Wife’s Sister

My wife invited her sister to visit us for a week. She said it was to get caught on all the family stories. The first night she was here, my wife and her talked well into the night. I went to bed,so they could say whatever they wanted. I wokerup later needing to take a piss. I had on a piss hardon. I could not hear anyone still up.I assumed Sue and Jane had fallen asleep in the den. I turned the corner in the hall,and ran into my sister-in-law,Jane on her way to the bathroom. She stood staring at my hard-on. She said ” looks nice” and went into the bathroom. She did not close the door,pulled down her panties and peed while I stood there and watched. She stood up without any panties on, walked by me and slowly rubbed her bare ass on my still hard cock. She looked back and said good night, have pleasant dreams.

The next morning I told Sue what happened and she said she already knew about it.She asked me if I liked it, of course I told her I did. She then told me that her sister and her ate each others pussies out the night before, just like the did when they were younger. She asked if she could arrange it,would I like to do the same to Jane. She knew the answer when she seen my cock get hard.

Jane came into the kitchen about 30 minutes later. She was wearing a very small teddy night shirt. It barely covered her pussy. I fixed her a cup of coffee while her and the wife made small talk. I went to the bathroom to take a piss. It took a little while to get rid of my hard-on so I could relieve myself. I quietly went back to the kitchen, Sue and her sister were kissing and playing with each others pussy. I got behind my wife and started stroking her ass. I moved down to her pussy and felt her sisters fingers in her pussy. I went over behind Jane and stroked her ass. I felt her pussy. My wifes fingers were just pulling out of her hole, so I stuck two fingers in and started fucking her with my fingers. She reached around and started jacking me off. I slowly pushed her over forward. She reached out and leaned on the table. I slowly slipped my dick into her pussy. It was tight and juicy. I slowly started to fuck her. She shouted ” You are so much bigger than my husband,give me a moment to get used to your cock”. I held it there until she started to fuck my cock. Her pussy was so tight, it did not take long and I was ready to come. She said come in her pussy. I filled her full and it started running out. My wife started licking up the come that was running out. When I pulled my cock out of her sister, she licked my come and her sister”s come and swallowed it. My wife looked up and said this is one of many times we will fuck in the next week.

I heard the women talking in the den. I stood at the door and listened a little while. Sue was asking her sister if she liked being fucked by her brother-in law. Jane said she liked the bigger cock in her pussy, it made her really come hard. My wife said you know that makes me a slut wife, helping my husband fuck you and playing and eating out your pussy. They both laughed and gave each other a big kiss. They started playing with each other. Sue said ” I told you Don would fuck you without asking any questions. He doesn’t need to know that you are using him to get pregnant. If he keeps filling you up like he did earlier, you will surely be knocked up when you leave”. I thought ,why not I will fuck as often as she will let me and make sure the wife joins in each time. I will make movies for proof of what happened if any problems arise.

The three of us fucked ,sucked ,ate pussy many, many times over the next week. We tried everything three people coud do together. I also fucked Jane solo, the wife didn’t like it , but did not say anything. She knew she was the one who started it.

When Jane went home, she said she never would believe things like this would ever happen. She knew her and Sue had had sex together when they were younger, but did not believe she would share her husband to all things to her that her husband would not do. When she left she kissed my wife’s pussy and kissed the end of my cock and said “We will do this again soon.” I will be waiting.

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