kind of memory game and your cards remained face down. The alcohol made the games last a lot longer than normal.

After a few rounds, we were all down to our swimwear and the atmosphere was rowdy, but a little nervous, because the next loser had to expose some flesh. We had never done this before with any of our friends and I wondered if anyone would chicken out. Paul dealt the cards and after a very enthusiastic game, my wife lost. She reached behind her and untied her bikini top, pulled it off and tossed it on the bed. Out spilled those gorgeous breasts, made even more fascinating by the sun tan lines.

“Wooo woo.” Said Paul. “I did not think you would do it.”

“Hey young man, I do not welsh on my debts.”

I dealt the cards again and this time Paul lost. A little self-consciously, he pulled off his swim shorts. Paul and I had seen each other naked plenty of times before at the gym.

Annie whistled at the thickness of Paul’s cock and the size of his balls, but did not make any comment. I could tell she was impressed.

I lost the next round and tossed my shorts onto the floor, I am proud of my body, and apart from a few catcalls from the girls, nothing much was said. Annie lost next and with a show of bravado pushed her small breasts together.

“See I have a cleavage also.” She announced to good-natured laughter. She quickly folded her arms and I could tell she was a little shy.

“Two more rounds.” Paul announced. He was supposed to be keeping score on a piece of paper, but that had been abandoned.

I topped up everyone’s drinks and the cards dealt again. Paul and I had nothing more to lose, so we were more relaxed. Annie tried to concentrate on her game and I watched her lick her lips. Helen seemed reasonably confident and I noticed she had been sipping her drink.

Annie lost again, by now though; she had had a lot to drink and stood up and provocatively untied her bikini bottom and let it slide to the floor. All three of us stared at her neatly trimmed rectangular stripe of black hair.

“Sweet.” Paul commented, a little lost for words. As I wondered if he was getting aroused, Annie glanced at his lap.

“Ohhh, you like I see.” I saw Helen check out her husband too. I did not mention anything, because I could feel my erection stirring a little.

“The last hand.” Paul quickly announced.

The game went by very quickly, not much said as the cards slammed down on the table. Paul won and Annie lost again. She stood up, clasped her hands behind her head and stretched, making her breasts jut outwards.

“I forfeit, I have nothing else to give.”

Helen got up, downed the rest of her drink and tickled Annie’s ribs.

“Shameless hussy” she laughed. Annie shrieked and they fell back onto the bed, side by side, Annie’s legs slightly apart

I turned off the main lights, sat on the edge of the bed and slid my hand between her thighs.

“I can think of a forfeit for you madam.”

“I bet you can sir.” She replied.

Paul joined us and cupped one of Annie’s breasts. “How about a little grope as my prize for winning?” He asked a little belatedly as he massaged her flesh.

“Ohhh that feels nice.” She giggled. Her normally large nipples hardened instantly into dark red points.

“Yes it does.”

Paul’s cock was now fully erect and although not as long as mine, it was very thick. Annie noticed that also.

“Dam, Helen I can see what you mean.” She reached over and put her hand on it. “I can’t get even get my fingers around it. How do you manage to get that inside of you?” She started to stroke it, and Paul groaned.

“You have to be very wet, but I find it a little painful.” Helen said.

Paul took one of Annie’s nipples between his lips and sucked hard, teasing it, before focusing her attention on the other breast. I sat behind Helen and reached around to grasp her petite breasts. She stiffened. I remembered that Paul had often said Helen was not that interested in sex.

I moved my hand off her, and slid my hand between Annie’s legs to seek out the entrance to her vagina. She was sopping wet. She groaned even louder.

“This is making me too horny; I need a cock inside of me. She whispered

At this point, I expected Paul and Helen to leave our bedroom and let us make love.

“Can I?” Paul asked.

I exchanged looks with Annie, who raised an eyebrow to say she was okay with it. I had been harboring a secret fantasy of watching someone fuck her, so I looked at Helen.

“I’m okay with it; he really is too big for me, I don’t enjoy it that much.” Helen replied.

Paul did not waste a second. He got off the bed, pulled my wife’s legs around, and positioned himself between her thighs. I watched as his thick cock entered her pussy.

“Easy, oh God, that feels so good. Ohhh, ohhhhh, oohhhh.”

She started to pant as he pushed gently into her and I knew she was on the verge of cumming.

“This is so good; you’re so hot, so wet.” Paul’s eyes were tightly closed, savoring the warmth of Annie’s pussy.

“Yes, yes, oh so good, so good, God you’re so big, ooooohhhhhhhhh, oooohhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.” She moaned.

I decided to try once more with Helen, but instead she stood up, took my hand and guided me into her bedroom. I rolled her onto her back, my hands gripping the waistband of her bikini bottoms. I pulled them off to expose her blond curled womanhood. She motioned me to lie on the bed and got on top of me, in the 69 position, her knees either side of my head. I felt her hot mouth encompass my shaft.

I groaned and buried my face between her legs, pulling her sex lips apart and sought out her little pink bud. I heard her moan. Encouraged I inserted my tongue into her vagina, swirling it around, tasting her freely flowing juices. She rewarded me by taking more of my cock into her mouth and her head bobbed faster. As I sucked, licked and probed with my mouth, she became more aroused and ground her pussy harder into my face.

“Oh, that is so good, ah, ah, ah, I’m going to cum, oooohhhhhhhhhh.” Helen cried, before resuming her oral assault on my cock.

“I’m going to cum also.” I warned, expecting her to lift her head to avoid me cumming in her mouth. Instead, her sucked even harder and moved her hips even faster.

“Ohh jeez.” I murmured as I ejaculated into her hot soft mouth.

“Umm, ummmmmmmm.” She cried, her mouth full of my cock, and I knew she had peaked. Helen continued to suck me dry, making my orgasm seem to last forever. Finally spent and she turned around in the bed and kissed me on the mouth. I could taste my salty cum on her lips.

“That was nice, I think you enjoyed it?”

“I have never, ever had someone do that to me so well.” I replied.

She paused before saying, “I have a lot of practice. Having sex with Paul, with his size and all is not that pleasurable, he respects that, so I give him as many blowjobs as he wants. We do make love as well of course, we are trying for a baby, but his sperm count is low.”

“I didn’t realize that.” I heard more sounds of passion coming from the other bedroom.

“Paul must be overjoyed, not only has he had the “hots” for Annie since we first met, she enjoys it from what it sounds like.” She laughed.

“Oh she has a high sex level.”

“Paul will keep her happy then, he can orgasm six or more times in a night.”

We talked a bit longer and eventually fell asleep, her body wrapped around mine.

I woke early, slipped out of bed and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice. I was still horny and wondered what Annie and Paul were up to, so I peeked into the bedroom. Paul was lying on his back and Annie was laying next to him face down, legs slightly apart. My cock stirred at the sight of her ass. I eased on to the bed and slipped my hand up between her thighs

“Again?” I heard her mumble incredulously into her pillow.

I lay on top of her, and pushed her thighs apart. My now hard dick searched out the entrance of her pussy. There was a lot of dried cum between her legs and I wondered how many times they had made love. I eased myself in as she became wetter. Her pussy was so hot. Slowly I rocked back and forwards, enjoying the sensation, and was turned on more when I saw Paul’s eyes open and a smile cross his lips.

“I guess Helen didn’t allow you then?”

I did not say anything but continued my thrusting, a little rougher.

Annie realized what was happening. “Two of you now? Hold on.” She maneuvered herself onto her back and I entered her again. I watched as her freckled breasts bobbed around as I picked up speed. Paul leaned over and started to suck on her nipple.

“I’ve lost count of how many times I have orgasmed. Oh fuck, I’m cumming again…… ooooh, oooooooh, oooooh, I’ve never had a threesome before, uurrrrrrrrr.” Her body started to spasm and I could hold back no longer.

“Yeesssss.” I cried and my cock erupted, shooting my hot fluid into her pussy, the sensation overwhelming me.

I pulled out and rolled over onto my back, just in time to see Paul take over from me.

“No not again.” Annie pleaded half heartedly, but wrapped her legs around his hips and drew him into her.

“Two men in succession, God, I’m such a slut, ahhh shit, ahhh shit, I can’t believe it, I’m starting again, uuhhhhhhhh.”

I watched as the two of them roughly fucked each other. Annie got on top and bounced vigorously on Paul’s big cock, her eyes tightly closed, her face screwed up in ecstasy. I was a little shocked as she pounded herself against his hips until her whole body shuddered in pleasure. I could tell by Paul’s movements he had cum also.

She collapsed on top of him. “No more for a while, please, I can’t take it.”

Eventually we got out of bed, took showers and had breakfast. Helen seemed thoughtful, and I put my arm around her and asked if she was okay. “Just thinking.” She replied.

We were due to leave the next afternoon, so we did some last minute souvenir shopping and had a lazy day. We went back to the condo in the late afternoon, packed up most of our stuff, changed and went out to a little bar that had a dance floor. After eating dinner, a DJ started to play some music and we danced, switching partners between songs. Eventually a slow song came on and I danced with Helen.

She put her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear. “I am not wearing anything under this dress.”

I let my hands slide up and down her back and confirmed what she said was right. She was not wearing a bra and she did not appear to be wearing any panties.

“You little minx.” I chastised. I looked across at Annie and Paul to see that they were kissing passionately.

“When we get back, I want you in me.” She murmured in my ear. “I want you to fuck me.”

The dance ended and we all decided to go back to the condo. There was no hesitation this time and Helen and I went straight into her room. She closed the door, stood next to the bed, slipped off her dress and stood naked in front of me.

I cupped her petite girlish breasts in each hand and teased her nipples as she unfastened my shorts. I pulled off my T-shirt and she lay on the bed, knees drawn up exposing her sex to me. I went to eat her pussy, but she pulled up my head level with hers.

“I’m wet enough, just go easy.” I felt her hands grasp my aching cock and guide me into her. I grasped her firm ass cheeks to relax her.

She was not as tight as I thought she would be and with a couple of slow movements, I was fully inside.

“You okay?” I asked.

“It feels wonderful, you are in so deep. Fuck me.”

We made love slowly and passionately, her tiny body a plaything in my hands. She orgasmed twice, heavy cries of pleasure before I felt my balls tighten.

“I should pull out; you are not on the pill.” I offered.

“Cum in me, make me pregnant, I want your seed in me.” She begged.

An animal passion took over me and I switched to long thrusts, grabbing her hips to still her writhing body. I felt that inevitable feeling of release building and came like I have never come before, spurt after spurt erupting from my cock as her orgasm peaked in a fury like I have never seen before.

Spent, I lay on top of her. “Keep your cock in me; I don’t want to lose a drop.”

That night I came three more times, filling her passage with my cum. In the morning, we left and went back to our homes.

It was about a month after the vacation when we next met again at our house. Helen announced that she was pregnant. After a celebratory dinner, I was clearing up the dishes and Helen came into the kitchen.

“I think it is your baby.” She whispered into my ear. “Don’t worry, after the vacation I let Paul fuck me as much as he wanted, and he thinks we didn’t make love.”

As I gave her a hug, I felt her hand squeeze my cock. “I have never had such good orgasms as I did that last night in Mexico.” She murmured. “Paul is really horny tonight, let him fuck Annie again and we can slip away. I want you in me again.”

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