My Naughty Wife and the Fat Guy

My wife was the manager of a toy store in town It was her fourth job since we moved from the city, she mostly worked because she was bored and wanted to get out of the house. Our house was in a residential area next to my company, some 40kms from town, basically in the middle of nowhere. Every now and again when my wife had to work late, she would stay over in a guest house, the roads can be dangerous at night with all the animals around.

I was alone one night, she had to stay over again, when I received a phone call from her cellphone. I answered the phone, but instead of my wife speaking to me, I could hear her in the background and it sounded like she was having sex. For the next hour or so I listened how some guy was pleasuring my wife and finally fucking her. If you had read the other Naughty Wife stories, you would know that knowing my wife is fucking some one else is a great turn on for me. The phone call while she was doing it was new, but I enjoyed it tremendously. I had the phone on speakers and masturbated several times while listening to my wife getting fucked. The next day when she returned home, she filled me in on all the details.

One of her regular clients was a fat guy. She noticed him first when he and his girlfriend came shopping in her store. He had a very pretty girlfriend, and according to my wife, the guy, although he was fat, turned her on. For the last month or so he always came into the store alone. So during their friendly chat she found out that his girlfriend had left him. Thats when she decided she wanted sex with him. She told him she was staying over in town that evening and was wondering whether he would like to to join her for a couple of drinks. He agreed and they set the time for later that evening. She booked her room at her favorite guest house, told me she would be sleeping over and waited for the day to pass. Because she would stay over in town from time to time, she had a bag with extra clothes and toiletries in her car. After work she checked in at the guest house and then had a long bath. She decided to wear a short dress, a sheer black thong with matching bra. It was too warm for any hose. She met the fat guy at the bar and they had a couple of drinks. The dress was quite tight and emphasized her curves, it was also so short that she showed a lot of leg. She noticed that he was admiring the view and knew that she would get lucky that night. Finally she invited him over to her room for a night cap.

She told him to sit on the couch and bent over to retrieve the drinks from the bar fridge underneath the table. She felt her dress slide up, exposing her butt. She sat down next to him, folded her legs and didn’t stop the dress from exposing her thighs. She made sure that the conversation had a lot of sexual topics, she could also see he was getting tuned on. Finally she asked him if he wanted to have sex. When he replied that he wanted to, she climbed on his lap and they started to kiss. At first he was reserved, but she took one hand and put it underneath her dress on her butt and the other one on her breast. Her hand was in his crotch, rubbing and squeezing, her tongue in his mouth and his hands all over her. She stood up and told him to remove his clothes. She slipped her dress down, standing in front of him wearing her bra and thong. He took of his clothes and she pushed him back on the couch, spreading hes knees and knelt in front of him. She expected his penis to small, but he surprised her with a nice thick erect cock. Slipping her hands underneath his buttocks she licked his shaft up and down, used her tongue to lift it up and into her mouth. She sucked him, gripping his ass, moving her head up and down. After awhile she use one hand to massage is balls and the other to hold and jerk the shaft, keeping his head in her mouth, sucking on it. He was sitting back and obviously enjoyed it, this sexy woman wearing sheer black undies sucking his cock. Finally he indicated to her that he was coming and she increased her speed until he shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed it all and then cleaned his cock using her mouth.

She asked him whether he enjoyed it, he answered by picking her up and carry her to the bed. He dropped her on the bed onto her stomach and knelt above her, using his hands he rubbed her back, moving his hands around. His hands moved down, grabbing her ass, sliding a finger in her crack and then opened her legs and rubbed her thighs. He undid the bra and turned her over. She dropped the bra and turned around. He quickly moved his mouth to her breasts, kissing it and sucking on her nipples. It was during this time that she saw her cellphone next to her on the table, she quickly picked it up, dialed my number and put it down on the table again. He didn’t notice anything, with his face between my wife’s breasts.
He pulled her thong down and spread her legs, diving in with his face. His tongue and fingers explored my wife’s pussy, making her squirm and moan with pleasure. He penetrated her slightly with his thumb and used his tongue around her clitoris. It wasn’t long before she came. She thought they were going to take a break, but he climbed on top of her and slipped his cock into her. He fucked her in several positions, moving her legs, twisting her body, slamming his cock into her. She came again and after what seemed like hours he came too. He rolled off her and for awhile they just laid next to each other, him grasping for breath. Then he excused himself and went to the bathroom, she then picked up the phone and quietly asked me if I enjoyed it. She wished me a goodnight and promised to tell em everything the next day, she then tuned the phone off.

She and the fat guy fucked again before he left, this time she was on top of him, riding him, thrusting her hips. Eventually he left, she was well satisfied and slept like a bay the rest of the night. The next day after work, she returned home. While we were sitting in the tub, she wanked me and told me all the details, proving again that she was a real slut wife.

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