A Not So Happy Anniversary 2.

Jerry was just about to close the door when he noticed
our newspaper in the front yard. He ordered her to go
and get it and bring it in. He warned her not to move
any faster than they had when they walked from the car.

She walked totally naked in broad daylight out the door
and halfway to the sidewalk and picked up the paper
with tears streaming down her cheeks and her head down.
Then she walked back slowly. Harry hadn’t moved and he
watched the whole thing in shock. I saw a woman down
the street turn towards her house and yell something I
couldn’t understand and then she turn back and watch in

Finally Lynne was back at the door. Jerry was standing
in the door and he reached out for the paper as she
stood there. Finally he moved out of the way and let
her come in.

As soon as the door closed behind her she sank to her
knees and sobbed loudly. I started to go to her and
comfort her but Jerry stopped me. “She doesn’t have
time for that,” he said cruelly. “I am extremely horny
right now. Get up bitch, get your ass in the shower and
clean up that nasty cunt for me. Then get back out

Lynne struggled to her feet and made her way back to
the bathroom. Rob ordered me to make lunch. I suddenly
realized that none of us had eaten since last night and
it was almost one in the afternoon.

I looked around the kitchen and finally decided on
BLTs. I made a half a dozen of them and when they were
ready I looked out and asked if they wanted to eat in
the living room or the kitchen.

They ordered me to serve them in the living room and I
did. I gave them each two sandwiches and, at their
request, a couple of beers. Lynne came out, looking as
good as new. I asked if I could give her a sandwich and
Rob said, “Sure, we want our little darling to keep her
strength up.”

I brought her out a sandwich and a beer and she nibbled
at it. I also brought one out for me, but I took one
bite and put it down. I was just too upset to eat. I
did, however, gulp down the beer.

As he ate slowly, Rob asked us a series of personal
questions. Not so much that he really cared, I am sure,
just another opportunity to embarrass us. We had to
tell him about our sexual histories and he seemed
pleased when there wasn’t much to tell. He also asked
about our jobs and our schedules.

Finally he took the time to tell us about them and our
immediate future. He explained that he and Jerry were
in town for two weeks. Their company had just taken
over a local company in a hostile take over. They
planned to spend two weeks in the area, getting things
straightened out at the company headquarters and
putting a new management team in place.

They had planned to spend those two weeks at the hotel,
but when they met us they decided this would be better.
All we had to do was everything they ordered us to do
for the next two weeks and our life would return to
normal. They promised not to jeopardize our careers or
get us arrested. They also promised that Lynne would be
humiliated and used and abused because that’s what they
enjoyed doing. They were not into guys so I wouldn’t be
touched sexually, but they wanted to make sure I was
there to enjoy and share in her humiliation. That just
added to the fun.

Jerry stood up then and said, “Come on bitch. I’m going
to die of horny before you finish that damned sandwich.
Let’s go back to the bedroom. I feel like a nice hard

Lynne put her sandwich down, but gulped the rest of her
beer down quickly and followed him down the hall.

I sat helplessly as Rob smiled at me. After a few
minutes he suddenly remembered his movie camera. He
took the disk out and made me put it in our DVD player.
I turned on the TV and started the DVD. I handed him
the remote control and tried not to watch. But I
couldn’t help it. Rob had started recording as soon as
the bellhop had entered the room. I watched again as
Lynne was stripped and offered to him as a tip. I was
forced to relive the entire episode. As we watched, Rob
would often pause the picture at some of the nastier
close ups. Not so much because he wanted to stare at
them, but to increase my discomfort. I did not believe
we could stand two weeks of this without someone being

I was startled by a sudden scream from the bedroom. I
started to my feet but a look from Rob put me back in
my seat. There were more screams and I realized they
were screams of pleasure, Lynne was having orgasms.
Without me! Rob enjoyed the look of helplessness on my
face. I think he enjoyed that almost as much as liked
fucking my wife.

A short time later I heard the shower running and Jerry
came sauntering out of the back. He told Rob she was
getting cleaned up for him and he sat down. He was till
naked and he watched me glance at him getting
comfortable with his sweaty ass and drooling dick on
our furniture.

Rob said, “I think it’s about time I loosened up that
pretty asshole of hers. Why don’t you guys join me?
Davie boy, I want you to operate the camera this time.
I want lots of good close-ups too. Jerry, I know you
well enough to know you will enjoy the show, and she
might need holding down.”

Rob put a new disk in the camera and showed me how it
worked. Then he shoved me down the hall. Lynne was just
coming out of the bathroom as we went in. Her hair and
makeup were perfect once again. But she looked scared
and tired, and hopeless. I almost cried myself, but I
thought that would just make things worse so I tried to
get my feelings under control.

Rob nodded at me and I brought the camera up and
started filming. Lynne looked at me for a second with a
look of hopelessness that was all but overwhelming. She
realized that if I was being made to record whatever it
was that was going to happen, then they probably
thought it would be memorable. And that was bad news
for her.

Rob took her in his arms and started making out as
though they were lovers. He was being gentle and tender
and trying to turn her on. I could see that she was
resisting, but he was good, and she did like the
fantasy of being taken by a big strong man. Now she was
being forced to live and relive that fantasy. He moved
her onto the bed and they kissed and hugged and he
caressed her breasts and all those other nice places
that can turn a young woman on.

Soon she was kissing back with feeling and her hand was
massaging his now hard cock. He pushed her head down
and she moved down and took his big cock into her
mouth. She sucked it slowly and sensually for a few
minutes, then she started trying to force it into her
throat, just the way they had forced her to early this
morning when they had first insinuated themselves into
our lives. I moved in and got a good close-up of her

She glanced up at me, looking into the camera for a
couple of seconds, then she ignored me and went back to
her struggles. Much to the surprise of both of us,
after several tries, that large cock suddenly slid into
her throat and she slid her lips all the way down to
the base of his thick, hard cock. I almost laughed at
the look of surprise on her face.

“Good girl!” Rob exclaimed. “Honey, you’re going to
have to give up your amateur cocksucker status! Fuck
that feels great!”

I am not sure how she felt about his praise. She
ignored him and continued to struggle with his large
organ. She had finally managed to develop some kind of
rhythm when he stopped her. She was relieved, but she
didn’t know what I knew about what was coming next. I
was really scared for her. But there was nothing I
could do.

I continued recording as he pulled her back up and
kissed her and told her what a good cocksucker she was
and now he wanted to try something else. She looked
worried, and she had every reason to be. Jerry went
over and whispered something in Rob’s ear. What ever it
was it made Rob smile broadly, so I knew it was going
to be good.

Jerry came to me and took the camera and resumed
recording. Then Rob went back to kissing Lynne and
caressing her. They were lying on their sides with
Lynne on my side of the bed. Rob paused and ordered me
to get down and start working on Lynne’s asshole with
my tongue. I saw Lynne tense up and I knew she
suspected what was going to happen. And she was scared.
I moved over to the bed and bent over. I spread Lynne’s
ass cheeks and with Jerry right in my face with that
damned camera. I kissed around her asshole for a moment
and then started licking.

She was shivering occasionally as I worked, in fear I
suppose. I didn’t know what Rob was doing now, it
sounded like he had gone back to making out with my
wife. I worked as hard as I could to make her as wet as
I could and stretch her as much as I could with my
tongue. I realized that when it came to the time that
he started shoving his big log into her little ass,
what little I was doing with my tongue wouldn’t help

Jerry tossed me a tube of KY and told me to put some
on, and in, her ass. I was thankful that they were
letting me do that. I can only assume that they were
afraid of tearing her. I put it on liberally and began
working first one and then two fingers into her tight
little hole. I finally put three of my fingers into her
and she grunted in pain as I forced them in, but I knew
it was going to get worse for her.

Rob gave me a few minutes to loosen her up, and then he
stood up. He ordered me to position her on her knees on
the edge of the bed and with Jerry recording my every
move I did as ordered, setting my wife up for yet
another humiliating and unbelievably painful experience
to please these two monsters.

When Lynne was in position Rob came around to this side
of the bed and stood between her legs. I was ordered to
kneel on the bed facing Rob, lean over and grab my
wife’s ass cheeks and spread them for him. I felt like
a traitor to my poor wife, I doubted if she would be
able to forgive me for this. But these two were evil
and I knew that if we didn’t do the things that they
wanted they were quite capable of coming up with
something worse. Or at least I think I knew that.

I felt Lynne shaking as I slid my hands down over her
ass. I watched Jerry making sure to get a good picture
of me opening my wife up for his friend to fuck. Rob
smiled at me and thanked me. Then he told me that Jerry
had suggested that I be made to put his cock in my
wife’s ass. Fortunately, Rob said that he didn’t want
my fagoty hands on his cock. I was more than a little
happy to learn that Rob was something of a homophobe.

Rob lined up his own cock and started pushing as I held
her ass open. She started moaning in pain until he
finally exerted enough pressure to force the head of
his large cock inside. She screamed at the painful
invasion and begged him to take it out. Jerry gleefully
hurried around to the other side and got a nice close
up of her tortured face as she screamed and begged him
to stop. After a few minutes, though, he came back
around to record the progress of Rob’s dick in my
wife’s ass. He was not being gentle, and being broken
in yesterday by Jerry’s average sized cock was
obviously not adequate to prepare her for Rob’s
oversized cock.

He was more than half way in now and he pushed me out
of the way so that he could grab her hips and exert
more pressure. I climbed off the bed and Jerry handed
the camera back to me. He warned me to make it good,
“or else”. I went back to recording my wife’s ass rape
as Jerry moved around and got on his knees on the bed
near Lynne’s head. She was in agony and wasn’t even
aware that he was there until he grabbed a handful of
her hair and lifted her head up off the bed. At that
moment Rob made one last vicious thrust and his cock
was buried all the way in her ass.

When he thrust, Lynne screamed again and Jerry forced
his cock into her mouth. I made sure to get some close-
ups at both ends to please them, but for the most part
I stood back and filmed them both at the same time as
they roughly, viciously raped her. I tried to block out
her muffled screams and later her moans of pain, but it
was impossible. Yes, I know it hurt her a lot more than
it did me. But it was killing me too. I had tears
running down my face and could hardly see the sexual
tableau in front of me through the viewfinder.

Thankfully Rob had found the day of humiliating my wife
and me to be quite stimulating, and her tight ass was
the most wonderful thing he had ever felt and so he
couldn’t last very long. He grabbed my wife’s hips
brutally and rammed his cock all the way home one last
time and shot a massive load of cum into her. Then he
slowly pulled out of her.

I zoomed in for a close up and was disgusted at the
sight. His cock was covered in slime, though thankfully
I couldn’t see any blood. And her asshole remained
open, his load of cum dripping rapidly out and down her
thighs. Finally her ass began to close up, slowly.
Jerry pulled out of her mouth without cumming and
twisted her around so that her head was at Rob’s
crotch. She knew what was expected of her and took his
nasty cock into her mouth and cleaned him.

They ordered Lynne to clean up again and we went out
into the living room to watch the movie that just been
made. I offered to stay and help her. I could tell that
Jerry was about to tell me no, but Rob put his hand on
Jerry’s shoulder and nodded. They went out to the
living room and I took Lynne in my arms. She sobbed
violently for a while. All I could do was say, “I’m
sorry.” I said it quietly, over and over as I held her
close. Finally she calmed down and looked at me. She
finally understood what I was saying and she put her
finger on my lips.

“It’s not your fault,” she said. “It’s my fault. I
brought them here. I just don’t know how much more of
this I can take. Oh Dave, that hurt so bad. I was sure
he was tearing me. And I know that he is going to want
to do it again. Oh god, what are we going to do?”

I didn’t have an answer for that.

We went into the bathroom and took another shower. I
dressed as my wife fixed her hair and makeup yet again.
Then we walked out to the other room. I was ordered to
fetch them each a beer and Jerry pulled Lynne down on
his lap. They had just gotten to the part of the rape
where I was loosening up my wife’s ass for Rob.

I came back in with the beers and together we watched
Rob violate my wife’s ass. It was horrible to watch,
and worse to listen to. But they were obviously excited
by it. And Jerry had apparently come up with an idea
for the next act. Rob put a new disk in the camera and
then he stretched out on the rug. His cock was already
hard from watching the movie, and he ordered Lynne to
get down and suck on it and get it nice and wet. She
moved between his legs and took his monster cock back
into her mouth and started sucking him off, making him
as wet as possible. She was afraid he was going to fuck
her ass again and she was sure it would kill her. But
they had something else in mind this time.

Jerry came over and made her suck on his cock for a few
minutes. Then he stretched out on the rug and told her
to sit on his cock. She straddled his crotch and put
her hand around his cock. She pressed her pussy against
it and started fucking him but after she had slid up
and down his pole several times he stopped her and made
her do the same thing to Rob.

She moved over and straddled Rob and he reached up and
squeezed her tits roughly as she lowered her pussy down
over his cock. She slowly lowered herself until his
cock was buried in her and then started fucking him.
All this time I was moving all around them, recording
everything and getting close-ups as appropriate.

After a few minutes Rob pulled her down and hugged her
and kissed her. She responded automatically and they
kissed passionately. She was unaware of Jerry moving in
behind her until she felt his cock pushing against her
incredibly sore asshole. She tried to scream. She tried
to pull away. But it was hopeless. Rob was twice her
size and easily controlled her. I watched as Jerry,
with a great deal of effort, forced his cock into
Lynne’s ass. Once he had managed to penetrate her
completely the three of them remained still for a few
moments. Rob had finally stopped kissing her and she
was panting and whining. She sounded like she was
having a baby. She probably felt like it too.

After a few minutes Jerry started moving in and out
slowly. He and Rob both groaned in pleasure at the
sensations. It occurred to me that Lynne had almost
eighteen inches of cock in her body! She seemed out of
it. She was whining and whimpering, unable to even form
the words to beg them to stop. Jerry made sure I got
some good shots of her face so that he could enjoy her
agony later.

They finally seemed to get a mutually satisfying rhythm
going and they stayed at it for a very long time. It
had not been long since either of them had had an
orgasm. And I had lost track of the number of times
they had come in my wife since they forced their way
into our home. So I was surprised it didn’t take longer
than it did. Eventually I could see that they were
building to an orgasm, they were moaning and groaning
and Rob was squeezing the hell out of Lynne’s tits.
Jerry came first, and less than a minute later Rob
emptied himself in my wife yet again. Then they
collapsed in a heap for a few minutes.

When they were breathing more normally the men started
separating themselves and Lynne just lay in a heap
looking like an accident victim. But she didn’t get any
time to rest. Jerry slapped her ass hard and her eyes
shot open. Through the red haze in her mind she
realized what she was supposed to do and she got up and
licked both men’s cocks clean. They finally pushed her
away and moved back to the sofa and sat down. Lynne
curled up in a ball for a while and cried silently. I
started to put the camera up, but Jerry gave me an evil
look which I took to mean that he wanted me to keep
recording my wife’s agony.

Rob finally took the camera back and I went and sat
down as Lynne cried herself to sleep right there on the

It was getting late and Rob and Jerry put their shorts
on and tried to decide what they wanted for dinner.
There wasn’t a lot of food in the house. We normally go
shopping on Saturday and of course my wife was too busy
being raped over and over to get around to grocery
shopping. They decided to order pizza and have it
delivered. I took the orders and called them in. I
decided against calling the place that we normally call
for pizza. I was afraid that they would use this as yet
another opportunity to humiliate us.

While they watched TV they ordered Lynne to go clean up
again. She was back in half and hour looking refreshed,
but depressed. Jerry looked at her and told her she had
better perk up or he would have to think of something
to lighten her mood. I didn’t know what the hell he was
expecting from her.

I had made out the check for the pizza and to no ones
surprise when it arrived Lynne was sent to the door to
invite the pizza deliverer in. She opened the door in
the nude and invited the guy in. He was so captivated
by my wife’s nude body that at first he didn’t notice
that there were three men in the room! I walked over
and took the pizza from him and handed him the check.
Before he could leave though, Jerry said, “Lynne, why
don’t you take this nice young man into the kitchen and
give him his tip.”

She had known it was coming and she never even changed
expression. She took him by the hand and led him into
the kitchen and for the next few minutes all we heard
were his moans of ecstasy. He finally came breezing
back through with a huge smile on his face. Before he
left he thanked Jerry profusely. Then he rushed to his
car and sped off, anxious I am sure to return to the
pizza parlor and regale his friends with the story of
what just happened to him.

Lynne came out from the kitchen a minute later with
plates and napkins for everyone and I went in and
brought out four more beers.

Rob and Jerry had voracious appetites, it was easy to
imagine why. Lynne and I had a couple of small slices,
but neither of us had much of an appetite. It was
getting late and since the sexual appetites of both men
were sated they decided that Rob would sleep in our bed
and Jerry in the guest bedroom. Our third bedroom had
been turned into a computer room so Lynne and I would
sleep on the couch. It suddenly occurred to everyone
that the luggage was still in the trunk of our car. So
I had to go out and empty the trunk and they separated
their bags and went to bed.

Lynne had gotten a couple of blankets from the linen
closet and we stretched out on the sofa. I held her
close and she went to sleep crying in my arms. We slept
pretty well considering. Except for the time during the
night when I woke up and saw that Lynne was sitting on
the edge of the sofa and Jerry was standing in front of
her fucking her face.

The man was insatiable! He finally came, but after the
first spurt shot down her throat he pulled out and shot
the rest all over her face. She licked his cock clean
when he was finished and he ordered her to leave his
cum on her face and went back to bed. She finally
stretched out on her back, trying to keep Jerry’s cum
from dripping down on the furniture. I put my arm under
her head and held her close as she cried herself back
to sleep.

I guess everyone was exhausted because the next
morning, Sunday, everyone slept late. Jerry finally
came out around ten thirty and said, “Come on cunt,
time for a shower.”

Lynne groaned, but got up and walked back to the
bedroom. I got up and used the guest bathroom. Then I
went out and started coffee. I made some bacon and
toast and put them in the oven to keep warm and waited
for everyone to come back out. I assumed there would be
some morning hard-ons to take care of. I tried not to
think about it.

They finally came out. The men were dressed but Lynne
was still nude of course. Jerry sent her out to get the
paper in the yard. She didn’t even look to see who was
out there. She just walked out and picked up the paper
and waked back in.

I was taking egg orders while they sipped their coffee
but Lynne came in and took over the cooking so I got a
cup of coffee and set the table. Rob and Jerry read the
paper and I stayed as close as I could to Lynne. We
even managed to exchange a few quick kisses which
seemed to cheer her up a little. She whispered, “I
can’t believe you still want to kiss me!”

I smiled at her and kissed her again and whispered
back, “All over!”

I know it wasn’t much, but it seemed to cheer her up a
little. I was really worried about her mental health.

We served them in the dining room; she and I ate in the

After breakfast we started cleaning up and Rob ordered
me to make another pot of coffee. He said it was going
to be a long day. Then he told us that we would be
going grocery shopping as soon as we finished. The
thought of and hour or so alone was surprisingly

Lynne dressed quickly but Rob made her go back in and
take her underwear off. She came back out in the same
clothes, but feeling a lot more exposed.

Before we could leave Rob threw us the keys to their
rental car and told us to drop by the club where we had
first met them and pick up the car and bring it here.

Lynne grabbed her purse and her shopping list and we
left for the club, and then the grocery store. We
didn’t dare drag it out too long, but we took every
moment we thought we could get away with. Finally we
could put it off no longer and I drove the rental car
back to the house. Lynne followed in our car.

Rob and Jerry had papers spread out all over the dining
room table and were working when we started carrying
groceries in. They ignored us and we finished up and
started putting things away. Rob said, “She can do
that. You better get out there and get your yard work

I didn’t want to leave her alone in here, but then, my
presence hadn’t done her any good so far.

I headed for the door between the kitchen and the
garage and as I was on the way out I heard Rob say to
Lynne, “Who said you could wear clothes in the house
cunt? Get those off!”

Then I was outside concentrating on yard work.
Concentrating very hard so that I wouldn’t think of
what our life had been like since Friday night, and
what it would be like for another twelve days.
Concentrating so hard I didn’t hear Harry come up
behind me.

“What the hell is going on Dave?” he asked in an
excited whisper. I was so startled I dropped my hedge
trimmers. I looked toward the house to see if anyone
could see us here. We were out of the view of any of
our windows so I turned and tried to think what I could
possibly say to Harry to convince him that everything
was alright.

Harry was a wonderful old guy. His wife died a couple
of years ago. Until then we had spent many evenings
with them, gone out to dinners and movies and BBQs in
the back yard and card and board games on many a
Saturday night. They were like our substitute parents.
After his wife died we worried about him becoming a
hermit or something. But he had his friends he played
poker with and went bowling with. He played golf. And
we still had him over once a week for dinner and a game
of dominoes or something.

I knew he would want to help but I knew of nothing he
or anyone else could do. Especially now that Rob had
all of those nasty movies!

Harry was waiting for an answer and I said as sincerely
as I could, “Harry, I know it doesn’t look good. I
can’t really explain it right now. I just have to ask
you to ignore what you see over here for the next
twelve days and after that everything will be back to
normal and I will explain everything.”

Harry looked pretty skeptical, but there wasn’t really
anything he could do about it right now. He told me
that, “If you two are in any trouble, or if there is
anything you need you come to me. You two are like my
own kids and you know I would do anything for you.”

I knew he meant it, but I didn’t want anything to
happen to him. I thought it best if we just toughed
this out. I thanked him for his concern and promised to
explain everything in two weeks. Then I told him I had
to get back to work and he went back across the street,
obviously not convinced.

I finished up my yard work. We have a small yard and it
only takes a couple of hours to do it right. I did the
minimum and finished up in just over an hour. I put
everything away and went inside, afraid of what I would

Nothing was going on. Rob and Jerry were still doing
paperwork. I guess there is a lot of work involved in
hostile takeovers. I went to my bedroom to take a
shower and put some clean clothes on. Lynne was
changing bed linens and doing laundry, in the nude of
course. We hugged quickly and I kissed her before I
went in for my shower. I could tell by her breath that
something had happened while I was outside. I could
smell cum on her breath. But she didn’t say anything
and neither did I.

When I had finished my shower and dressed I went back
out to the living room. I saw our tormenters in the
dining room putting their work away.

Lynne brushed past me and went into the kitchen. She
had prepared an early supper and it was ready. I helped
her set the table and we all sat down to eat. Rob and
Jerry talked business and ignored us, which was just
fine with us.

Then Jerry suggested that since it was going to be a
long hard week that maybe they should go out for a
couple of hours, have a couple of drinks and turn in
early. Rob thought that was a good idea. We had hoped
that they would be going out alone but I suppose we
should have known better.

They stood up and told us to come with them. Lynne
looked at them in confusion. She was still naked, of

“I can’t go out like this,” she exclaimed. “What do you
want me wear?”

Jerry grinned at her and said, “Your outfit is still in
the car stupid.”

Lynne paled at the thought of going out again in that
tiny little slip she had worn to the hotel this
morning. Not to mention having to go out to the car
once more in the nude. But she knew it would do no good
to argue. I grabbed my car keys and we headed out the

I locked the front door quickly and hurried to open the
car doors. I didn’t see anyone around as we went out
but halfway to the car a couple of teenage boys in a
car were driving by when they spotted Lynne walking
across the yard in the nude. The car screeched to a
stop in front of the house and the boys watched as
Lynne was led slowly out to our car. To add to her
misery Jerry led her around the car and made her get in
on the street side, not three feet from where the
teenagers had come to a stop. I felt sorry for Lynne,
but the look on the faces of those two boys was

When we were all in the car I started the engine and
pulled away from the curb. Rob directed me to drive out
toward the airport. The car was quiet as I drove; until
we started to get near the airport. I was ordered down
a frontage road and suddenly I knew where we were
going. This was the area of town where most of the
tattoo parlors and adult businesses were located,
including the strip clubs. Rob turned to Lynne and told
her that since she was such a good dancer they thought
she would enjoy dancing for them.

I parked in front of the strip club that Rob selected
and we all got out of the car. Lynne was still naked
but after we got out Rob handed her that little slip
that was her outfit for the night. Then we entered the
club and found a seat. It was kind of early for this
kind of entertainment, there were only a dozen guys
sitting around watching one girl dance listlessly.

We ordered drinks and watched the dancer. Jerry told
Lynne to pay attention; she might learn something she
could use. Rob was looking around and he got up and
walked around. He went to the bar and talked to the
bartender for a minute and in a few minutes a large,
rough looking man came out of the back and went over to
talk with Rob.

As they talked they kept glancing over at our table.
Finally Rob returned to our table and told Lynne she
was in luck. It wasn’t amateur night, but the manager
was always looking for new talent so he was going to
give Lynne a tryout. I saw the panic on Lynne’s face.
But we didn’t say anything. It was inevitable. Jerry
tapped Lynne on her shoulder and pointed to a customer
not far away getting a lap dance. He told her to study
the young lady because she would undoubtedly be asked
to do some of that as well. Lynne slumped in her seat,
ignoring the way her slip slid up, baring her shaved
pussy. But she watched the bored young woman rubbing
her body all over the excited customer.

As she watched she drank quickly, and asked for
another. Rob smiled and said, “Okay, but we don’t want
you to overdo it and not fully enjoy your debut.”

Rob called a waitress over and ordered another round of
drinks and when they were delivered Lynne downed hers

While she drank Rob explained to her that she would be
announced soon and she would go up on stage and dance
as sexily as she was able. Since she didn’t have a
stripper outfit she would just take off her slip right
away and dance nude. She would have to dance through
three songs, and if he was not impressed by her
enthusiasm he had some ideas on how to make her very
sorry. When her third song had ended she was to go
around to all the customers and ask them if they would
like a lap dance. If they did she would do what she had
seen that other girl do for one entire song. Except
that unlike with the strippers, the men would be
allowed to touch her as much as they pleased.

Lynne looked up at Rob, a look of desperation on her
face and asked desperately, “Why are you doing this to

Rob smiled broadly and responded, “Because I can,
because I enjoy it. Because it excites me to see you
suffer the way you are this very moment. It turns me
the fuck on!”

A voice was coming out of the speakers in the suddenly
quiet room. It announced that a young lady in the
audience wanted to dance for their pleasure. I assumed
the announcer was the manager behind the obvious one
way glass in the wall at the far end of the room. He
went on to say that it was the ladies first time in a
strip club, and that she really didn’t know what to do,
so she was just going to dance for us.

Rob was shoving her out of her chair and pointing out
the stairs at the end of the stage. Lynne stumbled
toward the stairs as the announcer asked the audience
to put their hands together and welcome Lynne to her
stage debut.

She looked like a deer caught in the headlights. But
she made her way up on the stage and when the loud,
fast music began to blare from the speaker Lynne
started dancing. She was awkward at first, but she is a
natural and loves to dance. Before long she was looking
pretty hot. Of course her breasts were slipping around
loosely under the slip and her pussy was uncovered more
than it was covered so the crowd didn’t mind that she
didn’t dance like a stripper.

Rob caught her attention and nodded at her. She knew
what he meant. As she danced she slowly pulled the
little slip up, baring her shaved pussy, her flat
stomach, and finally her beautiful breasts as they
bobbed back and forth while she danced. She tossed her
only garment to me at our table and I caught it and put
it over the back of her chair. But I couldn’t take my
eyes off of her. She was beautiful! And I wasn’t the
only one that thought so. Ever man in the place had
perked up and was watching intently and cheering
eagerly as she danced around the stage displaying her
charms to everyone.

Half way through her second number Jerry stood up and
moved up to stage. He wiggled his finger at her,
calling her closer. As she danced up to him he reached
up and pushed a dollar bill into her pussy with his

Lynne had been trying to forget what she was doing and
who was watching. She had really gotten into the music
and tried to just dance for her own pleasure. Jerry had
just shattered that. She was instantly brought back to
the moment.

Jerry sauntered back to our table, smiling his evil
smile at me, taunting me for not being able to protect
my wife.

When Jerry sat down I looked back at the stage and now
all the men in the place were lining the stage and
taking their turn shoving dollar bills into my wife’s
pussy. She was trying to keep dancing, but they were
making it very difficult. It was rapidly getting out of
hand until the bartender came over and restored some

Lynne struggled through one last song and returned to
our table to loud cheers, whistles and cat calls. She
was so happy to be off of the stage that she had
forgotten what she had been told to do next. She
remembered as soon as she saw Jerry’s face though. She
stood there for a moment. I knew she wanted to plead
with them. But instead she dropped a handful of one
dollar bills on the table, picked up my drink and
gulped it down, and then moved slowly to the nearest
customer. She bent over and whispered in his ear,
asking him if he wanted a lap dance.

Lynne had been instructed that in order to maintain her
amateur standing she was not to charge for this
service. When the customer heard it was free he sat
back and yelled “Hell yes!” Everyone in the place was
watching and they all laughed at his enthusiasm. I
think that it must have been obvious to everyone that
she was not enjoying this, and that she was being made
to do it. That seemed to empower them. They fed on it
and seemed to want to increase the level of her

Another stripper had taken to the stage and started her
act. As soon as the music started Lynne started her lap
dance. Her first customer was a middle age man who
looked to be about half drunk. Lynne moved in and began
moving her body over him, trying her best to imitate
the lap dance she had seen earlier. Soon after she had
started the man brought his hand around and gently
moved it over her ass. When he was permitted this
liberty he pressed on, greedily moving his hand all
over her body, concentrating most of his attention on
her perfect breasts which he kept trying to pull into
his mouth. By the end of the ‘dance’ it was more of a
wrestling match.

Finally the song ended and Lynne struggled out of the
man’s arms. The next table was two men, younger men,
not bad looking but obviously eager to continue the
wrestling match. As Lynne made her way reluctantly to
their table the bartender rushed over and pointed out a
smaller, slightly more private side room. Lynne nodded
and then as she bent over to ask the guy if she could
give him a lap dance his hand went right to her pussy
and rubbed her openly. Then she was forced to invite
him to join her in the back room.

Both men grabbed their drinks and followed her into the
back room. Jerry and Rob stood up and I was forced to
follow. I grabbed my ginger ale and Lynne’s slip and we
went back to the small back room. There were a couple
of tables on one side and a long bench on the other
side. The men were sitting on the bench and Lynne was
attempting to do her lap dance with the first man. We
sat down at one of the empty tables and I noticed that
the narrow doorway was quickly filled with men waiting
their turn for one of Lynne’s lap dances.

The young man had seen what the first guy had gotten
away with. And he had seen the bartender send them to
this more private room. He didn’t know that Lynne could
not say no to him, but he was going to see how far he
could go. He had been watching women undress for an
hour now. He had especially enjoyed Lynne’s dances and
he was horny. He was going to go just as far as he
could. As Lynne rubbed her body over his he explored
her breasts and her ass and then he pushed a finger
inside of her.

His friend was sitting a foot away and egging him on
and the men in the door were cheering him on as well.
He glanced at our table; he knew she had come in with
us. He saw the wide smiles on Rob and Jerry and figured
he had a definite green light. He said the hell with it
and pulled his zipper down. He fished his cock out and
pulled her right down on top of it.

Lynne squealed as his cock stabbed into her, but it had
been obvious where this was going and she didn’t fight
it. The young man sighed loudly as his cock entered my
wife. Then his hands wrapped around her waist and he
began lifting her up and down rapidly. It didn’t take
long in this sexually charge atmosphere. He quickly
sprayed his cum deep in her steaming pussy and went
limp under her. As soon as she stood up the next man
pulled her down onto the bench beside him. He stood up
and pulled his cock out and grabbed her legs. He lifted
her ass up and as she hung down with only her shoulders
and head on the bench he forced himself into her and
fucked her rapidly. He lasted a little longer than his
buddy and I was amazed when just before he shot his
load into her she screamed through a shivering orgasm
of her own. This brought a big cheer from the crowd in
the door.

The man fucking her finally shot his cum into her and
gently sat her back down on the bench. The two men who
had just fucked her stood up and put their pants back
together. They gave each other a high five and went
back out to the main room. Another man came in and
walked toward Lynne but before he could do anything
Jerry intervened. I stupidly thought that he was going
to put an end to this; instead he guided Lynne to her
feet and led her over to the other table in the room.
He leaned her over the table and she looked up at me,
her face was only three feet from me.

Jerry said to the men who were now crowding into the
room, “This should speed things up. The bitch has more
than one hole. Okay, go ahead guys, help yourselves.”

Another cheer went up and instantly there was a cock in
her mouth and another cock in her sloppy pussy.

The gang rape went on for over an hour. There had only
been about a dozen men there when we came in, so I
don’t know where they were all coming from, but finally
it ended and Lynne was handed a towel by the manager,
who had been watching towards the end, so that she
could clean up. When she had wiped her face and body
clean of cum he handed her another towel and made her
lean up the table she had been bent over and the floor
under her.

When she had finished this last humiliating chore Rob
and Jerry stood up and told us to follow them. I
grabbed Lynne’s slip and followed them out. I was
surprised at how many men were in the audience now. It
was twice as many as when we came in! Lynne must have
fucked and sucked at least two dozen men, and I know
that some of them went through twice.

We went out to the car, with Lynne still nude of
course. And they got in the back as I drove home. But
they didn’t touch her. I knew that they had enjoyed the
show, and were excited by her humiliation and abuse. I
knew that as soon as she had showered she was going to
get fucked again.

We pulled up to the house and I was told to leave the
slip in the car. We went into the house and as I had
assumed, Lynne was ordered to shower and get back out
here, and hurry, they had to get to bed.

She was back in fifteen minutes with her hair and
makeup intact and they took her roughly, one after the
other, on the rug at my feet.

When they had sated themselves they told us that they
had to leave for the office early tomorrow morning and
they didn’t know what time they would be home. They
took our cell phone numbers in case they wanted to
contact us. They told us to go about our normal
schedule tomorrow. Jerry said he would set out what
Lynne was to wear tomorrow, and he would be checking on

After they went to bed, Lynne used the guest bathroom
to clean up and joined me on the couch again. I held
her close, expecting her to cry herself to sleep again
but she didn’t. She kissed me and apologized again for
getting us into this. She told me that she would
understand if I wanted her to leave when this was over.
I assured her that I loved her just as much as ever and
I would never ask her to leave. She looked at me, as if
trying to figure out if I were serious, and wondering
how that could possibly be. Then she put her head on my
chest for a minute and whispered, “Did you like my

I knew that there was chance that this could be one of
those trick questions that gets guys in so much
trouble. But I told her what I thought, which is what I
thought she really needed to hear.

“It was the most erotic thing I have ever seen in my
life,” I said honestly. It had been. I almost came in
my pants while my wife was dancing on that stage. And I
told her that. She smiled up at me. A smile that warmed
my heart, I had seen it so rarely in the last few days.
Then I felt her hand on my cock. I was stripped down to
my shorts and my cock was instantly hard. She slid down
and moved the cover off of me and pulled my shorts

“You don’t have to do this,” I said quietly. “I
understand what you are going through, and I don’t want
to be part of the problem.”

“I want to,” she whispered. “I need to.”

She took me into her mouth. I knew her jaw must be very
sore after all of the abuse this evening. But she
didn’t hesitate. She took me into her mouth, and then
into her throat. It was wonderful, and I had been so
stimulated for so long that I was embarrassed at how
quickly I came. She swallowed it easily and then smiled
up at me. I thanked her and told her I knew how hard
that must have been for her. She just said, “I love

She tried to pull her face away when I kissed her, but
I didn’t let her. I kissed her passionately and held
her close. “I can’t believe you could still kiss me
after everything that has happened,” she said sadly.

I reminded her that I had told her yesterday, I would
always want to kiss her, everywhere.”

And then I slid down to the floor and did just that. I
kissed her everywhere. She tried to pull my head away
when I neared her pussy. “No,” she said, a touch of
fear in her voice. “Not after what they did to me. Not
after all those men.”

I smiled at her and said, “I know you are sore. I won’t
hurt you. I want you to know that nothing has changed.
I love you and I want you and I think you are just as
beautiful and sexy as I did last Thursday. I continue
to adore you. I will continue to adore you, no matter
what happens.”

I resumed kissing her and I spread her legs slightly
and gently licked and kissed her red, swollen pussy. I
was surprised that it didn’t show any signs of the
abuse it had suffered lately. It did not seem to be any
more red or swollen than it might be after a night of
normal love making.

Lynne began to relax and was soon moaning quietly in
pleasure. I didn’t attempt to enter her. I licked
around her tender lips and then teased her clit for a
few minutes. I didn’t expect her to have an orgasm but
she surprised me. She suddenly gripped my hair and
pulled hard enough to hurt as she struggled to muffle
her moans of pleasure. I felt her tense up and then
slowly relax.

I hugged her for a while with my head resting on her
bare sex. Then I moved up and held her and we kissed
again, for a very long time. We finally woke up at our
regular time and I was relieved to find that the
assholes had already left for their office.

We took a long hot shower together and then dried off.
I went to the closet to get out a fresh suit and I saw
what had been laid out for Lynne to wear to work today.
It was a silky, flirty little print dress that buttoned
all the way up the front. It was totally inappropriate
for her to wear to work. It only came to mid thigh and
was thin enough that the outlines of her nipples would
show. I knew because she had worn it out on more than
one evening and it had been very exciting. But not to
work in for god’s sake!

And then I noticed that the top three and bottom three
buttons had been cut off. Only five buttons remained. I
couldn’t believe that asshole Jerry expected her to
wear this to work!

Lynne came in while I was looking at it and groaned in
dismay. She slipped it on and buttoned the remaining
buttons and stood in front of the mirror. The remaining
button at the top was so low that her breasts were
nearly uncovered. If she moved she had to be very
careful not to expose her nipples. And the bottom
button was just about an inch below her bare pussy. We
looked at each other in shock.

They had said that they would do nothing to have an
effect on our careers. I don’t know why we had been
stupid enough to believe them. Maybe it was just that
we had no choice but to believe them. There was no way
she could wear this to work! She was a professional, a
programmer/analyst for a very staid institution. She
looked more like she was dressed for another strip

With tears in her eyes she looked at me and said, “I
have to. He said he was going to check up on me.”

We got our stuff together and went out to the car. I
saw Harry outside and we waived to him. I saw that he
noticed Lynne’s inappropriate dress, but he didn’t say
anything. I drove into the city, Lynne works several
blocks from me. The ride was quiet, neither of us could
think of anything to say. I dropped Lynne off and
watched her struggle to maintain some little bit of
decency as she entered her building. I finally pulled
back into traffic and drove to my parking garage. I sat
in the car for a long time. I knew that there was no
way we could do this for two weeks. I just didn’t know
how to end it without going to prison. I hoped it would
be an easy day at work; I had some soul searching to

It turned out to be a fairly easy day, much to my
surprise, most Mondays are like Mondays! I moved papers
around my desk and tried to look busy but all I could
think about was how to get rid of those bastards that
were trying to destroy us just for the hell of it.

I had been wrestling with the problem for an hour or so
when I looked up and to my great surprise I saw Harry
walking into my office. There was a look of concern,
and a look of determination on his face. He came in and
closed my office door and sat down, all without saying
a word.

He stared at me for a few minutes and then he said,
“You remember what I told you?”

I assumed he meant that Lynne and I were like his kids.
I nodded, wondering where this was going.

“I saw you guys when you came home last night.” I felt
my face turn red but I didn’t say anything. “And I saw
what she was wearing to work this morning.”

There was a long pause and then he said “Damn it Dave,
what the hell is going on?!”

I didn’t want to tell him, but it was obvious I needed
help. I had nowhere else to turn. I was embarrassed,
and afraid of losing the friendship and respect of
someone I admired, but it was obvious that on my own I
could not solve this horrible situation.

So I told him. I told him almost everything, right from
the beginning. I left out some of the graphic
descriptions and more perverted acts, but told him
enough that he had an accurate picture of our

I watched his face as I spoke. He was obviously
shocked, and furious. “Why in hell didn’t you say
anything? Damn it Dave, what are friends for?”

I shrugged and said, “I didn’t want you to get hurt.
And we didn’t want anyone to know what horrible things
were happening to us…..to Lynne.”

He asked me a lot of questions. I knew what building
the two men were working in, and their first names.
Other than their hotel address when they first arrived
in town I didn’t know much else about them. They were
not very forthcoming. I told Harry everything I could.

Harry sat quietly for a few minutes and said that he
could fix this. I didn’t really believe him. He saw the
skepticism in my face and smiled.

“Son,” he said in a kindly manner, “just about everyone
I know is a cop, or a retired cop, or the father of a
cop, or the son of a cop. All those guys I play cards
with, or play golf with, or go bowling with, they are
all cops. I used to be a cop. I retired from the police
department after I was wounded in the line of duty. I
couldn’t use a handgun any more, but I was still
healthy enough to get on at the fire department. But I
wasn’t always a fireman. I know all the right people to
take care of this. It may take a day to work it out,
but by tomorrow evening I am pretty sure this will all
be gone away.”

I wanted to hug him! In fact, I got up and went around
the desk and I did just that. “Thank you Harry,” I said
emotionally. “I was on the verge of buying a gun, and
doing something stupid.”

He just smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it’s taken care
of. It will be hard, but don’t say anything to Lynne
yet. I don’t want them to know that anything is wrong.”
I nodded and he started to leave.

I stopped him as he was leaving and told him about all
of the disks that Rob had recorded. He told me not to
worry, I would get them back. Then he waived and left
the office.

I wanted more than anything to tell Lynne that the
nightmare was almost over. But I trusted Harry and I
didn’t want to jeopardize anything he had planned.

At the same time that Harry was leaving my office,
Lynne was leaving hers. She had gotten a call from
Jerry on her cell phone and he had ordered her to meet
him outside of the parking garage of his building. He
informed her that he could see the sidewalk from his
office and he would be watching to make sure that she
walked with her back straight and her arms at her sides
and her dress doing whatever it would do.

She had spent the entire morning at her desk, putting
off several meetings and some rather important tasks
which would have required her to leave her seat. She
didn’t want any more people to see her than she could

Now she was walking down the street towards Jerry’s
office building. Her breasts were bouncing freely and
she was conscious that every few steps one or the other
of her nipples would slide briefly into view. And she
knew that there was a good chance her bare slit was
being exposed as well, especially with that light
breeze blowing in her face and ruffling her light
dress. She tried not to see the looks on the faces of
the people she passed. The shocked looks on the women
and many of the men, the leers on the faces of most of
the men. And she tried not to cry. She tried not to
think at all. She finally made it the block and a half
to his building and turned down the narrow side street
to the entrance to the parking garage.

She didn’t see him when she got there and so she stood
nearby, waiting, hoping nobody mistook her for a

She waited for about five minutes. Except for her
outfit she didn’t mind waiting. She would rather wait
for him than be with him. But eventually she saw him
walking casually out of the dark parking garage. He
waived her over and she walked to where he stood
waiting and obviously enjoying watching her walk in
what was left of her dress.

He took her arm and led her across the garage to a
small office where a security guard was sitting,
watching them through the plate glass window. He stood
up when they entered. He was a very large, older black
man and he was obviously enjoying the view.

Jerry said, “Hey Chief. Where’s that office you said I
could use?”

The security guard said, “Right this way boss.” He
turned and led the way down a small dark hallway and
into a cold room with cinderblock walls. The only
furniture was an old metal desk.

Jerry pushed her into the room and said, “Strip!”

Lynne looked up and saw the security card close the
door and lean back against it watching with great
interest. “The lock doesn’t work,” the guard said with
a leering smile on his face.

She looked down at the floor, but she could feel their
eyes on her as she quickly unfastened the five
remaining buttons on her dress. She slid the dress down
her shoulders and dropped it onto the desk.

Jerry pushed her to her to her knees and she
automatically started unfastening his pants. She pulled
his cock free and started sucking it the way he liked.
She sucked him for several minutes before he pulled her
to her feet and lifted her onto the cold metal desk. He
pushed her back and lifted her legs and entered her
quickly as the security guard watched. She glanced at
him and saw the bulge in his pants. She knew that when
Jerry had finished using her she would find herself
under the massive body of the guard.

Jerry pumped into her, not so much fucking her as using
her to masturbate into and getting off on her
humiliation. He came quickly and pulled out of her. She
slid to the floor as soon as he stepped back and she
sucked and licked until his cock and balls were clean.

Jerry stepped back and as he put his clothes back
together he said, “All you have to do now is pay for
the room.” Jerry took the guards place at the door and
watched. It looked like he was enjoying the show just
as much as he enjoyed sticking his cock into her.

The large black man moved his hands all over her,
roughly squeezing and pulling on her breasts while
looking into her eyes. He pushed her to her knees and
she opened his pants and pulled them down to his knees.
His shorts followed and he stood there with his huge
gut hanging over his genitals. But his manhood wasn’t
hidden. She had no trouble at all locating his cock. It
hung down over his huge balls, almost to his knees! It
was the biggest cock she had ever seen, even in

She stared at it, a look of awe on her face, and fear.
She looked over at Jerry, hoping for a last minute
reprieve, but not only was there no hope of any
sympathy from Jerry, she saw that he had Rob’s camera
out and was filming her shame so that it could be
enjoyed by Rob later.

She reached out tentatively and grasped his huge cock.
She moved her hand over it and lifted it up to her
face. She noticed that it was hard already, thank god,
it was already far too large to fit into her! She moved
her hands over it and began licking it. She felt his
organ twitching as she moved her tongue over it. She
noticed copious amounts of clear fluid begin oozing
from the large hole in the end of his organ and forced
herself to lick the slimy stuff from the end of his
cock. Then she licked back down the shaft to his huge
sweaty balls. She tried to take one of his balls into
her mouth but it wouldn’t fit! It was almost as large
as a baseball! So she licked his sack all over.

Jerry had come closer for some nice close-ups and as he
recorded her continued abuse he spoke quietly to the
big guard. “She has another little trick she likes to
do,” he said. “Why don’t you lean over that desk right
there, you’re gonna love this.”

The guard smiled and bent down over the desk and looked
back to watch her as she turned and looked at his
massive, sweaty, smelly, black ass. She leaned forward
but had to pause as she gagged. She got it under
control, turned her head to the side and took a deep
breath and then stuck out her tongue and touched it to
his flesh. She moved her tongue up and down the crack
of his ass several times, and then she separated the
cheeks of his ass with her small hands and buried her
face in his ass, licking and sucking on his unclean
asshole. It was horrible! She started gagging again and
had to pull her face away and take a couple of gasping
breaths. She looked up at Jerry, but there was no mercy
there. She moved her face back between the cheeks of
the guard’s ass and resumed tonguing his asshole.

The guard was moaning with pleasure and would probably
have let her continue for a long time. But Jerry wanted
to keep things moving, I suppose he had to get back to
work. He said something to the guard that Lynne
couldn’t hear and suddenly the guard stood up and
stepped back. He leaned down and picked Lynne up and
dropped her on the desk.

Jerry moved into a position that permitted him to
record both the massive cock which was about to ravage
Lynne’s small vagina and the look of horror on her
face. A look that he knew would soon become a look of

The guard plopped his huge tube of meat down on her
stomach and ordered her to put it in. She realized that
his gut was so large he couldn’t even see their sex
organs. She put her hand around the huge cock and
placed it at the entrance to her pussy. She was
grateful now that Jerry had already fucked her. That
was a thought that she never expected to have! She
guided the head of the cock up and down her slit,
lubricating it with the fresh cum oozing out of her
slit and then pulled him into her slowly.

It wasn’t too bad at first. She had gotten used to
Rob’s large cock. And the head of this giant’s cock was
only slightly larger than the base of Rob’s cock. But
she knew it was going to get bad quickly.

And it did. The guard lifted her legs in the air and
held onto her thighs. Then he started forcing inch
after inch of his huge black meat into her. He watched
the expression on her face change from fear and
loathing to pain, to agony. When his tool was finally
buried in her it punched into her cervix with every
thrust. Both men smiled in pleasure at her pain.

The guard began fucking her violently and her suffering
brought him to new heights of pleasure. He watched her
beautiful breasts swinging violently with the force of
his brutal fuck strokes and long before he was ready
for it to end he exploded deep in Lynne’s horribly
stretched cunt.

He finally pulled out, but held her legs open as he
watched with great amusement her throbbing pussy, still
gaping open and oozing his sperm out onto the table.

Jerry got a good close up and then told her to eat it.

With an obvious look of disgust on her face she began
scooping up the gooey mess leaking from the gaping hole
between her legs and bringing it to her lips. It took
several minutes to get as much as she could, then she
was put on her feet by the giant and ordered to lick
the desk clean. There was a large pool of cooling cum
on the desk and she licked it up while Jerry recorded
more of her humiliation. Finally she was ordered to
clean the giant’s cock and balls and put her dress back

Jerry put the camera in his pocket. He told her that
instead of going home after work he wanted her and Dave
to meet them at a nearby steakhouse. He said that they
would be a little late, but that we were to wait for
them. He instructed Lynne that while we were waiting
she was to tell me, in minute detail, everything that
had happened to her today. “But tell him not to worry;”
Jerry said sarcastically, “We’ll let him watch the
movie of the good parts tonight when we get home.”

Jerry left and the guard was nice enough to show Lynne
to a restroom where she could clean herself up. He
didn’t let her do it in private of course. He watched
as she took her dress off again and used wet paper
towels to clean the drying cum from her thighs and her
stomach and her pussy. Then she washed her face and
hands and dried off with more paper towels. She sprayed
her body lightly with perfume and put her dress back on
and walked back to work, still fighting to hold back
the tears.

I continued to move paperwork around on my desk all
day, but I couldn’t concentrate and I didn’t get any
work done. Finally it was time to leave and I cleaned
up my desk and went out to the parking garage.

I drove to where I pick Lynne up and she got in the
car, fighting to expose as little of herself as
possible to the throngs on the street. I started to
drive home but she told me of the change of plans and I
drove to the steakhouse where Jerry had told Lynne that
we were to meet them for supper.

It was still early when we got there. There were only a
few other cars in the parking lot. We went inside and
the host did a double take when he saw the way Lynne
was dressed. Then he smiled broadly and said, “Ah yes,
you have a reservation.”

This was a surprise, and it set off warning bells. But
there was nothing we could do but follow the host to a
quiet booth in the back. A young waiter appeared almost
instantly and I told him that we would be joined by two
men in a while and that for now we would just have

He may have heard me, but he didn’t see me. He was
staring openly at Lynne. I couldn’t blame him. Her
beautiful breasts were all but exposed, and it was
impossible to keep her dress closed over her lap. Her
thighs were almost totally exposed. And she had the
kind of long lovely legs that guys go nuts over.

Our drinks finally arrived and Lynne told me that she
had been ordered to tell me in “minute detail” what had
happened to her today. And she did. From the time she
arrived at work. About the humiliation she had felt
moving through her office in the outfit she had been
forced to wear, and about the phone call from Jerry
summoning her to his office building. The way she had
felt walking down the street as her breasts were
exposed to strangers and they turned and gawked at her.
The remarks from some of the crude young men she

Then she told me what had happened when she got there.
She described the security guard and everything they
had done. And finally she cried. I held her close and
tried to comfort her. I wanted more than anything to
tell her about my conversation with Harry. I knew that
it would help her. I was really worried about her
mental health right now. But what if I told her and she
let something slip, or acted differently? What if I
told her and they found out and were able to thwart
Harry’s plans? I just couldn’t take that chance. It was
just one more night.

The waiter was constantly stopping by the table to see
if we needed anything, and to check Lynne out. So the
service was excellent. We each had two drinks and then
I switched to ginger ale but Lynne kept drinking

We had been there about an hour when Lynne’s cell phone
rang. She answered it fearfully after seeing who was
calling. She said hello and then was silent, listening
for a few minutes. Then she hung up and without looking
me in the eye said I have something to do, I’ll be
right back.

She got up and went down a nearby hallway. She was gone
about ten or fifteen minutes and she came back with
only the center button on her dress fastened! Her
breasts and her belly were totally exposed! She quickly
sat down and gulped her drink. Then she turned to me
and told me that she had been ordered to go to a store
room and give the host and the waiter a tip.

The waiter showed up at our table again as soon as
Lynne finished her drink. He looked around quickly and
then put his hand on my wife’s tit and asked if she was
ready for another drink. She nodded her head and
reluctantly he took his hand away and went to get it.
But he didn’t bring it back. Another young waiter
brought her drink back and set it in front of her. As
soon as his hand was free he reached for my wife’s
tits. He glanced at me to see what I would do, but of
course I could do nothing. His groping lasted for
several minutes and then I heard him tell her that his
smoke break was in ten minutes and he was looking
forward to it more than he ever had.

Lynne and I sat quietly, holding hands and wondering
just how bad this evening was going to be. The second
waiter came to the table in a few minutes and nodded at
Lynne. She got up and followed him down the hall. She
was back in fifteen minutes. The waiter had merely
leaned her over a pile of boxes in the store room and
flipped her little dress up and fucked her quickly from
behind. When he finished she dropped to her knees and
cleaned him as she was trained to do. He had not
expected it, but had enjoyed it. He went back to his
duties and Lynne went back across the hall to the
ladies room and cleaned up again. Then she returned to
her seat.

Finally our tormenters arrived and Lynne was pulled out
of her seat so that Jerry could slide into the booth
between us. I slid down to make more room. Then Lynne
sat back down and Rob slid in beside her. They
complimented her on the way she looked and she was
forced to tell them what had happened since we arrived.

As she talked quietly with her head down Jerry reached
over and unfastened the final button on her dress so
that it just hung loosely from her shoulders. He opened
it up and rested it on the outsides of her breasts so
that she was totally exposed. The restaurant had begun
to fill up but it was dark in our corner and we were a
little out of the way. Still, there was a lot of
traffic down that hallway to the restrooms and many of
the people passing must surely have seen Lynne’s
exposed breasts. I was watching my hands holding my
drink, and wishing it was a stronger drink. I didn’t
see all the surprised faces and all the men who paused
to enjoy the view.

I heard Rob congratulate Lynne on the latest video.
Jerry had showed him the recording of her and the
massive security guard. He told her that he had really
enjoyed it and he was horny as hell.

Lynne didn’t say anything. The waiter brought drinks
and sat them in front of Rob and Jerry. We ordered
dinner, but neither Lynne nor I had much of an
appetite. I just wanted this night to end. Dinner
dragged on for probably another hour. When the ordeal
was finally over Lynne was allowed to button only the
three center buttons of her dress. She might as well
not have bothered. As we walked out of the restaurant
conversation stopped. She was totally exposed with
every step she took. It seemed like a very long
restaurant that night.

In the parking lot, Jerry went to their car and
followed us. Lynne was forced to take her dress off
before she got in the car and hand it to Rob. He got in
the back and she climbed in after him. He sat behind me
and she was forced to kneel on the seat and suck his
cock with her naked ass almost touching the side

I drove out of the parking lot and through the brightly
lit downtown streets. I was just catching the end of
rush hour so traffic was stop and go. The sidewalks
were crowded and we were inching along with my wife’s
ass on display. Before we had gone far Rob said it was
warm back there and ordered me to lower the rear
window. The rear windows only go down about three
quarters of the way. Still, Lynne’s ass and her pussy
must have been on display to thousands of people on the
way home that evening. I was glancing back enough to
see that Rob had two big orgasms on the way home.

I finally pulled up in front of our house and we got
out. Rob and Lynne were walking to the door. I grabbed
her dress out of the back seat and then hurried to get
around them and unlock the door. Lynne was ordered to
clean up and I was sent to the kitchen to get them
drinks. I made strong ones for Lynne and myself as

I was handed the disk which contained the recording of
Lynne’s abuse at the hands of the security guard and
ordered to put it on and start it up. I complied and
took my seat.

I thought I was prepared for this. Lynne had told me
everything that had happened. But it was much worse to
actually see it. It was truly horrifying. You could see
how unclean he had been. There were stains in his
underwear. It didn’t look like they had been changed in
days! He must have reeked.

Rob and Jerry sat back and watched and laughed and made
lewd comments until Lynne came out looking fresh and
fuckable. She blanched when she saw what we were
watching. It was almost over and they ignored her until
they we had all watched her finish her cleanup chores
in that cold empty office.

Then Jerry spoke up. “Hey Rob, I’m in the mood for
another one of those good old DPs, how about you?”

Rob seemed to think about it for a minute and then he
said, “I don’t think so Jerry. Not tonight. I had a
long hard day and we have to get up early. Besides, I
had the dumb cunt suck me off twice on the way back
here tonight. I think I’ll just turn in. Knock yourself

Rob left the room and went to bed. Jerry turned to
Lynne and said, “Well, I guess we could just have a
quick fuck.” Strange as it sounds, Lynne was excited at
the prospect.

“Great,” she thought. “Let’s just do this and get it
over with.”

Jerry stood up and started undressing and then he
looked at me and said, “I have a great idea! Get
undressed Davie boy.”

I stood and took my suit off and dropped it on the arm
of my chair. I slowly took my underwear off and Jerry
ordered me to stretch out on the floor in the middle of
the room.

When I was where he wanted me Lynne was ordered to get
down and get me hard. She dropped to her knees between
my legs and lovingly licked and sucked on my cock and
balls. I couldn’t help it, I was hard almost instantly.

As soon as Jerry saw that I had an erection Lynne was
ordered to sit on it. She moved up over me and guided
my cock to her slick warm hole and slid down over it.
She smiled at me quickly, but then her face returned to
its more normal vacant look. The look she had whenever
Rob or Jerry were around.

Jerry stepped up to her head and she took him between
her lips and started sucking. But he didn’t stay there.
After a minute of her warm wet mouth he moved behind
her and pushed her down onto me. We could both feel him
as he knelt behind her and then Lynne cried out in pain
as he forced his cock into her ass with only her saliva
for lubrication.

I wanted to kill him. But all I could do was lie there
and hold Lynne and try to comfort her as he forced his
cock deep into her ass. I had never taken part in
anything like this before and it felt strange. I could
feel his cock separated from my own by only a thin
membrane. I could feel every move he made as he slowly
pressed his cock all the way into her and then started
fucking her, raping her, hurting her.

Fortunately he found the opportunity to humiliate us
like this to be highly erotic and he came quickly.
Lynne and I remained where we were as Jerry climbed off
and moved around and rammed his cock into her mouth
just inches from my face. I could smell the aromas from
his cum and her ass and I didn’t know how she could
stand it. I felt like gagging, but she worked her mouth
over his cock until it was clean, then he held his cock
out of the way and she licked his testicles clean.

Jerry said, “Good night kids,” and went back to his
room and went to bed. I was still holding Lynne. She
was lying on top of me, my cock was still buried in her
pussy, but we weren’t moving. She was crying quietly. I
could feel Jerry’s cum. It was running out of Lynne’s
ass and down over my balls and dripping down onto the

Lynne stopped crying eventually. I thought she had gone
to sleep. My cock had gone soft, but I was still buried
in her soft warm pussy. But then she started moving.
Her face was buried in my neck and she was slowly and
gently caressing my cock with her pussy, bringing it
quickly back to hardness.

She started sliding up and down on my shaft and
whispering over and over in my ear, “I’m sorry. I’m so

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I whispered in her
ear to get her attention. “Lynne. Lynne?” She continued
chanting quietly as she moved her pussy up and down my
ass, “I’m sorry.”

It took a minute, but finally I got her attention and
she stopped moving. When she finally looked up and our
eyes met and I could see that she was listening I began
whispering to her quietly. “Sweetheart, it is going to
be over tomorrow. After tomorrow they will be gone.”

I saw the emotions flit across her face. She couldn’t
quite understand. Or she couldn’t quite bring herself
to believe it. I told her that tomorrow something was
going to happen and it would all be over. We just had
to get through the rest of tonight and tomorrow
morning. But we couldn’t let them know that something
was going to happen. She had to do anything they wanted
until they left the house tomorrow morning.

She stared into my eyes for a few moments. She really
needed to believe that was the truth. I held her and
smiled as reassuringly as I could and she collapsed
onto me, holding me tight and sobbing.

We lay there like that for a long time. Her crying
stopped and much to my surprise she started moving on
my cock again. She lifted her face and smiled at me and
whispered that she loved me, and she used those amazing
muscles in her pussy to make my cock hard yet again.
And as we lay there staring into each others eyes and
feeling so much love for each other she fucked me to a
wonderful, mutual orgasm. Then she got up and, still
smiling lovingly at me she took me into her mouth and
cleaned me thoroughly.

I tried to stop her. I told her she didn’t have to do
that anymore. She lifted her head from my crotch and
smiled and said, “Yes I do. And I always will.”

We went down to the guest bathroom and cleaned up and
then cuddled up on the couch and finally went to sleep.
I lay awake for a long time though, praying that Harry
would come through. I didn’t know what he had in mind.
But if I didn’t hear from him by the end of the day I
was going to a gun shop.

I was jiggled awake yet again, early in the morning and
opened my eyes to see Lynne sitting on the edge of the
couch giving Jerry another blowjob. “Christ!” I
thought. “How the fuck does he do it!”

But at least this time he shot all of his cum down her
throat and didn’t spray her face with it. As soon as he
went back to bed Lynne curled up in my arms and we went
back to sleep for a few more minutes.

In the morning things went pretty much the same as
yesterday. Except this morning, after they left for
work, I told Lynne to dress normally.

She asked me if I was sure. I looked at the slutty
dress Jerry had set out for her to wear and said, “Yes.
It’s over now. If Jerry calls you today don’t answer
your phone. I’ll call you at noon. Okay?”

She nodded and we got ready for work. There wasn’t any
conversation. We were still waiting for it to be true.

At noon I called her and she told me that she had not
had any calls from either of them. I was relieved and
after a brief conversation I went back to shuffling
papers on my desk.

At about two o’clock Harry came into my office. He had
a very serious look on his face and I was afraid that
something had gone wrong. He closed my door and sat
down. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a disk.
“This is the only disk they had on them. It was in the
camera but I think it’s blank. The others must still be
in your house.”

Then he tossed a large wad of mostly hundred dollar
bills on my desk and said wryly, “This is all the cash
they had on them. I figured you guys deserved it for
room and board.”

I still hadn’t said a word. I wanted to jump up and hug
him, but I thought I should wait and find out what he
had to say. He still had that grave look on his face.
Like something bad had happened.

“We had someone go through their offices and remove any
reference to you or your address. We checked their cell
phones and they must have used land lines to call you
because your numbers aren’t in their memories.”

He looked up at me and said, “These guys are bad news.
They have a history of forcing women into making the
worst kind of dirty movies, the kind of movies that
have a special clientele, the kind that you can’t buy
unless you know someone. They also have made women
disappear, apparently into the white slave market. It
isn’t what they do. They just happen to know some
people and they do it for the fun of it now and then.
You guys don’t have to worry about them anymore. They
are gone now.”

I waited, a minute for him to continue and when he
didn’t I said, “Gone?”

“Don’t ask,” he said.

I didn’t know what to say. I sat at my desk and cried
like a baby. I finally got myself under control and
went around my desk and shook his hand and then I
hugged him.

“I… we, owe you everything Harry. We are forever in
your debt.”

He put his arm around my shoulder and said
reproachfully, “You should have come to me that first
day. You guys know how I feel about you! And you don’t
owe me anything. Watching Lynne fetch the paper from
your yard was payment enough.”

“But Harry,” I said, “I didn’t know you had an Army! I
thought you were a mild mannered retired fireman! I
didn’t want you to get involved and get hurt. Besides,
everything they did was so humiliating. The idea of
sharing what was happening to us was… I just couldn’t
imagine it.”

He told me to go through their stuff when I got home
and shred it. If they have anything of value we can
keep it, but it would be better to get rid of it. But
don’t try to sell it. Just destroy it and get rid of

Then he started for the door but I stopped him. I
grabbed that large pile of hundred dollar bills off of
my desk and forced him to take it. “You and your
friends have a party,” I said, and thank them all for
me, for both of us.”

Harry smiled and left. I called Lynne immediately and
suggested that she tell her supervisor she was feeling
ill and needed to go home. I did the same and met her
outside a few minutes later.

On the drive home I started telling her everything that
I knew, which wasn’t really all that much. At home we
hurried inside and started gathering all of their
belonging in the middle of the living room. We went
through and shredded all of their clothes.

We discovered several caches of hundred dollar bills.
All together we found almost $50,000! We also found all
the disks that they had made of Lynne, and a couple
dozen others besides. When we looked through them later
we found movies of the rape and abuse of several other
young women. We set them aside to see if Harry’s police
friends could use them. We did the same with the lap
top we found. We couldn’t access the data because it
was password protected, but someone in law enforcement
might be able to get something of use from it.

The only thing we didn’t get rid of was their expensive
suitcases, the cash, the disks of Lynne in action,
which for some reason we could not bring ourselves to
destroy. And, a beautiful diamond studded Rolex. Fuck
it, I deserved it!

Life is pretty much back to normal now. Lynne smiles a
lot again. I was afraid she would be put off of sex,
but the opposite seems to have happened. We fuck like
we did on our honeymoon! Harry comes over once a week
for dinner and to play a game. While he is here Lynne
is all over him. I suspect she has a special thank you
planned for Harry. She has told him to keep watching on
Sunday morning. You never know what she might be
wearing when she goes out to get the paper.

We watch the news every night to see if there is any
update on those two missing businessmen who were here
on business from Chicago. There is still no word.

Oh, and Lynne just showed me an ad in the paper for
amateur night at a local strip club and wanted to know
if I would be interested. And she wondered if Harry
might enjoy a night out too.

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