Jenny’s Car Fuck


Jenny has become quite a little slut wife for me,
nothing turns me on more than watching a guy get her
hot as I exhibit her in front of him, until the two of
them can take no more and need to join together

Let me describe my little conservative wife, she is 5ft
tall, long black hair, nice 38c tits with lovely light
colored nipples and a nicely trimmed cunt with little
but protruding vaginal flaps. She has big brown eyes
and a beautiful face and a really nice body.

I met Greg on line one night in an adult chat room, I
was there looking for guy to hook Jenny up with. Online
you meet a lot of idiots but Greg seemed different,
kind of a gentleman type, but a very horny gentleman
who liked nothing better than to fuck the pussy of a
married woman whose hubby liked to slut her out to
strangers. In other words he had a thing for married
slut-wives and my Jenny was just that.

We arranged an initial meeting at a local pub for a
Friday night, Jenny was rather nervous but horny, we
got there early and I got her a drink to calm her
nerves and mine to. I was so excited that I could feel
my cock going hard in my pants with anticipation,
anyone who has slutted out his wife will know this

After about 25 minutes Greg showed up, he was in his
late 30’s an average looking guy but quite charming. We
were all really nervous, but after the standard talking
the drinks were starting to take effect and the talk
soon turned towards sex.

Jenny was obviously very nervous as she was definitely
on the menu, Greg was trying to look down her top, she
had on a tight fitting red crossover top which I
insisted she wear no bra under and her nipples were
visibly getting hard to her embarrassment and Greg and
my delight. I also made her wear a knee high black
loose fitting pleated skirt that could give us easy
access to her love-hole should anything happen, under
this she wore a garter belt and suspenders but insisted
on keeping her panties on.

We were sitting in the back of a room that came off the
main pub and no one else was in there, I was feeling
really horny as was Greg and I offered Greg if he
wanted to feel Jenny’s breasts, she gave me a funny
look but didn’t object, I grabbed her right tit in my
hand and said, “Why don’t you have a little feel Greg!”
he needed no further prompting.

There was my wife, mother of 2 getting her tits felt up
by a stranger in a public place hoping no one we knew
would see us. This was getting us all a bit horny, so I
decided to move things along a bit more. While Greg had
one hand on her left tit I noticed his other hand on my
wife’s thigh. But her legs were clenched closed so I
said, “Open your legs a bit honey!”

That gave Greg some access, and I immediately put my
hand on her other knee and pulled her legs apart wider
and began feeling her up in front of him. Jenny let out
a slight moan because she was getting excited. Then I
reached up from under the table and pulled one of her
tits in front of Greg, he was visibly impressed looking
at the bulge in his pants.

This is good I thought, he is getting hot for my little
bitch and I love it.

Jenny was just sitting there embarrassed with her tit
hanging out, “Go on Greg,” I said. “Touch it.”

He began playing with her nipple and it made my cock so
hard I wanted to throw her on the table then and there
and rip her panties off and fuck her not caring who
might see us.

The Greg grabbed my wife’s hand and put it on his cock.
He was nice and hard, “This is because of you Jen,” he
said. She was now starting to fire up.

At this point I needed time with Greg alone to make
some arrangements, “Why don’t you go to the toilet
Jenny and take your panties off and then come back.”

She gave me that “Are you mad look” but Greg said, “Now
that “would” be nice!” She looked at him and saw his
boner pressing against his pants, then she looked at me
and I gave her a smile, then off she went.

“Well Greg,” I said. “Things are looking good.”

“So what have you got in mind buddy?” he replied. “I’d
love to get her out to the car.”

“If you can, she’s yours for an hour,” I said.

Just then Jenny reappeared, oozing sex as she walked
towards us. I asked her if she had removed her panties
and she replied to my query by opening her handbag and
showing both Greg and me the contents. I was happy now,
knowing the game had gone to the next level.

Jenny’s nipples had grown quite stiff and were
straining her tight red top. I went straight to work on
her tits again and Greg needed no instructions, he was
rubbing her tits and her knee.

Then I said, “Greg why don’t you see how wet my wife is
for you?”

Jenny looked at me wide-eyed, then at Greg with that I
need a fuck look, that I’ve seen many times. “Go on
babe, spread for Greg.”

Greg immediately spoke up, “Yeah Jen, open you pussy
for me hun, let me feel how hot you are!”

As women do, Jenny wanted to open up but needed a
little more encouragement, so Greg and I gripped a knee
each and gently opened her so we could see Greg’s hand
work its way up my wife’s beautiful thigh. Her skirt
rose up her leg as his hand made its way to her moist
sex hole. All the while she was staring straight at me.
Then as he reached her cunt Jen said in a quiet voice,
“This is what you want isn’t it?”

I just looked at her and said, “Mmmmm!”

“She’s nice and ripe,” Greg said. “Why don’t we take
her out to my car.”

Jen looked at me and I gave her permission. They walked
out in front of me with Jenny looking back at me
several times. Then I got up and walked out after them.
We went around the corner but the car park was too well
lit, so Greg suggested we go park near some factories
that were being built were its nice and secluded.

“I’ll drive,” I said. “You two hop in the back seat.”
The potential lovers needed no further direction.

As I was driving Greg gave me instructions. I kept
looking in the mirror and could see him kissing Jenny
and sucking on her tits with his hand between her legs,
obviously working her hot cunt.

When we got there they were really into it. He was
fingering fucking her and in the light of the car I
could see his fingers glistening from her vaginal
fluid. Jenny was arching her back for him so he could
go deeper into her.

Then I watched as Greg pulled out his cock. He looked
into my eyes in the rear-view mirror with a look asked
me if it was ok. I just said, “Jenny, why don’t you
suck Greg’s cock?”

Jenny looked into the mirror for a moment then without
saying a word she leaned over Greg’s lap and opened her
warm mouth and took him into it. I could her slurping
and gagging a little as he pressed down on her head to
get his length as far into her as he could.

The scene before me was amazing. I was watching a live
porno and my wife was one of the stars. As I jerked off
with one hand I reached from the front seat and lifting
her skirt so I could finger her with the other one.
“Let me help you,” I heard Greg say as he undid my
wife’s skirt.

“Mmm, I can smell your cunt. Man, can you smell your
wife’s cunt Tom, she smells just like a slut?” he said.

I just nodded, the inside of his car was filled with
the aroma of my woman’s dripping vagina. She was like a
bitch on heat, very submissive during sex, she loves to
be used by the men, and talked to dirty.

I got into the sex talk further encouraging Greg and
Jenny, “Go on Greg, pull my wife’s cunt open, look at
her pink hole, open her wide for us. Yes finger that
bitch’s cunt!”

“Oh man, I wanna fuck this whore!” Greg said, “but I
got no condom.

I said, “I didn’t think we’d get this far.” I looked at
my wife whose head was thrashing back and forth against
the seat back, she had her eyes closed and was just
letting herself experience the sensations our
ministrations were causing.

That’s when Greg said, “That’s cool. I’ll pull out when
I’m close and blow my load over her face and tits,” he

“Hmm, I don’t know…” I responded.

But Jenny definitely wanted to fuck. I could see her
naked body in the moonlight spread legged in the back
seat of his car, with Greg fully erect ready to enter
her love tunnel. Her eyes were still closed but her
hand was wrapped around Greg’s dick as if she was
trying to pull him to her.

Finally I said, “OK Greg, but make sure you don’t blow
in her hole, she’s fertile this time off month.”

Greg lowered himself on her and I reached across and
pulled her legs open wider to help his join together
with her. I saw the tip of his cock at her opening and
then heard her gasp as he slid like a snake deep into
her belly. Then he started pounding her pussy and she
began thrusting back at him eagerly.

“You like that don’t you cunt?” he grunted.

She just moaned.

“Tell your husband what it feels to be a slut!”

But all my beautiful wife could do was moan louder.

“Yeah! Fuck her, fuck my slut’s cunt!” I said getting
into the action.

Greg was going hard on her now, “Oh fuck she feels so
good. I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” he yelled.

Jenny’s eyes flew open and she yelled, “Get off! Get
off me!”

Greg kept on fucking her, looking at me and as I beat
my meat for all I was worth.

Greg was holding my wife down as he thrust into her,
all the while she was trying frantically to get him to
stop, the he let out a loud roar and I watched his body
jerk once, then twice and a third time as he filled her
womb with his seed. I immediately climbed over the seat
and pushed Greg away and looked at her well used and
leaking lovehole and I jerked off on her face and tits.

Jen looked like a used rag, just lying there smelling
of sperm. Male seed in her and on her. Greg told her to
sit up and we both used her clothes to wipe her down
just like you do a race horse after a race.

We had nothing to say to each other as we drove back
and parked next to our car. Not even saying goodbye to
Greg, Jenny quickly climbed into the backseat of our
car and I covered her with my jacket. Greg went off to
the 24 car wash to clean out his car of our musky sex
scent before going home to his wife.

When we got home and called her a fuckin’ slut for
letting him blow his load up her cunt. Jenny just she
smiled and said, “That’s what you wanted wasn’t it? I’m
probably pregnant now!”

That idea got me hard instantly, so I pushed her down
on her hands and knees in the hall and quickly climbed
on her back and fucked her doggy style. Greg’s copious
cum made for some good lubrication so it didn’t take me
long before I shot my load into her well used, and
maybe pregnant cunt.

When I’d finished and climbed off her and said, “In the
morning you go to the chemist and get the morning after
pill, so you don’t bear any little bastards from Greg’s
seed!” Then I went to bed and she went off to wash away
the mess we we’d made on her and in her.