Animal Antics – part 1.

Reverend James Walker had been the minister in the rural community of
Woods Fork for the past six years, and both he and his wife, Abby, were
highly thought of by the congregation. Standing on the church steps
talking to some of his church members, one Sunday after the services were
over, he was finding it very difficult to concentrate on the conversation.
Pretty little Marci Wilks was standing with the morning sun behind her,
and her sexy young figure was deliciously silhouetted through the thin
material of her Sunday dress. The outline of the youngster’s shapely legs
was making the man’s cock throb wildly in his pants.
Reverend Walker had enjoyed sexual favors with many of the more
attractive women in his flock, but the one girl he wanted to fuck most of
all was this cute youngster. The man knew it was mad to want to fuck this
teenagers but he’d been secretly lusting for her cunt ever since she first
reached puberty.
Reverend Walker was finding it very difficult to concentrate on the
conversation as he watched Marci standing with her big brother, Kirk. The
two young people were obviously waiting for their father to bring the car
around from the parking area behind the church. They lived with their
widowed dad on a small farm, and he always brought his son and daughter to
church with him on Sundays.
When old man Wilks finally drove away with Marci and her brother, the
reverend was suddenly conscious of Laverne Crain chattering next to him.
“You must read it,” he heard her say. “I’ve never been so upset in my
“Read what?” he muttered, embarrassed that he hadn’t been listening.
“I’ve already told you,” she,said in an exasperated voice. “It’s that
letter I found in my husband’s coat.”
“Where is he today?”
“That’s just it,” she continued with tears in her eyes. “He’s out of
town, and I think he’s with another woman.”
“Oh, Laverne,” he scoffed. “Frank would never do anything like that.”
“I didn’t think he would either,” she half-sobbed. “But that was before
I found this letter. ”
“Are you sure it’s not just your imagination?” he asked. “You’re a
young and attractive woman. I can’t believe Frank would cheat on you.”
“Oh, Reverend Walker.” She began openly sobbing. “I need your help.”
“In what way?”
“I want you to read the letter and advise me what to do.”
“Do you have it with you?” he asked.
“No,” she answered, dabbing a handkerchief to her eyes. “It’s home, but
I wondered if you could stop by the house this afternoon.”
“I really don’t know,” he said, hesitatingly. “I have several things to
take care of.”
“Please,” she whispered. “It will only take a few minutes.”
“Okay,” he finally agreed. “I’ll stop by around three o’clock.”

Later that afternoon, when Laverne opened the door for him, the
reverend was a bit shocked by her appearance. The woman was a very
attractive person in her early thirties who habitually wore severe clothes
and tied her red hair on top of her head, but this afternoon she was
wearing a soft, green robe with her long red hair falling down around her
“Thank you for coming, Reverend,” she said, leading him into the living
“I just hope I can be of some help,” he murmured as she handed him the
Reading it, the man was thoroughly shocked by its contents. It was
obviously from a woman to Laverne’s husband, and it unashamedly referred
to the intimacies they were enjoying, including oral sex.
“Whew! ” gasped the reverend as he handed the letter back to her. “They
must have had quite a party.”
“Reverend! ” she snapped. “Don’t be so flippant about this.”
“I don’t mean to be flippant,” he explained. “I’m just shocked.”
“Imagine what a slut she must be to indulge in oral sex with him,” she
went on, wringing her hands in disdain.
“Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that,” said the reverend. “Sexual
mores have changed in the past few years, and these things are more or
less accepted today.”
“Are you condoning them?” she screamed, her eyes flashing with anger.
“No,” he calmly answered. “But I’m not condemning them either.”
“I can’t believe you,” she whispered, her body trembling as she stepped
in front of him. “You’re a man of God, and you’re condoning their filthy
“I’m a minister,” he softly said. “I’m not the judge.”
“YOU FILTHY BEAST! ” she screamed, hysterically slapping him across the
face. Momentarily stunned from the unexpected blow, he grabbed the woman’s
shoulders and began shaking her.
“I hate you!” she sobbed, unaware that the front of her gown had fallen
open from the wild activity.
“That’s quite a set of tits,” he commented, boldly staring at her
deliciously exposed nipples.
“My God!” she gasped, pulling the front of her gown together. “You’re
no better than my filthy husband!’
“Laverne,” he said in a cold, steely voice. “No wonder your husband had
gone to another woman.”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re a beautiful person,” he answered. “But you’re the coldest bitch
I’ve ever met.”
“You’re nothing but a filthy pig!”
“Laverne,” he sighed. “Have you ever really let yourself go with your
“That’s none of your damned business!” she snapped .
“Maybe not,” laughed the man. “But there’s nothing wrong with you that
a good hot fuck wouldn’t cure.”
“Let go of me!” hissed the beautiful redhead, trying to twist away from
his grip.
“You need a big, hard cock in your cunt,” he sarcastically announced.
“A nice, big, thick prick that would twist around deep in your pussy, a
nice, big cock that would fuck in and out . . . in and out until you were
screaming with ecstasy. Yes, you need a big swollen boner that could fill
your juicy little cunt with jizz. ”
As disgusting as he sounded, Laverne found that his lewd descriptions
were faintly exciting her. The possessive way he was holding her, and his
obscene, but vivid descriptions of sex were bringing exciting tingles to
her pussy.
“Let go of me!” she sobbed, trying to push him away as a warm glow
began faintly burning in her pussy.
Suddenly excited by a strange, burning fire in her eyes, the reverend
grasped her waist, pulling, her soft, warm body up tightly against him.
“NO!” she shrieked, feeling his hard prick pressing against her through
his pants.
The front of her gown had opened, and Laverne could feel her pussy hair
rubbing against the material of his trousers. She knew this was all wrong,
but she suddenly felt a strange excitement, realizing that only his pants
separated his throbbing cock from her cunt.
“Feel it?” he panted. “Can you feel that big, hard prick? God, how I
want to fuck your cute little pussy.”
“You filthy asshole! ” she panted, trying to push him away.
“Stop, being a fool,” he whispered. “You know you’d love to have this
hot, live cock stuffed up your cunt.”
“Please let me go,” she sobbed, his obscene words starting to arouse
her in spite of her disgust for him.
Ignoring her pleading, the reverend thrust his hands through the front
of her gown and, reaching around, grasped the soft cheeks of her ass,
pulling her squirming cunt up tighter against his throbbing hard-on.
“No! No!” squealed Laverne, pounding his chest with her clenched fists.
“Stop it! You’ve got to stop it!”
Trembling violently, the lovely redhead could feel his hands massaging
and kneading her deliciously bare ass while his fingers goosed into the
soft fleshy crack between her asscheeks. A hot, damp helplessness began
flowing through her body as the hard bulge in the front of his pants
continued rotating suggestively against her warm, naked pussy.
Laverne knew this was wrong, but when he lowered his mouth down toward
her, she raised her lovely face and offered him her softly parted lips.
With their tongues entwined in a deep kiss, Laverne began passionately
grinding her pussy against his throbbing hard-on.
“Feel my cock, honey,” he panted hotly into her mouth. “Take my cock.”
As if she’d completely lost her own will, Laverne obediently reached
down and lovingly caressed his big prick through the front of his pants.
“Now that’s better,” he whispered, picking her up and carrying her over
to the couch. With all resistance gone, the beautiful redhead closed her
eyes and lay her head back as his fingers crept deliciously up between her
thighs. With her gown completely open in front, the minister stared
excitedly at her slippery little cunt that was so provocatively exposed
between her slightly parted legs. The juicy, pink lips of her pussy were
swollen with lust, little drops of oily cunt juice glistening on her
slick, soft flesh. Her quivering pussy was a sight to behold, deliciously
exposed in the soft nest of her fiery-red pussy hair. Her hot, fleshy
little cunt was quivering with excitment as the warm pussy juices of her
womanhood oozed out, trickling down between the soft cheeks of her ass.
Trembling with lust, he gently parted her thighs and lowered his face
into the fragrant warmth of her musky crotch.
“Oooooooooh! ” she squealed, experiencing the feel of a tongue on her
cunt for the first time in her life. “What are you doing?”
“Licking your juicy little cunt,” he whispered. ,
“That’s awfully naughty,” she said, giggling. “But it sure feels good.”
Having never experienced anything like this with her husband, the feel
of the reverend’s tongue on her clit was almost blowing the beautiful
woman’s mind. She’d always thought oral sex was filthy and disgusting, but
having her cunt licked was the most heavenly thing she’d ever experienced.
“Oh, Jesus, Reverend! ” she squealed, writhing wildly around on the
sofa. “I’ve never felt anything so good in my life.”
Clutching her lurching hips, the man tried to hold her still as he
pressed his face deeper into the hot, moist fragrance of her oozing pussy.
His experienced tongue lapped deliciously around the slick, soft ridges of
her cunt walls. Her warm, tangy pussy juices flowed over his tongue,
filling his mouth with the heavenly flavor of her hotly aroused cunt.
Twisting his face from side to side like a rutting animal, he forced his
tongue deeper and deeper into her juicy pussy while his upper lip
continued deliciously teasing her lust-swollen clitty.
“Oh, fuck!” she cried, using four letter words for the first time in
her life. “I can’t stand much more of this! Oh, shit, it feels so fuckin’
Having never experienced such intense joy in her life, Laverne was
pinching and squeezing her own swollen nipples, completely crazed by the
man’s sucking, slurping mouth.
“Suck, honey, suck!” she squealed, frantically pounding the cushions
with her clenched flsts. “Oh, fuck, it’s so shittin’ good! So good! SUCK!
Laverne had lost all contact with reality and was conscious of
absolutely nothing except these agonizingly delicious sensations that were
screaming through her pleasure-racked body. As the mind-blowing ecstasy
mounted, her long red hair flailed wildly around her beautifully flushed
“Shit, Rev!” screamed the half-crazed woman, pushing down on the back
of his head, pressing his face deeper into her spit-soaked crotch. “I’m
coming . . . coming! Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus, how I’m coming . . . COMING
Her quivering body twisted and jerked through her frantic orgasm. It
was several minutes before she started to recover from her wild climax.
“God!” she whispered a few moments later. “I guess you were right. That
was the first time I’ve ever really let myself go.”
“I’m glad,” said the reverend, “because we’re just getting started.”
“Oh, good,” she giggled, looking down at the big hard-on bulging out in
the front of his pants. “Because I sure need that big fuckin’ cock in my
horny little cunt.”
When the reverend stood up and began removing his clothes, Laverne
slipped out of her gown and lay back bare-assed naked on the couch. As he
rapidly disrobed, the preacher couldn’t keep his eyes off of her naked,
squirming body.
“Oh, Reverend,” she whispered in an awed voice when he finally dropped
his shorts, revealing the big lusty prick thrusting up from between his
legs. Except for her husband’s cock, this was the only other cock she’d
ever seen, and she was completely fascinated by the sight. As he moved
toward the couch, she had a strange and urgent desire to lick his big
shiny cock-head. Years ago, when her husband had asked her to suck him
off, she’d been highly pissed off, but today she had a strong urge to
taste this big blue-veined prick.
When he was standing beside the sofa, the beautiful redhead reached out
and lovingly grasped his throbbing cock-shaft in her soft hand, tenderly
drawing him toward her. The feel of his big meaty prick throbbing hotly in
her hand only added to her mounting lust. Gently running her fingers up
and down the thick length of his swollen cock, she lovingly explored every
sinewy bump and pulsing vein on his magnificent boner. Excitedly squeezing
the big gnarly hard-on, Laverne could distinctly feel the hot blood
pumping through the distended veins just beneath his tightly stretched
Clutching the thick base of his rigid prick-shaft, Laverne lowered her
head and lightly ran the tip of her tongue across the shiny, hard surface
of his big cock-head. The aroma of his prick was strong but exciting, and
she found the taste extremely stimulating.
Clutching tightly to the base of his boner, Laverne began passionately
licking the entire surface of his hard, spongy cock-head. When her
swirling tongue came in contact with the sensitive underside of his big
dome-shaped prick-head, she felt his body tremble with pleasure. Realizing
that she’d discovered an erotic nerve center, she began teasing his cock
with feathery-light kisses. Finally deciding to leave that sensitive area
for a moment, she began licking up and down the entire length of his
quivering prick-shaft.
When his thick cock was completely soaked with her hot, wet spit, she
moved her sucking mouth down into the hairy tangle of his swollen balls.
Wildly stimulated by the musky aroma and taste of his sac, she began
playfully sucking his balls in and out of her hot, slurping mouth.
She suddenly wondered why she’d never done anything like this to her
husband. She realized how much the reverend was enjoying her tongue, and
she wondered if Frank would be in bed with another woman now if she had
paid more attention to his sexual needs.
Finally sliding her lips back up along the underside of the man’s big,
tasty prick, Laverne opened her mouth and closed her hot, juicy lips down
over his throbbing cock-head.
“Jesus Christ!” whimpered the man, unable to believe that Laverne was
catching on so rapidly.
With her passionately ovaled lips sucking and pulling so sensuously on
the man’s prick, she was thrilled that a cock could taste so delicious.
The way his thick prick filled her mouth was absolutely fantastic, and she
was becoming more aroused by the second as her tongue swirled lovingly
around the bloated head of his prick.
Moving her slippery lips up and down over his spit-drenched boner, the
beautiful redhead could feel his bloated cock-head nudging at the back of
her throat. With each plunge of her bobbing head, she was taking more and
more of his wonderful prick into her mouth. Feeling how the minister’s
legs were trembling with joy, the aroused woman sucked even harder on his
throbbing cock.
“Oh, shit!” he gasped when Laverne momentarily removed her mouth to
take a deep breath of air. “Don’t stop now, honey! For Christ’s sake,
don’t stop! I’m ready to shoot my wad!”
Thrilled at the prospect of tasting a man’s hot cum for the first time
in her life, the woman sucked faster and harder on his bursting
prick-shaft, anxious to feel his cock-cream squirting into her mouth.
Almost out of his mind from the intense pleasure he was feeling, he
curled his fingers into her long red hair, pressing her mouth down tighter
over his lurching prick-pole.
“Oh, fuck!” he suddenly gasped, drilling his exploding prick deeper
into her throat. “Here comes the jizz!”
The inexperienced woman wasn’t prepared for the flood of hot cum that
suddenly exploded from the end of his cock-head. The startled redhead had
to swallow rapidly as the first gush was followed by spurt after spurt of
his thick fuck-cream. Though the salty, bitter-sweet taste of his
cock-juice was a new experience for Laverne, she found the flavor and
texture extremely exciting. She continued sucking passionately on his
spurting prick, not wanting to waste a single drop of this tasty fluid.
It wasn’t until she’d sucked the very last drop of jizz from his slowly
shrinking cock that his trembling legs finally buckled and he dropped onto
the sofa with her.
“Jesus Christ, that was good!” he whispered a few moments later as he
slowly recovered from his tumultuous climax.
“I’m glad,” she cried, happy that he had enjoyed it so much.
Curling up in his arms, Laverne began caressing his limp, wet prick and
within a matter of a very few minutes, his cock began throbbing back to
life in her fingers. Wanting to get his cock fully erect again as soon as
possible, she leaned down and began once more sucking on his prick-shaft
while the man’s fingers lovingly goosed into the wiggly flesh between her
soft asscheeks. Her smooth, bare ass quivered with delight as he lightly
trailed the tip of his finger around the sensitive ring of her little,
puckered asshole.
“Okay, Reverend,” she excitedly whispered, releasing his hard cock from
her mouth when his prick was fully erect again. “Now I need a hot fuck.”
Rolling onto her back as the man crawled up between her open thighs,
Laverne could feel the hot head of his prick brushing against the creamy
flesh of her soft inner thighs. Reaching down, she grasped the thick base
of his cock-shaft and guided his cock-head toward her slippery pussy.
“Oh, baby!” she panted, grinding her hot, sopping cunt up against his
big cock-head. “Give it to me, honey! Give it all to me!”
Feeling her hot, juicy cuntlips closing around the end of his hard
cock-head, the preacher gave a lunge and drove the entire length of his
boner into her pussy with one thrilling stroke.
“EEEEEEEEEEEGGGHHH!” the wildly aroused woman shrieked with delight as
his thick prick plunged into her hungry cunt. She screwed her juicy crotch
up tighter around the base of his cock-shaft when she felt his warm, lusty
balls nestle in the soft, wide crevice between her creamy asscheeks.
After two or three initial thrusts, the man began fucking into her with
long, deep rhythmic strokes. Sexually alive for the first time in her
life, she was thoroughly enjoying every cunt-filled second of her hot
fuck. With her arms and legs wrapped passionately around him, Laverne
could feel his big, hairy chest rub deliciously against her tits as he
lustily fucked on and on and on.
“Oh, Rev!” she squealed, pounding her bare heels against his back.
“Fuck me harder, honey! Oh, shit, it feels so fucking, fucking good!”
As they frantically increased the tempo of their wild fucking, the man
could feel that familiar buzzing in his balls that signaled the approach
of a seething climax.
“Oh, shit!” Laverne screamed, frantically throwing the back of her
knees over his shoulders, exposing the whole furry length of her open cunt
to his fucking cock. “I’M COMING . . . COMING!”
Feeling his own ejaculation about to explode, the man began fucking
harder and deeper, the top ridge of his stiff boner slithering deliciously
against her tingling clitty.
“OOOOOOOOH, JESUS!” she screamed, her orgasm becoming more intense as
his hot fuck-cream began gushing into her belly. “SQUIRT, BABY! CREAM ME!
Shuddering violently, Laverne writhed her cum-filled cunt up tighter
around the base of his spurting shaft as the man filled her glowing pussy
to overflowing with his thick jizz. This was the first total orgasm the
beautiful woman had ever experienced.

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