Her husband – his wife and I

I was at a party and while I was there a guy this guy was playing up to me and while I wasn’t overly interested the game of cat and mouse and tease was interesting – then I found out he was there with his wife. That ended the little game and I more or less told him I am not into married men.

I had gone with my flatmate and she had found a playmate and as she was leaving she said don’t expect me home. This was quite normal for either of us as if we found somebody interesting we quite often were invited back to see their etchings. Ha ha.

I had not found anybody that interested me and was ringing for a cab when HIS wife who was standing behind me turned and said they would drive me home. She had that look about her that was enticing and I had watched her a bit during the evening to see how she handled her husband who was chatting up other women after he got his marching orders from me. I cancelled the call and accepted her offer – I had a feeling this could be interesting.

When we went to their car he drove and I got in the back seat and then she joined me. I was now more than curious.

Even before we had gone a block she put her hand on my leg and as I turned to her to see what she was up to she put her arm around my neck pulled me to her and kissed me passionately.

I am well used to being kissed by other women as I am very very Bi and live with another girl who is also bi so we know and understand how wonderful sex between two women can be like.

At first I was a little stunned but more or less immediately responded and returned her desire to kiss with me. I thought good enough for the goose and I put my hand on her breast and squeezed it gemntly. She had on a thin cotton tee and a soft bra. Her breasts were quite well developed and as soon as I touched them her nipples hardened and I could feel them with my fingers and rubbed my hand over them. We were now kissing hard and her hand went further up my leg and her finger sought the leg of my pants and she slipped it in and under, and right into my pussy which was now beginning to become very wet. I spread them for her. She had slacks on so I couldn’t get onto her mound.

I had forgotten her husband with the sudden and overwhelming experience his wife was giving me.

After a few minutes of this passionate embrace I had my hand up her shirt and had dislodged her breasts from her bra and was fondling them and trying to get her shirt up so I could suckle on her.

Her husband then said I gather you two would prefer our place to finish this. I had almost forgotten him in the urgent and rapid advance she had made on me.

I said nothing but she broke the kiss and said – as fast as you can – I want her.

By now she had positioned herself between my legs and over me as her hand did the job on me. She had pulled my pants down and had two fingers inside me and was working them brilliantly and I had my legs spread as far as I could to give her access and between the two of us we. Her body was now virtually on top of me to one side as she fingered me. Her breasts were now exposed and I could easily slip a nipple into my mouth and suck and lick them. I was sucking on them as she was fingering me. We were both heavily engaged in pleasuring ourselves and each other.

It wasn’t far to their place and we got there fairly quickly – he hit the automatic door button and we drove right into the garage and the door was half down and he came around and opened the door of the car and she pulled me into the house. I was in no mood to ask questions or refuse – she had me and I was going to let her do as she wished and I believed I would not get any resistance myself.

She virtually dragged me into a room – which had a big bed but was not a bedroom as such. She just said get it all off quick and she was undressing herself as fast as she could and I was not far behind and as soon as we were naked she pushed me back onto the bed and spread my legs and had her face down on my pussy licking me like mad and then slipped her two fingers back into me. I was not resisting and enjoying every moment – she was experienced and good at it. I was engaging in passionate sex with a virtual stranger and didn’t think till much later that I didn’t even know her name or anything about them.

She worked on me and after a couple of minutes swung herself up and over me and we were 69ing and I tasted one beautiful smooth and tasty pussy. She had a strip of hair above her vagina and her skin was baby smooth everywhere else. She was built for oral sex. I hadn’t realised he was nowhere to be seen but after about five minutes he arrived naked and bearing three glasses of champagne on a tray. He sat down and sipped his drink and watched us in action.

It wasn’t long and she had done the job on me with two fingers inside me rubbing like crazy and her tongue rubbing the skin off my clit. I began to cum and in doing so really applied the pressure to her and she began to hump me and the two of us virtually came together or within a minute or so of each other. It was only after the thrill of us cumming together that we relaxed and finally spoke to each other.

After that we sat on the bed facing each other and chatted.

God that was good I said – you have done that before – obviously.

Many many times – I sucked my girlfriend off at 13 and I haven’t stopped – not even when we got married – I was really into girls. I was 17 and had my first fuck. It was a bit of a letdown after girls. He came and that was that – I was left unfinished and he virtually went to sleep and I was left to finish myself by hand. I almost swore off men altogether that night. I had a couple of sessions with a lesbian at school and we both liked it. Then a few weeks later one of the guys where I was working at night doing shelf stacking put his hand up my skirt when I was half way up a ladder. He took me out the back into the car park and did me doggy over the trunk of a car and I came off before him. After he came we went back inside as if nothing had happened. The next time we were rostered together we did it again the same way during our break and after we finished work he took me home. We began having sex a lot and I encouraged him to have a threesome with one of my girlfriends and me. That was the beginning of many many threesome nights with my girl friend and him. She and I often got together after school and had our sex. At night he and I would have it in the car park. At weekends we had our threesomes in a park nearby. It was a bit harder then, as we all lived at home and getting somewhere to get together was not easy. Cars were hopeless for threesomes and the smell of sex we left was a give away to his parents – we had to drown the car in deodorant after trying it one night. His father could smell the deodorant the next day and Dan had to tell him he had taken a girl out who smoked and he did it to get rid of the cigarette smell – whether his father believed him or not we never found out but getting his father’s car after that was not easy.

How about you.

I recounted how I had been fucked three times the first time I had sex – by three different boys. I was 13.Then a couple of months later at a party, I was dared to kiss another girl who was 17 who they all knew was a lesbian. They thought it was funny but I could not believe how I enjoyed it as much as I did. Later on when the talk about us kissing was forgotten, she got me outside and we started again. It was with her I realised that girls make better kissers than guys and before I got home that night I had enjoyed naked sex and a love session with her for the first time and I haven’t stopped since. She and I really got into lesbian sex big time as she knew quite a few lesbian girls. Pretty soon I was having lesbian sex with about five different girls and having great fun –I was the youngest girl there and they all liked having sex with me because I did what they asked and never complained.
I explained how I now lived with Jane and we slept together most nights. We also had five male Friends with Benefits (FWB) and both Jane and I shared them as well. It was not unusual for four of us to have a weekend away and all have sex together.

Louise said we were told you were lesbian at the party after knocking Dan back. You evidently knocked the other guy back as well. What happened there.

I believed he was trying to pick me up and wasn’t doing too bad a job and then another girl told me he was married like you two. I normally avoid married me – I don’t want to be the third party if you know what I mean – unless it’s with them both. I couldn’t work you two out when you offered to drive me home. I wondered what I was getting into. When you kissed me I had no idea where it was going to end. Now I am more than happy and sorry I didn’t twig to you earlier. Never mind we are all here now so where do we go from here.
Then I heard a voice say “HELLO – I am here – I am a waiting” as he came back into the room and bought over the two remaining drinks. He was naked but his cock was just in idle mode and hanging down over his balls. I noticed he had trimmed and cut his hair short too and his balls were shaved. I had almost forgotten him in the exquisite game Louise and I had played together.

We both enjoyed the drink and chatted and he became involved and included in our conversation.

After another drink he said well where do I fit in or should I say who.

Louise said – you have him –he has been patient and we can get together after he has had his fun with you. Tell us when you are ready.

I finished the drink and said ok lets get started – its getting late.

Lou as she wished to be called said – aren’t you going to spend the night with us – it’s only early really.

I don’t have to think about that – yes if you wish.

We wish – she said. Its one and all in together.

Dan came to me and still had his drink in his hand and then dipped his cock into the champagne and said that will make it taste better and then took my glass and as he did I could see his cock beginning to harden and rise and it looked beautiful getting itself up ready to enjoy what I would do for him. He put the glasses on the table and when he turned around his cock was ready – 7 inches of hard man made cock. It was perfect. He stood and put his hands on my shoulders and I knelt before him and took his cock straight into my mouth – it felt great and I could still taste the champagne and could see his pre cum mixing with the champagne as I took him into my mouth and held the shaft with my fingers and began to work him with my hand and suck him with my mouth – I had a good reputation amongst my FWB for oral.
I sucked him for about 5 minutes and he was one of those men that responded and showed his woman he was enjoying it, He held my ears and head gently without applying any force and I took his balls into my other hand and fondled them and he moaned a little with the sensation – I knew he was happy and so was i. Lou was watching and touching herself as she watched me suck her husband off.

I sucked him for about 6 or 7 minutes before he was close then he said can I cum in your mouth.

I nodded without taking his cock out and shortly after that I could tell as most men give the signals they are about to cum. I was ready for a burst of cum to fill my mouth. Then he bent his knees as some men do when they cum and he fired the first shot of cum into my mouth – I swallowed quickly ready for it to be replaced with another and another. I loved the feeling and taste of cum in my mouth – it took a while but now I love it. I can even take it out of my girlfriend’s cunt after a guy has cum into her. It tastes even better mixed with her juice as well.

After he had finished cumming Lou was still fingering herself and said – finish me off and she lay down and he got onto her and sucked her out. She came beautifully and I could tell she was no novice and really enjoyed her orgasms –I had to see her fucked yet but she was ok on oral.

Then he said you won’t mind will you – I want to fuck her now – I want to show her I love her.

As Lou lay there after cumming off her oral she lifted her legs and he got straight into her and they began to fuck as a couple. They were both engaging with each other – she wasn’t just laying there letting him fuck her – she was giving him as much as he was giving her – the two of them moved together beautifully – obviously a very experienced couple. I thought to myself – fucking him is going to be good and then proceeded to watch them and she said would you like me to give it a wash and I didn’t hesitate and got over her face and lowered my cunt lips to her to lick and suck as he fucked her. Doing it like that is hard work in that you want to enjoy being fucked and also give pleasure to your partners at the same time. I can do it now but like 69 it takes practice to both enjoy it together. It seems they were just as competent at doing it too. The three of us were now full engaged in giving and receiving sexual gratification at the same time. I was having a ball.

They fucked, and she sucked, and I came – well before he was ready to cum in her. I disengaged and the two of them really began to work hard at their fuck and then she came and it was a pleasure to watch her – she came off beautifully and I could almost feel her orgasm myself.
He worked at it and pretty soon he was about to cum as well. I watched him cum and could see he really enjoyed his sensation too as he filled her with his man milk. After he came they lay together and kissed gently and cuddled – they loved each other and both enjoyed sharing their bodies with me – and whoever else they engaged in three ways with – they were not without experience there I could tell.

After a few minutes he slipped out of her and got off her. She remained there obviously recovering and I could not resist it – I went to her and pushed her legs back and spread them and went down on her – Oh God she said – can you do that.

I said lay back and watch – it’s not the first and won’t be the last I said – I love it.

I then went to work on her licking and sucking his cum out of her. As I did I fondled her nipples – I had other things on my mind. It tasted just as nice as it does when I do it with Jane or whoever at home. She took a lot of it and after a while she began to move like she was getting ready to cum. I worked on her clit and shortly after she came. She let out this amazing groan and while she was still in the throes of cumming, I went to work again hard and fast on her cunt and clit and squeezed her nipples hard. She began to violently buck and shake and shiver and began to scream as she had her second orgasm – it’s a specialty of mine, getting a girl to cum twice on the same orgasm. It‘s frightening the first time and physically exhausting, and this was her first time – I could tell. He came over to see what was happening as she was really making a lot of noise and being quite physical pushing her bum up as far as she could while she tried to get me off her cunt. I kept my mouth over her cunt and squeezing her nipples. Then she virtually collapsed. She was gasping for breath and rolling on the bed in ecstasy and agony and holding her cunt with her hand. It was super sensitive – I know. She was completely exhausted – I know how it feels having had it done to me many times now. I love it.

He said what the hell was all that about.

She couldn’t answer – she was still gasping for breath.

I said she has just had a multiple orgasm – I am an expert and they are absolutely amazing – it will take her a few minutes to recover. Leave her and fuck me. I got on the bed next to her and positioned myself for him to fuck me.

As soon as he was inside me I knew he was good – from the way he moved his cock and the body – I knew I was going to enjoy it. Lou rolled on her side and watched us.

After a minute or so she said – geezus girl I am going to get you for that – I have never ever cum off like that before.

I said are you ok now.

She said completely exhausted – but I have never sort of enjoyed anything like that before – it was excruciating and so wonderful at the same time – where did you learn to do that.

I said one of my guys did it the first time and we have worked on it till we have got it down to perfection. I am glad you liked it.

H e said you will have to train us.

I said it will be my pleasure and I can get guys the same way sometimes – they cum twice in a minute or so like you did on oral too.

I can’t wait he said.

I said before I go tomorrow I will see what I can do for you. Now fuck me.

He worked on me beautifully – his cock slipping and sliding in and out of me and I could feel his man piston working inside me as he rode me and making me feel like a woman.

He fucked me for a while then I said how about doggy, and we changed position. I got him positioned in me comfortably then he fucked me hard – our bodies slapping together as he really fucked me. Lou said shit that’s loud.

I said and very satisfying.

We fucked doggy for ages then I said ok – I am getting sore you are hitting my cervix a bit – lets go cowgirl and I will cum off in minutes.

We changed position again and I got over him and slid his beautiful manhood deeply into me.
I fucked him for a couple of minutes and had his cock exactly where I wanted it and I came off in a big way – it was great orgasm and as I was beginning to get over it he started to pound me from below and then I could feel his cum pumping into me and hear his little grunts as he pumped spurt after spurt into me.

We separated and he got off the bed. Lou was still there watching us and I said want a drink from the pink fountain.

She said I have never done it before but here goes – it’s his cum so I know it’s ok by me. I have tasted you so it should be interesting.

She got her head almost onto me and said – I can smell your female scent, and then just ploughed her face right down onto my cunt, and sucked like mad to get his cum out. Then she relaxed and after a couple of minutes stopped long enough to say it wasn’t as bad as I thought – now it’s fine. She got me to cum about three or four minutes later and after that we all sat about and had a couple more champagnes and talked about our experiences and about multiple orgasms. They both wanted to try it. I suggested the following day as we had all had at least two or more orgasms so far that night – an orgy in fact.

We all slept in their bed – it was like ours at home – really king sized. The next morning was great –we were all accustomed to being naked together and never dressed, we had breakfast outside by their pool still naked and talked about what we could all do together and this time not so much in a hurry – we had all day.

The day ended with our orgy of sex being one of the most satisfying I have had. I showed them how to do multiples and got her off again and him as well – he had never cum twice in three minutes before and I never took my mouth of him – swallowing his first load and then getting to work on his second which I achieved after two efforts. Like her it was an experience for him and quite draining in more ways than one. She managed to get me one as I had explained. She was happy. I am not sure how often we fucked and sucked – it was good quality sex rather than quantity and when I finally got dressed I was more than happy. I had their phone number and we would organise more of the same again soon.
She drove me home and I kissed Dan for most of the time and stroked his hard cock as we travelled, and he came a couple of minutes after we arrived and I sucked it out for him. We all kissed each other as only people who know how to enjoy sex can. Lou and I shared the taste of his cum and he got his own taste from us as well and we all parted the best of friends. Plans had been made for another time together – now I was going up to share my story with Jane who obviously had one to tell as well.

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