It was her first day in the office, she was very beautiful. her name was maria aged 26. Her figure was nice, nice big tits and nice round butts. her eyes were green and her hair color was brown. She was wearing a jeans with white shirt. She came in my cabin and said”hi, my name is maria and i am your assistant”.
i said”hi maria you are looking hot”.
“thanks” she said.
She was sitting near me. I was staring at her wonderful body. She noticed it for some time and then asked me “sir do you want something?”.
i said “nothing”.
after sometime i again started staring body. i could feel the stiffness in my cock.
suddenly she came to me and show me some papers and asked “sir please check my work”. She was slightly bent on me and her big boobs wanted to come out of her shirt. I stared at her boobs. She noticed it. then she smiled and said “do you wanna see them?”.
i was stunned and asked”what..?”
“you wanna see my naked breasts, right.” she said.
“no, actually…..mmm”. i answered.
“but i know you wanna see my breasts. tell me the truth what is in your mind?” she asked.
“yes i wanna see them , big breasts are my weakness” i answered without any pause.
She smiled. she said” you wanna see them now?”.
“now..” i asked.
“yeah if you want….” she said.
i said”yes”.
She asked “may i lock the door sir?”.
I said “sure maria”.
after some seconds she was in front of me removing her shirt. She was wearing a black bra. Her big boobs were coming out of her bra. Finally she removed the bra, now i could saw those big boobs clearly. They were firm with big aerolas. nipples were semi-erect.
“sir now you wanna touch them or………..” she asked while smiling.
“or…..?” i asked
“you wanna suck them?” she asked
“both maria, come close to me” i said.
she came closer to me. i hugged her in my arms her big boobs were touching my chest. I was feeling a great hard on in my pants. anybody could saw my erection clearly. I started kissing her soft lips while i was rubbing her one nipple. then i inserted my tongue in her mouth and she started to lick it like a lollipop. my cock was fully erected in my pants. I removed my tongue from her mouth and i put her one nipple in my mouth and started to suck it like a child. She moaned “ooohhh….mmm”.
i said “you are really a hottie”.
she did not speak a word. she started to rub her palm on my pants and asked “give it to me”.
i quickly removed my pants and underwear. she grabbed my 8 inch fully erected cock in her hand and start stroking softly. i enjoyed it. Then she was on her knees sucking my cock like lollipop. And after some time she swallowed my whole cock in her mouth. My cock head was touching her throat. She was sucking my cock very nicely while playing with my testicles. I asked her”i wanna lick your…” without listening me fully she removed her jeans and panties. Her pussy was shaved. her pussy was looking a little wet. She was standing now i was on my knees kissing her pussy’s hot juicy pink lips. i was rubbing my tongue on her pussy lips. Then i opened her pussy with my fingers and inserted my full tongue in. She moaned loudly “ooooohhhh…….oh my god…..jesus….oooo…mmmmmm”. I started fucking her pussy with my tongue and she was enjoying it. I knew she was already wet and she could not resist for long time. So I asked her to make 69 position. Now we both were in 69. I was on top pumping in her mouth with my cock and pumping in her pussy with my tongue. She was moaning. Now i was also feeling that i was near cum. So i started to fuck her mouth wildly. i burried my face in her pussy and held her clit in my mouth. she moaned “ohhhhhh…… fuck me…..fuck me..hard…..i am going to cummmmmm…….oooohhh mmmm”. and we both exploded at the same time. I was shooting fountains of hot thick cum in her mouth which she was swallowing and my whole mouth was covered with her love juice. I stood up and tried to dress myself suddenly maria said “i need more”. She was again on her knees again sucking my half hard cock and within minutes she made my cock hungry again. I asked her to make doggy pos. she adjusted herself in doggy pos. i went behind her from where i could saw her both love holes. Her ass was so round and sexy that i started to rub my fully erected cock on her asshole. She did not speak anything. Then i started to rub my cock head on her asshole.
maria”are you going to fuck my…….?”
“yes baby you are right.” i said.
maria “but i have never tried that”
i said “do not worry maria, i will never hurt you”.
maria “are you sure you wanna fuck my ass?”
“sure” i said
now i stretched her asshole with the fingers of both of my hands and pour a mouthful of my hot spit in her ass. she moaned softly. i started rubbing my tongue on her asshole. She was enjoying that. Then i put some spit on my cock head, adjusted my cock head on her wet asshole and with a little force i inserted cock head in her ass. She cried “its paining a bit”. i said”maria within minutes you will start enjoying”. and with these words i inserted my half cock in her ass and started stroking slowly. She was crying. but after 2-3 minutes her ass was wet and now she was enjoying and moaning. She started shaking her hips. Now with a hard stroke i inserted full cock in her ass and started fucking properly. She was moaning “ooooooomfffffffffff………..its good………….really…….oohhhhhhhh…fuckkk. .fuck………….”. i was also enjoying. i bent on her and took one of her boobs in my hands and started squeezing it like a lemon. She was moaning loudly. She took another boob’s nipple in her own mouth and started sucking it. now i was fucking her big ass like a wild bull. my balls were again filled with cum and now i wanted to shoot my thick hot cum in her deep ass. we both were fucking crazy and then suddenly i started shooting my cum in her ass. As first fountain of hot cum hit her deep ass, her body shivered and became still till i finished my cum in her ass. i removed my cock from her big tight ass. i asked her “still wanna more?”. she said “yes…..later”.

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