Cheryl shared her secret fantasy about having sex with another man


The house is so damn quiet this morning. It’s really
strange not having the kids running and screaming
throughout the house on a Saturday morning. We got four
of them to be exact. Millie how is four, Johnny is six,
Mary and Donny are the twins at eight. I can only
imagine what my Mother and Dad are going through at this
very moment.

They were pleased to take them for the weekend. This is
the first time my parents have had all four of our kids
over at once. I can see my Mom now fixing breakfast like
she did when I was that young. Probably cooking oatmeal
at this very second.

I’m John and my wife Cheryl and I have been married for
eight years now. We met in college and waited about a
year after we graduated and found jobs to get married.
Although we lived together for that year.

I found Cheryl sexy as hell when I first saw her one
morning walking across the campus on her way to a class.
I remember the tight jeans she wore that morning and the
way her full ass swung with each step she took. Guys
from all directions had their eyes glued to her ass as
she walked across the courtyard.

I remember making eye contact with Cheryl as she walked
by the bench I was sitting at as I watched her boobs
bounce up and down under that pink sweater she was
wearing. It was a cool fall morning. The sun was shining
and it was my first day as a freshman. All I could think
about that day was those tight jeans and the full round
ass that that made those jeans speak that morning.

OK. The tits were nice too and unlike most men I did
notice her green eyes. Later that day we ran into each
other again and I finally got up enough nerve to
introduce myself. Turned out she was very nice and from
the next town in Michigan from where I lived. We started
talking and I finally asked her out that evening.

I guess you could say for a college guy I was kind of a
nerd. We went to a concert in the park that evening and
ate at this little silver diner in the heart of downtown
Ann Arbor. We even held hands on the way back to her
dorm that night. I can still remember that first kiss.

Yes. I had sex on my mind that evening but I figured
there would be plenty of time to figure that out. As I
said. I was really a nerd and didn’t have a clue on how
to go about getting into those tight jeans. I felt lucky
enough kissing this gorgeous blonde woman that evening
let alone getting into her pants.

Cheryl did wear another sweater that evening. It was
extremely shear and I remember you could see her black
bra in the sun light. The bra was really shear and her
nipples were poking out most of the time. I really
figured this woman was way ahead of me as far as the sex
department. I later learned that my evaluation was wrong
when she told me she was a virgin a few nights after
that first date. That was the first time we ever talked
about sex and I learned that she was just a scared and
naive as I was about the subject.

Got my first blow job a couple weeks later. We didn’t
have sex for almost two months to the day we met. I
remember buying condoms at this little drug store down
on Main St. I sure felt embarrassed paying for them.
This older woman behind the counter kept staring at me
as I pulled out my money. I could only imagine what she
was thinking. Of course I included a pack of gum and a
couple candy bars. I didn’t want to just through a pack
of condoms on the counter by themselves.

Anyway. That was twelfth years ago and four kids later.
Cheryl is still a head turner at thirty years old. I
might say that she has matured in all the best ways.
Even after four kids, she was very adamant about working
out and staying in shape after each pregnancy. All the
hard work has certainly paid off because she still fools
a lot of people about her age and being the mother of
four kids.

Cheryl loves sex which is good for me and we are both
open about our sexual desires and fantasies which brings
us up to date on why the kids are gone to their
Grandparents house this weekend. Let me explain. Cheryl
and I hide no secrets and although neither of us ever
cheated on our partner we’ve always been honest with
each other when something turns us on. An example would
be that we both like to fantasize about having sex with
other people during love making. I guess that’s somewhat
natural with a lot of married couples. It’s just that
Cheryl and I would talk about it with each other when we
had those fantasies.

I recently made a confession to Cheryl that caught her
totally by surprise. I told her one night after we made
love that I thought it would be exciting to watch her
make love to another man. She laughed it off that night
as just a fantasy but one of us would bring it up during
sex. Sometimes as a joke or just fantasy talk like
couples sometimes have to enhance their sex life.

Out conversations grew longer about the subject as time
went on until we were finally discussing the possibility
of actually going through with it. Cheryl started
telling me about the kind of guys that turned her on and
even confessed about fantasizing about sex with a couple
of our friends. We both knew we couldn’t involve anyone
we knew.

One evening we actually laid on the bed with our laptop
looking through these personal ads of single men and
women on this dating site we found. I encouraged Cheryl
to browse through the pictures of men rather then the
ladies so she did. We had lots of fun looking through
the adds. Some of these guys looked like models. You
know, real stud like characters. Me, I’m just a normal
looking guy. Never played sports or anything so I’ve
never really considered myself as a jock. These guys
looked like jocks to me.

Cheryl surprised me a bit further when she started
looking at the adds of black men. I could see she was
getting excited and turned on reading their profiles and
looking at the photos they had posted. Some of these
guys posted photos of them working out in a gym and
such. I mean these were muscular body builder type men
Cheryl was drooling over.

Of course the thought of watching a huge muscular black
guy screwing my wife was making my dick hard and Cheryl
knew it when she reached down and found my cock hard as
a rock. She even laughed about it and made a few

“Your really getting turned on thinking about this,
aren’t you John?”

I couldn’t deny it so I replied. “Yeah. The thought
never occurred to me that you might be interested in
black men until now.”

“Does the thought of screwing one of these black men
turn you on” I asked.

Cheryl sat starring at the pictures a few seconds longer
then pointed at the computer screen and said. “What do
you think of this guy?”

I focused my eyes on the photos first. This guy looked
huge and his skin was almost black. Typically an African
American looking guy. Attractive and in great physical
shape from what I could see. Cheryl started reading his
bio to me.

“He’s twenty-seven, never been married. Six foot five
inches tall and two hundred and fifty five pounds. It
says here he went to college in Georgia and has a degree
in law.”

Cheryl clicked through his pictures. He had a dozen or
so in his photo album. Some wearing suits and a few in
his workout clothes and a couple bathing suit photos
showing off his muscular body.

“Why don’t you contact him?” I told Cheryl.

She grinned at first but I could see she was giving the
idea some thought. She finally turned toward me and
asked, “What should I tell him?”

I think my heart skipped a beat knowing Cheryl was
really interested in contacting this guy. My dick got
even harder thinking about it. Cheryl sat thinking for a
minute, even biting on one of her nails. She looked over
at me again and we both laughed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked Cheryl.

Cheryl hesitated replying at first while she bit on her
finger then finally said. “Wouldn’t it be better if I
could send him a picture or two of myself?”

I was all excited and replied, “Yeah. Your right. What
you got to send him?”

Cheryl laughed almost immediately to that question
saying, “Why don’t I send that picture your mother took
of me pushing the twins in their double stroller?”

We both cracked up at Cheryl’s reply, but as I figured
we really didn’t have anything to send to this guy
without Cheryl holding one of the kids in her arms.

“Why don’t I take some?”

“What? Now?” Cheryl asked.

I popped out of bed fetching our digital camera which
had a flash card and pointed it at my wife. “Smile”

Cheryl held her arm out covering her face. “Not now

I laughed because I was only joking anyway. In the mean
time before I finished that sentence, Cheryl got out of
bed and walked over to a drawer and opened it. She had
her back turned my way as she said, “Let me find
something to put on.”

Wow. I thought. She’s really serious about taking some
pictures tonight. My mind started drifting all over the
place. I figured this guy must really have her curiosity
going. I watched as she wiggled into these tight white
shorts then pulled out a tank top and slipped it over
her head. Her boobs filled out that top with her nipples
poking out, that’s for sure!

Cheryl fluffed up her long blonde hair looking into the
mirror. “Let me put on some makeup first.”

OK. I thought. So I sat on the bed again starring at our
laptop again reading this guys add. His zip code nearly
mated ours so I knew he lived nearby. I played around
with the camera until Cheryl finally came out.
She looked hot. She had applied red lipstick and used
eyeliner and some other stuff women normally put on
their cheeks. She looked like she was ready to go out
for the evening. She walked into the closet and came out
wearing pumps.

“OK. I’m ready,” Cheryl said.

I stood up with the camera in my hand waiting for Cheryl
to give me some instructions.

“How about over here?” Cheryl said as she walked next to
a chair on the far end of the bedroom. She gave me a few
poses so I began clicking away. She turned around like a
model sometimes teasing me in the process making all
sorts of funny faces in between shots. I was starting to
have fun with this.

Cheryl stopped me as she walked back to the dresser
while pulling off her shorts. “You’re not going to send
him naked pictures are you honey?”

Cheryl replied as she pulled the tank top over her head.
“Why. You want me to?”

I laughed. “You think that’s a little too much?”

Cheryl looked at me once the top was off saying, “I was
thinking of putting on my bikini. You know. The black
one you like so much?”

I agreed. “OK. Sound good to me.” So I waited for Cheryl
to change into the bikini. Only took a couple minutes
and she was adjusting her boobs in the cups making sure
everything was just right. She adjusted the bottom half
looking my way and asked, “You think my ass looks too

“No not at all baby. You look hot in that suit.”

I watched as she played around with the material a
little longer. Cheryl had a nice ass. A healthy size ass
I called it. Nowhere near skinny and not fat. Just
right. I always thought black men loved nice round asses
on a woman anyway but didn’t say that to Cheryl.

I started taking pictures when she was ready. I got the
back, front, side as Cheryl posed like a pro for me. I
even made some suggestions which she followed. Got some
really sexy shots.

We finished up and Cheryl took off the bikini again and
washed the markup off her face before returning to bed.
I already transferred the photos to our laptop using the
flashcard while she got ready for bed again. I let
Cheryl pick out the pictures she was going to send to
this guy. I laid back on the pillow while she typed out
her letter to this guy. That’s when I noticed she wasn’t
wearing her wedding rings.

“Honey,” I said. “What happen to your wedding rings?”

Cheryl stopped typing and looked at her left hand and
said, “I must have left them in the bathroom.”

That’s when I realized she had taken them off for the

“You are going to tell this dude your married aren’t you

Cheryl stopped typing again. “Yes John. I didn’t want to
confuse this guy by wearing them in the pictures. I’ll
tell him everything later.”

Well. I felt comfortable with Cheryl’s answer and
watched as she finished her letter. She selected some of
the photos to send across and logged off as soon as she
finished. We had wild sex that night before we went to
sleep I might add. Cheryl’s pussy was extremely wet that

I can’t tell you how much tome I spent at work the next
day thinking about what Cheryl and I did the night
before. I remember driving home that afternoon and
waited for Cheryl to tell me she got a reply from that
black guy. The kids were around and all she told me was
that she would talk about it when we went to bed.

The anticipation kept me on edge all evening long as I
played with the kids and helped with homework until it
was bedtime. The moment the kids were in bed, I was
waiting for Cheryl to shed some light on this black guy.

“We talked on the phone this afternoon,” Cheryl told me.

“What did he say.”

“We talked for almost two hours after Millie fell asleep
this afternoon. I was very open with him and explained
everything to Mike.”

Wow. His name is Mike I thought to myself. “So what’s
the deal? Did you make arrangements to met him?”

Cheryl replied, “Yes. I told Mike our kids would be with
their Grandparents the second weekend of this month so I
attentively made a date with him.”

Wow, I thought. Cheryl was really going to go through
with this. Cheryl went on to explain every detail to me
that evening. She even went online that night and
chatted with Mike while I laid next to her on the bed.
This was going to be very exciting.

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