Home from the show

It was a warm hot night. I had baseball practice and homework sunday so I decided to stay in on this one saturday night. My parents were going out to a show and they invited friends to go out with them. Their friends were from out of town and staying in the guest house. The car was coming to pick them all up at 10 pm. Around 7 my parents friends came over. They sat outside in the backyard and had drinks and appetizers. Everything became quite around 8:30 and I assumed that meant everyone went to their rooms to get ready. At this point I thought I would do some snooping around.

My parents were very liberal. They always knew I was having sex at a relatively young age of 16. They did not encourage it but they knew I was being safe I did not mind me having sex. They were also very young at heart and always had parties with alcohol and would end up in shirts coming off. It was a fun child hood. My parents would regularly have sex after their parties yet always with the door closed. It was still early and I didn’t think anything of it, yet when I went upstairs to go to my room on the other side of the hall I could hear deep moaning. A high sex drive ran in my family. I knew this because I was horny and hit puberty at a early age.
As I walked down the hall I could see my parents bedroom door open. As I looked in the door my dad had my mom mounted over a chair. He was a tall, large man with a thick cock. He didn’t budge as he drove his cock deep inside my moms swollen hole. The end of his cock was raging hard, going straight up into her gaping hole. He was working his cock like he has done this many times before. She was squirming screaming for him to stop and keep going at the same time. He turns her around and picks her up. Her full body weight dropping down on his massive cock, sticking into her like a rod. It looked like he didn’t even need to hold her his cock was so big in her. He told her he was about to fill her pussy with cum, she replied not to and said she didn’t have time to clean her pussy before they had to go out to the show. He keeps pounding her. She can’t take it anymore. He pulls his fat cock out of my moms pussy. His cock is so fat she can’t even get her had around half of it. My dad pulls my mom to her knees, I can tell he is going to shoot his load. I see a slow steady drip start from the tip of his dick, then I can see his large balls flex and BOOM shot after shot after shot, cum everywhere. My mom trys to dodge it as she has to be ready to go out in 10 minutes. The is cum everywhere, on the floor and carpet. My dad tells my mom to get up and get ready and the maid will clean up the mess later as his dick softens down to his knee. I quickly scurry away with a rock hard erection in my pants.

I go to my room and start jerking off my cock, it doesn’t take long for my balls to tense up. I close my eyes and think about what I just witnessed, and for me to shoot my load everywhere. Just as I finish cumming into my tshirt, I look over and see my parents friends outside my window looking at me. OO SHIT did I have my curtains open? They both seemed to be starting, they must have seen what i was doing.

The door rings and I know the car is outside waiting for my parents and friends. I make sure my room door is closed and I not to make a noise to be noticed. I hear everyone leave and think to myself what a relief, yet still what was I going to do next time I saw my parents friends? Or what if they told my parents what they saw?

My four buddies come over to hang out while my parents and their friends are out. One of them brings their girlfriends. We want to watch a movie in the screening room, but its attached to the guest house, so we go out back and change locations from the main house. I usually know when someone comes home, yet if no one hits the intercom I do not know when i’m in the guest house.
My friends know where to go , and get ahead of me. When I open the screening room door I can see my friends have started the movie. 3 of my buddies are watching the TV, but I can see my buddy in the back with his cock out and his girlfriend sucking on it. It gets me instantly hard. I think to myself, what should i do? He is obviously doing it in public because he doesn’t care if anyone watches. My buddies girlfriend is a short little dirty blonde with a fit body and perky little tits. He thong was showing and my buddy had his finger in her asshole. My buddies cock was average size but not very thick. I whip my cock out. It get really hard watching these two go at it. The girl looks up and sees me, she waves me over. My buddy does notice as I walk over. My buddy looks up and his eyes widen as he sees how thick my cock is. I can hear a low, ‘wow’ under his breath. She told me to fuck her from behind immediately. My three other buddies were still watching the movie at the front of the room.
As I stuck my dick in her she moaned load. My other three buddies looked over. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Having them watch me made my dick harder and I started fucking my buddies girlfriend deeper and faster. She was loving it. I could tell her pussy had never felt something this fat because were her hole was so tight. Her pussy musk was so think I could smell it as I fucked her hole. I looked back and could see my three buddies with their cock out jerking off watching me fuck my buddies girlfriend as she sucked his dick. I railed her from behind deep and her pussy dripped and I moaned like a beast. I told her I was about to cum, she slid her pussy off of my cock and grabbed my dick. She grabbed my cock so hard she pulled me and I fell over onto my buddy while I was cumming, blowing my load all on his chest and face. My three buddies laughed at him and his girlfriend licked the cum off of him. I turned around and we all had our cocks out and hard. We were all thinking the same thing….gang bang on the girlfriend, but just as we imply the next step **LIGHTS ON**

My parents friends walk into the screening room. I forgot I would not hear anyone coming home. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem , but since my parents friends were staying in the guest house they had to pass this door to get to their bed room. We all stood their frozen, we didn’t know what to do. My moms friend Cindy told me she saw me jerking off before and looked down at my cock. I couldn’t help but get hard for her. Her husband Frank started at all our cocks in awe. I was thinking maybe he wanted to suck our dicks, but then he took his pants off and I could see his small penis. He was staring at me before because he liked the size of my dick and he liked the size of me and my friends dick. Cindy closed the door and demanded that she got gang fucked by us big studs immediately. My buddies girlfriend didn’t know what to do. Cindy came over to me and grabbed my cock. She started to forcefully rub it. Frank went over to the younger girl and she grabbed his cock.
I knew Cindy’s daughter was a whore and I told Cindy that me and my buddies were going to gang fuck her like the slut mom she is too. Frank was loving this younger girl suck on his dick. He started shrugging and cumming. He was a little premature summer and Cindy told me that she couldn’t take that sorry excuse of a man anymore. I told the big slut to bend over. I fed it in her pussy as my boys stuck their dicks around her mouth. I fucked Cindy so hard, I could feel her pussy get wetter and wetter. I got up and on of my buddies went under Cindy. She was riding my buddy and sucking them off. I bent her over a bit to see her asshole. I could tell it was a bit dirty but I didn’t give a fuck, I wanted to stick it in. I rammed it in so hard and fast it made her scream. My cock could barley fit but I kept ramming it in. Her pussy cum dripped down to lube up her asshole. I kept fucking her hard and I started cumming deep in her ass. I made her stand up and use her ass muscles to shoot my cum into my buddies girlfriends mouth. It was so hot. My buddies all got scared and pulled their pants up and ran out the house. My parents friends thanked me for a wild time and went to bed. I sat their naked in a lazy boy chair. Only one still in the room is my buddies girlfriend. She said she had a great time. I asked where was she going? She said going down, and got to her knees, and the night continued..

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