Animal Antics – part 2.

Reverend Walker’s wife, Abby, was an exceptionally attractive brunette
in her late thirties, but she was a complete opposite to her husband.
While the preacher had been into the pants of most of the desirable women
in the parish, Abby was very straight-laced and proper. On the rare
occasions when she had sex with her husband, it had to be under the covers
and with the lights out. She considered it very improper for him to see
her nude body. Because of her wishes, sex was only performed in the
missionary position, and never on Sundays.
In spite of her sexual hang-ups, Abby Walker was a kind and generous
woman. Whenever anyone was in trouble, she was always the first to offer
her help. Highly respected in the community, she made an ideal preacher’s
On the Sunday afternoon while the reverend was lustily sucking and
fucking Laverne Crain, Abby was home preparing a cold supper they could
have after the evening services. While she was busily working, she
suddenly recalled that she hadn’t seen Mae Langford in church this
morning. Mae was a rather voluptuous middle-aged blonde who lived alone
with her big collie dog. She had been deserted by her husband a few years
ago, and Abby always worried about the lonesome woman. Wondering what had
happened, the reverend’s wife decided that she would stop by Mae’s house
tonight after church if the woman didn’t come to the evening services.
When Mae didn’t show up that evening, Abby walked to her place after
the services were over. Walking around the side of Mae’s house, toward the
front door, Abby noticed the light on and the shade up in the woman’s
Casually glancing in the window as she passed, Abby almost fainted when
she saw Mae spread out naked on the bed. The woman was on her back with
her legs wide apart and a large pillow stuffed under her ass. She was
frenziedly pulling and twisting her big, swollen nipples as her huge furry
collie hungrily licked her cunt.
Abby’s gaze was next drawn to the enormous erection thrusting out from
beneath the dog’s furry belly. The woman stood completely stunned as she
watched the collie’s pink tongue lapping a frothy, wet path up and down
between Mae’s wantonly spread thighs. The obviously aroused dog was
whimpering excitedly as he hungrily licked his mistress’ hotly oozing
slit. Abby could plainly see that the woman’s gold-fringed pussy was
swollen with desire, drops of creamy, hot cunt juice glistening against
the slick pink tissues.
“Oh, yes, Scotty,” the voluptuous blonde was softly moaning as the dog
drilled his tongue between her widely spread legs, licking and lapping up
the sweet nectar of her pussy. Slurping up the horny cunt juices from her
feverishly aroused slit, the well-trained animal was obviously half-crazed
by the erotic taste of Mae’s overheated cunt.
Still shocked as she silently watched them, Abby could tell that Mae’s
collie wasn’t licking her pussy for the first time. It was more than
obvious that the animal had gone down on her cunt many times before.
“Oh, sweet, Scotty,” the depraved blonde was moaning. “Lick me good,
honey! Make me come!”
Nearly out of her mind from the intense pleasure she was feeling, Mae
was writhing all over the bed as the dog hungrily slurped on her hot, open
“Oh, shit, Scotty! ” she squealed, pinching her nipples harder. “It
feels so fuckin’ good, honey! ”
Twisting his face from side to side, the long-nosed collie drilled his
tongue even deeper into the hot depths of her slippery cunt, his snout
deliciously rubbing against her erect clitty.
“Oh, shit, baby! ” the naked blonde sobbed, curling her fingers into
his long, furry coat. “I can’t stand much more, Scotty! It feels so
fuckin’ good!”
Hearing the dog whimpering with excitement, Abby could see that he was
reveling in the taste and aroma of Mae’s heated pussy.
Unaware that she was being watched, Mae was writhing around on the bed
in a wanton state of total ecstasy. Men had been sucking and fucking her
since she was a teenager but none had ever given her the pleasure she got
from her beautiful collie. Her husband had left her when he discovered she
was having, sex with the animal, but she didn’t give a shit because Scotty
was a better lover than any man.
“Oh, Scotty!” she panted. “That feels so shittin’ good, baby!”
As the heavenly pleasure increased in her writhing pussy, Mae was
excitedly squeezing her deliciously naked thighs against her dog’s face.
No longer caring about anything but his fantastic tongue, Mae was wantonly
enjoying the agonizingly beautiful sensations that were burning through
every part of her body.
“Oh, Jesus, I’m coming!” she suddenly squealed, throwing her
wide-spread legs into the air. “I’m coming, Scotty! Oh, fuck, how I’m
The woman’s voluptuous body wrenched and twisted through the heavenly
climax, and when her orgasm finally ended, Mae slumped back on the bed.
“Oh, you sweet fucker,” she sighed a few moments later when Scotty
pulled his juice-
drenched face out of her steaming cunt. “You sure know how to make mama
Watching through the window, Abby was shaking like a leaf. As filthy
and depraved as the whole thing was, she was finding the :disgraceful
scene strangely fascinating. The woman couldn’t understand why, but there
was an odd, tingling sensation between her legs that she’d never felt
Abby knew it was sinful for her to be watching anything so filthy and
evil, but she couldn’t seem to tear herself away from the sight. Watching
as Mae slowly recovered from her intense orgasm, she was a bit surprised
when the naked blonde scooped the big, shaggy collie up into her arms.
With the animal on his back and his head resting between the woman’s big
tits, Abby could see his bright-red boner sticking up under his furry
Abby could feel her heart pounding in her throat as she watched Mae’s
hand move slowly down over the collie’s stomach until her fingers found
his hard cock. The reverend’s wife watched breathlessly as the voluptuous
blonde’s long, tapered fingers fondled and stroked the throbbing hardness
of his slippery, hard prick.
Abby could hardly believe her eyes when Mae suddenly lowered her head
and lightly licked her tongue across the tip of his cock. Whispering
something to the dog that Abby couldn’t hear, the depraved blonde took his
cock-shaft in her fingers, then holding his prick straight up, she began
hungrily licking the cock-head.
Momentarily deserting the end of his prick, Mae began licking up and
down the slimy length of his long, red cock-shaft, deliciously saturating
his prick with her bubbling spit. The animal was soon shaking violently in
the w,oman’s arms as she lowered her head further and began licking around
his furry balls. Enjoying the texture of his cum-swollen ball-sac, Mae
began sucking his balls in and out of her mouth.
When she finally had his balls thoroughly drenched, Mae lovingly
nibbled back up along the sensitive underside of his slippery, wet
cock-shaft. Then, opening her mouth wide,
she took the head of his hotly oozing cock into her mouth.
Watching through the window, Abby felt a hot, itching sensation in her
cunt. She knew it was sinful to touch herself down there, but she just had
to scratch her pussy to make the itch go away. Raising her skirt, the
woman wormed a finger up through the leg opening of her panties and began
lightly scratching her pussy.
Unable to believe what was happening, she saw Mae start pumping her
lips up and down over Scotty’s hard boner. With each plunge of her head,
the depraved blonde was taking mord and more of the dog’s prick into her
Suddenly seeing a rivulet of slimy cum oozing out from between Mae’s
cock-squeezing lips as the collie began jerking and whimpering, Abby
realized the dog was coming in her mouth. Horrified at what was happening,
she saw Mae smack her lips and wipe her mouth with the back of her hand
when Scotty pulled his limp wet cock out.
Thinking the obscene performance was over, Abby was just about to leave
when she saw that the dog suddenly had another horrendous hard-on as he
stood with his paws on the edge of the bed barking at Mae.
“Now what’s the matter?” giggled the blonde as she reached under the
dog’s belly and tickled his brand-new erection. “I’ll bet you want a
Excitedly listening and watching, Abby continued scratching her pussy
as that itching sensation seemed to increase between her legs. Unable to
believe what was happening, the reverend’s wife just stared open-mouthed
as Mae got up on her hands and knees.
“Come on, Scotty,” the wanton blonde whispered back over her shoulder,
wriggling her creamy bare ass around in front of the whimpering collie’s
nose. “Now give me a nice, hot fuck.”
Knowing what was going to happen, the well-trained animal began
excitedly sniffing and licking around her ass and pussy.
“That’s it, Scotty,” she sighed. “Just stuff your cock into my hot
little cunt.”
Having done this hundreds of times over the years, the beautiful collie
threw his forepaws up over her shoulders and drilled the entire length of
his shiny, red cock into the naked slut’s horny cunt.
“EEEEEEEGGGHHH!” Mae shrieked in ecstasy, feeling his fantastic prick
spearing into her pussy.
The itching in Abby’s cunt was increasing with every passing moment.
Seeing the dog bury his long, hard cock into Mae’s blond-fringed cunt
seemed to make her pussy itch even more. Abby was slowly discovering that
the itch wasn’t altogether too unpleasant. She was also finding that the
brisker she rubbed her cunt, the better her pussy felt.
As disgusting as the whole thing was, Abby was strangely intrigued at the
way this beautiful dog was wildly humping over the kneeling bionde’s naked
body. She couldn’t understand how Mae could support the animal’s weight on
her back, but she was doing it and obviously enjoying the fuck.
“Oh, sweet Scotty!” the woman was whimpering as she felt her dog’s
canine prick fucking in and out of her sizzling pussy. Writhing in
ecstasy, her hot, juicy cunt flesh was squeezing deliciously around his
hard cock-shaft, bringing more and more joy to her overheated pussy.
“Oh, sweet pissin’ Jesus!” gasped Mae as the collie’s wildly fucking
prick stimulated every nerve ending in her hotly sizzling cunt. Shivering
with rapture as she knelt beneath him, a heavenly ecstasy was rippling
through Mae’s pussy as her wonderful pet feverishly fucked into her. As
always happened when Scotty fucked her, the intense pleasure seemed to
increase as the aroused animal quickened the tempo. Tonight the rapture
was intensifyin so rapidly that Mae was almost on the verge of losing her
“Oh, shit! Oh, shit!” she cried as her fantastic collie fucked deeper
and faster, bringing her more joy than she had ever experienced with him.
Tonight he was giving her the fuck of fucks.
“OH, SWEET FUCKIN’ SCOTTY!” screamed the feverishly aroused blonde as
the animal deliciously reamed out her juicy hot fuckhole.
Kneeling with her head down, Mae could look back between her legs and
see his wondrous cock fucking in and out of her hotly clasping pussy.
Crazed with the joy of this heavenly animal-fuck she was getting, the
perverted blonde was slamming her creamy-white ass back to meet every
thundering thrust of her dog’s hotly pistoning boner.
“Oh, fuck! ” she cried, feeling the rapture of his long, red prick
fucking deep into her seething cunt. “Fuck me harder, Scotty! Fuck me
On and on they fucked, Mae violently thrusting her ass back to better
receive every hard thrust of the dog while the reverend’s wife excitedly
watched them through the window. Having accidentally discovered the joys
of her clit for the first time, Abby was vigorously fingering her pussy as
she stared at Scotty’s long cock fucking in and out of the bionde’s hotly
oozing cunt. The reverend’s wife no longer gave a shit whether it was
sinful or not to play with her hot little pussy. She’d never enjoyed
anything so much in her life, and being fucked by a dog didn’t seem as
depraved to her as it had a little while ago. Excitedly fingering her
tingling clit as she watched, Abby began wondering how a dog’s hot, hard
cock would feel in her own pussy.
“EEEEEEEGGGHHH!” she ‘heard Mae scream as the relentless fucking continued.
The feel of his super-hard boner fucking in and out of her writhing
slit was almost blowing Mae’s mind. The voluptuous blonde’s sizzling-hot
cunt was sucking passionately on the collie’s slippery, juice-slickened
prick-shaft as he fucked in and out of her lust-swollen cunt. Her face was
a mask of the fiery passions that were flooding through her steaming
pussy, and she was aware of nothing else in the world except this big
shaft of canine-cock that fucked so deliciously into her writhing cunt.
Watching them, Abby was feverishly finger-fucking herself, almost able
to feel that beautiful big dog-cock in her own overheated cunt. She no
longer gave a shit whether messing around with her pussy was evil or not.
It felt fantastic, and from now on she was going to play with her cunt as
often as she wished. She would even let a dog fuck her if she could find
one that knew how to fuck. Listening to the dull thud of Scotty’s furry
belly slapping against Mae’s soft ass as he fucked into her was driving
Abby wild.
“Oh, sweet doggy!” she heard the blonde squeal in ecstasy. “I love that
beautiful fuckin’ cock of yours.”
The feel of his super-hard prick fucking in and out of her writhing
cunt was almost blowing Mae’s mind.
“Shit, Scotty!” she squealed as the intense pleasure increased in her
pussy. “I love your cock, you sweet fucker!”
She could feel every ridge and sinew on the animal’s deliciously hard
dog-prick rubbing. against every tingling nerve end in her hotly squeezing
cunt. The rock-hardness.. ;of his heavenly cock was fucking deeply into
the magical hotness of her squeezing fuck-hole, reaming out big globs of
slippery cunt juices from deep in her pussy.
“THAT’S IT, YOU BIG-COCKED DARLING!” she cried, almost hysterical from
the intense pleasure she was feeling. “KEEP THAT BIG COCK FUCKIN’!”
The animal was thrusting his long prick-shaft into her with rapid,
cunt-splitting strokes, each quick thrust bringing her closer to a climax.
“That’s it! ” she screamed when the hot gush of his dog-cum into her
cunt triggered her orgasm. “CREAM ME GOOD, BABY! I’M COMING . . . COMING .
Watching through the window as the blonde climaxed all around her dog’s
spurting prick, Abby began rubbing her clit more vigorously. Trembling
with excitement, she leaned back against the building to support herself
as she feverishly rubbed her clitty until she, too, exploded into a wild
When Abby awakened the next morning, she was filled with shame. As soon
as the reverend left the house, she knelt by the bed and tearfully prayed
for over an hour, begging forgiveness for her evil sinning. Accompanying
her husband to church the following Sunday, she was still filled with
guilt and remorse.
After the services that day, Reverend Walker once more excitedly
watched little Marci Wilks and her brother get into their father’s car for
the ride out to their farm. The reverend couldn’t understand why, but he
seemed to get a hard-on every time he saw the cute, blonde youngster.
Driving home with her dad and brother, Marci’s mind was on a
conversation she had had with her friend Joyce Gibson before church this
morning. Joyce had excitedly told her about sucking off her older cousin
last night.
“Did it taste icky?” Marci had wanted to know.
“Shit, no,” her friend had giggled. “It’s sorta slippery, but it has a
neat flavor.”
“What does a cock feel like,” was Marci’s next question, starting to
get all hot and itchy between her legs as she listened to Joyce.
“Haven’t you ever played with a guy’s prick?”
“You know I haven’t,” Marci said and giggled.
“You’re missing a lot,” her friend had sighed. “I just love hard cocks.”
“What do they feel like?”
“Well.” Joyce had paused, a warm glow in her eyes. “It’s sorta hard to
explain. It feels a bit like soft, wet velvet stretched over a big hot
pipe, except there’s a hard, rubbery feeling to it, and it jerks and
throbs in your hand.”
Thinking about cocks now, as she was riding home from church, Marci was
feeling all hot and sticky between her legs.
“And nothing feels better than a hard cock in your cunt,” Joyce had
said with a dreamy expression on her face.
“I’d be afraid to let a guy fuck me,” Marci had admitted.
“I dunno. It sounds sorta scary.”
“Then suck him off,” her friend had suggested.
“How do I do that?”
“It’s sorta like jacking him off, only you use your mouth.”
“That doesn’t tell me much,” Marci had complained. “I don’t know
anything about jacking off either.”
“Why don’t you get Kirk to teach you, Joyce had suggested, referring to
Marci’s older brother.
Now, riding home next to her big brother in the car, Marci suddenly
wondered if he might let her mess around with his prick.
That night when her father drove in to attend the evening services at
the church, Marci plopped herself out on a deeply cushioned chair in the
living room, her shapely young legs spread out in front of her. Thinking
about the exciting conversation with Joyce this afternoon, her finger was
absently tracing tiny circles around her navel that was deliciously
exposed between her cut-offs and the halter that covered her firm young
breasts. Sitting there with a dreamy expression in her eyes, she was a
picture of innocent beauty, but her hot little pussy was burning with
She was acutely aware of her brother sitting across the room, intently
reading a sports magazine. Kirk’s biggest interest was athletics, and next
fall, as a senior, he would be captain of the high school football team.
Looking at her handsome brother, Marci could understand why Joyce had
suggested him as her teacher. Staring over at Kirk, she suddenly wondered
if he would let her jack him off. He’d always treated her as his pesky
little sister, but maybe she could change his mind this evening.
As the burning between her legs increased, Marci walked across the room
and sat down on the floor in front of him.
“Kirk,” she said when he paid no attention to her.
“Bug off, Sis,” he muttered, not taking his eyes away from the
magazine. “I’m trying to read.
“Kirk,” she continued after a few moments of silence. “Do you like me?”
“Of course I do,” he said, looking at her for the first time. “Why do
you ask such a dumb question?”
“Well,” she began slowly. “Will you show me your . . . er . . . th-thing? ”
“What thing?” he asked, turning his attention back to the magazine.
“You know,” she said, hesitating. “Your thing . . . your prick.”
“What?” he gasped.
“Please, Kirk,” she whispered.
“Have you lost your mind?” he asked in a stunned voice.
“Please, Kirk,” she begged, her little pussy getting hotter by the
second. “Just let me see it.”
“My God!” he gasped. “I can’t believe you!”
“Please?” she persisted, reaching for his zipper.
“Stop that!” he shouted, roughly pushing her hand away. “Why the hell
do you want to. see my prick?”
“Because I’ve never seen one!” she shouted back at him.
“You’re not supposed to see one,” he snapped, pushing her hand away again.
“Damn you!” she shouted, her eyes blazing with frustrated anger. “If
you won’t, I’ll get some of your friends to show me their cocks!”
“You wouldn’t dare!” he gasped.
“I sure would,” his little sister hissed, reaching for his zipper
again. “And you know they’d be more than happy to let me play with their
Knowing that she was right, he just stared at her with disbelief as she
opened his fly. While he sat in stunned silence, she reached in and gently
withdrew his soft, limp cock, staring with awe at the warm prick in her
trembling hands.
In spite of the circumstances, the soft touch of her fingers on his
prick sent a warm, tingling glow through his cock.
The exciting feeling between her legs increased as Marci felt his
prick-shaft begin to swell and throb in her hand. Staring in complete
fascination, she watched his swelling purple cock-head start protruding
from his foreskin. Gently squeezing his prick, she couldn’t believe how
big his cock was getting.
“No, Sis, this isn’t right,” he weakly whispered as her hand began
moving up and down the length of his fully erect cock.
The young girl had never been so excited in her life, and she was
finding it difficult to breathe as her fingers explored every bump and
vein on his big blood-engorged prick. Slowly skimming the soft foreskin up
and down over his throbbing cock-shaft, she rubbed his deliciously hot
cock-head against her soft, warm cheeks, up through her hair, under her
chin and lightly across her moistly parted lips as his body trembled and
lurched with ecstasy.
“Oh, God, Sis!” he whispered, completely surrendering to her loving
caresses when she momentarily released his tingling boner from her
fingers. “Don’t stop honey . . . don’t stop!”
Grasping his prick more firmly in her trembling hand, she was shocked
at the expression on her brother’s face. His mouth was gaping open, with
his lips drawn back from his teeth while his glazed eyes rolled up crazily
toward the ceiling.
A feeling of triumph surged through her body when Marci realized how
easy it was to control a man’s emotions through the manipulation of his
cock. She couldn’t believe the intense power she had over his body as she
rapidly learned how to please him. The faster she stroked his cock, the
wilder he shivered and lurched, and when she slowed down the action, he
moaned and begged for more. This was the first time in years that her big
brother hadn’t dominated her.
“Please don’t stop, Sis!” he groaned when she again momentarily
released his prick. “Oh, God, honey, don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”
Kirk thought he would lose his mind with ecstasy as she brought him
close to a climax time after time, only to let him slip back and
skillfully bring him up again.
“Oh, God, honey, that feels so good!” he moaned as her gentle fingers
continued deliciously stroking the length of his throbbing cock-shaft.
As his body began lurching more violently, Marci began instinctively
moving her hand more rapidly up and down over his big, straining prick.
Crazed with the wild excitement, she could feel her hot cunt juices oozing
out into her panties. She was pumping faster and faster while her brother
lurched and moaned on the chair.
Kirk could feel an explosive orgasm building up deep in his balls. He felt
as if his blistering prick was burning as his jism started its fiery
journey up through the tingling length of his cock.
“OH, SIS!” he shouted in ecstasy as the thick hot cum gushed out from
his big prick-head, splattering against her startled face. Thrilled by
what was happening, she continued pumping frenziedly on his spurting prick
until the last bit of jizz dribbled out.
Finally releasing her brother’s rapidly shrinking prick, she began
wiping her cum-drenched face with the back of her hand.
When she drew her hand across her mouth, she was delightfully pleased
with the slightly salty, bitter-sweet taste of his jizz, remembering that
Joyce had told her how good cum tasted.
Kirk was completely exhausted, his eyes closed and head thrown against
the back of the chair as he slowly recovered from his intense climax. With
his burning lust now relieved, he suddenly felt terribly ashamed for
allowing his little sister to jack him off. Unable to look her in the eye,
he stood up and closed his zipper. Still not saying a word to her, he
walked upstairs to his room.
When he’d gone, Marci just sat on the floor for several minutes, trying
to sort her thoughts out. It had been a traumatic experience for the young
girl, yet jacking her brother off had been the most exciting thing that
had ever happened to her. Finally pulling her cut-offs down, she lustily
finger-fucked herself to a wonderful orgasm before going to bed.
Unable to sleep, she lay tossing and turning for hours. She was finally
almost ready to fall asleep when she heard her bedroom door open.
“Who’s there?” she whispered.
“It’s me,” she heard her brother answer as he closed the door behind
him and walked over to the side of her bed.
“What do you want?” asked Marci turning on the bedside lamp.
“Well,” he nervously began, “I was wondering if you’d like to jack me
off again?”
“Sure!” she squealed, throwing back the covers. “If you’ll play with my
pussy while I’m jacking you off.”
Marci was completely naked, and Kirk just stared numbly at her firm
young tits with the hard pink nipples standing up so deliciously erect.
Her youthful body tapered down to her slim waist and then flared gently
out again at her softly rounded hips. Her shapely little legs were
slightly parted, exposing her smooth inner thighs that led up to her
delicious little gold-fringed pussy.
“Take your stupid shorts off,” she commanded as he stood there staring
at her.
An exciting tingle rippled through her pussy when he dropped his
shorts. Earlier in the evening she’d only seen his prick through his open
fly, but now she was staring at a man’s balls for the first time in her
life. Her unbelieving eyes focused on his hairy sac that swung lewdly
between his muscular legs. The sight of his long, hard cock-shaft
thrusting up from his mass of curly pubic hair made the juices flow hotly
from between her legs.
Crawling into bed, Kirk drew his little sister’s soft, warm body up
against him, covering her moistly parted lips with his mouth as they
rubbed their hips against each other. He slowly moved his hand down over
the smooth flesh of her back until he had her soft, wiggly asscheeks
gripped in his palm, and, as he pulled her sweet, naked body closer to
him, Marci could feel his throbbing cock burning against her quivering
Finally releasing her cute ass, Kirk trailed his hand around her body
until it was resting between her smooth inner thighs. Trembling with lust,
he let his fingers slowly wander up until they brushed against the hot,
juicy opening of her little virginal cunt.
“Ooooooooooh!” Marci excitedly whimpered when his finger gently moved
up and down along the edges of her soft, wet pussylips. Dipping his finger
into her creaming cunt, he slowly moved the tip of his digit up toward her
erect little clitty.
“Oh, Kirk,” shewhimpered, covering his mouth with her warm, moist lips.
“That feels so neat.
Kirk had fucked his share of the girls in town, and he expertly
massaged his little sister’s clit until she was squealing with joy.
Deciding to give her even more pleasure, he began plunging his thick
middle finger in and out of her little juice-drenched cunt, making certain
to brush his finger against her clit with each inward thrust. The ecstasy
was almost more than she could stand, and with every thrust of his
plunging finger, he was carrying the squealing youngster to new heights of
blissful joy.
“Oh, Kirk!” she cried, wildly rotating her slippery cunt around his
thrusting finger. “Go faster, honey! Don’t stop! I’m almost there!”
His wildly aroused little sister let out another squeal of joy when her
body suddenly exploded into a bone-rattling orgasm, the first climax she’d
ever had without using her own hands. She kept coming for what seemed
hours to her, and when she finally stopped, she gave him a deep,
tongue-sucking kiss.
Finally opening her eyes, she was once more aware of the big, hard
boner that was throbbing up from between his legs.
“Kirk,” she whispered as she began sliding his velvety foreskin up and
down over his throbbing cock-shaft. “Would you like me to suck you off?”
“What do you know about blow-jobs?” he asked in a shocked voice.
“Joyce told me.”
“Your friend with the big tits?”
“That’s the one,” she said, still lovingly stroking his tingling boner.
“Does she suck guys off?”
“Sure,” said Marci, “and she loves to fuck, too.”
“Can you fix me up with her?”
“I’m sure I can,” Marci promised, lowering her face down toward her
brother’s hard cock.
Slowly and gently, she pulled his foreskin back until his big, purple
cock-head was deliciously revealed. She heard her brother let out a soft
moan when she enveloped his sensitive prick-head with her warm, moist
“Oh, shit, Sis!” he whispered as she began sucking gently on his
delicious prick. “That feels so fuckin’ good!”
Moving her mouth up and down over his straining cock, she began a slow
sucking action that had him writhing all over the bed. Her head was soon
bobbing faster and faster as she sucked more passionately on his big
delicious prick. Kirk’s entire muscular body was trembling and jerking
from the heavenly sensations being induced by the sweet, soft mouth of his
little cock-sucking sister.
He could feel his climax building deep in his balls, and, as his orgasm
drew closer, he unconsciously grabbed the girl’s head and shoved her
sucking mouth down tighter over his throbbing cock-shaft.
“JESUS CHRIST!” he roared as he started shooting his wad.
Marci’s entire body shivered with delight when his hot cum started
gushing into her mouth. Not wanting to miss a drop of his delicious
fuck-cream, she desperately sucked and swallowed until she’d drawn every
bit of cum out of his slowly shrinking prick.
When Marci had licked and washed his limp cock completely clean, Kirk
kissed her softly on her lips and left the room.


From that night on, Kirk was finger-fucking his little sister two or
three times a day while she was sucking him off.
“Kirk,” Marci whispered to him one afternoon when she was up on his bed
with him.
“You’ve fucked lots of girls, haven’t you?”
“I’ve had a few.”
“Is fucking fun?”
“Of course it is.”
“Would I be fun to fuck?”
“Shit, yes,” he said, grinning.
“Then will you fuck me?” she excitedly asked, her eyes glowing with lust.
“I wish I could,” he sighed. “But that would be impossible.”
“Because you’re my sister.”
“So what,” giggled Marci. “I’ve got a cunt, and you’ve got a cock.
Isn’t that all fucking takes?”
“It’s not that simple,” he explained. “Fucking your own sister is incest.”
“I know that,” she pouted. “But I want to be fucked.”
“Then start out the way I began fucking,” Kirk advised.
“How was that?”
“My first piece of ass was with one of our nanny goats,” he laughingly
“Are you shittin’ me?” gasped the startled youngster.
“Hell, no,” her brother replied. “They’re fun to fuck. I still fuck a
goat once in a while when no one is around.”
“Are you suggesting that I let a goddamn smelly goat fuck me?”
“Why not,” he asked. “They have nice, hard cocks, and that’s all
fucking takes.”
“I think you’re bullshittin me,” complained Marci, brushing her long
blonde hair back from her face. “Have you really fucked a goat? ”
“Yes, Marci,” he answered, looking the youngster straight in the eyes.
“I’ve fucked goats, and I think it’s fun. ”
“Will you let me watch you?”
“Right now,” she said quickly. “Dad’s gone into town and so no one else
is here but us.”
“Okay,” he agreed, thinking it would be fun to fuck a hot, juicy goat
right in front of his little sister.
Taking Marci’s hand, Kirk led her out behind the bam where the goats
were kept.
“Which is your favorite piece of ass?” giggled Marci when they were in
the enclosure with the animals.
“That one,” said her big brother, pointing to a brown and white nanny
goat. “She’s got a hot little pussy. ”
“Now what happens?” giggled Marci, still unable to believe her big
brother was going to fuck a stupid goat.
“You’ll see,” he answered, lowering his zipper and whippng his thick,
limp cock out.
Flipping his prick around with his fingers, Kirk stepped in front of the
brown and white animal who began excitedly pawing the ground with her
hooves as she sniffed.
“Holy shit!” ‘exclaimed Marci when the nanny goat’s thick, wet tongue
began licking her brother’s soft prick.
“That’s a good girl,” she heard Kirk softly whisper as he unbuckled his
belt and dropped his jeans and shorts down around his ankles.
Marci excitedly watched as the goat lovingly licked his balls as well
as his rapidly swelling cock. When his prick had reached a throbbing
erection, the animal’s tongue was feverishly licking up and down the meaty
length of his cock.
“God, what a cock-sucker!” cried Marci, feeling the hot juices leaking
out from between her legs as she watched the goat eagerly going down on
her big brother.
When the goat had licked Kirk’s cock to a throbbing hardness, the youth
gently turned the animal around so he could invade her juicy cunt from the
rear. Having been fucked by Kirk often enough to know what was coming, the
goat was trembling with delicious expectation.
Watching her brother guiding his bloated cock-head toward the animal’s
pink, wet pussy, Marci was surprised at how much the animal’s cunt
resembled her own. Excitedly rubbing her hot little pussy through the
material of her tight jeans, Marci could see her brother’s deliciously
naked tool slipping in between the shivering, goat’s pink cuntlips.
“Oh, fuck, she’s nice and hot today!” panted Kirk as he felt the
scalding slickness of the animal’s slippery pussy walls closing around his
tingling boner.
Seeing how the excited goat was backing up against her brother, Marci
realized the horny animal was trying to work even more of his prick into
her sizzling cunt.
“Jesus, Kirk!” Marci exclaimed to her brother. “She really digs your cock.”
“You’re not shittin,” he groaned. “This stupid goat loves to be fucked.”
After a short pause, Kirk partially withdrew his hard boner and began
fucking into the bleating animal with long, rhythmic thrusts.
“Fuck her good, honey!” his excited sister cheered him on.
The feel of Kirk’s big, human cock fucking in and out of her snug
little cunt was driving the horny goat wild. The animal’s entire body was
tingling from the delicious bigness of his hard prick.
Marci had never seen anything so erotic as her brother fucking his
thick, slippery cock in and out of the goat’s girl-like pussy. Naturally
the youngster had never seen anyone fucking before, and this lewd action
was almost blowing her mind.
At first Marci had wondered how her brother could possibly enjoy
fucking a goat, but seeing the ecstasy on his face, she realized how much
pleasure he was getting from the goat-fuck.
“That’s it, Kirk!” the little blonde squealed with joy. “Just fuck her
Wishing her big brother’s cock was zipping in and out of her hot little
cunt, Marci was vigorously rubbing her pussy through the material of her
jeans. Becoming more aroused by the second, the youngster pulled her
zipper down and wormed her finger through the leg opening of her panties,
drilling it into the slick hotness of her itching, dripping little cunt.
Excitedly rubbing her erect clitty, Marci stared at her brother’s hard
cock fucking in and out of the goat’s juicy cunt.
“Oh, yes, Kirk! ” she squealed. “Fuck her good!”
Excitedly watching, Marci could see that her brother was fucking the
wild-eyed goat for all he was worth, his panting mouth gaping open as he
stared crazily ahead of him. She could see the juicy pink lips of the
animal’s frothy pussy sucking and pulling on the slippery length of his
thick prick as he wildly fucked in and out of her steaming pussy. His
virile young cock-shaft was glistening with the creamy juice that was
oozing out from between the goat’s squeezing cuntlips.
Frantically fingering her own swollen clitty, Marci was staring at the
goat’s juicy little cunt as the goat-pussy squeezed and sucked on her
brother’s hard boner. The goat’s pussylips had swollen and turned a dark
pink from the delicious friction of his torrid cock.
“Fuck her good, honey!” cried Marci. “Just fuck her tail off!”
The horny goat was slamming her haunches back against Kirk, trying to
get even more of his big, human cock into her cunt. The animal was
bleating loudly with joy as the young man fucked his prick deeper and
deeper into her sizzling little goat-cunt.
“FUCK HER HARDER, HONEY!” Marci hysterically cried as her handsome big
brother’s hard cock fucked in and out of the animal’s hot pussy. “FUCK HER
With her naughty fingers clawing at her throbbing clit, Marci was every
bit as aroused as her feverishly fucking brother.
“Holy shit!” Kirk shouted. “This is fantastic!
Marci was wantonly rubbing her hard little tits through the material of
her T-shirt with one hand while she frenziedly fingered her clit with the
other. Already on the verge of blowing her mind with excitement, the sound
of her brother’s juice-slickened prick slamming noisily into the goat’s
scalding cunt was almost more than Marci could take.
“OH, SHIT!” Kirk suddenly cried at the top of his lungs. “I’M
When her brother had finally emptied the last of his hot load into the
animal’s cum-
drenched pussy, he pulled his limp, wet cock out of her cunt.
“Oh, Kirk, honey,” his sister sobbed. “I wanta be fucked, too.”
“Then try this beauty,” he suggested, patting the back of a handsome,
big billy goat that was standing next to him.
“How do I get him hard?” she excitedly asked as she quickly pulled off
her jeans and panties.
“The same way you get me hard,” explained her brother. “Suck on his prick.”
Too aroused to care whether it was an animal or not, Marci rolled onto
her back beneath his belly. Curling her fingers around his cock-shaft, the
beautiful, young blonde raised her head and slipped his cock-head into her
mouth. Locking her soft lips tightly around his prick, she could feel his
tasty cock swelling rapidly as she sucked. In less than a minute the
handsome billy goat had a horrendous boner.
“Okay, honey,” she giggled as she released his hard cock from her mouth
and crawled out from under him. “Now it’s time to fuck.”
Crouching on her hands and knees, the horny youngster began wriggling
her sweet young ass around in front of his nose.
“Can you show the dumb bastard what to do?” she complained to her
brother as the
goat sniffed and licked at her bare ass without trying to mount her.
“Come on, goat,” urged Kirk, lifting the animal up onto his sister’s
back. “Fuck her hot little cunt.”
When the stupid goat didn’t move, Kirk gently grasped the animal’s hard
cock and brushed his sensitive prick-head betweer Marci’s hotly oozing
“Come on, dummy,” he whispered. “Stick, your cock in her.”
Feeling the heavenly heat of Marci’s juicy cunt against his throbbing
hard-on, the big billy goat instinctively lunged forward.
“OOOOOOH! EEEEEEGGGHHH!” the youngster screamed when the animal’s hard
cock speared through her hymen. “There goes my cherry!”
The momentary pain only lasted briefly, and once his prick was buried
in the snug confines of her cute little unused pussy, she felt a
deliciously warm glow spread throughout her body.
With his horns held high and his brown eyes glazes with lust, the
handsome, big billy goat began fucking his cock into her with blinding
“OOOOOH, SHIT!” little Marci squealed with joy as the lusting animal
further increased the tempo of his rapid thrusts.
The blonde’s sweet young tits were jiggling like crazy as the big goat
fucked her crouching body. He was practically knocking the breath out of
her every time his hard boner fucked into her cunt.
“YES! YES!” the girl squealed. “FUCK MY CUNT!”
Excitedly watching, Kirk could see how much his little sister was
enjoying her first fuck even if it was with a goat. Her pretty little face
was distorted with lust as she wantonly slammed her cute little ass back
to meet every deep plunge of the animal’s prick. Helplessly aroused by the
delicious friction of the handsome billy goat’s hard boner, Marci was
creaming all over the slimy length of his bright-red goat-cock, making his
prick glisten obscenely with her slippery wetness.
“OH, YOU SWEET FUCKIN’ GOAT!” she screamed. “This feels so fuckin’ good!”
The horny youngster’s face was glowing with excitement as she eagerly
took the hard, rapid strokes of the animal’s fucking boner. The hard meat
of his thoroughly aroused cock was pumping the hot juices right out of her
sizzling pussy, the thick cream splattering all over the goat’s shaggy
“Oh, so good . . . so good!” she moaned.
The goat’s hips were moving at a blinding speed as he excitedly fucked
his throbbing boner into the slick hotness of the teenager’s little,
gold-fringed cunt. There was almost a lusting grin on the face of the
bearded animal as he feverishly fucked into the hotly writhing youngster.
Watching the goat and his little sister, Kirk was more excited than
he’d ever been. Nothing had ever turned him on so much in his life.
With the screaming ecstasy still mounting in her fiery cunt, the
insanely aroused blonde was slamming her ass back even harder to take the
full thrust of his plunging cock.
“FUCK, GOAT, FUCK!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.
This was a scene that Kirk would never forget. Holding his horns high,
the magnificent billy goat was humping into Kirk’s sister with a savage
powerfulness, rocking her beautiful young body, making her firm tits
bounce beneath her with joy. Marci was in a state of unequaled ecstasy,
and her big brother could clearly see how much she was enjoying herself.
Her pretty face was twisted into a wicked grin of lust as she slammed her
sweet cunt back around his wildly fucking cock.
“EEEEEGGGHHH!” she shrieked in wanton delight. -“FUCK IT TO ME, YOU
Excitedly watching, Kirk couldn’t take his gaze away from his little
sister’s pussy. The pretty blonde’s face was glowing with sexual bliss,
squealing with rapture as she took the repeated thrusts of the animal’s
hard goat-prick. The goat’s hips were twitching and jerking with a
blinding speed as he feverishly fucked into the slippery slickness of her
hot little virginal cunt.
“Oh, sweet pissin’ Jesus!” she squealed with delight, raising her
deliciously ravaged ass higher to give the wildly fucking goat even easier
access to her overheated pussy. “FUCK, GOAT, FUCK!”
Little Marci’s beautiful young body was being thoroughly fucked by the
rampaging animal’s steel-hard boner. The machine-gun rapidity of the
goat’s deep thrusts was almost more than the writhing blonde could stand.
The wanton joy built and built in her seething loins as his blood-red cock
streaked in and out of her juicy cunt.
“Oh, you beautiful goat,” she moaned. “Make me come! MAKE ME COME!”
Feeling herself rushing toward a traumatic orgasm, the beautiful
youngster braced her hands against the ground as she slammed her cunt back
around the hard, slippery length of the goat’s plunging cock.
“OOOOOOOH!” she suddenly squealed. “I’M COMING . . . COMING!”
Marci’s orgasmic juices began swirling hotly around the throbbing
length of the goat’s prick as her cunt muscles involuntarily contracted
around his hard cock-shaft. Then, right in the middle of her bell-ringing
climax, she felt his hot, wet cum gushing into her well-fucked cunt.
When the exhausted animal finally pulled his limp prick out of the
youngster’s spunk-filled pussy, Kirk took his sister’s hands and helped
the pretty little girl to her feet.
“Well?” he asked. “How did you like your first fuck?”
“It was just fantastic,” she sighed wearily as she felt the goat’s
slimy spunk leaking out from between her swollen pussylips.

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