Group Sex Stories - Slut Wife

Three horny sluts 2.

Like their wives, Fred Foley and Morgan Davis were close enough friends to discuss sexual themes. Sexual themes, in fact were what they discussed most of the time. Sometimes they talked about baseball or poker and sometimes they spoke of […]


Ball Busting Sisters

Jim’s twin sisters, Eva and Ava, were breathtakingly gorgeous. They were both 18 years old, while Jim was only 16, so they could easily overpower him whenever they wanted to. (Which was quite often) Jim was terrified of his older […]

Group Sex Stories

Our immersion

My wife Simone and I are a young professional couple. Both in our late twenties and very active staying fit and socializing with friends. I’m not a big guy standing 5’8” and about 150lbs. Simone is a petite blasian (black/Thai) […]