The Kissogram Girl

Dropping my bag’s of Lingerie and some sex toys onto the bed in my room. I kicked off my shoes and threw off my clothes. Picking up a towel, I headed for the shower. I ached all over. Using that strap on was fun but had my muscles aching in places I never thought I had muscles. Even the cheeks of my ass were cramping through use. The hot water streamed over me like a natural waterfall and I drifted away into the soothing heat. It was Stacey’s shout that brought me back from my reverie. I felt better, though the aches were still there, they were manageable and wrapping the towel around me I stepped out the bathroom and into the kitchen where Stacey was making coffee.

“Well. Did you get the job?”

“Yes!” I tried not to let her see the look of satisfaction on my face I felt sure she would know I had just had a group sex session.

“Yeah, know something honey getting that job sure has brought life to your face your eyes are literally sparkling. Just like the cat that got the cream!”

“It’s the relief I think. Knowing I will be able to pay you back.” I had to hope I didn’t blush, as I thought yes pussy that got the juice was a fair description. She just smiled.

Feeling less wracked with pain after my shower and tiredness catching up with me I finished my coffee. I told her I was going to have an early night as I had a photo session the next day. She just smiled telling me she was going to watch TV for a little while but would keep the noise down. Not that it mattered I didn’t even bother putting anything on to sleep in. Instead I let the towel fall and fell into bed literally falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

You dream odd things sometimes and have no control over your dreams. It was the same for me that night. I was in a large limo one of these stretch things though it was an odd one as it had an empty bath in it and I was in there with John Latimer, Jackie and the shop assistant when Stacey served us all large cups of a thick chocolate and paint brushes. At first we sort of mixed the chocolate with our brushes then Jackie painted a large strip across the pert tits of the shop assistant making sure she coloured in her areolas. Then she did the same to me, my nipples erected immediately.

John made us all stand and painted all the women’s bald pussies. The feeling I was getting as he sank to his knees and started to lick the chocolate off my clit was driving me crazy. Sorry it sounds weird and disconnected but that’s how it was till the alarm went off and shocked me out of my dream. I knew it must have been a hot dream I was not just damp but soaking between my legs. How I wish I had more time to play but I didn’t so quickly under a hot shower to wake me up and then laying out all my undies picked the ones that I not only liked the most but which made me look real sexy too.

I was told a car would pick me up at 8am and they were dead right. Spot on the dot a large silver grey Rolls Royce pulled up outside our door. The man in uniform jumped out and as I got to the car opened the rear door for me to enter. I felt like a queen. It takes about 30 minutes miss, so if you would settle back I’ll soon have you there. The seats literally pulled me into them and cuddled me. I had never felt luxury like this in my whole short life. There was no car engine noise as we whooshed along the roads stopping some 30 minutes later outside a big modern studio nothing like the little poky shop I had imagined. As soon as the car came to a halt the driver was around to open the car door and then the studio door.

Inside the door was a plush reception area and a nice looking guy smiled.

“Hi there, are you the gal from J and T Productions, a Miss Toni Marsden?

“Yes.” the butterflies were running through my stomach area now. He had spoken with such an effeminate drawl but showed a really warm smile.

“Take a seat, Marian will be with you shortly. He is just checking everything is ready. There are two makeover people coming in so you get the best look for your photograph.

I sat down just as a man and a woman came in and straight away started to chat with the lad on the reception desk. He pointed to me though I couldn’t quite make out what he had said and the butterflies in my stomach were turning into sea eagles.

“Hi! I’m Sarah and this is Pete. Come with us and we will get you ready!”

We went into a sort of salon room and they clicked on the lights and sat me in the hairdresser’s chair that was before me. She opened up her vanity case and he opened up a larger valise. They must have carried every type of make up and hair implement in their respective cases. It was decided that Pete would wash my hair again to remove the hair spray I had used and while it was drying Sarah was going to start the de- make upping of my face. It didn’t take them long to get into it. Pretty soon they were down to the bare canvass of my face and hair so to speak.

You have to understand I am from a small town, and have never had a make over basically because the cost would have been more than I could afford. So I had no idea what to expect from either the hair and make up treatment or the photo shoot. My nerves were tingling and my excitement was on the boil, these two people fussed and messed about. All of a sudden Sarah said,

“Right we need you to drop your clothes off.”

“Isn’t there a screen of some kind,” I almost shrieked

Yes I know what went on yesterday but that was yesterday and these were two complete strangers.

“Screen!” they both gave knowing looks laughing together and in unison said, “Honey we have to check your body hair!”

The shock of what they had just said seemed to have me in a trance on the one hand I badly needed this job and on the other I was that excited still from my dream I wondered if this obviously gay guy was going to try it on with me. No sooner had the thought crossed my mind than the feeling shot through my enlarged clit. As though hypnotised I stood and dropped off my clothes and with a look from Sarah even dropped off my thong.

They circled around me touching and teasing at one point I felt A quick sharp pain and realised they must have removed a hair from my back. Sarah made me spread my legs and as i keep my pussy totally shaved smiled nodding to Pete.

“No need to wax this then looks like someone keeps it really neat. ” Sarah said,

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm And just look how excited she is.” Pete surprised me as he said that out loud.

He was ofcourse dead right I not only had an enlarged clit but it was almost erect fully and coming out of the cover. Try as I might I could not get the events of yesterday out of my head and my legs wide with two strangers examining me did little to turn me off. In truth that fact alone had me horny as hell. Sarahs Hand slid to my clit touching it gently in a circular motion.

“Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Gggaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwddddddd. YYeeeeeeeessssssssssss!”

Pete was commenting on how wet I was, then with out changing tone said,

“Bet you can’t bring her off before he’s ready for her!”

“You’re on!” Sarah said and her finger slid up inside me,

She was gradually pushing another finger inside me. Me I was just humping what she gave me. Totally lost in the need to just cum. I could hear my pussy juice and feel it sloshing about inside me. At that minute I would have fucked anything. Then I felt Sarah’s naked hips slip between my thighs. And what I couldn’t believe was she had a cock. Not some latex thing but a real mans cock. I was so confused here was this really good looking woman nice tits and everything with a near perfect cock below.

It wasn’t massive but gawd how she could use it. I watched as Pete got behind her I knew he must be fucking her arse and the harder he fucked her the harder she was fucking me and now i was trying like mad to feel her shoot into me right up inside. Her cock about 5″ in length was hammering into me as she moaned and then i heard myself and felt my flood start. The moan was close to that of a banshee and as my cum rolled out of my body she shot deep inside me with Pete cumming virtually at the same time.

There was no time for afters. Just as they separated from me this tall, blonde muscularly man came in and hooking some clothes over a rail in the corner said,

“Their in order for the shoot, I’m Marian and when your ready come through! Don’t take all day you’ve had your fun.”

I was shaking as I took hold of the first outfit a simple bikini, Skimpy and bright red. I had to squeeze into it to get it on and was so frightened to breathe too much in it in case I burst the top. I was so nervous either my juice or Sarah’s seed would run out and through it but it didn’t. I stepped through into a large well lit studio with a large green screen.

“Come on haven’t you ever done this before. Times money you know?”

He obviously realised I hadn’t done this before as I just stood there not knowing what to do.

“Ok just stand in front of the screen honey, we’ll but a background in later ok. Now then that’s it lean forward we want the client to see those assets of yours. Right slip in and put on the next outfit!”

The outfits were basic kissogram stuff you know French Maid, with white frilly panties and very short black dress; they even had a cheer leader outfit too. When the pictures where finished I was told to wait to take them to John at the office. Doesn’t waiting become a pain; it felt like hours but really was just about 45 minutes and he gave me a large sealed envelope.

“He’s expecting you so go straight there!”

I went outside the Roller was still there and the chauffeur jumped straight out and opened the door. The driver explained it was because he wanted me out and working as soon as he could but hell I could get used to driving around in one of these.

Jackie was at the reception desk when i went in and told me to go through with a big smile and a wink. I was really going to like this job. John took the envelope and flicked through the photo’s and suddenly said,
“Ok you’re finished for the day. Go home and I’ll pick you up at 7pm wear a nice dress. We are going to shadow one of the girls so you can see how we work okay!”

“Yes, I’ll be ready!”

I knew by the smile he was happy with the photos now all I had to do was learn how to be a kissogram. Nothing to it, I hoped so with a mixture of juices running into my thong I left for home needing a shower and something to eat!

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