A husband suspects his wife of cheating on him

Helen worked for a small firm of accountants in town.
She’d been there around six years and was well liked and
respected within the organization. Her role was
Administration Manager and she looked after a modest
department of secretaries and administrative staff.
Normally, she worked 9 to 5. She returned home
punctually at 5:40 pm or perhaps 5:50 pm on a busy day.

I myself usually got home earlier and so was always
there to greet Helen when she arrived home. Recently
though, she’d been getting in later and later. No
explanations were forthcoming and I felt unable to ask
because she would get irritable if I sought a reason for
her lateness.

At this point I need to briefly explain an episode that
occurred some months ago that had changed things
somewhat for us. When on holiday in Hamburg, Helen had
partaken of two young German studs in a sex club. She
had really enjoyed herself and experienced things with
them that had only previously been dreams and fantasies
for her. Ever since, she’d adopted a rather dominant
bearing with me.

Though at the time, her indulgence with the two men had
tremendously excited me, I now wished it had never
happened because I would often feel somehow edgy in my
own house. Especially as regards Helen’s social and work
arrangements. That information was now off-limits to me.

Since then, sex for me had been limited to the
occasional hand-job from Helen (when she was in a
particularly good mood) and sometimes I was allowed to
give her oral sex or watch her with her vibrators and
dildos. We had not actually had intercourse for months.

Most nights I slept in the spare bedroom as Helen
complained she could not sleep properly with me in the
same bed as her. Now she was regularly getting in late,
I was worried. Although I had insane, secret wanking
sessions with the thought of what she might possibly be
doing, the reality of her actually having some form of
extra-marital activity was too much to accept.

This particular night, Helen got in just before 9pm. She
walked through the door and went straight upstairs
without saying hello or announcing her arrival at all. I
heard her go into her room and shut the door. Time
passed incredibly slowly as I waited patiently for her
to come down. She did not. Half an hour later I crept up
the stairs and listened at her door. Silence.

I opened the door with great care making no sound. I
poked my head through the door and in the dim light, I
saw that Helen was fast asleep on the bed. She lay on
her back, fully dressed on top of the covers. I stepped
inside the dark room, listening carefully for her soft
breathing pattern to change and alert me that she was
waking up. She continued her soft breathing, deep in

As I moved to the side of the bed, I suddenly noticed
that she was not wearing the clothes she wore for work
in the morning. She was wearing a tight white blouse and
a short white skirt with a split down the back. It was
some sort of shiny material like PVC. She was also
wearing stockings.

On the floor, lay some high-heeled shoes that she’d
kicked off. I recalled that morning, I had seen her with
a small suitcase, which I’d presumed was full of
documents. Obviously not. My whole body was trembling
from the suspicion of her apparent disloyalty. I
remained as calm as possible so as not to wake her. I’d
have a lot of explaining to do if she caught me sneaking
around in her room – she would not speak to me for days.

Just before I went to leave the room, she moved her
position in the bed. I froze. She’d turned on her side a
little towards me. Her skirt had ridden up slightly. I
bent down to look at her black stocking tops. As I
stretched my eyes to see in the dark, I noticed that she
wasn’t wearing any knickers!

I looked closer still to see her dark pubic hair.
Suddenly, a globule of white liquid slowly dribbled out
of her vagina and ran down between her thighs. I sniffed
gently and caught the unmistakable smell of sperm. She
moved again and more oozed out of her. She gave a gentle
sigh and went on sleeping. I left the room.

Nothing was said the next morning other than ‘hello
darling’ and ‘did you sleep well.’ I was pleasant and
polite and did not bring up the incident, even though I
had spent a sleepless night of resentment and
apprehension. As she walked out the door to go to work,
I noticed that she did not have her little suitcase. The
day passed without significant event and when I arrived
home I felt I may have made a mistake last night and
there was probably some rational explanation for my
wife’s seemingly strange behaviour.

When she arrived home at 5.40pm we had dinner together
and watched TV. Things were quite agreeable and we even
shared a few stories about our day. Later on, when we
were getting ready for bed, Helen was in the bathroom
and I realized I needed a new duvet cover, which was in
a drawer in her bed.

I went into her room and got the cover out the drawer.
Just before I closed the drawer, I noticed a folded slip
of paper down the side. I opened it up and recognized
Helen’s handwriting. The note said: Paul – (his phone
number). I folded it back up and kept it in my hand.

I returned to the spare room and made my bed. When I
heard Helen finish in the bathroom and go to her room I
followed her in. She looked at me as if to say ‘what the
hell are you doing?’ I held the note in front of her.

“What is this?” I said in a low voice.

“Oh it’s nothing, a guy from work. I needed to call him
about something.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“You don’t have to!” she shouted.

“Look Helen, I’ve been as mature as I can about things
here lately, but you coming in late and me finding notes
like this. What am I supposed to think?”

She looked directly into my eyes and smiled.

“I thought we had a little understanding.”

“Yes… I know but – this is real Helen. I’d at least
like to know where you’re going and who with!”

“I’m afraid that’s none of your business,” she said
calmly. Already Helen was completely in control of this
situation and I felt I was in the wrong and I should
just shut up. But I remembered my bitterness in bed the
other night and could not face another night like that
without at least saying something.

“Well I’m not happy at all. I’d like to know what’s
going on,” I said weakly.

“Would you. Would you like to know?” she said smiling.
“Yes,” I said.

She paused for a minute and just stared at me. She
looked me up and down and kept a subtle but spiteful
smirk on her face.

“OK. I’ve been seeing this guy called Paul for a couple
of weeks. I met him at a club out with Judith. I’ve been
seeing him at his house.”

My hands started shaking and she snatched the note out
of my hands.

“What? I don’t believe I’m hearing this.”

“I told you in Hamburg that I’d have my own boyfriends
occasionally. This is one of them.”

“I didn’t think you really meant it.”

“Well I did.”

I felt utterly pathetic that my wife was getting her sex
elsewhere now. No wonder she didn’t want intercourse
with me anymore. “Have you been sleeping together?” I
asked mindlessly. “If you mean have we been fucking
together – then yes we have,” she growled.

I bowed my head.

“If it’s any consolation,” she said, “I won’t be seeing
him anymore. He’s only a young lad about twenty-five or
something. He’s nice, but not anything to write home
about. It was just a bit of excitement having a fit
young lad lusting over me. But his cock’s nothing
special – a hell of a lot bigger than yours of course –
but nothing of any use to me. Not compared to those
lovely Germans boys. Anyway I finished with Paul last
night. I won’t be seeing him anymore.”

A tear escaped down my cheek and I felt completely
feeble in front of my beautiful wife who was now calling
all the shots. I couldn’t look her in the eye.

“Shall I pack my bags and leave?” I said.

“Don’t be silly. That’s ridiculous! You knew this was
going to happen sooner of later. It doesn’t mean the end
of us though. I’m not going to leave you. We have a good
thing here. Keep each other company, respectable jobs,
nice house – it’s very convenient. And I still care
about you.”

I burst into tears not knowing what to think anymore.
She put her arms around me and hugged me to her. She
kissed my forehead and stroked the back of my head like
a baby.

“Sleep in here with me tonight,” she said gesturing to
the bed. “Come on, get your things off and let’s get you
into bed.” I took my clothes off and got into bed
without a word. She put her white silk nightie on and
snuggled in next to me. I was in a strange limbo land
somewhere between anguish and bliss.

I felt totally blank, as if I could not even think
without her. She cradled me in her arms and kissed my
cheek. Then she did something she’d done once before
just after Hamburg, without saying a word. She produced
a tube of KY jelly and still cradling me with one arm,
applied some tenderly to my ass hole. She then produced
a little rubber butt plug and gently but purposefully
inserted it into me.

“There we are now. You’re all mine. Go to sleep for me
now.” I squirmed a little and she put her hand across
both my buttocks to still me. The palm of her hand
rested between my buttocks and she gently patted my ass,
ensuring the plug was firmly in place. Which it was.
Eventually I did fall into a deep blissful sleep with
the intrusion in me all night. But I was safe with Helen
next to me. It was her will and not to be questioned
after all.

In the morning, I brought Helen tea and toast in bed.
She sat up and smiled broadly at me, stroking my hand as
I placed the tray on her lap. We sat together and talked
for a short while. She looked as bright and young as I
had seen her for ages. I felt confused but happy that my
Helen was allowing me into her life again. She finished
her breakfast and put the tray on the floor.

“I have a proposition for you darling,” she said. “It’s
rather strange but you just might like it.”

I frowned slightly but then smiled at her.

“Go on, tell me.”

Helen lowered herself down the bed and started stroking
my chest and nipples. She whispered into my ear.

“You know I have a liking for large men. Well, large
cocks to be more specific. Well there’s a black guy at
the club Judith and I go to. His name’s Ray. He’s
something of a ladies man by all accounts. I was talking
to a girl called Katie at the club last week who used to
go out with him. We got chatting. She told me that he
uses women purely for his pleasure and is very arrogant,
but has the biggest cock she’s ever seen and he knows
how to use it.”

Helen kissed me on the cheek. She reached down and felt
my penis was erect. She smiled at me and kissed me
again. She started gently wanking me.

“He was a bastard with her from day one, and she knew
it. But she went out with him for five solid months
because she loved getting fucked silly by his monster
dick. She’d never had anything like it. The first time
they screwed, it took him ten minutes to get it in she
told me, inch by inch. From that moment on, she’d orgasm
three or four times every time they fucked. She
worshipped him and did exactly as she was told – slave
to the pleasures of his giant cock.”

Helen was furiously wanking my little dick now and I
summoned up all my powers to refrain for coming.

“Katie’s never been the same since, ” Helen laughed,
“she actually warned me off him because ‘once you’ve
tried black, you never go back’. I told her to put a
word in for me anyway. I’m going to the club tonight
darling is that OK? I want to meet him. Can I go

At that moment I could hold back no longer. I ejaculated
all over the place as Helen continued to wank me.

“Can I go then? I want to meet Ray. Can I go tonight?” I
moaned and shuddered with ecstasy. Helen smiled tenderly
at me as she milked the last dribbles of cum from me.
She let my cock go soft in her hand and then patted it
gently before whispering into my ear, “I’ll take that as
a Yes.”

Helen got up from the bed and got her work things

She also packed a little case with some other clothes.
Just before she left she came back into the room and
again whispered into my ear: “Don’t wait up for me. And
clean my room up before you go to work. And don’t let me
catch you in here again.”

She swirled out of the room. My heart sank as I listened
to her go down the stairs and out through the front
door. She left me in the bed sprawled over the duvet,
the fresh cum over my thighs and stomach.

That day was a blur of anxiety and tremendous nervous
tension. I just about held it together at work and
dashed home with the feint hope that she might have
changed her mind and would be sat in front of the TV
drinking coffee. When I arrived home, the house was in
darkness. There was no one there. I made myself some
dinner and read a book for a little while.

I was so tired from the strain of worry that I simply
had to go to bed. Before I went up stairs I poured
myself an extra large brandy and downed the lot. That
would at least guarantee sleep. I crept up to the spare
room, undressed and climbed under the soft covers. I
drifted into a strange, bottomless sleep.

After an unknown time, I was awoken suddenly by the
creak of the bedroom door opening. It was Helen. Light
streamed in through the door and blinded me for a
moment. She tottered into the room, under the influence
of alcohol and wearing the sluttiest clothes I had ever
seen her wear – a tight black rubber mini skirt, seamed
stockings, white patent stilettos, and a white silk
blouse under which she was wearing her white see-thru
bra. She was also heavily made up with thick eyeliner,
blusher and glossy, red, cock-sucking lipstick.

“Hello darling. How’ve you been tonight? Sleep well?”

“I had an early night. What time is it?”

“That’s so like you darling,” she laughed. “It’s half
past three. I’ve had a wonderful night. But there’s
someone downstairs I want you to meet.”

“What! At this time… is Judith staying over again?”
She shook her head.

“Well who then?” I exclaimed. I looked at her and she
smiled at me.

“It’s Ray. He’s downstairs. I’ve told him all about you.
And your little problems.”

I froze in the bed. She tilted her head back and laughed
softly. Suddenly, a serious look came over her face.

“Listen, this is what I want. Do you want to please me?
Do you want to stay with me?”

“Yes Helen. Don’t say that. You know I want to stay with

“Well do as I say then,” she snarled. “I’ve brought Ray
round to meet you. Just so we all understand each

I looked at her closely. By now, I had totally woken up.
All traces of lethargy had left me entirely. I looked
into Helen’s eyes. She was not joking. She wanted me to
get dressed and come downstairs to meet Ray.

“I’d better get dressed and come down then,” I remarked

“Yes. But I think it would be nice if you put these on.”
She gave me a neatly folded pile of her clothes. Little
white panties, her white silk nightie and some white
heels, like she had on. I looked at her with my mouth

“Oh yes and let’s get some lipstick on you. We can’t
have Ray seeing you like that.”

She took hold of my chin, shut my mouth and applied some
of her red lipstick to my lips and then proceeded to
line my eyes with black liner and apply a little pink
blush to my cheeks.

“There we are – now come on and get these clothes on
right now.”

I stood from the bed and slipped into the little panties
and nightie. I felt ridiculous and pathetic. I stepped
into the heels and stood in front of my wife. She looked
at me and smiled. She nodded her approval and then took
my hand and led me downstairs. I had no time to think.
In a blur, I was marched straight into the front room
and toward the sofa, on which, was sat a very large
black gentleman.

“I’ve heard a lot about you my friend,” said Ray in a
deep, thick voice. “Come over here and sit next to me
for a minute.” I looked at Helen and she just nodded,
her eyes suggesting that I’d better do as I was told. I
walked slowly over in my heels and nightie and sat down
next to Ray. He was a huge man.

Though he was sitting I estimated that he must stand six
foot six at least. He was wearing soft black cotton
trousers and a black shirt. His leather jacket was on
the side of the arm. There was a very masculine smell
about him and I felt almost as meek in front of him as I
did my wife. “You know what I’ve got in here?” he asked
touching his cock through his trousers.”

I shook my head foolishly, incapable of any sort of
speech whatsoever.

“In here is a very large, thick cock. The sort of cock
that most women only ever see on porno films. But this
is very real. Your wife wants it inside her. I’ve fucked
a lot of women with it.

Housewives, college girls, sluts, business women,
cleaning ladies, widows, fat chicks – pretty much most
kinds of women. But they all do the same thing. They
worship it,” he said pointing to the bulge in his

“Every woman wants a really big cock inside her at least
once. When they get it, they want more. Word spreads.
Some women dream about it day after day. That’s why I’m
here now. Your wife wants a big black cock to show her
whose boss. I’m going to go upstairs and squeeze this
into her tight pussy. She tells me that she wants you to
watch. Is that what you want too?”

A powerful desire to simply run in the opposite
direction came over me. But I could not. I stood still.
Ray lifted himself in the seat slightly and pulled his
trousers down. He was not wearing any underwear. I
stared at the enormous penis lying languid but noble
against my sofa. Though he was not erect or excited in
any way. But even so, it was a thick, dark, magnificent
black cock. I feared what it would look like when
aroused and how undisciplined my wife would probably

“Yes I… I’d like to watch,” I said in a trance.

Helen walked slowly over to me, kissed me on the cheek
and told me to go into the kitchen and make herself and
Ray a drink. I was told to put it on a tray and leave it
outside Helen’s bedroom door, where I would then wait to
be admitted into the room. Without further ado, Helen
and Ray, hand in hand, went upstairs and disappeared
into her room. I listened for a moment from downstairs
and heard gentle laughter and much rustling about. I
made the drinks – a brandy for Ray and a vodka and
orange for Helen.

When I arrived outside the bedroom door with tray I
knocked lightly on the door and said ‘your drinks are
here when you’re ready – I can bring them in or leave
them outside.’ I heard Helen laugh. “Why thank you,”
said Ray from inside the room, “come on in, and serve
our drinks.”

I did not know what to expect. What scene would meet me
behind that door. What would they be doing? I turned the
handle and walked slowly inside.

Helen was lay spread-eagled on the bed face down. Her
hands were cuffed to the iron head stead and her feet
were similarly tied to the posts at the base of the bed.
She was still wearing her heels. I halted on the spot
and just stared. Ray stood beside her completely naked
and massaging his growing penis.

“Your wife has expressed an interest in bondage,” he
affirmed. “Also an attraction to a little corrective
punishment – bottom spanking. I’m going to make her
lovely white ass red raw before I go inside.”

Helen moaned approval from the bed.

“Put Helen’s drink on the bedside table and bring mine
to me,” he said.

I did as I was instructed.

“From now on, this is a fantasy room only and I’m in
charge,” said Ray. “You go and sit on that chair in the
corner while I punish this slut. I’m going to let you
watch me belt her and then fuck her. Then you will leave
us in peace. OK?”

“Yes Ray,” I said.

I sat in the corner, still wearing the nightie, panties
and heels and was as quiet as a mouse while Ray stood
looking at my wife, wanking his cock which had now grown
to an incredible size stuck out in front of him. He
walked over to his trousers folder over a chair and
slipped the belt from between the hoops.

“Now, you little slut. You want a big black cock in
you?” “Oh yes please Ray. I’ll do anything. I am yours.”

“You want a proper fucking with a big black dick. Want
your cunt widened?” he stroked the cock in front of her
eyes. Helen’s eyes bulged. It was her first good look at
it. She could not hide her excitement and trembled at
the sight of it.

“Oh yes please I do.”

“Then I’m going to give you a belting. It’s just
something I like to do to instill a sense of respect.
When it’s finished, your ass is mine all night OK?”

Helen let out a little whimper. This seemed to be an
episode that had been discussed between the two of them
to some extent. But it did not detract from the drama of
what was about to happen. My cock got hard instantly and
I was afraid I would shoot before anything occurred.

Without a word, Ray brought the belt down hard across
Helen’s protruding white buttocks. Crack. Before she
could cry out – another swift blow on her ass. Helen
wailed with pain and joy.

“This is my ass Helen. All mine. I want it red before I
go into you.”

She could not speak through the red-hot pain that seared
through her buttocks.
Ray needed no further encouragement. He gave six more
hard blows with the broad leather belt – her buttocks
now glowing red. She cried into the pillow and hot tears
muffled her whimpering and howling. A few more strikes
and she was lost in a flood of throbbing rapture.

“That’s a good girl,” said Ray. “Now all we need is a
little cream to soothe your pink buttocks and maybe even
juice you up so I can fit inside you. Come over here
young man,” he boomed pointing to me without looking at

I hurried over in my heels being mindful not to fall and
stood beside him looking down at my wife’s stinging
crimson ass. My cock was hard in the little panties and
I was extremely near the point of no return.

“I want you to jack off over her ass and rub it in. Be
sure to rub some over her cunt too so I can ease myself

I stood immobile. Unsure whether this was some teasing

My fingers went to my stiff little dick and played
around it lightly. “If you don’t hurry up and squirt
over her, I’ll have to force this in her,” he gripped
his cock, “and without and lube she may get ripped open.
It’s happened before.”
With that, Ray took hold of the side of my panties and
tore them off. My cock sprang up and I immediately took
hold of it. I moved closer to Helen’s ass and started
wanking furiously over it.

“My, my, that certainly is a little thing you have
there. It’s like a young boys. You guys shouldn’t marry
horny ladies like this slut. She’ll never treat you
right if you can’t keep her satisfied.” Ray placed his
hand over my buttocks and rubbed them with his palm very

“Come on boy, do it for Helen.”

Within seconds, I shot my load all across her buttocks
and up the small of her back. With my penis still
spasming I quickly rubbed the sperm into her buttocks.
She screamed out with pain. Ray smacked my bottom and
told me to be more careful with her freshly beaten ass.
I gently massaged the sperm into her buttocks and
slightly inside her vagina opening. It was very, very
wet already and I doubted she needed lubricating at all.
I dared not say a thing however.

“Good now go over and sit in your chair,” said Ray
finally. I positioned myself back in the chair and sat
fatigued but nevertheless thrilled at the prospect of
what was now going to happen.

“Have I been a good girl,” came the tiny voice from
Helen. “Yes. And now you’re going to get what you
deserve,” said Ray kneeling onto the bed behind her.

He positioned himself over her and rubbed his mighty
penis over her buttocks. She quivered with delight and
arched her back to press her buttocks harder against his
erection. He continued rubbing himself between her
buttocks. The sight of this huge ebony cock nestling
between my wife’s plush, white cheeks was too much. I
almost shot my load there and then.

“That’s a beautiful ass you’ve got. And a gorgeous
little asshole too. But I don’t think I’ll ever get in
there,” he laughed. “Maybe next time I’ll bring my
friend along to help out. He’s got nice long one. With
that rooted right up you I think you’ll go frantic you
little tart. You’ll love it. But we’ll save that for
next time.”

Ray moved back a little on the bed and positioned the
crown of his cock at her entrance. He pushed it slowly
into her. She groaned deeply. The head schlupped inside.
He pushed more and let another few inches into her. Her
fingers grasped at the bed. She wriggled about as if
suddenly trying to escape her fate in a panic.

Ray brushed his hand through her hair. “There, there.
There’s nowhere to go. Just relax and let me fill you
up. And then, when I’m all the way in, you’ll be mine.”

He pushed more and with each careful thrust, more of her
cunt was filled with glistening black meat. Helen
emitted a bizarre pattern of whines and moans as the
process of filling her up continued. My cock was
beginning to get hard again. With a final push Ray got
his entire cock inside my wife. She squirmed on the bed,
unable to avoid the sensation of total possession.

“There we are. Now be a good girl while I enjoy myself.”
Ray then withdrew the thick cock from her – her lips
stretching to capacity and sucking tight around his huge
shaft. He withdrew nearly the whole ten inches and then
smoothly, ever so smoothly, drove it back inside her.

Again he withdrew and then thrust back inside. Helen’s
vagina sucking desperately at the intruder inside her
but with no control over the might of Ray’s massive
organ. Helen began wriggling desperately on the bed. Ray
clutched her arms with his and held her in place. He
shouted at her to keep still. He picked up his tempo and
began fucking her harder. She screamed and shook
violently as he persistently probed her.

“I’m cumming!! I’m cumming!!” she wailed.

“Already baby? OK let it all go, it’ll make things
better.” She quaked all over and let out another shriek
of euphoria as an orgasm rushed through her body. Ray
released his hold on her arms a little, now her vagina
was getting hungry for more. She did not resist. She
forced her wanton white ass back onto him with his every
thrust until she was in complete harmony with his
majestic strokes. He started to lightly spank her bottom
as he fucked her. This seemed to increase her

“Don’t stop Ray. Fuck me forever. I want this I want you
in me. Stretch me!”

“I’m going to have you all night. Fill you with cream.
Fuck you again. I want you to drink me all up too. I
want this pussy wide open for me for next time.”
“Cream me baby. Come in me. It’s all yours.”

Ray started grunting and battered his giant cock into
Helen’s overwhelmed cunt viciously. This went on and on.
It was mesmerizing. Helen simply abandoned herself to
him and cried rhythmically while he banged and banged
into her.

Eventually, finally, victoriously, Ray roared out as he
fucked brutally into her and ejaculated deeply into her
pulsing vagina. Helen shook again racked with a massive
orgasm as the pulsing black cock twitched and throbbed
inside her, filling her with prime masculine seed. He
lay over her. Her beautiful white body crushed by Ray’s
huge black bulk, his softening cock still possessing
her. She wept into her pillow and stroked Ray’s thigh
with her nails.

“Don’t leave me Ray. I’ll be your special fuck. I’ll do
anything… anything for you.”

I couldn’t believe my wife was talking in this way.
She’d only met him hours before at the club. Now he
seemed to own her. And she wanted to be owned by him.

“I’ll rest up for half an hour,” he sighed. “Then I want
you again. Hands and knees next time. Really get it all
up you that way.”

“Oh yes.. yes.. anything Ray. I’m so happy. I feel like
a real woman. Do you like me Ray? Do I please you?”

“Just lie back down,” he said gently removing his cock
from her. Sperm oozed out of her and dribbled between
her thighs. Helen obediently lay back down. Ray released
her from her bondage and deftly turned her over to lay
her drowsy form on her back.

He whispered something into Helen’s ear. She said ‘yes.’
Then Ray walked over to me and put his hand on my

“I need you to lend a helping hand. I want you to get
over there and lick your wife’s pussy clean for me.
She’s full of my cum. It needs cleaning out.”

I’d dreamt about moments like this, but now it was
happening I was uncertain whether I would like it or
not. Ray’s hand remained on my shoulder, gripping it
ever so slightly. I got up and walked over to Helen. I
knelt on the bed between her legs and took a good look
at her pussy. It was red and swollen. A miniature
waterfall of fresh, buttery sperm leaked out of her but
no doubt there was still gallons left inside.

I leant down between her legs and lapped my tongue over
her lips. The tang of sperm hit the back of my throat
and for an instant I was overwhelmed with the strong
aroma of Ray’s cum. I continued licking. Helen moaned
gently and as she moved slightly, a pool of sperm
trickled out of her and onto my lips. I opened my mouth
and drank it down. It was a strange taste, though it did
not make me wretch.

I gulped it right down and felt it settle in the pit of
my stomach. I moved my hands to Helen’s vaginal lips and
opened them wider. I lapped at her cunt like a hungry
dog and began working my way around to clean the sperm
from her. I poked my tongue inside and teased more from
inside her. She clenched her buttocks and shoved her
mound to my mouth. Another glob of spunk passed into my
mouth and I readily drank it down.

“Good boy,” said Ray, “you’re doing a fine job. Now
finish up and get yourself into the spare room while I
go and freshen up in the bathroom. Make sure you’re gone
by the time I get back.” Then he left the room.

For the first time in a while, I was alone with Helen.

Her hand moved down the bed and stroked my head as I
continued licking her clean. She played with my hair and
moaned contentedly. No words were exchanged. It was
unnecessary. I got her as clean as I could and then
slowly moved to get up from the bed. But before I could
get up, Helen grasped my arm to stop me. She then
reached down to her side of the bed and produced the
butt plug she had used on me before.

I turned around and offered my ass to her. She lifted up
the nightie and pulled my little knickers down. With her
other hand she put her fingers into her vagina and got
them good and wet with her own juices and the remnants
of Ray’s cum. She then smeared them around my asshole
and poked one or two inside me.

Finally, she squeezed the plug into my ass, all the way
in until the wide plastic base was all that could be
seen flush against my ass. She pulled the panties back
up, adjusted my nightie and gave me a gentle pat on the

I got up and left the room. I shut the door behind me
and went into the spare room and got into bed, not
daring to remove my new clothes. For the next hour or
so, I listened to Helen and Ray’s ferocious fucking
sessions before I could take no more and succumbed to a
sweaty, troubled sleep.

Mercifully, by the time I woke up, Ray had already left,
and I later heard Helen showering and then leave for
work as normal. I was not in work that day and spent the
entire morning in bed dozing. When I finally did get up
I cleaned Helen’s room, then my own, undressed from the
heels, nightie and panties and had a good soak in the
bath. When I went downstairs to make myself something to
eat, there was a little note on the kitchen table.

It read as follows: “Darling, thank you for last night.
You were a good boy. I hope you enjoyed yourself half as
much as I did. Ray thought you were a good sort too and
said I was lucky to have such an understanding husband.
I’m seeing him again tonight at his place. He said his
friend might come along too. So I won’t be back until
tomorrow night. He’s really not as bad as people make
out. And he does have the most magnificent cock doesn’t
he! I’m already under his spell. Take care. Lots of
love, Helen.”

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