Forbidden Fruit by Military Wife


This was a time when my Air Force husband was deployed
overseas with his unit and our son was away
visiting my parents for the summer. I was alone to
ponder my ever increasing sexual fantasies which were
becoming more and more prominent as I longed for sexual

I was increasingly looking at every male and wondering
if they would want me and if it would be good to cheat
a time or two. I thought that it was not being used by
my husband so why not lend it out to some appreciative
man. Surely a good sexual encounter would now deplete
the sexual reservoir of my husbands private play

It happened that one day as I lay sunbathing in the
back yard I noticed a young black guy in the back yard
doing some exercise. I then remembered that our
neighbors had told me about their college freshman so
who would be home for the summer. I said, “Hi, you must
be Josh.”

“Yes, I am Josh and you must be Julie. My parents have
told me that you have the summer all to yourself, with
your husband and son being gone. I am available if you
need any help on anything. I am pretty handy.”

“Thanks for offering, Josh,” I replied as I thought I
felt a longing between my thighs and thought he was
giving me body a once over with his dark black eyes. I
looked at his muscled tall handsome jet black body and
wondered how he would feel next to me.

“Oh what am I thinking? I can’t be thinking about this.
I am married and he is so young. He is black and a nice
white southern lady should not be considering savoring
the forbidden fruit. Perish the though Julie. You can’t
be serious about your thoughts,” I quietly scolded

That night as I lay in bed, my thoughts drifted to this
young black boy (he is a man but at my age he is still
a boy, and I mean no disrespect when I call him a boy).
As I lay there with a pillow clutched imagining it was
him I was holding, I started plotting to entice him to
my bed and take some forbidden fruit. After long
thought I had my plan formulated and was ready to
initiate it at the first opportunity.

A couple of days later, as I sat in the back yard
sipping a beer, Josh appeared and spoke, I invited him
over for a beer and he accepted. (The first step in my

He took a chair nest to me as I handed him a beer and
we started chatting about high school and dating and I
told him that I had a crush on a black football player
in high school but it was not a good idea to date a
black so we met a few times behind the football stadium
at night. Josh was very forward and asked if we had
sex. I told him that we had not but had been close once
but some other kids scared us so we quit seeing each

I ask him if he had ever dated a white girl and he said
no but he had always wanted to, as he looked me in the
eye and I realized he was in deed thought about me and
I could see that he was on the verge of making a move.
How I cannot explain but I sort of moved my head toward
him and looked him straight in the eyes, and whispered,
“Am I attractive to you?” He answered by kissing me
hard and long to which I was very responsive.

When we pulled away, we both were breathing hard. I
asked Josh if he was sure he wanted to go further. I
reminded him that I was married to an Alabama Red Neck
Country boy and as a married woman and a white wife it
was a double no, no. This would be like pouring
gasoline on coil oil and lighting a match.

He looked at me and said, “I want you no matter what
others think. You are so lovely and sexy and I want to
make you feel so good you will forget your white Red
Neck husband.”

“Oh Josh I was hoping you felt this way,” as I took him
by the hand and led him into our bedroom where we fell
into each others arms and started feeling each other
all over, undressing to reveal our naked bodies to
inspection. As I freed his hard jet lack cock from his
shorts, I knew I wanted it deep inside me pumping his
black balls dry. I kissed it and licked it till I felt
it throbbing and I knew I had to stop or it would be
too late. I fell on the bed as he moved to lick my
white pussy lips and nibble my clit. I pulled him up
over me as he thrust his ebony rod deep inside my
anxiously awaiting white wet married pussy.

He thrust deep and hard as I screamed out, “Josh, Josh,
Josh, you are my handsome black lover, please give me
all your hot black seeds” I could feel his cock
throbbing deep in me as it pumped and pumped and I felt
the seeds shooting in my hubby’s untilled garden.

As we lay there, after I had shook all over, got stiff
then collapsed on being well satisfied by my new black
lover, he told me that I was his forever and ever.

We both knew that this would come to an end soon and we
would go our separate ways, however I knew that he had
awakened a sleeping white wife who would give him what
he wanted any time he wanted it.

(Over the years I have had several opportunities to
experience black and have enjoyed every one. They have
all been respectful and fulfilling in every way. I love
to go on the internet and look at black cock every
chance I get.)