Young Cuckold

I was married for 25 years, but I was cuckolded
regularly throughout my marriage. I would like to tell
you about the first time.

We married early, I was 18 and my wife Leila was 17. We
had had a kid, obviously not planned, but we were very
much in love and had a very active sex life, we would
make love 3 or 4 times a night, every night. and Leila
was always up for anything, she had a great imagination
and would always want to try something new.

She was a very sexy girl, slightly plump, but with big
breasts, 38G, and an insatiable appetite for sex.

Anyway, I was a musician, I played bass and sang, but I
wanted to earn money for me and my family, so I got in
with a band that played the London club and hotel
circuit and we were playing 5 or 6 nights a week. I was
earning good money and I was happy that we were making

All of the people in the band were older than me, most
of them in their 30’s, but I was happy to be in a good
band, earning money at what I wanted to do. Leila would
come to most of the gigs with me, but few of the other
wives would too, I guess they were older and had an
established family life, so Leila got know the other
guys in the band quite well.

Well, like most music scenes there was an element of
drugs involved. In our case it was the manager, a guy
called Kim, who was involved heavily. There was a
strong rumor that the police would be picking people up
as part of a police action called operation Judy, so
Kim was going to get out, moving to Kenya.

He called a big party at his house in the Kent
countryside, and of course we were invited.

When we arrived we knew we were out of our depth. There
were lots of drugs on offer, but also everyone was
older and more sophisticated than Leila and me. Leila
was dressed in a short dress that had a tie under her
breasts and ended mid thigh. It presented her breasts
beautifully so she was showing lots of breast and lots
of leg. Straight away a couple of the women took me
aside and said we were a lovely young couple, but that
it was Kim’s night, and we needed to make sure he was
happy!! I didn’t know what they meant but agreed with
them anyway.

Anyway there was lots of Coke and weed available, Leila
and I went for both and we were soon feeling pretty
mellow and sexy. We were laying on some cushions and
touching each other up and feeing pretty good when one
of the women, Nicky, came over and whispered something
into Leila’s ear.

Leila stood up and said she had to go and pay her
‘dues’. I asked what she meant, but she said nothing,
Nicky whispered in my ear, ‘come and watch if you want’

I followed Leila and Nicky and we went upstairs. We
went into one of the bedrooms and there was Kim lying
on the bed, naked. He had one of the other wives, Suzy
who was married to Clive, the keyboard player, sucking
his cock, and a couple of the other band members were
watching, including Clive, who gave me a big grin when
we walked in.

Kim looked pretty out of it but he lay on his back with
a large, threatening looking erection. Nicky said
‘Leila needs to bring Kim off, he has to leave the
country and he has the hots for her’ I had this
incredible feeling of confusion mixed with arousal,
Nicky rubbed my crotch over my jeans, felt my erection
and said to Leila ‘he likes the idea, its up to you’.

Leila needed no more encouragement. She peeled off her
top and bra and got a round of applause as her big
breasts bobbed out. She took off her panties and stood
naked in front of the bed and Kim. She turned to me and
looked me in the eye, then looked at Nickie’s hand
rubbing my cock and smiled. She climbed on the bed and
on top of Kim, and one of the other wives held Kim’s
cock and beaconed me over.

‘Feed it in’ she said to me. I held Kim’s cock and
aimed it at my wife’s pussy, I felt an agony of
indecision as my wife’s pussy hovered over Kim’s cock,
while I massaged it erect, and Nicky had my cock out
and was sucking on it hard.

Leila smiled at me and plunged her pussy down onto
Kim’s cock.

She knew just what she wanted. Kim had a good sized
cock, about 7 inches long, but more importantly thick,
about 2 inches across, thicker than mine. Immediately
he rolled her over onto her back and drove his penis
into her.

I could see Leila’s pussy lips being pulled in and out
as the f**ked her, and I could see her pussy dripping
with moisture. She was incredibly aroused at f**king in
front of everyone, but she was obviously enjoying Kim’s
thick solid cock, and the sight of her pussy lips
wrapped tight around his cock was incredible. She came
after about 3 minutes and I saw her feet wrap around
his back and her toes curl as she orgasmed. It was
incredibly erotic watching my 17 year old wife being
f**ked like this while a dozen people watched.
Suddenly, as she was approaching her second orgasm, her
eyes opened and she looked me straight in the eye as
she came. I could see Kim tensing up as he came, and as
he pumped his sperm into her pussy, Leila looked at me
with a deeply satisfied smile on her face, and I knew
something had fundamentally changed in our

Kim rolled off Leila and I could see the cum oozing
from her pussy. Clive grabbed my head and pushed it
towards Leila’s pussy. ‘Clean it, clean it now’, he
said. I had the most painful erection I had ever had,
‘If you want to cum clean it’ he said. Kim was smiling
and Nicky had stopped touching me, so I thought I
should probably do what they all wanted.

I dipped my tongue into Leila’s pussy and heard her
groan with pleasure as her lovely tanned feet wrapped
around my back and pulled me against her pussy. I felt
her cum again and tasted a mixture of her fluids and
Kim’s cum flood into my mouth.

My tongue lapped Kim’s cum from her pussy and I could
hear the people in the room clapping and cheering as I
drank another mans sperm from my wife’s pussy. Leila
turned over so I was under her and she ground her pussy
onto my lips as Kim’s cum oozed into my mouth.

I felt a fantastic feeling as Leila’s mouth wrapped
around my cock, and almost immediately felt her orgasm
against my tongue. Just as I was about to cum in her
mouth she stopped, looked at me and smiled, and I saw
Clive’s cock above my face as it plunged into Leila’s

Part 2: The second time I was cuckolded by my wife

Leila, is 5’2″, 38F, long dark hair, olive complexion
and still looks young

In fact she always said she just wanted to please all
men, and once she had aroused them she couldn’t ‘say

We were married 25 years and I must have caught her 30
times during our married life either sucking or wanking
a man she had just met.

One time in particular, I was 25 and Leila was 22.

I went outside at a party we were at, looking for Leila
who had disappeared about an hour earlier.

I heard whispered conversation from the pathway to the
side of the house.

It was a woman’s voice but not Leila’s, but I was sure
I recognised it. I was intrigued and looked around the
corner of the wall and saw Pippa, my secretary,
standing behind Leila who was kneeling in front of
Richard, her husband.

Pippa had complained from time to time about Richard,
saying he was ‘ a complete animal’ when it came to sex.
Suddenly I saw why. Richard had a very large penis. It
was about 9 inches long, but most importantly it was
about 2.5 inches across. It looked as thick as a coke

I thought ‘Christ, if that gets inside her I will never
be able to compete’. But my cock was absolutely

I could hear Pippa saying ‘if you cum in her mouth I
will be furious with you bastard, she can wank you off
but nothing else’.

‘You and Leila have been playing with each other for
the last 30 minutes,’ said Richard, ‘I am ready to cum
and I want to cum on her’.

‘Spunk on her face’ said Pippa tersely. At that point I
heard Leila groan and say ‘cum on me, cum on me now.’

Pippa bent down and I could now see Leila clearly.
Leila had beautiful 38 F breasts. Right now they were
completely exposed, and Pippa’s left hand was
ma*sagging her left breast from behind.

Leila had Richards cock firmly gripped in her right
hand and she was wanking it back and forth. I could
hear Leila gasping towards an orgasm, and I saw Pippa’s
right hand was rubbing Leila’s pussy. Leila gasped and
exploded to a huge orgasm, just as Richard came.

At this point I realised that Leila and Richard were in
the light shed by the kitchen window, and that there
were 4 or 5 people standing in the kitchen watching
them with huge smiles on their faces. I felt totally
humiliated as these people watched my wife, her face
raised, wracked with an intense orgasm, take stream
after stream of Richards spunk over her face and hair.

As Richard and Pippa walked away, Leila turned towards

‘Hi honey’ she said, ‘Do you like what you see’? She
was looking at my throbbing cock as she spoke to me.
She walked over to me, he breasts exposed, her left
hand rubbing her pussy under her skirt, and said ‘kiss
me now’.

I could see Richard’s spunk glistening on her lips, her
face, her hair. She licked her lips, savouing Richards
cum on her tongue, and said again, ‘Kiss me, now!’

She grabbed my cock, and to my embarrassment led me
into the kitchen where a room full of people cheered
and laughed.

‘Lick it off’ she said. I kissed her cum covered lips,
tasting Richard’s spunk. It was warm and salty. As
Leila worked my throbbing cock closer and closer to
orgasm I drank Richards cum with more and more

With immaculate timing, Leila stood back, and with a
huge smile on her face, aimed my sperm onto the kitchen
floor as I came and came.

‘Who wants to see him lick that up’. she said to the
crowd in the kitchen, giving my balls a final squeeze
as she walked away, her naked breasts swaying and still
spattered with cum, and her pussy and arse still

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