Cuckolded At Last

I had been married to Glenda for 25 years when my life took a turn for the better. All this came from a little show of courage in my part, not something I’m usually guilty of. Glenda is a 48 year old brunette who would be best described as a very pretty buxom lass, having legs, tits and a bottom to die for. She’s no airhead either and can hold her own in most conversations. I suppose this comes from the years she has made a living in the selling game. The only fly in the ointment was that she was the most boring fuck in the world. I don’t exagerate. Sex with Glenda meant lights out in bed and only in the missionary position.
I learned to combat this with making my own fatasies up. Glenda was always at the centre of them. I would have her fucking just about every guy we came into contact with. I did not, of course, have the courage to make Glenda aware of these fantasies as she was so puritanical about sex.
The big change in my life came when Glenda was invited to a function at her companies head office in London where she was to be presented with an award re a large order that she had won ,making the company millions over the next few years. We were booked into a very nice central London Hotel and decided we would make a great weekend of it.
We arrived at the hotel in the early afternoon when we met up with a number of her work colleagues at the bar. A party atmosphere was already in full swing with the drinks coming fast and furious. I could see a few of Glenda’s male colleagues having lingering stares in her direction. I didn’t blame them Glenda was looking great dressed in a wine coloured skirt suit, the skirt came to just above her knees. I had watched her dress that morning and thought of the tan coloured pantyhose and white panties underneath it. Under her jacket she wore a white partially seethrough blouse which showed off her white lacy bra keeping in her mouthwatering tits. All this finished off with 3″ heels.
Having had a few pints I excused myself from the company and made my way to the toilets. I had been in a cubicle for mere seconds when I heard the outer door open and two men walk in. I recognised their voices immediately as being two of Glenda’s workmates. Eddie and George. The conversation that was being said between them gave me an instant hardon. “Yea the young thing behind the bar is great but it’s that Glenda I wouldn’t mind getting balls deep into.” said Eddie. George agreed with him saying that he had had a hardon all afternoon watching Glenda’s tits. He then went on to say how he had once tried it on with Glenda in the office a few years ago and had been given a firm knockback. The men having finished their business left the toilet.
Well, I thought, I knew who would be shagging Glenda in my fantasy tonight. I returned to the crowd and after another drink Glenda decided we should go and ready ourselves for dinner. We headed off to our room. I could see that although Glenda was by no means drunk, she was showing the effects of her afternoon drinks.
On reaching the room I was still feeling very randy after the conversation in the toilet. I hugged glenda and squeezed her bottom. Glenda gave me a smile. This was all I needed to ask her for sex. We stripped off and got into bed. I played with her breasts before mounting her pushing my cock as deep into her as I could. She, as usual, lay there as I thrust into her, enjoying the ride but keeping her eyes closed and taking no real part with the exception of providing her fantastic wet pussy.
I thought of Eddie and George using her mouth and pussy with Glenda egging them on to fill her cunt and mouth with spunk. It wasn’t long before these lovely thoughts brought me over the top and I spunked in Glenda’s cunt making sure I got every drop as deep in as I could. Now this is when things took a new turn. My cock would usually deflate and I would roll off but with the thoughts of Eddie and George still fucking Glenda I found that my cock stayed fully erect. This didn’t go unnoticed by Glenda who gave me a quizical look. With the drink I had consumed that afternoon, and I can only think that with my cock still hard I had a sudden attack of courage and told her of my fantasy. Glenda was shocked that I could think such a thing. Did I not love her. What would make a person think like that, she asked. I told her of the conversation beween Eddie and George. My cock was still brick hard in her spunkfilled pussy and now I was dreaming of it being her workmates spunk.
I looked into Glenda’s eyes and asked her if she had ever thought of anyone else whilst I fucked her. She truthfully told me that she had not and was surprised I needed to do so. I asked her to listen to just one of my fantasies to see if she could gain pleasure from them. She reluctantly agreed.
I started to thrust into her again telling her my fantasy about her going back to a room with Eddie and George where they took turns fucking her mouth and pussy. Remember this was woman who had never sucked my cock, infact she very seldom would even hold or touch my cock with her hands. I thought that any minute Glenda would stop me in mid stroke and tell me to get off, that I disgusted her. Instead I detected that, as I described Eddie pushing his 10″ cock into her pussy whilst George rubbed his cock over her face, she was pushing back against me with her hips. This was a first. Glenda was actually getting into our fucking. I held out as long as it took me to describe the guys shooting their spunk into her and to her rubbing Georges cock all over her face as he finnished cumming. Glenda, who doesn’t always cum, had the biggest orgasm I have ever seen her have, strangling my cock within her. I then shot my second load into her.
As we began to recover I looked into her eyes and saw her smile. She told me that she had really enjoyed the story, very much to her surprise. I asked her if she had envisaged the guys riding her. Glenda told me that she had and she had thought of the 10″ cock being rammed into her. That, although she did not think about other men, she did think about a cock far bigger than my own 6″ being used in her. This I knew would be the beginning of a much better sex life. I just didn’t realise how much better it was to get.

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