To be or not to be, a cuckolded question

Stella was 43 years old, five foot 10 inches tall around 180 lbs, not slim by any means and often joked the bulk of her weight was in her 38C breasts especially after raising her two sons, John and Jamie. She was married to Jim a 45 year old loving man, five foot four tall and with an extra few lbs, he called his love handles. Jim’s one drawback was his sexual equipment only five and a half inches when erect to the max. Oh of course Stella never complained but secretly she fantasised often of a much larger prick, filling her cunt with strange desires and sensations. Despite this they had been together for 25 years and married for 23 of them; sure she was no virgin when she married him and unbeknown to Jim she had been out with several men whilst initially going out with him. She had committed to him because of the security he offered for her future and she genuinely believed in the beginning that size did not matter, how wrong she had been there!

Since both John and Jamie had left home; John three years ago at 18 and Jamie two years later at 19, she had begun to despise his lack of manhood. Never deliberately putting him down but little things like trying to avoid sex altogether with him for lately he had never managed to give her an orgasm; in fact if truth be known it was over seventeen years ago he had come home with a hard on and for whatever reason caused it he had not managed to excite himself enough to cum in his usual speedy way so he had fucked her for three quarters of an hour and she actually came, without faking it. For if they gave Oscars for faked orgasms Stella would be an international superstar with gong after gong.

The large five bed roomed house seemed so empty and desolate without her two boys, so she agreed when Jim suggested taking in a lodger, he even told her where they could find such a lodger at the London University. Secretly he hoped she would pick a female student for feminine company, also he hoped that a young female may rekindle her passion for sex, for he had noticed the little excuses coming out lately which meant he was usually asleep when she came up to bed. In his heart of hearts he secretly wished she would pick a stunning looking blonde student who may just occasionally leave her bed room door ajar whilst changing or even better the bathroom door open whilst bathing.

So imagine his surprise when he returned home some three weeks later and there sat beside his wife on the settee was a large black man. Now Jim had no problems with black men nut he never thought his wife would entertain the idea of having one in her home let alone sat so close to her on the settee. He was just about to storm in and demand to know what was going on when Stella suddenly saw him and introduced Jed, as our new lodger.

Jim managed to stammer his way through a sort of introduction and welcome, all the time he was trying to catch his wife’s eye to get her to excuse herself so he could ask her why. Eventually he discovered that as she had left the student halls after registering her home as a possible student accommodation, she had bumped into Jed literally as he tried to catch the housing officer before she disappeared. Apparently he had been refused accommodation at his last house because of his colour. Well one thing led to another and Stella instantly decided that she had no such problem and offered him their available room.

Although appearing quite calm, Stella’s mind was all over the place, for she desperately wanted to ask Jed if the rumours were true that black men were incredibly well hung, but her modesty forbade her coming straight out and asking, instead she hoped to discover for herself by accidentally barging into his room on some pretence or other whilst he was naked.

Jed eventually retired to his room after the evening meal and at last Jim managed to chat to his wife. He hinted he had always assumed that she would prefer a female student for feminine company and she just laughed at him and said in the afternoon she had spent with Jed, she had found herself feeling younger and livelier than ever before. As if to prove a point she suggested they did something they had never done before, play a sex role play game. Jim’s attention peaked instantly as he asked who would pick the scenario. Stella replied they would toss a coin for it and the winner chose the roles.

Closing the living room door, Jim agreed and after the coin was tossed, Stella announced that he should remove all his clothes whilst she fetched a few things. Alone in the living room as he undressed Jim could not help but wonder what had come over his normally sedate wife. Not that he was complaining if she was going to instigate these sexual treats for him. Suddenly the door opened and in walked Stella, a bundle of clothes over her arm.

Placing the clothes on the settee, she ordered Jim to put them on. He looked through the items and realised it was the French maid’s uniform he had bought her for Valentine’s day three and a half years ago, which she had never wore. He started to say something and Stella reminded him of the rules he had agreed to. The winner of the toss was in complete charge until role playing was over. She handed him the bra and as he put it on she took two large oranges and tucked them into the cups. Now she handed him the self supporting stockings, bright red fish net ones. When he had these put on, his cock began to show signs of life and Stella said, “oh no, can’t have little things like this spoiling the appearance!” she took a length of string and tied around Jim’s waist before attaching a slip noose around his cock head and passing the string between his legs and up the crack of his arse, she pulled the string tight. Jim winced as his cock was dragged between his legs and almost appeared to disappear. Fastening this to the string round his waist stopped his cock showing but just as importantly stopped him from having a hard erection for as it hardened it caused him to wince as it tried to pull back to the front and tightened the noose tighter.

Stella tossed the white frilly knickers to Jim and told him to put these on before finally slipping the French maid’s uniform over his head and finishing it off with the frilly cap and apron. Then she made him sit on a stool whilst she applied bright red lipstick to his lips and green eye shadow to his eye lids, then mascara to his eye lashes and finally pink blusher to his cheeks. The sight before her looked really strange for this grey haired man painted up like a cheap whore and wearing a French maid’s uniform looked like a reject from a transvestite convention.

Then as she sat watching him he had to flick a feather duster over a few items as if carrying out the duties of a maid. She criticised his efforts and finally snapped demanding he remove his panties for a spanking. Jim was amazed at the newly displayed sexual aggressiveness his wife was showing, but at the same time he loved every second of it. He meekly bent over the arm of the settee when told to presenting his arse for the spanking she promised him. After six of the best, he was about to get up when she told him to stay where he was and open his legs a little more for she had not finished with him just yet.

Jim waited there for what seemed like hours but after twenty minutes, Stella returned and suddenly when stood beside him she raised her skirt to reveal a toy, Jim had never seen before, although Stella had been using it on herself for more than a year. It was a large black strap on dildo; she had got it as a prize at an Ann Summers sex party a friend had dragged her off to. She now made Jim suck the black rubber cock and told him to make sure he coated the end in his saliva as this was the only lubrication he was going to get.

Jim almost thought about refusing but there was something hypnotic about the cock as he opened his mouth without even thinking about it and was soon slavering all over the rubber. Then the cock was gone and he suddenly felt a large pressure against his anal ring. It felt like someone was forcing a baseball bat up his arse, the pain tinged with pleasure was indescribable, but was soon over taken by the wonderful natural feeling of his servitude to his wife and mistress. She began to fuck his arse and at the same time berate his poor little cock as being totally useless in satisfying her needs.

Suddenly they both spun round to the door as they heard, “Well you should try this then!” Jed declared as he stood by the doorway waving his cock three times the size of Jim’s. Purposefully he strode over to the settee and told Stella to continue fucking the little wimp. Stella instantly resumed fucking her husband’s arse without taking her eyes off Jed’s magnificent cock; she licked her lips as she thought of feeling that member up her cunt.

Jed turned to Jim and said, “Just as I suspected, I figured you would be inadequate to fuck this horny white slut of a bitch! She needs and wants my black baby maker rammed up her cunt till it comes out of her mouth!” He glared at both Jim and then Stella before adding, “Go on Stella, tell me you don’t want to feel this stretching your white trashy cunt to the max, Just tell me you don’t want me to fuck your cunt and arse with this and I will put it away and you will never see it again! Jim tell me you don’t want to suck this till it’s hard enough to fuck your wife’s, my slut’s, brains out! That you don’t want to suck her cunt dry after I flood it with my spunk!”

Neither Stella nor Jim actually answered anything; instead as Jed offered his cock up to Jim’s mouth, almost against his will his mouth opened and accepted the thick man snake into his mouth. Jim had never felt anything like it before, he felt totally at piece, at home in his natural role of cuckold to a massive cock and yet every nerve in his body twitched and cried out for the chance to witness his wife become a slave to black cock meat.

Suddenly Jed spoke, “Fuck man, get busy sucking my cock or I promise you will feel it rammed dry up your boy pussy, and you slut show me those fucking tits you have been teasing me with all afternoon!”

Jim sprang into action bobbing his head back and forth on the ebony member between his lips, almost choking as it hit the back of his throat. Just then Jed placed his hands behind Jim’s head and pulled him towards him, this forced Jim to learn to breathe through his nose or pass out. Meanwhile in her eagerness to reveal her tits to Jed, Stella simply ripped open her blouse and yanked her bra up away from her tits. Stella’s 38 C tits tumbled forth and even Jed was amazed by the hardness and length of her erect nipples. His big black hand circled her satin white tit flesh until his black thick fingers closed around her cherry pink nipple and squeezed. Stella winced at the pressure for it had been some time since her nipples had been part of her sex life. The last time they had been touched had been seventeen and a half years ago when she finished breast feeding James.

Still Stella ploughed her rubber cock into Jim’s arse as Jim swallowed all of Jed’s black cock as he could, until Jed withdrew the prize from Jim’s mouth and ordered Stella to remove the rubber dick from Jim’s arse. He then made Jim stand and commented that his makeup and dress suited him as the wimp husband of a slut. He instructed Jim that from now on he would always wear women’s clothing when He was around stressing that Jim would have to wear the frilly knickers to work beneath his trousers and then added as an afterthought, he should also wear the stockings and a suspender belt; just to remind him that he was not a real man.

Then he made Jim kneel in front of Stella and suck clean the rubber cock which had been so effectively fucking his arse, Jim looked at the rubber strap on and saw it stained with his shit and anal juices. Almost hesitating until he felt Jed’s hand slap his arse, he suddenly closed his eyes and opened his mouth accepting his fate to be a shit eater in his wife’s eyes. His humiliation was made even greater when his wife spoke out, “Oh Master Jed, I can’t wait for you to fuck my arse and have this wimp of a husband clean me out with his tongue!”

Jim thought his humiliation could not get any worse at this point until he heard Jed demand he lift the front of his dress, a sharp knife then cut the string around his waist and his weedy little cock sprang forward slapping lightly against his pubic bone. Jed howled with laughter at the size of Jim’s cock and insisted that Jim wank it off in full view of both himself and his slut Stella. Jim slipped his hand down to his cock as in a state of trance he began wanking. Jed laughed out loud saying, “Ah look he is holding it in four fingers, good job he is not pissing for he would be pissing over three of them!”

He then handed Jim a glass and a large plastic pair of tweezers and suggested he use these and catch his load in the glass. Jim beetroot red in the face now began wanking with the tweezers as he watched Jed undress Stella and begin inspecting her cunt and arse. He froze when he heard Jed say, “Well one good thing about this is that you will be like a virgin when I fuck you as that thing (pointing at Jim’s tiny cock) won’t have gone as far as my cock will.”

The images that flashed through Jim’s mind proved too much as he envisaged the big black cock splitting Stella’s cunt lips wide apart and Stella screaming her way through several orgasms before accepting this youthful mans seed deep inside her cunt and just as Jim thought about his task then would be to suck that cum out of her lewdly wide open cunt, he shot his load into the glass. Jed again laughed as he mocked Jim and then produced a straw and ordered Jim to suck his own spunk through the straw but warned him not to swallow any of it.

It was like sucking a very thick milkshake up the straw except for the slightly salty taste, but eventually he had a mouthful of his own spunk. At Jed’s command he opened his mouth showing both Jed and Stella his white coated tongue before being allowed to swallow the thick greyish white cream.

Now Jim watched as his beloved wife was made to climb on to Jed’s lap and accept his cock deep inside her cunt. Jim pleaded with Jed to wear a condom as his wife was not on the pill even though she was forty three years of age she could still get pregnant. Jed simply laughed and said if she brings a black bastard into the world so what Jim would have to raise it as his own. Then with a final flourish, Jed thrust hard and deep into the lowering cunt of Stella, causing Stella to scream out in initial pain but those screams soon turned to cries of ecstasy as she adjusted to the thickness and length and enjoyed the fuck of her life.

She kept calling out to Jim, saying, “Oh I never knew sex could be this filling, he is probing part of me that I only ever dreamed would be awoken by a throbbing cock. Then she told Jed in no uncertain terms to fuck her rigid and to give her a black baby for Jim to raise”

For over an hour poor Jim had to listen to his wife’s cries of passion as he watched her take a pounding from the big black cock but despite is humiliation at being so easily replaced as the alpha cock in the house he could not help but become aroused again as he saw the black on white action and his wife turned into a wanton slut by this youthful black kid. Then Jed announced he was cumming telling Stella to take his baby making seed and adding he hoped he had knocked her up so Jim would never forget her first taste of black cock.

Then he made Stella stand up and ordered Jim to lie on the floor, then Stella was told to kneel above Jims face and hold open her cunt lips as she squeezed every last drop of Jed’s cock juice from her cunt and into Jim’s open mouth. Meanwhile Jed took hold of Jim’s cock and balls and almost crushed then in his large hands telling Jim, “You step out of line around me and I will crush your balls and have you castrated in a split second.”

Jim could only nod. When he had a full mouth of Jed’s spunk he was allowed to swallow it and had to thank Jed most politely for the privilege of doing so. Then the retired up to bed, Jim sent to Jed’s room to get the mattress and placed it beside the master bed, here Jim was to sleep whilst Jed took his place in the master bed and inside his wife’s sex life. Jim had to endure their lovemaking sounds as Jed fucked Stella’s arse before again fucking her cunt. This time though Jim was not allowed to lick her out or swallow Jed’s cream.

The inevitable happened for six weeks later Stella announced she had missed her last two periods and was pregnant. Jed told her that in this case her maid would have to take on more of the sex roles that Stella had been lovingly carrying out. Jim winced at the thought of taking such a large cock forcibly thrusting up his arse, but knew better than to say a single word against this.

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