Our immersion


My wife Simone and I are a young professional couple. Both in our late twenties and very active staying fit and socializing with friends.

I’m not a big guy standing 5’8” and about 150lbs. Simone is a petite blasian (black/Thai) 5’0” and 120lbs.

She has small firm breast, a very flat tummy and a cute firm ass with muscular thighs and calves. She wears her hair in long curly ringlets when it is down. But more often than not her hair is pinned up or in some version of braids.

Her skin complexion is a flawless light brown skin tone. Her full lips always look soft and moist. She hastwo sexy tattoos. A multi colored tattoo of a butterfly on her upper right back/shoulder. The other larger tattoo of a scorpion and stars on her left ass cheek. She is a Scorpio.

When I met her she was very conservative. I exposed her to erotic movies before we married which she enjoyed very much. But only from a fantasy perspective.

That’s where she noticed some women with tattoos and told me she thought it was beautiful and erotic. So we got a couple tattoos together. It did seem to have an affect on her libido and making her more sensual.

Most of my guy friends would comment on how hot Simone was. I always took it as flattering but never considered sharing her. She seemed to be naive about their attention.

A few years into our marriage she started a new job. She was hit almost immediately. In particular by a guy named Peter about fifteen years her senior.

He was her bosses boss and quite the flirt. At first she felt uncomfortable but came to the realization that he flirted with all the women in her division.

Many of the women would tell her, “Oh that’s just Pete.”. She noted that some of the women openly flirted back with him and all of them were married. We attended a few of her office socials that always included plenty of alcohol and even some other mind altering substances. People she worked with definitely let loose when they partied.

I met Pete and he was definitely gregarious. He strove to be the center of attention at every party. He was also very selfconfident and worldly. Not to mention he looked like a taller version of Richard Gere. Complete with squinty eyes and wavy salt and pepper colored hair.

When Simone and I arrived at these functions he would pour on the charm. Acting like I was his best buddy all the while sizing Simone up with lustful looks.

I might have been imagining things but at every function it appeared Pete would use proxies to separate me from Simone. When they were successful he would have her off to the side chatting her up. Sometimes alone our with another guy or woman.

At first it was annoyingly obvious to me what he was doing. Simone seemed naive to his intentions. But soon became more of a catalyst for my emerging sexual fantasies.

After one party Simone seemed somewhat distracted. I asked her if something was bothering her. She seemed hesitant to say anything at first. I reminded her we agreed to talk about everything.

I suspected it had something to do with Peter. I was right, he had told her that he and a few others in her company frequently “partied together.” I was confused saying we already knew that and attended those parties. She clarified that he meant they had sex parties.

I was both shocked that he told this and extremely curious as well. She once again was feeling uncomfortable. I asked her if he specifically asked her to join them. She looked at me like I was crazy for saying it. I explained that he was obviously attracted to her and feeling her out.

She tried to change the subject. Back to how she felt uncomfortable. I asked her if she wanted to quit her job and she immediately said no. She loved what she did and worked hard to get there. I told her to simply ignore his advances as long as they remained obscure.

I pointed out how he always isolated her at the last few function we attended. She asked me if I was ok and apologized for not seeing it herself. I again was honest with her saying it bothered me at first. I mean the guy was the text book bachelor. Not to mention handsome and well off financially.

She looked at me with her dreamy big brown eyes asking me how I felt now. I told her it was somewhat a turn on knowing a guy like him had the hits for my beautiful wife. But I wasn’t comfortable with it if it made her feel uncomfortable. I told her we would just have to make sure we stayed together at the functions.

She looked confused then emphasized that she was my wife. I told her having fantasies about her didn’t mean I didn’t love her. She asked what I meant about fantasies.

My response was enjoying other men lusting after her. Wanting her sexually. She was initially stunned at first. I reminded her how turned on we both got after watching threesomes occasionally on videos.

She agreed it did turn her on but in a living vicariously through the actors kind of way. I pulled out my laptop and showed her videos of real couples having threesomes. At first she tried to say they were all actors.

But it didn’t take long to convince her many of them were everyday people like us. She just couldn’t wrap her mind around the concept of married people doing threesomes or other sexual things outside of their marriages.

She couldn’t argue with my comment that half of marriages end in divorce. Many divorces are a result of cheating behind the other spouse back. She shots back that’s she wasn’t that type of spouse. Raising an I brow asking if I was.

I assured her I wasn’t, but regardless I was open minded about us doing something together. She didn’t get angry but said she didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

I let it go but over the next few days I fantasized about it even more than before. Simone found excuses for us to miss the next couple functions. That wasn’t my intent. I found myself missing them not just for the social interaction but mainly watching Peter lust over my wife.

So one day I contacted Peter and asked him to meet me for lunch. He seemed intrigued when I asked him not to mention it to Simone. When he arrived at the designated restaurant I was very unsure I wanted to go through with this meeting. I stood up to greet him and he seemed even more imposing at 6’4” and broad shoulders.

We had a seat at the table and ordered our
lunches. It was Peter who got straight to it but not exactly from where I was coming from. He told me he was pretty sure why I wanted to meet up with him. Before I could respond to his comment. He apologized for his obvious open flirtation with Simone. Admitting he couldn’t help it, he was a sucker for very attractive women. Adding ,”Simone is very attractive as you are definitely well aware.”.

I took a drink of water as my throat suddenly felt parched. I told him I appreciated his apology but it wasn’t necessary. I admitted at first I felt uncomfortable with his actions. He leaned forward placing his elbows on the table. He said, “At first?”

He had noticed we had missed the last couple parties and assumed it was my decision not to attend. I told him it was Simone’s decision and why. He leaned back in his seat. He said that explains why Simone seemed to be more evasive at work.

He asked me to apologize to her. He didn’t want her feel stressed in her work environment. Adding he meant no harm or insult to her or myself. He said he would tone it down. It took everything I had to say what I did next.

I told him I wanted him to seduce her. It was the first time I had seen him speechless. He asked me to repeat myself. I did and briefly told him why. I told him I knew about his inner circle and what they did together. After a long pause in our conversation he confided in me that there was a small group of people within his division that were active “swingers”.

He said he had thought about having sex with Simone from the first day she came on board. But would never use coercion to gain sexual favors. He asked me if I thought she would be interested in her and I joining their exclusive group.

I told him at the moment absolutely not. He asked me how I expected to change her mind. I told him he probably needed to tone it down on the flirting. That would put her more at ease. He agreed with my assertion.

Then I suggested he have dinner with us. He could apologize to her in person in a more private setting. Again he could see the benefit with my idea. That would gain her trust.

He repeated it all back to me. Surmising that he had to gain her trust and make her feel more relaxed with him. She would be more malleable to be seduced than in her current state.

Over the next couple weeks Simone seemed less stressed when she came home from work. I mentioned it to her. She told me Peter hardly ever stopped by her office anymore. When she did see him in the hallways he would say hello and just keep walking.

I asked her, “That’s a good thing right?”

A funny look came over her face. She said, “I guess so. But I wonder if he is upset with me or something.”.

I told her that I doubted he was upset with her and she shouldn’t worry about it. But he had probably picked up on her being upset when we stopped going to the functions. I could tell she she was conflicted.

As planned a couple nights later. Peter showed up at our place “unannounced”. Conveniently at dinner time. He asked if he could speak with us a moment. I invited him in asking him to join us for dinner. Simone seemed unsure. Peter feigned his reluctance to intrude. But I insisted and he agreed of course.

We ate and had some small talk. Simone seemed nervous the whole time. Finally, Peter told her he was there to apologize to her for making her feel any discomfort at work by the way he acted. He slipped in that he had a weakness for pretty women. It was his biggest character flaw.

Simone blushed not sure how to respond. After looking at me and getting an encouraging nod. She accepted his apology. She told him she thought he was upset with her. He emphatically told her he wasn’t telling her he thought she was upset with him. That’s why she hadn’t gone to any parties recently. Before he left he Said he hoped we would be at the next social.

We did attend and we had a great time. Peter did talk to us both. But didn’t try to corral her off somewhere. As planned he actually spent far more time talking to the other women there.

I actually caught Simone looking his way often as he laughed loudly or spent a long time talking to woman. I thought it was amusing that it was now obvious she missed his attention.

We attended three more functions with Peter doing the same thing. Except he talked to her even less. A couple times when I went to get us drinks or go to the restroom. I witnessed her actually approach him. He would smile at her have a short conversation and move on. When I would get back to her she would seem a little frustrated.

So we were at D-day. Peter was throwing a small intimate party on his boat. Simone came home after work asking me if I wanted to take him up on the invitation. I told her it sounded fun and we should attend. She had no idea this was all part of a master plan. The small group were two other swinger couples he had brought in on or plan.

It was more like a small yacht than a boat. Peter gave us a tour before we cast it for a day of dun on the water.

It had a multiple decks with plenty of seating and a full bar. You climbed down a short ladder to the foredeck. A large area with lounge chairs open to the sun. Below deck there was a large common area with sofas and a large screen television and another bar well stocked with liquor.

A good sized galley with everything you would need. Off the gallery were two sleeping areas and a full bathroom. Both sleeping areas had plenty of natural lighting through built in sky lights.

Tower above all was the elevate helm where he captained the ship. Complete with state of the art equipment and a 360 degree view.

The other two couples were very friendly. Tom and Catherine were a white couple about Peter’s age mid forties. Both were fit and very tanned. They told us they were avid bike riders and it showed. Catherine had short blonde hair and was thick in all the right places. She was about my height with large breast and well rounded hips.

Ramone and his wife Silvia were maybe mid thirties. Both Hispanic with jet black hair and light brown skin color. He was well built with a muscular frame. Silvia had large breast but was slender everywhere else. She had an amazingly perfect smile with complimentary dimples on both cheeks. Her long straight black hair hung down to her waist.

The girls settled out on the foredeck. Simone initially kept her cover-up on over her bikini. The other ladies were quickly down to bikini’s and already applying oil.

Ramone made a few pitchers of margaritas and carried them out to the ladies much to their delight. Tom was busy at the bar cutting fresh fruit and putting some snack trays together. I went up on the command deck with Peter. He had his shirt off revealing a tan lean body. He was wearing his sunglasses and a skippers cap.

He greeted me saying so far so good. We both looked down on the ladies. Simone lost the cover-up and looked amazing in her white bikini as she sipped in her margarita while laying back on her lounger.

She had her wavy hair pulled back in a single long braid. Her light bronze skin shone with recently applied oil. She had on some sleek sunglasses and looked calm and relaxed. They were talking and laughing and hoped it would lead to much more later on.

Peter gave me a crash course on operating the boat. Most of it was automated other than the steering this close to shore. He put me at the helm and went below to help Tom get more food prepared for brunch.

After a short while he brought the trays of snacks out to the ladies. Catherine whistle at him commenting on his hot body. Simone looked briefly then turned her head away. The women thanked him for tending to their needs. He bowed and left telling him it was all his pleasure.

After he was out of earshot one of the women made a comment I couldn’t make out. But it caused the other women to break out laughing. Simone laughed along but her cheeks were very flushed.

We cruised for some time. Simone spotted me steering the boat. She smiled up at me and waved. If she knew what I was thinking and had planned she wouldn’t of smiled I am sure. I was feeling anxious. I smiled back and waved.

Peter brought us into a small secluded bay off a small deserted island. The water was crystal clear and beautiful. We anchored and we all enjoyed cooling off in the water.

The ladies were well ahead of us on drinks and you could tell by the way they splashed around and carried on. Simone wasn’t drunk but she was feeling pretty good. I did note Peter looking her way often. I also caught her checking him out as well, albeit it was in short glances.

All the playing around gave us an appetite. We climbed aboard for some refreshments. The food was great and we continued to drink. Afterwards Peter told the ladies to go back to lounging as he and his crew would clean up.

Ramone made up more margarita pitchers for them. As we cleaned up the dishes and extra food. I told Peter I wasn’t sure how to move things along. He smiled at me and winked. He told me to relax and watch things unfold.

I had to admit I was getting a little nervous and unsure. This whole thing could go terribly wrong. Peter went below for a short time. When he returned he went out where the ladies were relaxing.

Soon afterwards I could smell pot smoke. Peaking out he was passing around an old style bong. Simone seemed unsure at first but then took a big hit. It wasn’t long and all of them were giddy on pot and booze.

Peter came back offering me a hit. It was some good shit. I was instantly feeling it. I hadn’t done nearly as much as the ladies. So I knew Simone was high as hell.

Raucous laughter drew Peter and I to the balcony. The other two ladies were now topless. Catherine’s tits were big with very pink nipples. They sagged but still looked great. Silvia’s were large as well but much firmer with huge brown nipples. She had slathered them with oil and I about creamed my shorts right then and there.

They were both urging Simone to lose her top. She was shaking her head no and laughing at them. Clearly she was high but still inhibited. She looked around and we quickly ducked back.

When I peeked again she was topless and lying on her stomach. Silvia was applying oil to her bare back. Her bikini bottom had ridden up in between her firm round ass cheeks. Her big tattoo on her ass was completely visible.

Peter let slip with a quiet, “Damn.”

Silvia applied more oil to her back then her legs including her ass cheeks. Giving her a soft slap on her cheek without the tattoo before returning to her own lounger. Thankfully Simone just squealed and laughed at what she did.

When I looked back Peter was gone. Moments later he was with the women passing the bong around again. Simone went up on her elbows surely giving him a view of her perky tits and she didn’t seemed concerned about it.

He held the bong and let her take a long hit. She coughed a little and thanked him. He was staring at her ass and directly at the scorpion tattoo on her ass cheek. She looked back at it asking him if he liked it. He smiled saying, “Very much.”

I half expected him to reach down and grab her ass. He told her he hoped she was having fun then left them alone. This time Simone watched him as he walked away.

He walked over to Tom and Ramone who were sitting up with us. He said something and then got up and went out to the women. He came over to me and asked me if I trusted him. I was confused not sure what he was getting at. He asked me again and I told him I did.

He told me to lie down on one of the seats and pretend to be passed out. I did as he asked then he splashed some tequila on my shirt.

He left and a few minute later Simone came in to check on me. She had put her cover up back on and was standing over me calling my name. I barley opened my eyes slurred a little and closed them again. She finally went back out with the others.

I waited a short time then moved to a spot where I could spy on them. Simone made her way back to her lounge chair. Silvia gave her a fresh drink. She sat down glancing back up towards where I was supposedly passed out.

Catherine teased Simone telling her she looked hot all covered up. She slowly removed her cover-up. Then laid back down on her stomach.

Silvia rolled onto her stomach as well saying she needed more oil on her back. I was surprised when Tom got up with the and proceeded to apply it liberally to a woman’s back that wasn’t his wife. While their spouses were right there.

Simone watched intently as well as Silvia moaned softly as he gently rubbed on the oil. Tom tossed the bottle to Ramone. Catherine moved onto her belly as well. Ramone started to rub her back and legs. Catherine said aloud his hands felt good.

Ramone tossed the bottle to Peter who was nearer to Simone. He looked at her and said, “May I?”

It was like time stood still. She didn’t say anything. She just shifted her long braid out of the way giving him full access to her bare back. She laid her head on her crossed arms as he slowly began to apply the oil. Starting with her shoulders, moving slowly down her back. Stopping just short of touching the top of her ass. He moved to her calves causing her to moan softly.

There was light talk amongst them as the managing continued. Catherine rolled onto her back, Ramone started to oil her heavy breast. I saw Simone raise her head and look at them. Again I held my breath not knowing what Simones reaction would be.

Caththerine was breathing heavily with her eyes closed. Simone started to move. I thought she was going to get up and move away from the others. Peter stopped massaging her looking unsure as she shifted.

She still had her sunglasses on. She rolled onto her back resting her arms at her sides. My heart beat was echoing in my ears. Peter knelt down again next to her squeezed more oil into his hands then tossed the bottle over to Tom. Silvia was now on her back as well getting a full frontal massage.

I watched as Peter was now using his long fingered hand to massage the oil evenly over Simones breast and flat stomach. Her lips parted as she was obviously getting turned on. He moved to her legs leaving her very hard nipples behind. His hands moved up and down her legs then back to her tits.

He started to tweak her big nipples. She bit her lower lip arching her back up as he pulled on them slightly.

Ramone stood up he took his swim shorts off. He knelt up bay Catherine s head and she took him in her mouth. His cock was dark brown slender and long. She ducked him eagerly as he played with her tits.

Tom moved down between Silvias legs. She lifted her ass up allowing him to pull her bottoms off. He buried his face between her legs causing her to moan loudly. Simone looked at them then back at Peter. He said something to her. She nodded and he stood up holding his hand out. She paused staring briefly at the large bulge in his shorts. She took his hand an he led her below deck.

I couldn’t believe this was going to happen. I was both excited and suddenly concerned that she was doing this thinking I was passed out. A loud moan got my attention.

I looked down and Catherine was riding Ramone. He was playing with her heavy tits as she ground on his cock. Silvia was now kneeling between Toms legs. Her head was bobing up and down on his cock.

I slid down the back ladder and moved to one of the skylights. Before I even peeked down I froze when I heard Simone yell out loud in obvious pleasure.

I slowly looked through the glass of the skylight. She was on top of Peter in a sixty-nine. His big hands were gripping her hard round ass cheeks spreading them apart as he expertly licked and suck on her pussy. Her mouth came off his cock as she yelled out again in pleasure. Then her mouth went back to work on his cock. I couldn’t see his cock but she was as definitely worshipping what he had.

Her head went down onto his thigh as she cried out even louder. Her body started to involuntarily shake as she came. He said something and she moved quickly to get her hands and knees.

When he got up and stood by the side of the bed she moved so her ass was facing him and close to the edge of the bed. My eyes bulged out of my head seeing his cock. It was only about eight inches long but really thick.

He knelt down and ate her from behind. Taking time to lick her ass. She was panting and pleading with him to fuck her. I didn’t think she would be able to take his thickness. He took it slow responding to her sounds of pleasure or pain accordingly.

He was finally balls deep and he just stood still. It was Simone that started to move first. Her hands gripped the sheets as she pulled forward then back. Repeating this action slowly at first.

She was blowing air out through pursed lips. Until she started to moan again the faster she threw her ass back at him. Finally, Peter grabbed her tiny waist and started to fuck her. She cried out after a few strokes, saying she loved his cock.

Peter continued fucking her his eyes locked on her ass as her two melon sized ass cheeks bounce with his every thrust. From my vantage point the scorpion looked like it was trying to run up her back.

He suddenly reached for her long braid and pulled her head back hard. Her face turned upward sharply and I thought she would see me. Thankfully, her eyes were closed.

The look on her face was nothing but pure lust. Peter let her hair go to move onto his back. Simone moved quickly to mount him. I had a perfect view of his fat cock stretching her pussy wide.

Simone began to slowly rock up and down. Her feet were hooked over his thighs in such a way to allow her to control the speed and depth.

Then she moved to a crouching position and was bouncing on him fast and hard. Her hard ass slamming down making loud slapping sounds matching the intensity of their passion.

Her head went back as she came once again. This time however she didn’t cum alone. Peter came loudly, shooting copious amounts of cum in her. Most of it sliding out and down his cock as she slowly moved her ass in circles as she enjoyed her own orgasm.

A shout distracted me and I climbed back up to the mid-deck. Catherine was cuddling next to Ramone on a lounger both spent as they watch Tom bang Silvia across from them. Tom pulled out moved up and she promptly opened her mouth as he came in it and on her face. Ramone tossed her a towel to wipe his cum off of her. Catherine handed Tom a beer that he gladly accepted and down in just a few gulps.

I went back to where I was previously pretending to be passed out mulling over my current mixed emotions. I moved back and forth between lust and jealousy. I was scared about what would happen now.

I could hear Tom and the others back in the water splashing around. I heard movement below deck and quickly laid back down pretending to still be unconscious.

I felt a presence standing over me. I could smell a heavy lavender scent. A hand pressed to my chest. Then Simone called my name. I laid perfectly still even though my heart was pounding.

Simone said,”I know you are faking and have been all along.” I slowly opened my eyes. She was kneeling down next to me. Her hair was out and wet. She had taken a shower as her skin was no longer shiny from all the oil.

I sat up asking how she knew and was she mad at me. She said she figured things out when she noticed Peter and I talking sneakily and when the pot and booze was being pushed hard. Plus the fact that she knew the two other couples were Peters closest friends gave it away this was a set-up.

Again I asked her if she was upset with me. She said at first she was because I was going behind her back. I asked her, “And now?”

She smiled telling me she saw me watching them. It turned her on more than anything. I asked her, More than Peter’s big cock ?”

She blushed saying almost as much as his big cock. I looked her in the eyes asking, “Are we ok?”.

She smiled and kissed me. She told me she loved me and we were fine. A serious look came over her face.

She said she wanted to be completely honest with me. Simone said the sex with Peter was the best she has ever had. Which meant better than with me because I was her first and only until today. That both excited me and was a small gut punch.

I watched them and it was obvious he fucked her better than I ever could. But I already knew that before I even approached him. It still stung a little. But I was glad we were talking about it.

She told me this couldn’t just be a one-time thing now. I shivered a little telling her I understood and was ok with everything as long as we stayed together. She smiled gave me a long kiss before standing up.

That’s when I noticed she was wrapped only in a towel. Peter climbed up the ladder and approached us. He looked at Simone then me asking if everything was ok. I stood up as he was already so much taller than I was.

Simone smiled at him saying we talked and everything is fine. Peter offered me a hand shake. His big hand engulfed mine. But his intent was genuine when he welcomed me into his circle of friends.

He called the others back on board saying we had a long trip back to the marina and wanted to get back before dark. He skippered the ship taking us out of the bay and heading back.

Myself and the others lounged at mid-deck. Passing the weed around. Silvia got up from her lounger and whispered something to Simone. She looked my way and smiled. She nodded at Silvia who walked towards me more stalking than walking.

Taking my hand she led me below to the other bedroom. I was so nervous but I was also very high. She started to suck my cock and rubbing me all over. Moments later I was eating her pussy as she gripped my hair in her hand cumming on my face. We fucked for quite a while before she swallowed my cum. I learned that swallowing was her thing.

We cleaned up by taking a shower together. When we joined the others. I was greeted with cheers and a smile from Simone. We were about an hour out when Peter yelled down to me.

I climbed up to the helm. He asked me if I wanted to skipper the ship and take them home. I eagerly accepted and appreciated his confidence in me. He gave me a few more tips then joined the others.

They all talked for a while about work. Peter said something to Simon. She got up and followed him below deck. I immediately got hard knowing they were going below to fuck.

Tom and Catherine went to clean up the mid deck area and stow the food and liquor. Ramone and Silvia seemed to be sleeping On separate lounge chairs.

Simones cries of passion were soon heard coming from below. They finished in a flurry of shouts. Then they must have fallen asleep, because it got really quiet. The sun, booze, weed and fucking finally taking a toll.

Peter showed up to get us docked at the pier. He looked rested and well fucked from his short nap. We said our goodbyes and promised to do it again soon. This was the beginning of many knew sexual adventures for us.

Simone was much happier at work. Having some solo fun with Peter. Telling me about the times she would spend in Peters office sucking his cock or taking it in her pussy.

We never missed another office social. Often ending in a threesome at Peter’s place or more group sex with the original group or other new friends from her workplace.