A Not So Happy Anniversary

I held the door for Lynne and then followed her into
the club. I hated places like this. Loud, smoky,
crowded, I hate them. But it was our fifth anniversary
and Lynne loves to dance. So once a year I take her to
a club and she gets to dance. Not with me. I can’t
dance. Well, I can fake a slow dance. But why bother. I
just don’t see the point in dancing.

Lynne wouldn’t have any trouble finding dance partners.
She was hot. No, I didn’t say that right, she was HOT!
Yeah, that’s it. She is 26, 5’4″, 110, long blonde hair
and long, long legs. She had the cutest face and a
smile that lights up a room. And she was wearing that
short little nothing of a black dress I love to see her
in, the one with that flippy little skirt that almost
showed her ass when she moved. I noticed the heads
turning as we looked for an empty table and I was proud
as hell.

We managed to find an empty booth and order some
drinks. We had just come from dinner with wine and
champagne, so I ordered ginger ale. I needed to be able
to drive home. She had her margarita. I don’t like
places like this, but I like seeing her so happy and I
enjoy watching her dance. So I sat back. It wasn’t long
before she was asked to dance.

She danced several dances and then came back to me and
finished her drink and ordered another. Before her
drink arrived she was dancing again and it was exciting
to watch her. Several times I was pretty sure I could
see her little black panties when that skirt flipped
up, very exciting to watch.

She danced several more dances with her present dance
partner, even a slow dance. She was obviously flirting
with him. It was amusing to watch her wrap him around
her little finger. Eventually he reluctantly returned
her to our table and she had more of her drink. Before
I could order her another drink the waitress brought
her one and pointed to a large man in a business suit
sitting near the dance floor with a friend. She took
the drink and smiled at the man. She raised her drink
to him in a toast and took a sip. A minute later he was
standing next to her asking her to dance.

For a large man he was a very good dancer. The two of
them looked very good out there. He was obviously
leading, obviously in charge. She liked that. She liked
a man that took charge. Her boyfriends, before me, had
all been dominant, forceful, in charge, men. I asked
her about that, shortly after we were married. I am not
a wimp, but I treat Lynne as an equal partner, that’s
what I feel marriage is, a partnership. I treat her
with respect and love. She told me with a big smile
that men like that are for dating, they don’t make good
husbands. I was the perfect husband. She obviously
still enjoyed the company of dominant men. I didn’t
mind. I had a secret fantasy of watching her with a man
like that. Watching some strong man take control of her
and make mad, passionate love to her. I wouldn’t tell
her that. But often when we made love, that fantasy was
in my mind.

I noticed that Lynne stayed on the floor for the slow
dances with her latest partner. His hands were all over
her and he held her tight, pressing his body against
hers. I noticed the way he swung her around on the fast
dances, I got frequent flashes of her little panties.
The guys near the dance floor were getting an even
better show. As they danced this slow dance his hand
was holding her ass. Not resting there, actually
gripping a handful of her cheeky little butt!

Finally the song ended and they walked off the floor.
They stopped at his table on the way back here and
talked with his friend. Then they all came back to our
table. She had invited them to join us.

Lynne introduced her dance partner, Rob, and his friend
Jerry. Jerry nodded and sat down on my left. Lynne slid
in on my right and Rob slid in beside her. Rob ordered
fresh drinks all around and sat with his arm on the
back of the booth, his hand hanging down over Lynne’s
left breast, not quite touching her.

Rob was watching me, judging my reaction. I just smiled
and found I was actually enjoying the show as they
flirted and played each other. By the time our fresh
drinks arrived his hand was resting on her breast and
he was gently kneading it. She was acting like nothing
was happening. When her drink arrived she gulped half
of it down. She and Rob were ignoring Jerry and me.
They had their heads together talking excitedly. It was
too loud for me to hear more than a word or two.

Lynne finished her drink and Rob ordered her another. I
noticed he had hardly touched his. Before her drink
arrived he led her back out to the dance floor. Every
chance he got his hands were all over her. I noticed
that they had quite an audience. And I am embarrassed
to say I had quite an erection. This big, strong,
dominant man was Lynne’s fantasy and it was obvious
that if I had not been here he would have gotten very
lucky tonight!

They made their way back to our table and this time
when they sat down his arm was around her shoulder and
his hand went right to her breast. She took a few sips
from her drink and they talked and then he put his hand
on her chin, turned her face up and kissed her, lightly
at first, then passionately. I was shocked when she
returned his kiss.

He opened his eyes as they kissed and looked at me,
waiting to see what my reaction was, I suppose. I tried
to look calm, but I am glad he couldn’t see my real
reaction under the table. As he kissed Lynne and looked
at me his right hand came around and slid up Lynne’s
thigh. She didn’t fight him at all. Her legs parted
slightly and I watched his large fingers moving over
the silky panel covering her sweet pussy.

I knew I should put a stop to this. But it seemed like
once I had let it get this far the option was no longer
mine. Besides, I couldn’t help it, I was enjoying
watching. I glanced over at Jerry and he was watching
with a look that was almost disdain. I had tried to
engage him in conversation while Rob and Lynne were on
the dance floor but he had just nodded and ignored me.

I looked back at Lynne just in time to see her have an
orgasm! Rob’s left hand was roughly mauling her breast
and his right hand was inside her panties now. His
tongue was ravaging her cute little mouth. I had no
doubt that if Rob had put her up on the table and tried
to fuck her right there she would have let him. He
didn’t do that, but he did slide her panties off and
hold them up to his nose and sniff them while he smiled
at me. Then he sat them down beside his drink.

When Lynne had recovered from her orgasm she opened her
eyes and looked at me sheepishly. I smiled at her and
she smiled back, relieved that I wasn’t upset I
suppose. Then Rob was pulling her out of the booth and
back to the dance floor.

As soon as they started dancing Rob was swinging her
around and it was obvious to anyone watching that Lynne
was not wearing panties now. And quite a few people
were watching. They danced two fast dances and then a
slow dance. During the slow dance Rob’s hands slid
under the back of Lynne’s dress and held the cheeks of
her ass while they danced. Her ass was totally exposed
and she had to know it, but she pressed against him,
her face buried against his chest and let him do
anything he wanted.

When the dance ended they came back to the table. Rob
said, “I think it’s time to go. You ready Jerry?”

Jerry nodded and Rob turned to me and said, “Come on
Davie boy, Lynne tells me you are the designated

I wanted to ask where we were going, or where the hell
they thought they were going. But I didn’t. I don’t
know why. I guess because it seemed obvious I was going
to have one of my dearest fantasies fulfilled. I was
going to see Lynne get fucked. I didn’t know the half
of it!

We paid our tabs and Rob put Lynne’s panties in his
pocket. We walked out. Rob leading with his arm around
Lynne and his hand under her skirt and on her ass. I
was behind them and could see a lot of her ass that
wasn’t covered by his hand. So could everyone we walked
past on the way out. Jerry was following behind me.

We went to our car and had to wait a few minutes while
Rob backed Lynne up against the car and took her hand
and pressed it against the large bulge in the front of
is pants. While she moved her hand over that impressive
bulge he kissed her and moved his hands over her body
freely. I went around to the driver’s door and got in.
Jerry got in behind me and then the other back door
opened and Lynne was pushed into the center, then Rob
got in and shut the door. He looked at me and said,
“Home, Davie boy!”

He had a look in his eye, daring me to object. When I
turned around and started the car I surrendered my wife
to this man. I suppose I did that when I didn’t object
to his hand on her breast, or the kiss, or when he
removed her panties. But that was being passive. Now I
was driving him and his friend to my home to fuck my

It was a miracle I didn’t kill someone that night. I
drove all the way home while staring into the rearview
mirror. I watched as Rob and Jerry pulled Lynne’s dress
down and then off. They spread her legs, each of them
putting one of her legs in their lap. They took turns
kissing her and they were very rough, mauling her
breasts and her sweet little pussy. At one point it
appeared that they both had their fingers inside of
her. She didn’t object to anything they did. I heard
her have several orgasms as I drove. The drive home was
about twenty minutes and I am ashamed to say that by
the time I parked the car on the street in front of our
house I was on the verge of coming myself.

I got out and waited for them to get out so that I
could lock the car. Rob got out on his side and then
Jerry got out in the street, pulling Lynne after him.
She was still naked! I glanced around nervously, but it
was late and I was pretty sure nobody was watching.

I hit the button on the key fob to lock the car and
rushed to our front door to unlock it and get everyone
inside. Jerry and Rob, however, were taking their time,
walking slowly and passing Lynne back and forth between
them. They finally stepped into the house and we moved
into the living room.

Lynne was panting like a dog in heat as she stood
waiting for someone to tell her what to do, or do
something to her. Rob was taking off his suit. As he
undressed he wasn’t looking at Lynne, he was watching
me. I didn’t like the look on his face. It was a look
of disdain, a look that said what kind of man lets two
strange men undress his wife and drive them to his
house to fuck her. Well, I guess I deserved that look.
I moved over to my easy chair and sat down to watch

I was very impressed when he pulled his shorts down.
His semi-hard cock was quite remarkable. It appeared to
be around eight or nine inches long and very fat. He
looked at my face, showing me the cock he was going to
use on my wife, and then he ignored me. I noticed Jerry
watching me though. He was watching my face as Rob
pushed Lynne to her knees and rubbed his cock all over
her face. She was moaning in pleasure and trying to
lick it as he moved it around. Finally he touched the
head of his large cock to her lips and ordered her to
kiss it, which she did passionately. She kissed it all
over, and licked it and moved down and licked and
sucked at his incredibly large ball sack.

He let her worship his manhood for a few moments and
then he put his left foot up on the coffee table and
pushed her head down. He grabbed her hair and tilted
her head up and she obediently stuck her tongue out and
probed his hot, sweaty ass. He let her probe his ass
for several minutes, his eyes closed as he savored the
sensations, and then he looked over at me and grinned.
He pulled her head back up to his cock and he put his
foot down and settled down onto the couch behind him.
She followed him down and finally took his large organ
into her little mouth. It was an obvious struggle.

His hands moved down and roughly handled her tits for a
few moments before he moved his hands back up to her
head and started moving her head back and forth. With
each stroke he pulled her head farther down his
impressive shaft. They were well past the point where
she could comfortably handle his man meat and she was
choking and gagging at the end of each stroke now. It
looked like he had every intention of shoving that
monster down her throat! She was starting to resist
now, pushing against him with her little hands, but he
just ignored her futile struggles. No, that’s wrong. He
didn’t ignore them. He enjoyed them! Her moans and her
futile struggles were exciting him!

I started to get to my feet and come to her assistance
but Jerry stopped me. He spoke for the first time since
we met. “Sit back down,” he ordered.

I hesitated, looking back and forth between him and my
wife struggling on the end of Rob’s cock. “Don’t make
me say it again,” Jerry threatened.

I was intelligent enough to know that there was nothing
I could do against these two men. I sank back into my
chair in humiliation, my manhood definitely in
question. I was not a violent person and unfortunately
I did not own a gun. Although in all likelihood if I
had attempted to pull a weapon on these large athletic
men I would have succeeded only in arming them.

I looked back at Lynne in time to see Rob tense up and
pull her tightly against him and shoot a large hot load
of cum right down her throat. He had managed to get all
but about three inches of his large cock into her mouth
and throat.

He held her against him for a long time before finally
relaxing and letting her sit up. She sat back, gasping
and coughing and looking at him through her tears
accusingly. He smiled down at her and said, “Not bad,
cunt. But don’t worry; you’re going to get better.”
Then he pulled her back down and pointed out a few
drops of cum on his belly that she had missed and made
her lick them up.

While she was cleaning Rob, Jerry stood up and
undressed. I was relieved to see that he had a more
normal sized cock. It seemed to be about the same as
mine, around seven inches and of a normal circumference
as well. When he was naked he sat back in his chair and
called out to Lynne, “No time to rest Bitch. You’ve had
my cock hard all night. Now crawl your ass over here
and get to work.”

Lynne moaned as she got to her hands and knees and
crawled across the room to Jerry. I felt sorry for her,
but watching her butt swish back and forth and her
breasts sway as she moved was highly erotic.

Rob looked over at me and smiled broadly. “You are a
lucky man, Davie boy,” he said, obviously rubbing my
helplessness into my face. “That is one of the best
blowjobs I have ever had. A little more practice and
she will be perfect. I can’t wait to get the last three
inches down her gullet. She has a lot of talent. And
did you see her face? She looks so cute with a cock
buried in her mouth, doesn’t she?”

This wasn’t a conversation I wanted to have. Instead I
watched as she started licking on Jerry’s hard, hot,
throbbing cock. He was obviously very aroused, the head
of his cock was covered in pre-cum. It oozed down the
underside and was even glistening on his balls!

He let her lick his cock and balls for a few minutes,
and then he lifted his legs and put them on the arms of
the chair. She knew what was expected and buried her
face in his crotch, placing her lips over his sweaty,
smelly asshole and licking and then probing with her
tongue. When he was satisfied he dropped his legs back
to the floor and she licked his cock clean again and
then started sucking. She tried to use her hands but he
slapped them away and grabbed her head and pulled her
down until she had his entire organ in her mouth! I
must admit it was amazing to watch.

It was a good thing he was so turned on because he came
very quickly, with her face buried in his belly. It was
obvious that her jaw was sore and she was tired, ready
for this to be over with. Unfortunately this wasn’t
anywhere near over!

After Jerry had shot his load down Lynne’s throat, he
continued to hold her against his stomach as his cock
went soft in her mouth. He finally released her and
ordered her to lick him clean.

When he had finished with her he pushed her away and he
and Rob sat smiling at each other, deeply satisfied
with their conquest.

Lynne and I sat waiting, hoping that they were
satisfied and would want to leave now. I would be happy
to call them a cab, just as happy to drive them
somewhere. How na�ve we were.

Rob stood and moved over to Lynne. He reached down and
pulled her to her feet and said, “Come on cunt, let’s
go to bed.” The look of dismay on her face amused him,
I could tell. But she led the way down the hall to our
bedroom. As they walked away Jerry nodded at me and I
led him to our bedroom where he and his friend were
going to fuck my wife.

As I entered our bedroom Lynne was already on her
knees, sucking Rob’s cock back to hardness. Jerry
pushed me into a chair dismissively and moved over to
watch more closely as his friend tried again to work
his cock into my wife’s throat. Lynne put her hands
against his thighs and tried to resist, tried to
control the amount of cock in her mouth, but he ordered
her to use her hands to play with his balls instead and
then he started pressing more and more of his now hard
cock into her mouth.

With each stroke he would reach a point beyond which he
did not seem to be able to force his cock. But he was
patient, and determined, and finally he reached that
point and refused to be kept from his goal. He
continued pushing and as horrible noises of distress
came from my wife he forced his cock all the way down
and her lips stretched around the fat base of his cock.
She attempted to hit at him with her tiny fists but
Jerry reached down and grabbed her hands and held them
behind her.

I rose from my chair, as though to go to her
assistance. I don’t know what I was thinking. I had no
chance against them. Jerry looked at me as if to say,
“Go ahead, we’d enjoy hurting you too.”

What he actually said was, “Sit your ass back down and
don’t get up again. I don’t have anything to tie you up
with so if you bother us I am just going to knock your
dumb ass out. Got it?”

I nodded helplessly. It was humiliating, sitting here
watching these two big men rape my wife. Watching her
struggle and knowing I could do nothing to help. But I
knew it would serve no purpose if I were to accomplish
only getting myself injured. I could only watch and
feel sorry for her, for both of us.

Rob held his cock buried deep in her throat for several
moments as she struggled to breathe. Then slowly he
drew back, savoring the sensations her tortured mouth
provided. “Now that’s how to suck a cock bitch!” he
exclaimed happily. “Don’t worry; you’re going to get
lots of practice. Before we are done with you, you’ll
be good at it.”

Rob and Jerry were smiling broadly as he slowly forced
his cock back into her mouth. The struggle began again,
but Lynne was restrained and helpless and I guess her
total surrender actually made it easier because Rob’s
cock seemed to slide into her throat much easier this
time. He held her head tight and told her sarcastically
what a good cock sucker she was as he stroked
forcefully down her throat several more times. Then he
released her head and watched amused as she continued
on her own, forcing her lips down to the base of his
cock several more times before he stepped back and
reached down. He picked her up as though she were a
doll and tossed her onto the bed. She started to
stretch out on her back but Rob stopped her.

“Don’t get comfortable cunt. Get up on you hands and
knees. I am going to fuck you like the bitch you are.”

Lynne turned over and got up on her hands and knees.
Rob grabbed her hips and pulled her to the edge of the
bed. He slapped her ass a couple of times, and then he
bent down and bit it, making her jump and squeal. But
she didn’t move away. Then he reached down and slapped
the insides of her thighs, making her move her legs
further apart.

I watched in awe as Rob slid his large cock back and
forth over Lynne’s surprisingly wet slit. Despite all
of the abuse she had suffered her pussy was dripping
wet, the moisture was actually visible on her thighs! I
was worried about this next stage however. Lynne has
the tightest pussy I have had the pleasure to enjoy in
my limited experience. I always had to go real slow at
first, until she could adjust to my cock. Rob’s cock
was significantly larger than mine and he had not shown
any signs of being a gentle and considerate lover.

Lynne was facing me with her eyes closed. I watched her
face as Rob dipped down and pressed the head of his
cock against her pussy. Her knees were actually lifted
off of the bed before the head of his cock slipped past
the opening of her sex. Then her knees sank back to the
bed and her unseeing eyes shot open in shock.

It was amazing to watch as Rob sank his huge cock
deeper and deeper into my wife. I thought she must be
suffering horribly, but as I watched she suddenly
gasped and screamed in orgasm. And he had only half of
his cock buried in her! He laughed and started slapping
her ass again. I watched as more and more of his large
organ disappeared into my wife’s tight pussy. She was
moaning in pain/pleasure as he finally crammed the last
two inches of cock into her, his flat stomach slapping
against the reddening cheeks of her ass.

Her eyes were still open and vacant as she moved back
and forth with each powerful thrust, her breasts moving
violently back and forth beneath her. She was grunting
loudly and muttering under her breath, “Oh god, oh god,
oh god,” over and over for a few minutes and suddenly
she was screaming loudly as she came yet again while
being skewered on that fat cock. She screamed so loudly
I was concerned that the neighbors might hear!

I guess Jerry felt left out. He moved to the foot of
the bed and reached under Lynne and grabbed one of her
wildly swinging breasts. He began squeezing it, then
pinching the nipple and pulling it down stretching her
breast and nipple out grotesquely, and obviously
causing a lot of pain. But she didn’t fight him,
instead she screamed her way through yet another
violent orgasm, and this time Rob joined her.

He started pumping her with long, deep, rapid strokes
and grunting loudly, then he tensed up and quivered,
filling her hot hole with his hot slimy cum. He stood
still for a few moments, his manhood going soft in her
pussy. When the hyper sensitivity had subsided he
pulled out and reached over her and grabbed a handful
of her long blonde hair. He pulled her around and
forced his soft, slime covered cock back into her
mouth, forcing her tired, sore jaws apart once more and
burying his soft manhood to the hilt.

Lynne gagged slightly, but was getting more accustomed
to the rape of her throat and was able to clean his
cock with her mouth without choking. He pulled his cock
out of her mouth and forced her to lick his balls
clean. Even his thighs were a mess and she bathed those
as well. Finally he was finished abusing and
humiliating her and he stepped back. Jerry was
immediately there to take his place.

Jerry grabbed her hair and forced his more normal sized
cock between her lips. Jerry worried me. I suspected he
was the kind of person that enjoyed hurting people. I
would be very glad to see the last of them, but
especially him.

His cock was already hard and he fucked her face
forcefully, reaching down with one hand to again maul
one of her breasts and add to the pain she was forced
to endure. His eyes were closed and there was a look of
pure bliss on his face as he raped my wife’s mouth.

He pulled out after a few minutes and pushed her onto
the bed on her back. She didn’t resist, remaining in
any position she was pushed into. She was on her back
in the center of our king size bed with her legs spread
wide. Her pussy was red and swollen and dripping with
her juices and Rob’s cum. Jerry moved between her legs
and fell on her roughly, knocking the wind out of her.
He lined his cock up and shoved it all the way into her
as she grunted in pain. He reached down and resumed
torturing her breast kissing her passionately and
seeming to enjoy her moans of pain in his mouth. Then
he leaned down and bit her nipple. Not a loving nip,
not a love bite. He bit her nipple, causing her to
scream in pain and I was sure I could see blood!

I shot to my feet but Rob was ready for that. He swung
around and punched me in the gut. All of the wind and
all of the fight were knocked out of me instantly. I
sank back into my chair and watched helplessly as Jerry
glanced over and grinned evilly at me. Then he turned
back and stroked into her violently as he lay there
with all of his weight resting on her body.

He stopped after a while and got back up on his knees.
He reached down and lifted her legs up and he turned to
Rob and said, “Damn man, you really loosened this cunt
up!” Then he pressed her knees down against her breasts
and lined his cock up with her asshole.

Lynne screamed out then. “No! Oh god no! Not there! I
can’t do that! Please, I’ll do anything you want!”

Jerry laughed and said, “You got that right bitch!” And
then I was forced to watch as he forced his cock into
Lynne’s virgin ass right in front of me. Lynne screamed
in pain, over and over, as Jerry forced his cock into
her, obviously enjoying the music of her screams. By
the time he had finally buried his cock in her ass her
screams had turned to pitiful whimpers of pain.

I couldn’t take anymore and turned my head away. Rob
slapped me and told me to keep watching. He said he
didn’t want me to miss any of the fun. I turned back
reluctantly. This wasn’t fun anymore. This wasn’t
erotic anymore. This was abuse and humiliation and rape
and I was getting very worried about Lynne.

Lynne continued to moan and whimper as Jerry plundered
her ass. Thankfully he was very aroused. I suspect he
was aroused as much by the idea of abusing my wife in
front of me as by the abuse itself. He tensed up and
came in my wife’s ass. Then he slowly withdrew from her
and after looking down at her stretched and abused
asshole and joking about it with Rob he let her legs
sink back to the bed and she lay there limp, waiting
for the next attack, the next indignity. She didn’t
have long to wait. Jerry moved up, straddling her body,
his skinny butt resting on her breasts. He grabbed her
hair and pulled her head up, forcing his nasty cock
into her mouth. It made me gag to watch as she was
forced to clean him after he had been in her ass.
Finally he let her go and got off of her.

They sat on opposite sides of the bed with my wife
between them and moved their hands over her admiringly.
They joked about what a hot bitch she was. What a great
cunt she had. And Jerry told Rob that he was really
going to like her ass.

It was very late now and they seemed to finally have
worn themselves out. They ordered me to stretch out on
the floor at the foot of the bed and they stretched out
on either side of Lynne and got ready to go to sleep.

They weren’t leaving! Shit!

Lynne told them she had to go to the bathroom, she was
a mess and she had to pee. Jerry got up and followed
her into the bathroom. I could see them from my place
on the rug. I watched as Lynne sat on the toilet and
tried to pee. She asked Jerry to look away, to let her
have some privacy. Jerry just chuckled and reached down
and shoved two fingers roughly into her pussy. He moved
them in and out several times and then straightened up
and put them to her lips.

She dutifully opened her mouth and sucked on his nasty
fingers. He smirked at her and told her she had better
hurry up, because he had to piss too. She worked her
muscles, working to expel the loads of cum from her
pussy and her ass. As she performed this embarrassing
act in front of Jerry he rubbed his cock over her tit,
just to add to her humiliation.

The house was dark and quiet and I could actually hear
gobs of cum dripping down into the water in the toilet.
Finally the slime quit dripping out of her and she
began to pee. When she had finished she used several
handfuls of toilet paper to clean herself as well as
she could. She stood up and as she moved to the sink to
wash her hands Jerry lifted the toilet seat and began
expelling a strong stream of urine.

Lynne avoided looking at him, embarrassed to even be in
the room with him. But as his stream waned and trickled
to a stop he called her over. He pulled her head down
and made her suck his cock clean.

She groaned at the gross indignity, but she had long
since given up. She knew she could deny these two
monsters nothing. She took his cock, with the last
drops of piss still clinging to the tip, into her mouth
and sucked him clean. I could see the tears running
down her cheeks. As she sucked his cock clean he said
sarcastically, “Happy anniversary sweetheart.”

I wanted to end this somehow. I lay on the floor
listening as they returned to bed and the men drifted
off to sleep. I could hear Lynne lying between them
crying quietly and it was breaking my heart. I tried
desperately to think of some way to get control of this
situation. I couldn’t fight them. I had no weapon. I
considered calling the police, but the longer I spent
trying to decide what to tell them the more I realized
that really wasn’t an option.

Lynne had flirted with these men, well, with Rob. She
had invited them to our table and had not objected when
they invited themselves to our home. Neither had I. We
had not objected when they removed her underwear, or
felt her up, or kissed her. We had said nothing when
they stripped her in the car and took all sorts of
liberties with her.

She had allowed them to lead her from the car to the
house in the nude and had sucked them both, licked
their balls and eagerly acquiesced when her mouth was
pushed over their assholes. In fact, the first time she
had offered more than token resistance was when Jerry
fucked her ass; if you don’t count the slight struggle
when they were having trouble getting there cocks into
her throat.

We had not resisted anything else. Rob had punched me
once when I tried to interfere with the rape of my
wife’s ass, but except for, no, even including that,
there was no evidence that everything that happened
tonight wasn’t consensual. I am sure that if it were
necessary witnesses could be found from the night club
to testify about the behavior my wife exhibited on the
dance floor with Rob. The waitress would probably
remember seeing him with his hands all over her and her
panties on the table. I suspect the only thing we would
get if we called the police was more humiliation.

I don’t know if Lynne got any sleep at all, but I was
exhausted and eventually I fell into a light, fitful
sleep. I woke up once to hear the sounds of Lynne being
forced to suck on a cock. I listened until they
finished and after another long wait managed to get a
little more sleep.

The next morning, Saturday, we slept late. I was
finally kicked awake by Rob and pushed into the
bathroom. I watched as Jerry put Lynne in our large,
glass walled, walk-in shower and turned the water on.
She screamed as the cold water hit her, but she stood
there shivering waiting for the water to warm up. When
it was warm the men got in with her and they moved
against her one in front and one in back. Jerry spoke
softly, asking nobody in particular, “What is the first
thing you have to do when you get up in the morning.”

Rob responded, “I don’t know about anyone else, but the
first thing I always have to do is take a leak.” And
they did. From the looks on their faces I could tell
that as they stood pressed up against Lynne they were
emptying there bladders on her. She didn’t resist, she
knew there was nothing she could do. She just covered
her face in shame and waited for it to be over. Then
they both soaped her up and then let her soap up first
one and then the other of them. They rinsed off and
stepped out of the shower and I handed them fresh
towels as ordered.

Rob said to me, “You stink. And you look like you slept
in your clothes.” Rob is a real comedian. Asshole! He
told me to get undressed and get in the shower. He
ordered me to shave my wife’s pussy and then I was to
shower and dress and come out to the living room. Lynne
was to do her hair and makeup and come out nude.

As soon as they left the room I held her close and she
cried in my arms. I told her I was so sorry, but I
didn’t know what to do. I asked her if she wanted me to
call the cops and let the chips fall where they may.

Lynne hugged me and said, “I’m so sorry Dave. All of
this is my fault. I brought this down on us. Don’t
fight them, they’ll just hurt you, and they’ll always
win. This is my fault and I guess I deserve it. It
can’t last forever. My biggest fear is that you won’t
be able to look at me again, or to love me again.

I assured her that I would love her always. I admitted,
with some embarrassment, that I had actually been
aroused watching, right up until we got to the house
and things started getting out of control. She smiled
at me sweetly, I was glad that she still could. She
said, “We’ll get through this.” Then we kissed and
turned the shower back on.

I soaped her up, and then I used my razor to shave her
already closely trimmed pubic hair. I was surprised
when I saw the result. Since she had so little hair I
didn’t think the difference would be so striking.
Despite all of the abuse she had been subjected to last
night her pussy looked smooth and youthful and it was
all I could do to keep myself from taking her right
there in the shower. But I was afraid of those two
assholes in the living room so, with Lynne’s help I
soaped up, rinsed off and then we got dried off. While
Lynne fixed her hair and makeup I went into the bedroom
and put on some jeans and a t-shirt and sneakers and
went into the living room.

They ignored me so I took a seat and we waited in
silence for Lynne. A few minutes later she came out,
her face blushing bright red despite all she had been
through. I couldn’t help it. Seeing her like that, and
seeing the looks on the faces of Rob and Jerry, I was
incredibly aroused.

Rob pointed to a spot on the floor in front of him and
Lynne moved to that spot and stood. He ran his fingers
over her now bare pussy and urged her to spread her
legs apart with his hand. He admired my handiwork for a
minute and the pushed her across the room to show
Jerry. After Jerry had examined her sweet pussy Rob
stood up and led her back into the bedroom. I thought
he was going to fuck her, but they came back out in
just a few minutes.

Now she was dressed. Well, sort of. She was wearing a
pair of high heeled pumps and a thin, short, lacy, not
quite see-through slip. I could see the outline of her
nipples plainly through the lace portion of fabric that
covered her breasts. And when she stood just right and
the fabric at the bottom rested against her loins, I
could actually make out the dark line of her slit. The
hem was less than two inches below her crotch and when
she turned around I could see that every move she made
displayed a glimpse of her beautiful ass.

I had assumed that these two had plumbed the depths of
our humiliation. I was shocked to learn that they had
just begun. Instead of this hellish encounter being
almost over we were to learn that it had just begun.

Rob turned to me and said, “Grab your car keys and
let’s get going.”

Lynne shook her head and said, “Oh no, please. I can’t
go out like this. Please, I’m begging you.”

They paused to enjoy her extreme discomfort for a
moment and then Rob grabbed her arm and led her to the
door. I grabbed my keys and followed them out, locking
the door as I left. They were walking slowly to the car
and I rushed around to open the doors and let them in.
I glanced up and down the street and saw several
neighbors outside working in their yards. Harry, our
neighbor across the street stood up and waved. But he
had a curious look on his face.

When I hit the button on the key fob the doors unlocked
and Jerry got in on the curb side. Rob, still holding
Lynne by the arm, guided her around to the street side
and opened the door for her. She didn’t have the nerve
to look up and speak to Harry. She did her best to
slide into the car without showing too much flesh to
Harry. I started the car and quickly pulled out and
down the street.

We have a large car, a Lincoln Towncar, and there is a
lot of room in the back seat. The men made themselves
comfortable in the back and then they made Lynne
uncomfortable by sliding her slip down to her waist,
baring her beautiful breasts. We don’t have tinted
windows and Lynne was terrified about being exposed in

Rob directed me to a large, expensive, new hotel near
the airport. They made out in the back as I drove. Rob
kissed Lynne and played with her breasts. Jerry put her
hand in his lap and pushed her slip out of the way and
played with her pussy.

As far as I could tell we made the trip mostly
unnoticed. There was a small group of young teenagers
at one red light that took notice, but we were gone
before the shock wore off and they could react in any

At last I drove into the parking lot of the hotel and
parked. Rob said, “Let’s go.”

I got out and watched as Jerry got out his door and Rob
pulled Lynne out his side with her slip bunched at her
waist. She stood still, head down, blushing bright red
as he slowly and deliberately helped her slip her arms
back into her thin slip. The bottom of the tiny garment
fell back into place, thanks to gravity, and soon her
body was covered, or at least, as much as that tiny
garment could be said to cover.

With Lynne between them the men walked into the lobby
and through it to the elevators. I followed behind,
embarrassed for her, watching as conversations all over
the lobby stopped suddenly and heads turned to watch
Lynne move across the room. I tried not to think about
what they must be thinking, and what she must be
feeling. Rob and Jerry, on the other hand, seemed to
have no shame and in fact seemed to take great pleasure
from our humiliation.

It was an unimaginable relief when the elevator doors
finally closed and we were alone again. Jerry pushed a
button and we went to their floor and down the hall to
their adjoining rooms. Lynne and I watched
uncomfortably as the men gathered their belongings and
piled their luggage near the door. When they were done
Rob called room service and asked for a bellhop with a
luggage cart. Then we waited for his arrival.

While we waited, Jerry went over to Lynne and held her
in his arms. He kissed her and his hands moved down
over her ass and under her slip. She didn’t try to
avoid him, but at first she didn’t kiss him back. Not
until he slapped her ass sharply. She jumped, and then
she put her arms around his neck and kissed him back.
Jerry continued the kiss when the bellhop knocked on
the door and Rob went to open the door.

He came back into the room followed by a young black
man wearing a bellhop’s uniform and pulling a luggage
cart. The bellhop looked embarrassed but he tried to be
discrete and went about loading up the cart. When
luggage had all been loaded on the cart, the bellhop
asked Rob quietly if he would like him to meet them in
the lobby.

Rob smiled at him and asked him if he would like his
tip before they went down. The bellhop smiled and said
sure, expecting to be handed some money. Jerry stepped
back from Lynne and pushed her slip off of her
shoulders and turned her to face the bellhop.

Jerry asked the shocked bellhop if he would like “some
of this” for a tip. The bellhop looked at the faces
around him, not really understanding; sure that it was
some kind of joke. Well, except that there was now a
beautiful, young, naked, white woman standing a few
feet from him.

He turned to Jerry and said, “What’s the catch?”

“No catch,” Jerry said. “I got her all hot, but I don’t
feel like fucking her right now. Go ahead, anything you
want, just don’t fuck her up. I’m going to want to fuck
her later.”

The bellhop moved over and put his arms around my wife,
cautiously, waiting to see who objected. When nothing
happened he kissed her and moved his hands over her. At
first she didn’t move, but Jerry cleared his throat
loudly and she put her arms around his neck and began
to return his kiss. After he was satisfied that nobody
was going to say or do anything, he stepped back and in
less time than it takes to tell it he was out of that
silly uniform. I heard a noise and looked around to see
that Rob was recording everything on a digital movie

When the bellhop was naked he moved back and held Lynne
close for a moment and then pushed her to her knees.
She didn’t resist. She knelt before him and took his
half hard cock into her mouth. The contrast in their
skin colors was incredible. He had the blackest skin I
could ever remember seeing. Lynne was not much for
sunning and her skin was snow white. I am ashamed to
admit it, but I found the sight of the two of them
together to be extremely erotic.

As he pushed more and more of is cock into her mouth
Rob stepped closer for some close-ups. He asked the boy
politely, “Do you mind?”

The kid responded, “Can I get a copy of it?”

Rob didn’t even hesitate. “Sure,” he said. Then he went
back to filming.

The kid fucked her mouth vigorously for a few minutes
and then he helped her up and led her to the unused
bed. She got on the bed and stretched out on her back.
The bellhop took a moment to lick her pussy and then he
was over her and seconds later he was in her, enjoying
the sensations of her beautiful pussy. I guess he was
pretty excited because he came quickly.

He rested with his cock still inside of her and then he
started moving again. Before long he was fucking her a
second time, more violently now, propped up over her
and staring down at her humiliated face. He realized
that she was doing this against her will; it was
obvious from the look on her face. It seemed to
increase his pleasure. He was talking to her quietly.
Calling her names, telling her all the things he would
like to do to her pretty white ass. Rob was getting all
the close-ups he could, making sure to get the look of
anguish on Lynne’s face and capture the quiet
conversation as the boy berated her.

Finally he could control himself no longer and he shot
a second large, hot load of cum into my wife, much to
the amusement of Rob and Jerry. The bellhop got up and
started to dress but Jerry stopped him. “Hold on,”
Jerry said. “You can’t put that thing away like that!
Hey cunt! Get your ass over here and clean up this mess
you made.”

Lynne moaned, but she knew that she couldn’t refuse.
She slid off the bed at the boy’s feet and cleaned his
cock and balls, and the camera caught it all.

Jerry said, “Look at your nasty cunt! Shit, you can’t
go out like that. Get up on the bed.”

Lynne got back on the bed, not knowing what was coming
next, but she knew that if it was coming from Jerry it
was going to be unpleasant.

She was right. He ordered her to scoop up the two loads
of warm cum streaming out of her red, swollen, freshly
fucked pussy and eat it. I guess she was beyond shock
now. With tears running down her cheeks she scooped up
the black boy’s cum and moved her fingers to her mouth
and ate his cum. After she had gotten all of his cum
from her pussy and her thighs Jerry ordered her to
squat down and hold her hand under her pussy and push
out some more.

She did as she was told, gagging slightly as she licked
up the sloppy, smelly mess. By the time she had
finished the kid was hard again and asked about thirds
but Rob apologized and said that we had to go.

We went down to the lobby and Lynne had to stand around
in that tiny slip for more than ten minutes while they
checked out. Conversation had stopped again as we
entered the lobby and a dozen men and some women as
well, stood around gaping at Lynne in her tiny slip. At
last the paperwork was completed and we left the lobby
and returned to our car, with the bellhop following
with the luggage. I was never so happy to leave a room
in my life!

I opened the doors and the trunk and the bellhop loaded
their luggage into the trunk. We got into the car and
Rob walked away from the car a few feet with the
bellhop. He handed him some money and talked to him
quietly for a few minutes. I don’t know what was said
but what ever it was made the kid very happy.

I was ordered to drive home and before I left the
parking lot Rob tossed Lynne’s slip over the back of
the seat and they went to work on her again. I did
notice though that they left her freshly fucked pussy
alone. But the mauling her breasts were receiving
looked painful. That is why I was so surprised when I
heard her moaning and squealing and finally screaming
through a big orgasm. And no one was even touching her

Not long after that I pulled up in front of my house
and got out of the car. There were more people out in
their yards now, and Harry was still across the street
working on his yard. Rob got out and then Jerry got
out, pulling my naked wife after him. I couldn’t
believe it! There were people all over the place. Harry
stood up and his mouth fell open. We all watched as the
three of them walked at a leisurely pace to the front
door. I suddenly realized I wasn’t moving and I rushed
up and opened the door and let them in.

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