A girl in a men’s room

So there I was my pussy was soaked , I was totally turned on and some trucker might be coming in. I then got a little nervous, what if this guy really was filthy and ugly and force fed me like the last guy. I went from being turned on to a bad feeling.

The springs on the door made the same noise as before and the guy came in. I heard him walk in and stop well short of the stall I was in. I then heard him peeing into the urinal. God it sounded like horse was peeing it was hitting the porcelain so fast. Suddenly I was getting turned on again.

I heard the guy wash his hands and then make for the door. He then stopped and a moment later I heard him turn and the steps started to head my way. I heard him stop again and then heard a stall door open and close. I peeked through the little hole and didn’t see him. He was in the stall two down from me. While I was looking through the hole I saw movement and put my eye closer to the little hole. When I looked I saw a much bigger hole on the other side of the adjoining stall. I could see some kind of movement by the hole. I bent down and looked under the stall and saw that the guy was standing with his feet facing me. “Was there a glory hole in the next stall” I thought to myself.

I pulled up my pants, prayed that he would not walk out of the stall the same time I did and I moved over one spot and closed the door behind me. I locked it and when I turned toward the toilet I saw his dick sitting there through the hole. It was another thick one. “Damn” I thought – when I want to get fucked I get thin cocks and when I am sucking I get fat ones… my luck.

The guy’s dick was flaccid but just sitting through the hole. But the head was already thick. I laughed thinking his dick looked as wide as it did long. I sat on the bowl and took his dick in my hand and stated pulling on it. “Use your fucking mouth” I heard the guy say. He sounded old and his dick looked old too. I was suddenly glad there was a wall between us so I didn’t have to see the guy.

But, I did as I was requested and I took the flaccid dick in my mouth, and started to suck. With each bob of my head I felt the dick growing in my mouth. “Maybe he isn’t that small” I started to think. But one thing was for sure, he was thicker than the last thick guy. I kept sucking and was getting excited that his dick was still growing. I took my mouth off his dick and took my hat off. His dick was pretty hard at that point and looked to be about 6”. I turned back to suck him again and as I did he slid his dick further into the hole- the damn thing was at least 9” long. I took him back in my mouth and took in as much as I could. The dick got harder and without warning started to shoot in my mouth.

I was stunned, the guy finally got totally hard and came the moment he did. He kept his dick in the hole and let me work the cum out of his shaft. I had to swallow three times, but I took all he had to give. He pulled out and I moved my head back in case he looked through the hole. Of course I couldn’t see him either so I guess we were even.

The guy left and I again pulled down my pants, I need to play with myself before I soaked down my entire pant leg. When I got my pants down I looked at the hole and wondered if it was lined up with my pussy. I stood up and backed into the hole. My butt seamed to be lined up but I wasn’t sure if I could get my pussy in line—then I figured that would be too weird anyway. I then thought about taking in my ass, but after two huge thick dicks, I didn’t think anal was too smart. Then I was thinking I didn’t come here to get laid- I came here to suck dick.

I was back on the bowl and started to finger myself. I couldn’t believe how wet and hot I was inside. Suddenly I heard the door open. I never heard a car and started to wonder if the first guy had come back, maybe it was the other guy from the end of the parking lot. I quickly pulled my shirt down over my lap. The guy walked straight into the stall. I leaned back and he looked into the hole. He then kept putting his finger around the edge of the hole. I was thinking “what is he doing fingering the wooden hole??? “
I just stayed sitting there, now hoping he would go away. He fingered the hole for another minute or so and then stood up and left. I didn’t know if I should leave, move back to the other stall where I felt it was safer or go back to getting myself off.

I decided I might as well finger myself right there and leave. I pulled my shirt up again, spread my legs and started to rub my clit. It felt so nice to just relax and play. I heard two cars start up and then the gravel being chewed up. I guess the two guys left. That meant it was just me in the rest area.

I continued to play with myself when I heard a new car come into the lot. I heard two doors close and then a lot of laughing and giggling. The screen door opened and closed and I heard a guy and a girl’s voice “common on- there is someone in the stall” he said. She replied with a “hush up.” They both sounded drunk.

The two of them walked into the stall next to me and closed the door. The guy put his mouth to the hole and said “it’s your lucky day man, she likes 3ways.” He laughed and pulled his mouth away. I leaned forward and looked in the stall, the girl was wearing a short skirt and the guy was pulling her thong down and off. I figured I better act quickly before she put her mouth to the hole looking for a cock.

I put my hand through the hole and reached toward her legs. I made contact and then moved up the inside of her thigh. I heard her say “look baby, he has young looking hands, I hate those old guys.” The guy replied- “who are you kidding the guy last week might have been old but you loved his fat cock.” The two of them laughed. It was like they were too drunk to realize that the wall was just a stall and I could hear everything they said.

I moved my hand further up and reached her pussy. It was already wet, so I rubbed it and then slid a finger inside her. I heard her react and that just egged me on. I started frigging her and added another finger to her hot hole. I also took the opportunity to finger myself with my free hand.

I soon felt something on the back of my hand and realized it was the head of the guy’s dick. He was hard and coming from behind her. I took my fingers out of her and turned my hand around. I the dick was now sliding into my fist as the guy fucked it. I rubbed the back of my hand against her wet labia and forward a little to hit her clit with my wrist. Both of them were making panting sexual noises.

The girl finally took my arm and pushed it away. “Fuck me Timmy while I suck his cock” I heard her say. I pulled my arm back out of the hole and figured what the hell. I needed to get off and with the wall as thin as it was, maybe she could get her tongue through, if not maybe she would finger me.

The girl put her mouth to the hole and I saw her open it up waiting for my cock. I slid my finger in the hole, the one I had used to frig her, and let he suck on it for a moment. I stood and slowly pulled my finger back as I got real close to the wall and then pulled my finger out and lined up my pussy leaning totally into the wall. When I had tried to line up my pussy earlier I had backed into the hole and I was too low, but standing against the wall it lined up perfectly.

The girl didn’t seem to miss a beat, she didn’t seem to mind that there wasn’t a cock in the hole, but a bald pussy instead. She started to lick me. I reached behind me and down and spread my lips the best I could. I didn’t want to do it from the front as it would have backed me away a little.

Her tongue didn’t go in far, but she was flicking fast making contact wherever she could. I heard the guy fucking her hard and the great sound of his thighs smacking against her ass. “That’s it Candy, suck his dick, take him deep down your fucking throat” he panted between thrusts. Candy didn’t give it up that she was eating a pussy not a cock. She was trying hard but it was almost frustrating for me as she couldn’t get in deep.

A minute later the girl stopped. She pulled away and then I heard her say “go into the last stall and sit down, we will meet you there.” I didn’t need to be told twice. I pulled up my pants and went into the last stall, dropped them again and sat down. I spread my legs and waited. I heard the guy asking her “what the fuck are you doing, we never do it this way.” She said something like “shut up” and then I heard their door open and a minute later mine open.

The girl was adorable and probably 19 or 20. She looked at me and a big smile crossed her face. The guy followed in about to say something and then froze, “holly shit” he said and then stepped into the larger end stall with us. She came right over and stuck her face between my legs and went back to eating me, this time with free access. The guy came to the side and watched her and then said “Damn Candy I didn’t know you liked to eat pussy too.” She didn’t come up to respond.

The kid took his dick back out of his pants. It was a nice 6 or 7 inches and normal thickness. He lifted Candy’s skirt back up and was moving behind her. I looked at his dick and then at him and rolled my tongue across my lips. The kid smiled, dropped her skirt and moved over next to the toilet. I turned my head and took his cock into my mouth. I started to suck him and got the total flavor of Candy’s pussy juice. I loved it.

We stayed in the position for a few minutes till I pushed the guy away. “Candy?” I asked “would you mind if we changed positions, I would love to eat you out and I could really use his cock inside me?”

The girl picked her head up. Her face was wet with my juices. “Sure, fine with me” she said. She seemed like a real flake. We moved around and before long I was licking her pussy and waiting to be fucked from behind. I had my pants down around my boots so I couldn’t open my legs to much, but the young guy found his way in and was suddenly pounding me from behind. I was panting in within minutes.

The girl had a clit that really stuck out and I put it between my lips and sucked. Candy’s took my hat and threw it off , she grabbed my hair and pulled me into her as I continued to suck hard on her, she started bucking against my face and then screamed in an orgasm.

Candy cumming set her boyfriend off and he started fucking me hard. I was starting to cum as well when the kid yelled out “can I cum in you?” I pulled off his girl friend and said “in my mouth.”

He pulled out of me and moved over to the bowl, he stood so his wet dick was near his girlfriend’s mouth. I moved over and took it in mine. He pumped in my mouth a couple of times and then he pulled it out and feed it to Candy. She sucked for a minute and then he feed it back to me. While I was sucking him I grabbed Candy’s hand and pulled in up to my pussy, I needed to get off. She took the lead and shoved 2 and then 3 fingers into the hole that her boyfriend had just left.

Again the dick was taken from my mouth. I had to put my hand up against the wall as Candy was frigging me fast. I was so close and couldn’t keep quiet. I started to cum and as I did the guy took his dick out of Candy’s mouth. He pulled our heads together and we started to kiss. He released his grip and out of the corner of my eye I could see him stroking his cock, the head was as close as he could get it to our lips. I reached my climax, my tongue dancing around in Candy’s mouth, the kid shout his huge load into our faces. We kept kissing as cum hit our cheeks and noses and then dripped onto our lips. Candy broke first and sucked his shaft till he was empty, then used her tongue to clean my face, never stopping the attack on my pussy with her fingers.

I returned the favor and licked the cum from her face and then delivered what was on my tongue back into her mouth. I was coming down from my orgasm and she finally stopped and withdrew her very wet hand. She licked some of my cum off the back of her hand and then put her fingers into her boyfriend’s mouth. “She tastes good, doesn’t she baby?” He just nodded with her hand still in his mouth.

We all got dressed and I let them leave first. I thought about getting their names and numbers, but figured that this was a night of anonymous sex and that was what made it so great. I sat on the bowl for a few minutes and just thought about the past hour or so.

I had to smile, actually laughed out loud.

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