To be or not to be, a cuckolded question 2.

Jed’s dominance of Stella and Jim continued apace; Jed was now living rent free and supported by Jim’s income; while Stella’s pregnancy developed she became less able to cope with the length and thickness of Jed’s powerful cock. This resulted in Jim having to literally become a male prostitute to Jed’s wishes. Now he had no difficulty in taking the full length up his arse and even managed when necessary to press his nose to Jed’s pubic bone when sucking his cock.

When Stella was seven months pregnant her tits began leaking their milk, now it became a regular job for Jim to express this milk into bottles and as part of his humiliation he was made to take it to work and drink it as a normal drink during the day. Such was his dominated nature he never even thought of chucking the milk away and claiming to have drunk it. One day Jim was working alongside a woman colleague, who always seemed to be trying to put him down and this day she grabbed his drinks bottle and drank half of the fluid before she realised it tasted strange. She asked Jim what drinks e brought to work and he hesitated in answering. He asked why? She said it tastes really weird, well Jim had to stifle a giggle as he quickly thought of a plausible excuse for such a taste. He said, “Oh is a special protein solution my wife wants me to try to build up my stamina!”

Everything ticked along with Jim being verbally abused and sexually used until the day Stella went in to labour; she was rushed to the hospital with Jim in tow. Two hours later she gave birth to a baby boy with ebony skin. Jim was humiliated when a nurse asked innocently how come a white couple could have a black baby. Jim thinking on his feet quietly explained that his wife had been raped and they strongly believed in a life being so precious that they could not even contemplate terminating the pregnancy.

The baby was called Tess, and when she was six months old; Jed turned up at home with five of his coloured friends. As Jim entered the room, Jed screamed for him to fuck off and get his normal clothes on. Jim scurried off and returned twenty minutes later dressed as the French maid. The five coloureds laughed at him and tease him for being a pansy, a wimp. Then Stella entered the room; her once 38C tits were now a massive 44DD, swelled by the amounts of milk she was producing to feed Tess, Jim and Jed. The Guys began calling her a black man’s whore. Jed simply told her to get her fucking white trashy tits out for the boys to see.

Then she was told to remove the rest of her clothes and show these real men what her wimp of a husband was incapable of satisfying. Now naked and aroused Stella’s tits began leaking milk and Jim was ordered to lick up these seepages. Then Jed dropped his trousers and had Jim crawl on hands and knees to worship the superior black cock before sucking it to erection. The other five soon jumped on the band wagon and Jim had his work cut out sucking cock after cock and knowing they were going to be fucking his beloved wife. Jed then turned to his three best friends and simply said, go for it.

The first (John I think his name was) lay on the floor and ordered Stella to sit on his cock and take it up her whorish cunt. Then Jack slipped in behind her and ordered her to take his large thick black cock up her arse. Poor Jim had to listen to his wife’s pitiful cries of pain as her cunt and arse were stretched to its limit. Then Bobby approached Stella’s face and slipped his fifteen inch cock into her mouth. The three guys then began fucking Stella in unison; Stella was tossed around like a rag doll as she was systematically fucked rigid.

Jed ordered Jim to service the other two black cocks. So he had to kneel in front of one ebony baby maker and suck it deep into his throat whilst he felt his anal ring being stretched by the other black cock. For the next four hours both Stella and Jim were used as sex toys, every time Stella took a cum load up her cunt or arse, Jim had to scuttle over and lick her out before another rock hard black cock then filled the vacant space he had just sucked.

At one point three of the colour guys were prodding his small weedy cock and asking him what happened to his cock that has left him with this little pinkie in its place. When they thought Jim had reacted badly to their jibes; he was made to bend over and face a severe spanking from his new masters. Always having to thank these people for abusing him and using him and his wife really was hard for him to deal with.

Also watching his wife used as a free whore totally humiliated Jim, he wished he had never started down this road. So much had happened in the last year and a half; now he wished he could turn the clock back. What if his and Stella’s two boys found out and had to face this situation, he would die! The finally humiliation was when two of the black cocks began pissing over him calling him their fuck toilet. One even threatened to shit in his face and make him eat it, but Jed intercepted this and declared that tonight’s fun was over, everyone would go home. He actually apologised to Stella saying that he never intended it to go this far after all she was still the mother of his child. He really stressed the word his!

At four thirty in the morning, they finally managed to get off to bed, but strangely Jim was allowed to sleep with Stella although he did have his cock tied down to his thigh. Next morning being Saturday they slept in late and when they finally surfaced at 11.30 am there was no sign of Jed. Not just in person but also his clothes and belongs were gone as well.

Jim cuddled his wife and promised things would be better from now on, no more would they dabble in being cuckolded and she would once more return to being his loving wife. They both shed tears as they embraced each other but there best wills were not strong enough, for Stella needed to feel her cunt stuffed full again within six weeks and even went prowling the streets looking to pick up lonely black males who looked like they packed a large wedge of cock. This led to her drinking initially to compensate for loss of what she called her master cock, the drinking became so bad that she started having blackouts and took to drinking stronger and stronger brews till finally she overdosed on neat mentholated spirits in a little backwater street. Her body was not found for four days.

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