Finally got wife to give in

I have always wondered what it would be like to watch my wife fuck another man……Maybe even join in. She is a little reserved sexually and would always say “your’re crazy” when I would bring it up. Nothing a little alcohol can’t fix!!!

We frequent this local bar that we both enjoy. My wife is 5’1 110 lbs, 36C. Extremely sexy. That night, she wore a pair of jeans and a tight tank top. She wore a bra but with her enormous nipples, that did little to keep them from making their presence.

After about 2 hours, she was starting to feel pretty good. I always stay pretty sober to make sure I stay aware of what is going on around us. I noticed this nice looking gentleman was staring at my wife all night from the other end of the bar. I mean staring. When I noticed him get up to go to the bathroom, I took my shot. I went also. As we were in the stalls, I asked him, ” I notice you staring at my wife. She is pretty hot right?” ” Yes” he replied. “What would you say if I told you I might be able to get her to fuck you?” “Well, that would be interesting” he said. I told him to sit tight and I would speak to him later.

We continued to drink and after about another 2 hours, my wife was not having any inhibitions. I said to her” What do you think about that guy over there who has been staring at you all night?” “he’s cute, I guess, why?” she replied. ” He told me in the bathroom if he can fuck you. I said maybe”. She did not act repulsed like I thought she would. “Let’s call him over and see what he is about”.

We talked for about an hour and a half when much to my surprise my wife whispered into my ear “Let’s do it.” My cock swelled at the thought. I explained to him in the bathroom that we would go to the local hotel and to meet us there.

On the ride over, my wife was grabbing at my cock in the car. She took it out and began to gently jerk me off. I knew she was ready for this. I unbuttoned her pants and began to play with her pussy. When we arrived at the hotel she was so wet.

He arrived a short while later and we checked into a room. There was really no delay as my wife grabbed him and started to shove her tongue down his throat. As they made out, I took my pants off and sat in the corner of the room with my cock in my hands. He first unbuttoned her pants and slid them off her great ass. He started to squeeze her ass and use his other hand to feel her big tits. He took off her shirt and bra and began to suck and lick her big hard nipples. I could see how much my wife was dripping and I jerked my cock. She undid his pants and began to stroke his cock. She rubbed her hands over his head and massaged his balls.

She got on her knees and began to suck his cock. I mean she was really going at it! Licking it, stroking it hard, sucking it. She was rubbing his balls and he was moaning loudly. He then laid her on the bed and spread her legs. He began to suck and lick her pussy. She looked over at me jerking off and motioned for me to come over. I walked over with my large erect cock and she began to suck me. I could have came in her mouth at that instant but wanted to enjoy this. She was licking it so good.

She then moaned “I want to get fucked”. He inserted his cock into her pussy and began to thrust hard. She was bouncing on the bed as she contined to suck and jerk my cock. After about 10 minutes she got up and sat doggy style. He I stood up on the bed and contined to receive my blowjob and he pounded her pussy from behind. He was fucking her so hard she did’nt even have to bob on my cock. Her body was doing all the work.

I then said to her “get on top of him and fuck him” I went back to the corner and contined to jerk off as she bounced up and down on his cock. She was rubbing her tits and pussy for me as she fucked him. I said to her” Where do you want him to cum” ” On my ass” she said.

He laid her on the bed face down and began to again pound her pussy. He pulled out his cock and shot his load all over her ass. He fell to his back in exhaustion but I saw my wife was still rubbing her pussy and I knew I had to come. So I climbed on top of her and put my cock in between her big tits. I fucked them as she held them together. I then shot my load all over her mouth as she licked and sucked my cock dry.

We never saw him again!!

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