Auntie Pam – How it all began

My name is Pamela, known to my sexy friends as Auntie Pam. I’m 44, single and a size 14, and have been told I’m a yummy mummy although I don’t have any children. I’m bi, love giving and receiving oral, playing with toys and enjoy both anal and vaginal fun. Roll play is something I really enjoy, some may say my tastes are a little perverse being a mature woman who loves having sexy fun with younger men and couples. I’d also like to be in touch with other mature women that like having fun with young men too.

How it all began.

It was about five years ago, the daughter of an old friend of mine had received a twelve month work placement working in the area, and was looking for lodgings as they had move away from the area. As I had known her from a small child I was more than happy to accommodate, and it gave me some live in company.

Kate was only twenty, a pretty girl and a pleasure to be with. Most weekends she used to go back to see her parents until she meet a young man locally, a chap called Marcus. After they had been seeing each other for a couple of weeks, Kate asked if it was ok for her to have him stay over the occasional weekend. As I have always liked the company of younger people I said he was welcome to stay. Within a few weeks we had built up a good relationship, having a laugh and some harmless flirting. This was done all in front of Kate and nothing was meant by it, it’s just the way I am and Kate knew that.

On the nights that he stayed I could hear them, well the creaking of the bed and the banging of the headboard. I found it quite arousing, and often found myself touching my pussy while thinking of his young cock in me as I lay in bed listening. I should add at this point I lost my husband some five years previous to a car accident but that’s all you need to know about that. Back to how it all began, one Saturday night I had been out and arrived home earlier than usual, neither Kate or Marcus could have heard me come in. As I passed the lounge door that was partly open I could see Kate and Marcus. Neither of them noticed me as I peeked in, Kate was giving him a blowjob, he was slumped back in a chair, eyes closed one hand gripping the arm of the chair and the other on the on the back of Kates head. She was on her knees, with her back to me. I watched for a moment then quietly made my way to bed. In bed I found myself turned on by what I had seen, I wanted to go back down but I didn’t. I lay there thinking of his young cock getting sucked, my hand stroking my damp pussy. As my finger slipped between my lips I imagined it was his hard cock.

Next morning we were all in the kitchen and Kate said to me you must have been late in last night as they didn’t hear me come in “Did you get lucky” and laughed. I replied,” no, in fact I was early but you two were busy in the lounge, so I went quietly to bed”. They both went red and got all embarrassed, so in a joking, flirting way I said “I was going to come in and join you to see if I could get lucky, but didn’t think you would want me too”. Marcus immediately said, “You should have done” with a big grin on his face. I told him I was too much women for him and besides I was old enough to be his mother, and I wouldn’t do that to Kate. Kate then added well you could always teach him something new and laughed again. It was all said jokingly but I could sense an element of sincerity, maybe a dare to see if I would pursue it. I just said “next time maybe next time” and left the room.

That evening after Marcus had gone, I apologised to Kate. I really shouldn’t have said anything about seeing you both and that I would join in. Kate said it was ok, and that they both found the idea exciting. Kate said next time you should come in just to see the look on Marcuse’s face, I said “but what happens if he wants me to join in”. She said, “Then you decide, it’s alright by me, it might be fun”. I later found out that her and Marcus had already talked about and it was something they both wanted to try, but didn’t know if really did or if I was being my flirty self.

The following Saturday evening I went out with the thought of coming back early just to see what might happen. If they were in the lounge having fun then I would join in, but if they were just watching telly or had already gone to bed then I would know it was just wishful thinking on my behalf.

When I arrived home, once again I quietly opened the door and went in, as before the lounge door was partly open. I could feel butterflies in my tummy, I peeked in. I could see three glasses of wine on the table, Marcus was sat just as he was last weekend with Kate sat on the floor in front of him. Taking a deep breath I walked in and said “I take it one of these glasses of wine is for me”. Kate said “Yes, we didn’t want to start without you” with a smile on her face, Marcus had a very large grin on his face. Still feeling very nervous but in my usual flirty way I said “I’d hate to disappoint”. I picked up two of the glasses and handed them to Kate and Marcus, my hands was shaking a little. I picked mine up and drank it down in one, quickly pouring myself another.

Taking the lead I started to undress, Kate and Marcus soon followed until all three of us were stood naked. Kate knelt in front of Mucus and sucked his cock, my pussy tingled, I took his hand and put in on my breasts and we started to kissing. I could feel Kates hand on my leg as she pulled me closer. I then felt her kiss my tummy as she stood up. The three of us caressing each other, the softness of Kate and the hardness of Marcuse’s cock, pressing against me as we kissed and fondled each other. I kissed their bodies as I lowered myself to my knees, taking his cock in my hand I guided it into my mouth and my hand running up Kates leg until I reached her warm wet pussy. Kate lowered herself back down, Marcus had a hand on each of our heads as we took it in turns sucking his cock. Marcus was already close to cumming, I was hoping he wouldn’t be so quick. So I lay back pulling Kate with me. I said “Right it’s your turn” to Marcus. I parted my legs and beckoned him to get his head between my legs, as he licked and sucked I guided his hand to Kates pussy. Kate and I kissed and fondled each other as Marcus took it in turns licking and fingering us. I suggested that Marcus put a condom on as I wanted to feel his cock inside me. As he put the condom on I got on all fours so I could lick Kates pussy as he took me from behind. I felt him slip in me, by the way he moved I knew he wasn’t going to last long, so I quickly brought Kate to orgasm. I’m not sure if it was the sound of Kate cumming or the thought of getting his cock in a mature woman, but it only took him a few minutes before he cum his load. I did feel a little disappointed but I think Kate was more disappointed, and Marcus a bit embarrassed. Leaving that aside we had, had a good time. Later when Kate and I talked about it we decided that Marcus needed to be taught how to please a woman and control himself. Kate also said she would like to try an older man in a foursome with me and Marcus, which I did help her with but that’s for another time.

So now you know how it all began, since then I have had lots of fun I can tell you about.

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