Best Friend or More?

ring, ring, ring
“Reath? Omigawd! I haven’t heard from you in forever!!”
“Yeah… Hey remember?”
“What we promised each other?…”
“That we’d move in together when we grew up?”
“Oh yeah! Still up for it?”
“You bet! You still live with your mom, right?”
“Well, at my job I landed a HUGE court case!”
“Your a lawyer?”
“No, lawyers a weird, I’m the state attorney!”
“And I WON!”
“I bought a really nice apt. in New York.”
“When can you make it over?”
“You payin’ for the flight? Hahaha”
“You better bet it! Just don’t miss it.”
“Really? Cool! Got it. When?”
“Twelve O’clock flight 13 to New York from Tampa airport.”
__________________________________________________ _______________

A week later, Xani (Actually named Alexandria, just a nickname.) was picked up at the airport by Reath(Me).
As she got into the car, her luggage was loaded up by a handler.
“Nice car!”
“It’s borrowed. Mines in the shop. Some kind of safety belt!”
“Aren’t I?”
When we pulled up into the driveway of a nice, newer apt., I began to unload the luggage, shortly followed by Xani.
__________________________________________________ _______________
“Here, this is your bedroom.” Reath said nervously.
“Thanks! Looks like my old one in Cheifland!”
“Point taken. Could use some remodling.”
“Not funny!”
I shoved Reath playfully. Wow! She had filled out. I thought.
Reath fell over onto the bed.
“Xani, remember when I moved to Oregon? Ashland?”
I plopped down next to Reath.
“Yeah” I admitted.
“When we admitted we were bi?”
(Where the 100% truth stops)
I stared at her breasts and leaned into her. I kissed her lips, and trailed my hand down her stomach to her clit.
__________________________________________________ _______________
I let Xani rubb my pussy, while I pulled her closer, sliding off her shirt and bra. “mmmm…” I licked her tit and began to kiss down her belly. She reached for my pants and glided them off, then tore off my panties. She pulled two of her fingers and licked them, hoving them into my hole…

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