Looking for a friend

I knock on your door and as you open the door standing there in your summer halter dress the breeze is blowing. I asked if you know whom lives next door. Your comment was yes it is a Dawn and her boyfriend. I comment if she knows when they may be at home? Your comment was yes later in the day. You stood there propped up on the door frame looking so damn sexy. I look in your eyes then move down your sexy frame. You notice my stare and invite me in for a drink. I said I would love to have a drink it was very hot out here.

I follow you inside as you walk I can tell from the sunshine shining in that you are not wear any panties. I watch that hot sexy ass swing under that sexy dress. I follow you to the kitchen where you ask if I like a Coke or water. I said Coke is fine and as you open the cabinet and reach for the glasses you dress slides up and I can see the cheeks of your sexy ass from under your dress. My mouth is watering and my tongue is so hard wanting to run it between those sexy legs up to your slits and holes!

You turn and catch me watching you with intents look on my face. You finish fixing our drinks and come set at the table. You move yourself so I can see those sexy legs. I look you deep inside your eyes telling you I want to pick you up and place you on the table to make mad passionate love to you. You can tell that I am really into you. You start to move around in your seat which cause your dress to move even further up your legs. I have to start moving because I can feel my cock growing in my pants. I look you straight in the eyes and move close letting my hand rest on your leg as I move in to give you a passionate kiss. You kiss me back it seem as time has stood still for a moment. It is one of the most passionate kiss I have ever had.

I don’t say anything I get up pick you up in my arms and carry you to your bedroom I place you on the bed and slow undress as I continue to look in your eyes. As I slide my underwear down my cock springs out. I get on the bed and slow slide your straps off your shoulders and slide it over your breast. OMG they are beautiful and your nipples are very hard. I continue to remove your dress exposing the most beautiful body I see a little wetness at the top of your pussy lips. I then lay beside you and with one hand I move your hair away from your face as I move closer to French kiss you passionately. I then start to carcass your hard nipples as I kiss our neck and around your neck.

I move down to your twin peaks and take your left nipple in my mouth and run my tongue over your nipple starting to suck your hard nipple. I fell it getting harder in my mouth not to neglect the other nipple I move over to suck and kiss it while with my fingers I twist the left nipple between my fingers. I then slide down toward the valley and on my way I take a rest stop at your belly button where I tongue fuck it while sliding my hand between your legs. I carcass your upper thigh just barely touching your outer pussy. You moan out load and arch your back. I then move on down and get between your legs while looking you in your eyes I start to lick your clit teasing it with my very long tongue you move your hips toward me wanting me to go deeper. I kiss, suck and tease your clit for a while and then I take my arms wrap them around your legs with my hands I open up your pussy lips and lick deep inside of you and start to tongue fuck your hot pussy. You are dripping wet.

I then slide on down and tease your asshole running my tongue around the outside and then with my finger opening you up a little to tease your ass with my tongue. I move back to your hot box sucking and tongue fucking it until you cum all over my face. My 7 inch cock is rock hard and I move up cleaning up my face moving down toward your lips to kiss you as you taste your own juices. I position my cock at the entrance to your very wet hot pussy. I put the head just barely in to tease you more. I then without notice slam it hard and deep inside your hot box. I move fast then slow fast then slow you start to move with me moaning out load. You beg me to fuck you harder and harder then you arch your back and cum hard several times.

I turn you over on your knees and I enter you from behind while slide in and out I slide a finger into your hot ass. I then put another finger into your ass start to stretching the entrance your ass looks so inviting and wet. I pull out then slide my cock in your ass it is a little difficult and then I am pass the ring. You moan in pain and pleasure all at the same time. I can last long blowing my load deep inside your ass. I then fall over your ass resting on your back until I gain composer. I move beside take you in my arms and hold you until we are ready to go again.

O what a day!!!!!!!

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