The admission of a wife


We had been seeing each other for a while now, and each
time the sex was getting better. Little discoveries of
pleasure spots each time had led to some very hot

This particular day I heard her car pull up and waited
for her to come inside. In the background the TV was
playing a porn movie the sound track betraying the
moans and squeals of pleasure from the various
actresses. As she walked through the door in a glance I
took her in noticing her hard nipples under her
clothing and the slight flush on her cheeks and throat.
I moved towards her and took her in my arms
passionately kissing her lips sliding my tongue into
her mouth, my hand dropping to clutch one of her ass
cheeks in my hand.

I felt her thrust her hips into mine causing my cock to
thicken and lengthen. She continued to grind against me
while sucking my tongue in her mouth; I cup one of her
tits in my hand gently stroking the nipple making it
harden even further.

Her breathing was starting to get a little ragged and I
could feel her body trembling all over.

I broke off the embrace and led her to the couch and
told her to sit down. Once seated, she reached out and
cupped my bulge in her hand, and looked up at me with
pure lust in her eyes.

I tell her to wait there and go out of the room.

When I return I have shaving foam a razor and a bowl of
warm water I also have a towel. While putting the
equipment down I feel my pants being opened then she
puts my cock to her lips and slides my cock straight to
the back of her throat.

I reach down and grip her nipples between my fingers
and squeeze hard, which drives a moan from her throat
and an increase in the tempo she is sliding her mouth
up and down my throbbing thick tool, at the same time
she gently scratches my sack with her long fingernails.
I look down and see a bright red ring encircling my
cock where her lipstick has rubbed off.

Meanwhile the porn film continues the slapping sound of
fucking and the moans of the starlet add to the
eroticism of the moment.

A mew of disappointment escapes her throat as I
withdraw my cock from her mouth and start to get set
for shaving her cunt, which I can already smell the
musk which just serves to excite me further.

I slide a towel under her ass and tell her to spread
her legs wide and place her feet on the seat so she is
wide open for me to see. I can’t resist a lick of her
very wet creamy hole and stiff clit before I get to the
business of shaving her.

Reluctantly I relinquish her clit, and start to apply
the shaving foam all over her cunt getting it very
lathered up.

Next I take the razor and remove the hair around the
outside shaving it very smooth, then I pull one of her
labia gently out and carefully shave her labia then the

Once finished I apply a warm flannel and the water to
clean the foam and hair away gently, and then dry her
cunt with a towel.

Now I can truly see all aspects of her cunt her clit
peeking out her piss hole and her dripping moist hole
as well. As I watch I see moisture form and start to
flow out down her ass glistening in the light, I lean
in and lick it up.

I sit beside her and we start to concentrate on the
movie. I feel her hand reach over and it encircles my
throbbing cock. She is also fingering her own cunt
frigging her clit and breathing deeply.

The scene in the film involves two men and a woman, the
woman is on her hands and knees, she is deep-throating
the man in front of her, meanwhile the man behind her
is slowly sliding his cock into the woman’s asshole.

I here her gasp and turn to ask what is wrong?

For a long time there is no reply, only the sensation
of her hand tightening its grip on my cock and the
tempo increasing both on my cock and her clit. I also
hear her breathing becoming more ragged. The scene on
the TV is reaching its crescendo the men both nearing
their climaxes when she says to me, “Babe I want you to
fuck my ass tonight! I have been wanting to tell you
for a while now.”

I look at her face and see she is blushing but also I
see a look of pure lust in her eyes.

It is a lot to absorb but my cock betrays my excitement
by twitching in her hand.

We roll into a 69 on the floor my cock slides deeply
into her mouth and she opens her throat and my cock
slides right down until it is totally engulfed, my
balls resting on her lips. There is already a river of
juice dribbling from her smooth shaved cunt.

I lick slowly from her asshole right up to her clit
lingering at her hole and her piss slit.

Back and forward my tongue goes from dipping into her
asshole sliding up pausing to dip into her wet hole
then lingering on her pee-hole for a moment or two then
swirling up to her clit, then, repeating the movement
in reverse lingering over her pee-hole, every time I do
this I feel her jump.

I slide my tongue over her open cunt hole and down to
her puckered brown hole, when I get there I poke my
tongue into the hole just teasing and opening it up.
Wanting it to open up for me. The musky pungent scent
of her asshole thrills me and I thrust deep into her
mouth, all the time fingering and licking her ass hole
and cunt.

All of this tongue action on her rosebud and cunt are
starting to have their effect and the moans coming from
her throat vibrate along the length of my cock.
Continuing with my oral assault causes her to start to
writhe around, and the moans coming from her increase
in volume and pitch. Still licking and fingering I feel
her nails sink into my ass cheeks, and her cunt is now
wide open and copious quantities of her nectar are
flowing out and running down between her ass cheeks and
over her asshole.

Increasing my licking tempo I feel her whole body
tense, her moans are now shrieks screaming over and
over again, “I’m gonna cum.”

Its time for me to take her over the edge. I start to
bite her clit then run my tongue into her pee-hole over
and over again, her body arches and her shrieks become
one drawn out scream, suddenly my face gets soaked as
her cunt squirts again and again I continue to lick and
am rewarded with even more juice, shortly after this
she goes limp, her breathing ragged.

When she has recovered she says to me oh wow that’s the
best orgasm I have ever had “Mmmmmnnn,” she almost
sounds like she is purring.

We now go to the bedroom and I flop onto the bed,
immediately I feel a mouth engulfing my cock sucking me
in deeply while gently squeezing my balls.

Her mouth is like a vacuum almost sucking my balls out
through my cock and I start to moan. I thrust upwards
fucking her mouth rapidly reaching deep into her throat
each time I feel my balls start to constrict, I am in
heaven when. She stops sucking and stands.

I start to complain when she turns round and plunges
her cunt right to my cock’s base and starts to ride me
hard, my cock and balls getting saturated by the
copious flow of her cunt juice. She starts to ride me
up and down faster and faster, she screams out as she
cums again.

After about five minutes she gets off me again and gets
on to her hands and knees! She turns to look at me with
lust glazed eyes and says to me, “FUCK MY ASS NOW

I move up behind her, and apply some lube to her ass
and slide my finger in then two stretching her asshole
I slide the third finger in and feel her ass dilating,
I reach around and start fingering her clit, the
screams are starting again as I position the head of my
now engorged cock at her asshole entrance. With one
smooth thrust I slide my cock into her asshole to the

I wait a few seconds for her ring to adjust to the
girth of my cock before I start to thrust in and out
sliding the whole 7″ of my cock right out then back in
again slowly building speed. I start to feel her
thrusting back towards me as I push in and I hear her
starting to keen louder and louder.

I once more reach around and start to flick her clit,
as I thrust in harder and faster, my fingers are now
saturated and I feel my balls tighten again, I know now
I am about to cum in her asshole and tell her so.

Into overdrive I go thrusting in and out faster and
faster, I am aware of her thrusting back at me and this
drives me over the edge I shout out, “Oohhhh fuuuck I’m
cumming!” As my cum starts to spurt into her ass I feel
her cunt contract and my hand is seared by gush after
gush from her cunt, she is speaking but it is just
incomprehensible babble as she writhes on my cock, the
cum is still gushing from my cock into her asshole.

Slowly we come back to reality and collapse on the bed
totally spent my softening cock still lodged in her
ass. We can hardly speak or move, I wrap my arm around
her and pull her close to me we cuddle this way as we
gradually drift off to sleep together.