Ball Busting Sisters

Jim’s twin sisters, Eva and Ava, were breathtakingly
gorgeous. They were both 18 years old, while Jim was
only 16, so they could easily overpower him whenever
they wanted to. (Which was quite often)

Jim was terrified of his older twin sisters, due to the
fact that they didn’t have a very ‘normal’ sibling
relationship. Eva and Ava got on great together. It
wasn’t just the fact that they were twins, but that the
girls shared a great love of kicking boys in the balls
that gave them their close ties. Yet the girls both
attended an all-girl catholic high- school, so where
were they to find some nice nuts to crush? Enter, Jim,
the pain in the butt younger brother.

It had all started out innocently enough 3 years
before. The girls used to overpower their brother, then
fake him out with pretend kicks to his groin. One time
Eva kicked her foot out and Ava accidentally pushed
their brother forward at the same time.

Result: Instant nut-crunch for brother.

He rolled about on the floor writhing and crying. The
girls laughed for several minutes before telling Jim
what they would do to his tender nuts if he ever told
their parents. Jim was too frightened and humiliated,
and never did tell his folks. What followed was 3 years
of torture for Jim.

The twin sisters enjoyed forcing their brother to sit
and watch a movie with them, knowing there would be a
ball-busting scene in it. After viewing the scene, the
girls would take turns acting out the scene on Jim. And
if he didn’t do his best to act just like the guy did
in the movie, he’d get 10 times worse. They also like
to have him role-play a made-up scenario with them.
Either the abusive boyfriend, or rude construction

Then one or both girls would kick him where it counts.
Their favorite game with Jim was to have him guess
which sister was which. Since they were twins, he
almost never guessed correctly. (Of course the sisters
would lie about their identities whenever they wanted.)
If he guessed wrong, then one sister would pick a style
for the other sister to use to hurt his balls, and vice
versa. It’s one of these sessions where the story picks

“Now Jimmy, who am I?” asked Eva.

Jimmy didn’t even try to tell the two apart. He knew it
was pointless.

“Ummm… Ava.”

“Wrong! How should I do it, Ava?”

“Give him a good swift knee to his little nuts for not
being able to tell us apart!” shouted Ava gleefully.

Jimmy braced himself for the inevitable. Eva walked up
to him in her cheerleader outfit (Ava was dressed the
same, except instead of gym shoes both girls wore shiny
black 4-inch heels). She gripped his shoulders, smiled
at her brother, and let her knee fly into his nut-sack.
Jimmy groaned softly and slid to the ground. Eva and
Ava high-fived each other.

They watched their brother for a few minutes before
ordering him back to his feet for round 2. The girls
left the room and came back in, so he couldn’t remember
which was which.

Again Eva asked, “Who am I?”

This time he got it right. So the girls left and
reentered again. Eva asked yet again, and Jimmy
answered wrong.

Ava pondered for a moment his fate before deciding.
“Hold on, I’ll be right back!” She ran off and came
back a moment later with one of their mother’s well-
used high-heel shoes.

“Make him smell and lick the inside of Mom’s shoe, and
then use the heel of the shoe and ram it into his

Eva eagerly took their mother’s shoe and placed it to
her brother’s nose. “Smell it, shit-head!”

Jim did, and almost gagged at the heavy aroma of his
own mother’s foot.

“Now lick it!”

If Jim thought the smell was bad, the taste was even
worse as he licked the salty inside of the pump. So
this is what Mom’s feet taste like, he couldn’t help
but think.

Eva removed the shoe from his face, turned it upside
down and jabbed the spike heel into his left nut, all
the while watching the expression on his face. Ava held
him in place and could hear him whimpering softly as
Eva applied the pressure. “Do you know what Mom would
do to you if she caught you, little pervert that you
are, licking and smelling her shoes? She’d probably
kick you in the nuts herself!” said Eva.

“Can you imagine what it would feel like if Mom kicked
you in the balls? How much it would hurt? She might
even get carried away and crush a nut if she kicked too
hard. Would you like Mommy to bust a nut?” whispered
Ava seductively as Jim squeaked in pain.

Finally they released him and got ready for round 4.
Again he guessed wrong and now Eva picked the
punishment. “Have him lie on his back and spread his
legs. Then you place the sole of your shoe on his balls
and step on them.

Don’t forget to twist your foot around. I want to hear
nuts crunching!”

Jimmy adopted the position on the floor with a little
help from Eva. Ava the walked up between his spread
legs and raised her foot menacingly above her brother’s
unprotected scrotum.

“Do I get bonus points for popping a ball?” giggled
Ava. “Do you even think you could tell if you crushed
one through your shoe?” inquired Eva.

“We could always tell by the look on his face. Pop a
nut, and I’m sure his facial expression would be

“One good hard stomp and there’d be nothing left but a
squishy goopy mess! I’m getting moist just thinking
about it! Just one kick, two little pops, and then no
babies for brother!”

“Can I turn you into a soprano, Jimmy?” asked Ava as
she slammed her shoe down onto his balls. Jimmy
screamed loudly as Ava twisted her foot cruelly. Eva
held him down, laughing at his tears.

“Feel good, Jimmy? Come on, let Ava make you into a
eunuch! It’ll be a release for you!

No more pain between the legs.”

“Just a pulpy mess in your scrotum!” laughed Ava. “Hey!
I’ve got one trapped between my shoe and his body! What
should I do?”

Eva had an almost fanatic look on her face. “Pop it!
Pop it! Go on, crush his nut!”

Ava placed her full weight on the ball, still twisting.
Jimmy could do nothing but cry and make funny noises.

“Damn! It slipped away!” grumbled Ava. She kicked his
balls once to show her anger at having been robbed of
her castration of her brother. The girls let him
recover for a bit longer this time, coaxing him back up
by telling him it would be the last round of the day,
considering Mom and Dad would be home soon. Finally Jim
lumbered unsteadily to his feet. He guessed correctly
this time, but his sisters lied to him and said he was

Eva picked the punishment.

“This time we’ll both participate, since it’s the last
one. You know Jimmy,” she said to her brother, “since
Ava and I are cheerleaders, to be kicked by us is
extremely painful. And yet it’s an honor to be kicked
by two of the most sought after girls. Guys just love
cheerleaders!” She then addressed her sister. “Let’s
both kick him at the same time with our high heels! You
take the left nut, and I’ll take the right.” “That
sounds great!” yelled Ava.

The girls positioned themselves in front of their
trembling brother.

“On three,” said Eva.

Both girls winked at each other. They had no intention
of waiting to get to three. Two was the pre-agreed upon
number, although they didn’t want Jimmy to know and
spoil the fun by covering up involuntarily on three.

The girls counted together. “One… Two!” The two
cheerleaders raised their legs in a powerful, well-
practiced forward kick. Jim thought how graceful his
sisters looked as their legs swung forward in an arc.
And that was the last thought he had as the closed
pointy toe of each shoe smashed into their respective
ball at the exact same moment.

Jimmy lay on the ground making strange mewling noises,
and his sisters hugged each other. They both rubbed
themselves under their skirts as Jim watched, although
whether he was seeing anything at this point was
questionable. It was even more of a turn-on for the
sisters for them to know that Jimmy knew they were
getting off on having nearly burst his plums. Eva and
Ava then walked casually out of the room after blowing
kisses to their brother.

Eva turned to Ava, saying, “I rented this movie… it’s
got this great scene in it where this woman kicks…”
Their voices trailed off into the distance.

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