A young woman becomes a nun

I am a nun.

I became a Christian when I was only ten years old.
Even though I was born Muslim it occurred to me early
on that Christianity suited me more so, mostly because
of the gentleness I perceived within Jesus and much
less so in Mohammad. Judaism just seemed far too
original. This is not a downplaying Judaism or Islam –
only a testimony of personal discovery.

At 13 years old I knew that I wanted to be married to
God, and fulfill his every desire. This seemed to be
possible in the way I desired by simply becoming a nun.

So I did.

I entered a convent at 19 years old, for the very first
time. Within months it was clear to the Mother Superior
that I had the will required to live a life of
commitment to God, and God alone. After three months in
the convent, I was made responsible for five new young
women who had just arrived. (Like Shakespeare, I am
connivingly leaving a point hanging, which clearly
needs more rubbing.)

Although, it must seem that I was very naive and
obsessively pure, I was not. My parents had insisted
that I go to a public school in my pre-teen years, as
they were greatly concerned with my zeal for the
religion and my constant involvement in ritual. “At
public school you’ll meet boys and girls who are
normal,” they would say.

I felt immense pain for my parents, knowing how
misunderstood I was to them. I felt for them, knowing
the pain they must feel at having a daughter they
simply could not understand. This was a great tragedy
for us.

But while I was at public school, I decided that I
would learn all I could, both academically and
otherwise, before I committed my life to Jesus. I read
books on every conceivable topic from motorcycles to
anal sex. No subject that could not be dealt with later
on, was left unexplored.

I made a decision, like young Mennonites, to explore
the world and the fruits it has to offer. There was
nothing within Christianity that I was familiar with,
which denied a young woman to satisfy her curiosity.
Once this decision was made, I began to become more and
more sexually aroused by my discoveries and in need of

I made love to a young man early on and I found that I
loved every aspect of the lovemaking act. I couldn’t
get enough of him between my legs, licking my clitoris
and making love to me with his tongue. I was awash with
passion when he entered me whether it was while I lay
on my back offering up my vagina for his consumption;
or whether I was on my knees, extending my behind high
up into the sky for him to enter whether anally or

Once the floodgates of sexuality opened up in my life,
there was quite literally no closing them. If I wasn’t
with a man on a given evening I would spend my time
masturbating or making love to an older woman living in
my apartment building. I had a collection of toys so
grand that

I considered opening a store called “Sex Toys R Us”
(just kidding)

As often as I wanted, I would lower the lights in my
apartment, and set out dozens of candles smelling of
sweet flowers. I would bathe; always extending my toes,
and arching my back in a sexual way too simply turn
myself on. I was magnificent.

I looked into a mirror perched up against the back of
the bathtub, and as I lay in bubbles I masturbated, and
did so for hours. By the time I climbed out of the
bath, I could barely ambulate myself to my bed for
sleep. I had spent myself and I was indeed spent.

I tried threesomes, foursomes and even fivesomes where
I was the central figure catered to by the three men
and two women in my group. If you have ever experienced
a cock or dildo, or both in more than one of your
orifices than you will get what I am about to say.

Double, triple, quadruple penetration is as delightful
to me as I could have ever imagined.

I have had a cock in my ass, visited by another one in
my vagina while a third rammed my throat while two
female nymphs were sucking interchangeably on my
nipples, massaging my breasts as though they were
making bread.

I experimented with strap-ons and fucking men, so I
could better imaging what it was like to be male. I
found I was able to humble the male species in a way I
much preferred not seeing at least initially. It is
clear to me now that when a person is on all fours,
awaiting penetration, that they have place themselves
in a subservient one. This is humiliating.

Yes, I know that subservients are often seen as the
real person in control in a given relationship, yet I
can’t help believing that at some level humiliation
does enter this picture.

So I fucked men but bemoaned my inability to cum inside
of their ass. I hoped so badly that in my next life
that I would have a penis, for it offers so much that a
vagina can not. I would like a penis that is no longer
than six inches, and not quite as thick as my wrist. I
would prefer being circumcised, mostly because the
crown of such a penis looks like a little piggy. I love
pigs. They are so smart.

I learned early on to be sexy. My advice to women
reading this story is to be sexy, as sexy as you can.
Take advantage of the blessings that God has bestowed
upon you. We are living in a very rich time and place
in history where the shelves in supermarkets are filled
and sexual enhancers are cheap. It is proper to eat
when you are given food, and it is correct for us to
engage in sexuality to the extent that one chooses,
even if it appears to be slutty or uncouth to some.

I bought lingerie from Victoria Secret by the pound.
Men would ogle until their eyes popped out at the
vision of my breasts, or my flat stomach, or my legs
covered in silk. I have never met a man, except for
one, who was able to stand a meter away from me while I
stood opposite him dressed in the most provocative
outfit I owned and be able to keep his distance.

I had grown into a very attractive young woman by then.
My eyes were the feature which moved men the most. I
have coal black pupils set in very pear shaped eye
lids. They are large and said to be inviting. Some say
they looked like saucers.

I could fuck men with my eyes. A man I had known for
only a few hours, quite literally came on my shoes
without touching himself while my eyes teared ever so
slightly, stared deeply into his, and expressed a
lustful desire for his stiff cock. Just my eyes and a
few well chosen words were all that were needed.

Anyone who knows is aware that the hands are the
greatest sexual tools and the eyes quickly follow them.
You can impregnate a dame with your eyes men.

As I have said before, at 19 I entered a convent,
having fulfilled enough of my fantasies to take me into
my three next lives. On the first day I arrived I found
my room in the dormitory and introduced myself to my
roommate. The room was large, about 25 feet by 20 feet
and the ceilings seemed to be 15 feet high. There were
sort of frescos on the walls, and the paneling was

My roommate really seemed to look much like me, or
perhaps like I would look five years into the future.
She was about 5’2″ and weighed 101 pounds. Her body was
exquisite and I silently, (to myself) expressed my
hearty appreciation to God for giving me more and more
blessings. My Christianity was strengthening within me
as I learned more about life.

Her name was Nellie and she was a physical fitness buff
and she never went a day, except for Christmas day and
Easter, without doing some sort of exercising. My
favorite, was when she would stretch and her arms and
legs would flap about exposing herself to me in a most
seductive fashion. Those nights I lay in bed and
plunged my Silencer-Dildo in and out until I finally
would get off and then fund a sated sleep.

Then Nellie turned to me one night while I masturbated
and told me that she could tell what I was doing, that
she could smell my sex. I turned as red as my
imagination allowed and asked her why she would say
something so vile. Laughingly she said, “No silly. The
wonderful smell of sex permeates one’s senses like
nothing else except perhaps vanilla, or a rosewater.”

She leaped out of her bed and pulled my covers to the
side so she could find an entry place into my bed. I
extend my hospitality to her. I appreciated her
confidence and ability to so freely express herself. I
felt her hands on my ass and her tongue on my clitoris
and I began to raise my voice in joy.

She stifled me with a simple, hot and wet lick to my
asshole. I was stunned and asked her to repeat it. She
put her finger into my ass and screwed me (a word I
think to be most appropriate in reference to anal sex
of any type) until I came and then pooped a bit on her
fingers. Nellie was super cool and only laughed at my

She then positioned herself over me, so that her cunt
was lowered onto my mouth. I ate her and in a flash
learned to love cunnilingus more than any sexual act I
had ever experienced. Men know what it is like to taste
a woman’s wetness and to run their tongue around her
lips, simultaneously fingering her with one, or two, or
three or four fingers. Some fist. (Not me.)

Nellie and I made love, fucked and screwed every single
night of that school year, without fail. We became an
item, and not a single soul in the entire place had an
inkling of our sexuality for one another. This made the
fruit even some more forbidden, because when things get
out they loose their flavor.

Fucking a fellow student-nun in a convent, was not what
I had bargained upon committing to a life of austerity
and chaste. It did however make my initiation into the
life of a nun far more fun.

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