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A Lesbian Seduction

Sitting in the lounge, lights low. A few wines between us and I’m beginning to think well maybe, just maybe, this is the night for me and Kay. I know she’s not a dyke, not yet, which kind of makes […]

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Trip to Glastonbury 1.

It was 9 a.m. in Seattle at my office when my newly hired married secretary Gina got to work that Monday morning. We had been suffering for a good administrative person for the past two months now, someone who had […]

Free sex stories

An Ideal Match

“How did you and Sue meet?” The simultaneous gulp from both of us was audible around the dinner table. An assembled group of 3 work colleagues with partners had joined us for dinner at our new home and the meal […]

Free sex stories

Cum Eating Husband

A year or so ago I told my wife about my fantasy. Yes, it was her having sex with another man. This caught her by surprise because our marriage had been strictly white-bread monogamous up to this point. I admitted […]

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Delayed Flight

After years of traveling to Asia my wife Susan decided to join me on a trip. It was our 20th anniversary and to celebrate we spent the weekend in Bali between my work schedules. The “fun” actually started when we […]

Free sex stories

Exchange Students

My name is Edi, I’m 27 years old and my husband’s name is John and he is 26. We’ve been married for almost 5 years. I’m office manager to the owner of a shipping company. My husband is a librarian […]