Aunite Pam – My First Seduction

I was now hungry for more fresh young cock, Marcus was now very good at pleasing a woman and had brought me and Kate to many a good climax before cumming his hot load. I asked Marcus if he would help me, he said he had a friend that he thought would be game for being seduced. So we arranged that Marcus and Kate would invite him over to see if I liked the look of him. The plan was if I did I would let Kate know and they would say they had to go out and leave the two of us alone.

When they arrive I had already prepared myself, I was wearing a thin cotton white jump suit with nothing underneath. I was sat in the garden with a jug of cold juice, the three of them joined me. After chatting and flirting for about half an hour I gave Kate the signal that I was happy to be left alone. Kate then went in doors and called Marcus on his mobile, Marcus then said “They were sorry but he had to leave but he was needed back at his parents but it was nothing to worry about and they would be back later”. I asked John if he wouldn’t mind staying and giving me a hand clearing some boxes from the garage. He said he would be happy to help and Kate and Marcus left.

We made our way to the garage which I know was going to get us both very dirty. I drove the car out and we started moving the boxes out of the top of the garage that were going for rubbish. It was as I thought there was dust everywhere, as John was moving the last few out, I went back in the house and got him a couple of cans of beer. Deliberately letting my top get splashed with water as I washed my hands knowing it would stick to my boobs, I had seen John trying to get a peek of them as he had been passing the boxes down. Both dusty and dirty we sat back in the garden, as he drunk the beer we chatted, all the time I was flirting. I pulled the zip down to reveal more cleavage knowing he was taking a good look. I could tell he was interested so I finished the last of the juice and suggested that we went back inside and got ourselves cleaned up.

I said to help himself to another drink while I went to shower and I’d give him a call when the shower was free. I went up got in the shower, after a few minutes I called down to him that he could use the shower now. He came up and came in, I said if he was a good boy he could do my back, (Very cheesy I know but it works). I said “If you’re going to do my back you could always join me and we can wash each other’s backs”. It wasn’t long before we had soapy lather over each other, our bodies rubbing together, and my soapy hands caressing his hard cock. Rinsing ourselves off I lead him to the bedroom. Pulling him onto the bed, he said “What about Kate and Marcus” I told him not to worry as they wouldn’t be back for ages and besides I would let them play with me later. We kissed, I took his cock in my hand, he was a big boy I could see why Marcus thought I’d like him. I rubbed his cock as he moaned and groaned. His hand between my legs, rubbing my clit then fingering my pussy. I reached for a condom from the bedside table, undone it put it in my mouth, and then getting his cock in my mouth I rolled the condom on. I rolled him on top of me, he guided his cock into me, and with nice long strokes his cock went in and out. I pulled my legs up high as he trust, I could see in the dressing table mirror his tight arse bouncing as he filled my pussy with cock. He really turned me on, my pussy flooded as he made me cum. I rolled over getting on top of him, pinning his arms down and grinding hard I cum again. Sitting up straight so his cock went as deep as it could and my clit hard on him I rode is hard young cock until he almost cum. I got off, got him to stand by the bed as I knelt on all fours and made him to take me hard from behind. I could feel him slap hard against my arse as his hot cock buried deep in my wet pussy, harder I groaned make me cum again. Faster and harder he pumped, “fill your Auntie Pam with cock, make me cum” I groaned, I could feel my pussy tighten as his cock pumped his sticky cum up the shaft. I could hear him, “take the cock Auntie Pam, take the cock “as he griped my arse cheeks and trust his cock hard in shooting his load. “Yes, yes, O God yes” as the last of his cum spunked inside me. God it was good and such a big boy for a young lad, I thought he can cum again anytime.

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