The Prime Price

Bennet was a beautiful young woman whit long reddish
brown hair, auburn she think the color was named. Her
eyes was large and green and witnessed of a Celtic
descent. Right now Bennet was face down in her bed
while Alisa was tying her wrists and ankles to the bed
stands of her large antique bed. Under her hips was
places a gray pillow, normally used for her pilates
training, forcing her to lie whit her ass in the air.
Alisha finished her work and tested the ropes, they
held nicely. As she lay there Bennet wondered how the
hell she had gotten herself into this situation.

Ever since they got to Chantry Baha Bayhas as
apprentices Bennet and Alisa had been inseparable,
studying together, gossiping about boys together, doing
almost anything together. Alisa however was a far
better student of Magick than was herself, and as
Bennet got a assignment to learn the Initiate degree of
Prime before Easter, Bennet had asked Alisa’s help, so
she would not disappoint her mentor.

Alisa had giggled and said yes, she would tutor her,
but at a price. And for months now the two Hermetics
apprentices had been studying together. And finally
Bennet had grasped the magick and been declared a
Initiate of Prime, and now it was time for Alisa’s
price. The blond Mage had demanded one half an hour to
do whatever she wanted whit Bennet, and as part of that
she had tied her to the bed.

Bennet lay nervous and waited for what Alisa had in
mind. Tied down there was little she could do as she
watches Alisa get undressed, watched her pale, milky
white skin like moonlight shining at her. Alisa bended
down and got a bag of the floor. From it she finds a
leather panty of some sort, she then drag a large,
plastic penis out of the bag and fasten it to the
leather harness.

“Oh, no, no you can not be serious, Alisa!” Bennet
complains but her friend did not answer her or stop
what she is doing, witch is smearing the plastic penis
whit sticky, slick lube from a small tube. “Alisa, talk
whit me, you can not mean this, it is not funny!”
Bennet scream as Alisa get behind her and begin to
stroke her fingers carefully around Bennet’s anus.
“Remember, we agreed, for half an hour you are mine to
do whit as I please, and I have…”

Alisa looks at her watch “Twenty five minutes left.”
And that was all Alisa would say. Bennet tried to fight
herself out of the situation, she even tried magick,
but whiteout being able to use her hands it was hard,
and when she begun to chant in Latin Alisa hit her over
her exposed butt, hard. Bennet closed her eyes.
Everyone knew at Alisa could be a little crazy, but
still, she had not expected her to do something like
this, but it seamed she was not getting out of this,
she might as well grit her teeth and bear it, how bad
could it be, being impaled on that plastic penis Alisa
was threatening her whit.

Alisa climbed into bed behind Bennet and placed her
plastic manhood against Bennet’s little rosebud of an
asshole and pushed. Bennet screamed as it felt like she
was being ripped apart. pain shot up from her butt, up
her spine and exploded in her head. “Alisa stop, stop
you are hurting me. Please this is not funny anymore,
just stop it.”

Alisa just grunted and pushed all the way in. Bennet
screamed again, it did not seam to have any effect on
Alisa at all. She whitdrew the plastic penis completely
and push it all the way back in, and repeated the
motion. Bennet begun to cry. It hurt so much. Finally
Alisa spoke again. “You see Bennet, that is what is is
about for me, doing this becouse I want to, no matter
if it hurt you. Just using you for my pleasure. Now do
not be scared, I am not going to seriously harm you,
but for another twenty minutes, you are mine!”

And Alisa continued to fuck her friend whit the large
strap on, Bennet screamed and sobbed but gave up
fighting. Alisa was both stronger physically and
magically, and, and she had the right, they had after
all made a deal. The pain was overwhelming and Bennet
just tried to get through this. Finally after what
seamed like forever Alisa pulled her plastic penis out
of Bennet’s ass. The young mage walk around the bed and
grab a hold of Bennet’s hair. Whit a firm grip she
forces the other mage to part her lips and begin to
suck her own blood and grime of the strap on. Bennet
was moaning and sobbing but did what she was told
whiteout protest.

Finally it was over. Alisa packed the strap on and the
strange panty away, and released Bennet from her bonds.
“Are you alright Bennet, do you hate me?” Bennet shook
her head as Alisa dried her tears. “No…I do not hate
you, and I am fine, it just hurt, it hurt so bad.”
Alisa nods and kiss Bennet on the forehead before
leaving her room. “I know it did. I know it did. Well
we are even now. Sleep well Bennet and try to just
purge my little fun from your mind.”

Bennet lay in the dark of her room, her asshole had
drawn itself together, though it was still sore and she
could still taste her own blood on her lips. She should
cry, should go to the Deacon Prima and tell her what
Alisa had done, but she would not do that. For
strangely, for those painful, horrible moments when she
was used, Bennet had felt true meaning whit her
existence. She did not understand why, and she had
hated the pain, but for some reason she had liked to be
used like that, and that terrified the young mage more
than nearly anything else.

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