A hot day in my life


When I went away to college and told people I was from Bennington Vermont, almost everyone made the comment “oh, so you were from the town with the playboy rated #1 girls’ school for fun.” Here I grew up in a town and never knew that the college had that reputation for years, even though it was co-ed when I was in high school.
When I went home for the first time that fall I took a ride over to the school. It was a weekend and I was allowed in by security for some reason, parked and walked around the campus. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but had to check out the place.

After walking around awhile I had passed a few other girls but nothing seemed wild or anything. I then saw the student union and figured I would check it out. I walked in and the place was pretty empty, but there were girls sitting around a few here and there and the snack bar was opened. I grabbed a soda to not look too out of place. When I finished it I figured I would leave, I didn’t have a plan and what ever I thought I would find was probably pretty dumb. I saw a ‘girls’ bathroom and figured I would pee before heading back to my car. When I was in the stall I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was graffiti all over the walls. School had been open for about a month and they must have pained over all this stuff during the summer. The stuff on the walls reminded me of being in men’s rooms, not what you saw in ladies rooms. Most of the stuff looked to be from rival sororities and it was wild, almost all the writing was about the other groups being a bunch of lesbians, but each had a colorful way of accusing the others of “dikes, muff divers, carpet munchers, ass eaters” and the such and the others were about who were “jocks, uglies, fake tits” etc. I found it more comical than a turn on, but I got a renewed push that I could have some fun here. Then I found something towards the bottom of the stall. It read “hey freshman- you are in the wrong spot, check out 1st floor toilet, last stall.” Well that is all I needed as a push to get up and leave the spot I was sitting.

I walked around the general area of the first floor and then found the stars that lead down stairs. I looked around to see if anyone was watching, actually hoping someone was.
I walked around the first floor for probably 3 minutes trying to find the bathrooms and finally came upon them. I walked in and the lights popped on, I was obviously the only here and no-one had been here for at least the time the motion detector was set for.
I walked to the last stall, pulled down my jeans and hot orange thong and took a seat.
Here too there was writing on the wall but this was more on the sex side- girls posting little ads about themselves like “tall- buxom- slut yours for the taking” and then there were times to meet here or at other places on the campus I guessed by the names.
I was getting turned on reading the stuff on the wall and kept reading, My favorite was a little bit of a story that was something like “came here to pee and wound up eating pussy for 2 hours, girls just kept lining up- my tongue was so sore I could hardly talk for a week.” I was so jealous. I was starting to rub my wet pussy when suddenly I heard a girl yelling something out in the hall. Then the door slammed open and this girl was either talking to someone in a hall or herself, I heard:
“fuckin bitch, I can’t believe she did that…it got all over my shirt…” I could see her back now at the sink. There was obviously no-one else with her at this point. She pulled off her top and I could see her looking at it. I then heard her said “bitch I can’t believe it.” She then looked up at the mirror and I ducked back out of her site line, I then heard ‘fuck me, my bra too?” I moved my head back and saw the girl taking her bra off. I looked into the mirror and from when I was sitting they looked big – but firm. I felt like I should cough or flush the toilet or something but I was enjoying this kind of voyeurism.

I then saw her head tilt and again she sounded upset. “What a whore she got my shorts- I am going to kill her.” I couldn’t see what the other girl had spilled or thrown at her, but it must stain the way she was yelling. The girl then pulled her shorts down to her ankles. I was looking square at her beautiful butt. She was wearing a pair of black thongs and the butt strap was barely visible between her cheeks. She was untying her sneakers that obviously had a knot as it was taking her a while and she continued to swear… but I was getting a great view. She finally stood up and went back to the sink. I couldn’t take it any longer and I slid a finger between my labia. I didn’t think I had made a noise but I suddenly heard “Is there someone in here?” I looked up and I was not visible from the mirror- or I didn’t think I was as I couldn’t see her. Again I heard “who’s in here?”

I heard the girl push open the other two stall doors and knew she was coming to my door. She didn’t push on the door, she peaked in through the crack that I was looking out, she looked in and saw me. I had my hand covering my pussy, but my naked legs were still visible to her. “Open this door” she barked. I am submissive to begin with so I didn’t think twice about leaning forward and unhooking the door. The girl pushed the door in and was standing in the doorway looking down at me. I was looking at this beautiful girl with amazingly perfect naked tits. She was sizing me up too I guess as there was silence for a moment or two and then she said loudly “what have you been doing in here?” I didn’t respond. “Have you been staring at my ass while I have been cleaning my clothes?” she asked. I just kind of shrugged my shoulders. “You have haven’t you? You been fucking staring at my ass, and I would imagine fingering your self at the same time, am I right?” I think I gave a little bit of a nod, or was frozen, one of the two.

She laughed, took a step into the stall and closed the door. She turned around and faced the door and bent a little and removed her thong. Her butt was probably a foot from my face. She looked over her shoulder and said- “well now you can eat it instead of just looking.” She backed up another step and spread her feet a little more. I lean forward and down and started to lick the back part of her labia. I had just made contact when the girl yells ‘I said my ass not my pussy. You were looking at my ass- now you get to taste it- shove your tongue in my hole, don’t worry its clean.” Now at this point I had been with a bunch of girls and had fingered some asses, but hadn’t licked many. I figured “what the hell” and went for it. I licked up and down her crack a few times and then when to work on her anus. I must have been doing a good job as the girl was moaning a few moments after I started. The girl then took her hands and spread her cheeks and I was able to get deeper inside her- her moaning increased and then she said “OK- don’t stop what you are doing, but rub two of your fingers along my pussy.

I did as I was told and ran my fingers between her labia- they were swollen in anticipation and as I ran my fingers between them I was rewarded with the wetness that must have been filling her pussy. I rubbed back and forth in time with my licking. She then said, through her moaning, “OK shove them inside me.” I pointed my fingers up a little and on the run between her labia my fingers slid up into her hot wet pussy. The girl let out a little bit of a scream and I fingered her harder. Her ass mussels seemed to relax and my tongue was even deeper inside her. I could feel the girl starting to cum as her body was starting to shake to say nothing of the increased verbal moaning and screaming. I suddenly heard the outdoor door open. I started to withdraw my tongue and the girl pulled my head back into her ass. She kept screaming in her climax.

I then heard a voice from outside the stall, in a regular tone of voice. “Hey Maggie, are these your clothes out her on the counter?” The girl I was playing with responded through her moans “yes, they’re mine.” The other girl said “well I am going to move them over a bit…. By the way who you got in there, I am sure you will have to tell me as I am sure you have her mouth tied up?” Maggie, now I knew her name, responded “must be a freshman, never saw her before.” The girl from the outside said back “well leave some tongue for me, I am horny as hell today.” Maggie didn’t respond but I could tell she was coming down from her climax a bit. I kept my attack up for a few more minutes and then Maggie reached behind her and pushed my forehead away from her ass.

It was nice to breath, and I kept my fingers inside her till she removed those as well. She turned around and looked at me and said “good job rookie… I’ll introduce you to Sue.” She opened the door and left the stall with her panties still in her hand. I pulled up my thong and realized they would be soaked in a minute as my pussy was on fire. I then pulled up my jeans and walked out of the stall. The other girl was sitting up between the sinks. Her back was up against the mirror and her feet were up on the sides of her butt giving me a perfect view of another completely shaved pussy. I hadn’t said a word yet and Sue says “cute, I can’t believe I missed you at orientation.” I kept it quiet for the moment that I didn’t go to their school. Maggie said “Sue this is – um, Rookie” I reached my hand out and said “it’s Sheryl.” Sue took my hand and instead of shaking it, pulled it towards her breast and then rubbed it around her chest. I didn’t need any more encouragement and I started to feel her up. She pulled my head close to her and then started to kiss me. She pulled my hair a little and pulled me away from her just a little bit—“So Maggie had you do her ass, huh?” she smiled as she had said it and then pulled me back in for another kiss. She then used my hair again to control my head, she pulled me away from her face and pushed me between her legs. I was now in much more familiar territory and went to work on her labia, clit and pussy. Sue never let go of my hair, she seamed to enjoy steering me around the area I was working on.

After a few a minute or two Maggie and Sue started to talk about stuff as if they were at a coffee table or something. However I noticed that they both used the words “fuck and cunt” like they were “this or that.” Maggie was getting dressed and when she was done Sue said to her “Well knowing you; this little girl’s pussy has not had any attention from you or her own hand since she has been in here?” Maggie responded “well I don’t know what she did before I got in here, but as you know she wasn’t in here for more than a couple of minutes before I came in.” I kept up my oral attack of Sue, but realized that a lot of this must have been staged, but I didn’t care.
I thought Sue was giving a hint to Maggie to undo my pants and get me off, after all I was bent over the counter and was very accessible. Maggie finally said “well let me go upstairs and see who’s around. Maybe one of your fellow field hockey jocks can come down here and lap her up.” At that Maggie came over next to me and my head was pulled off of Sue’s pussy (by Sue’s hand”) and my face was turned to Maggie’s. She gave me a nice long French kiss. She then pulled away and said “Why Sue, you showered this morning” Maggie looked at me and continued “she loves to come down here after practice sometimes- you would taste her for days.” Maggie laughed hard and pushed my head back between Sue’s legs and I went back to work.

Sue was nearing her climax when the bathroom door opened up. I looked up and there was another good looking girl, my gosh everyone at this school seemed to be a beauty. This girl looked younger than Sue or Maggie. She looked at us and said “Miss Maggie sent me down here and told me I should do what I am told.”
Sue laughed and said “are you a pledge?” the girl said she was. Sue said “OK cunt, take off your clothes and then I will tell you what to do.” The girl thanked Sue and started to get undressed. My head was grabbed and put back between her legs. I sucked on her clit for a few moments. Sue liked this and started to moan for the first time. The girl then said “what now Miss?” I looked up and the girl was cute and hot, her pussy was also shaved. Sue said “turn around” the girl did what she was told and my eyes almost popped out of my head. There was a hot pink circle around the girl’s hole. Sue laughed- I guess she was looking at me. Sue said “So I guess you are pledging under Mistress Kathleen?” “Yes Miss” the girl responded. Sue then asked “Is that the first sized plug?” “No Miss, I am up to the second size- the first one was white.” Sue looked at me and said “The sorority she is pledging is the one Maggie is president of and as you have learned from your session with her, she has a fascination with the female ass.”

Sue then put me back to work on her pussy and said “do what your were doing to my clit, I liked that.” I went back to sucking and flicking her clit with my tongue. Sue then instructed the girl to undo my pants, which she did. In a matter of moments the girl had be undressed from the waist down and my legs were apart as much as they could be and still reach Sue’s pussy. Sue then told the girl to sit on the floor facing my pussy with the back of her almost under the counter. She then told her to eat me out.
I thought I was going to cum when the tip of the girls tongue touched my labia. Gosh did I need this. The girl started lapping me from bottom to top. I was moaning into Sue’s pussy, where I was now working; having left her clit a minute before.
Sue was defiantly close to cumming, I wasn’t far off and the other girl was working me hard. Sue yelled down to the other girl “Hey Cunt, you can finger yourself if you want, no matter what your mistress says, remember Maggie told you to do what you were told by me- do you understand?” The girl pushed way from me and said “oh, thank you most generous Miss.” I then heard the girl moan as she obviously touched herself.

A few minutes later all three of us were cumming. Sue had me pulled in so tight to her pussy that I could hardly breath and I think that was intensifying my climax. I know for sure that the girl between my legs was getting a bath from cum seeing as I was standing. This went on for a few more minutes till Sue told us to stop.
The girl stood up and as expected her chin, neck and chest were wet with my cum. Sue looked at me and asked “are you a pledge?” I told her “no” and she said “well if you were I would make you clean off your cum from her with your tongue.” I smiled and did it anyway. Sue then had the two of us kiss, while she got dressed.
The girl and I just kept kissing, not because we were being told to- but because we wanted to.

Sue was ready to leave and told the pledge that it was OK to stay with me, but when she left the bathroom she was back on her “mission.” She told me what house she was in and told me to stop by “anytime.” I had to ask the question on my mind: “Sue, don’t you worry about being caught in here?” She laughed “This is the student’s building, so the faculty gives us our space here, and all the janitors are men, so they are not allowed in here except when the building is closed and between 3 and 4 each weekday.” and she left.
Kathy and I made out and fingered each other for a while, I wanted to eat her, but my mouth was shot. We left with each others email address and agreed to see each other next time I was home.