Three-way with Liz


I had looked forward to this evening for months as
Michael and I e-mailed back and forth about his lady
friend Donna. It had been almost two years since Carl &
I had our last three-way with Liz, and I was primed. To
insure a good performance on my part, I had taken a
Viagra a few hours earlier, and had refrained from
jacking off for two days. I had also purchased a small
enema bag with a douche nozzle, and cleaned out a few
hours before our appointed time.

I arrived at Donna’s house for Chinese take-out dinner
promptly at six o’clock, with a killer bottle of Stags
Leap Cabernet in hand. I’d also brought her a tube of
“Trojan” brand female gel, that I’d found in Walgreen’s
earlier that day. Donna turned out to be quite
charming, and cute as hell.

Michael was in the shower when I arrived, so Donna
decanted the wine, poured three glasses, and we sat
down to chat. Michael came out of the shower, and
promptly walked into the kitchen stark naked, which
certainly set the stage for what was to cum. I had met
with him a few weeks prior, and we had used Donna’s
place to suck each other off, where he provided me with
my needed daily dose of fresh sperm protein.

Donna then left to take her shower, and returned in ten
minutes or so wearing only a very brief kimono. She
wore no underpants or bra, and the short kimono
revealed her ample tits and occasionally a peek of her
nice bush. We sat down for dinner, and when she once
got up to retrieve a bowl and bent over, she gave me an
intended (I’m sure) rear view of her pussy and asshole.
I now had a full erection under my khakis. Michael had
come to the table in a robe. After a delightful meal,
and some very candid talk about our sexual preferences
and experiences, the swinging they’d done together, and
my desires for the evening, we quickly adjourned to the
living room for the main event. Donna lit a fire in the
hearth, and dimmed the lights and dropped some hot bi
porn in the VCR….all to set the proper mood.

I undressed in front of them, and was down to my white
cotton underpants, which were completed tented with my
hard-on, when Donna commented how much it turned her on
to see a guy erect in his underwear. She walked over
and slid down my underpants, and my penis popped
straight out. Michael had dropped his robe, and he was
also naked and fully erect.

The two of us sat down on the couch on either side of
her, and she parted her kimono to give us full access
to her tits and cunt. She started jacking off both of
us, as we leaned in to nibble on her nipples. God, it
felt great to have a girl’s hand pumping up and down on
my stiff cock. And being a bit of an exhibitionist, it
was a turn on to have a girl be admiring my erection as
she did so.

Donna stroked both cocks, and played with our balls for
awhile, then leaned down and took Michael in her mouth,
while still masturbating me. I then got down on the
floor and knelt in front of her. She parted her knees,
while still giving Michael his blow job. I dove in and
inserted my tongue in her cunt, finding her clitoris
immediately. I got the desired reaction.

She pulled off Michael and instantly cried out, and
threw her head back. That’s all I needed. I started
flicking my tongue back and forth on her clit, and
Donna was going nuts. And, thankfully, her vagina was
completely free of any bad taste or odor following her
timely shower. In the meantime, Michael had climbed
onto the couch, straddling her, and started mouth-
fucking her with his cock in her mouth.

She was loving it with muffled groans and cries, as he
pumped in and out of her mouth, and I tongued out her
cunt, while finger fucking her. I’d guess she must have
orgasmed two or three times while we were in that
position, each time arching off the couch and almost
screaming with pleasure. She is definitely a very vocal
sex participant, which I really like.

Then she broke free, and said that she’d love to watch
Michael fuck me. She’d never watched two guys do that
before. She squeezed a drop of her new gel lube on her
finger, as I positioned myself in front of the blazing
fireplace on all fours, and she worked it up my
asshole. There was no way my hard-on was going to fail
me with all this going on. She unwrapped a condom,
knelt in front of Michael, and slid it onto his erect
penis. Then she grabbed both cameras, and said, “Go to
it boys, and give me a good show!!”

Michael worked his finger up my anus, then two, to
loosen me up, as Donna watched close up, and played
with my cock and balls. Then he positioned himself
behind me, and slid his penis slowly into my asshole.
He was very patient, and went slowly, until he was all
the way inside me.

Donna was really enjoying the whole scene, and started
masturbating herself, as Michael started pumping in and
out of my ass, with his hands on my back. He fucked me
like that for a good five minutes, and Donna even
managed to get herself off again with her own finger,
as she watched us and shot pics.

Michael asked her if she wanted him to cum in the
rubber inside me. She said, “Hell no, I want to see you
cum in his mouth and on his face.”

Hearing that almost made me cum right then and there.
Michael pulled out, I flipped over on my back, she
peeled the gooey condom off of his cock, and he
straddled my chest. He started masturbating over my
face as Donna watched, and made obscene comments
like…. “Okay Michael, shoot your cum all over his
face. I want to see you spurt into his mouth. I want to
see you taste his big load of white sperm Will! Come on
Michael squirt that cumload now!”

God it was hot, hot, hot watching Michael jack off just
inches from my open mouth as Donna shouted her words.
Pretty soon he cried out, almost loud enough to be
heard outside the house (Michael is also a very vocal
cummer), “I’m cumming. Here it comes!!”

With that, his first rope of fresh, warm semen jetted
from the slit at the head of his penis, and it hit me
square in the face, the second spurted onto my
outstretched tongue, then the rest shot into my open
mouth. Donna was firing away with her flash pictures
throughout, as Michael ejaculated his two-day load. We
stayed like that for a good two minutes while wee all
caught our breath.

Then Donna said, “Now I want to see you jack off and
cum Will.” Who was I to object to such an order from
our hostess. I spit Michael’s cum into my hand,
swiveled around, spread wide to give them both a good
view, spread the handful of Michael’s fresh sperm over
my penis as jack off lube, and started masturbating.

Donna took some close up pics of my stroking hand and
spread asshole as I jacked off for her. Just as I was
getting close, and it sure didn’t take long, she slid
over and slipped her finger up my asshole, and pumped
in and out. That did it! I arched, pinched my cock at
the last moment to ensure a good first spurt, and my
cum erupted straight up in the air.

Donna whooped with delight at the sight. Even with my
disappointing loads following my prostate seed implant,
I did myself proud that night with a good three or four
spurts. Needless to say, I had the best cheerleader
anyone could hope for.

Donna insisted on cleaning me up with a towel, which
included all of Michael’s cum on my face, as well as my
own cum all over my stomach, cock and balls, and pubic
hair. She seemed to enjoy the process. Then she leaned
over and kissed the head of my penis, then my lips, and
said how incredible the evening had been for her. She’s
seen things she never seen before, and couldn’t wait
till next time.

We watched the news for awhile, all naked, finishing
off our wine, before we called in a night. Couldn’t
have asked for a better evening and ending. I drove
home with a huge smile on my face.