It was in the Cards


A few years ago, I discovered a side of my wife I never knew existed. We’ve been married for about a year now. My wife, Mandy, had always been a straight and narrow type with straight A’s and conservative clothing. Despite the way she dressed, she was very hot. She was about 5 foot 5 and 112 lbs., nice perky high B to low C cup breasts and short sandy blond hair. We started dating my senior year, her sophomore year of high school. We did not have sex until the night of her graduation. A few weeks later, I talked her into going to a house party a friend of mine was throwing. She had never drank before that night so I wasn’t quit sure what to expect. Was I ever in for a huge surprise. The party started to wind down about one or so in the morning. Pretty much everyone had left except the Host, Nick, his girlfriend Tasha, two other guys Todd and Dave, and another girl Jen. Through the whole party my wife had only had one beer. Nick convinced her to play asshole with us, but instead of beer we offered her a cup of Goldschläger that she could sip from. She tried it and said she actually kinda liked it so she was in. After about an hour of Asshole Nicked piped in that we should switch to poker. My wife had never played poker before so she said no because she would loose all her money. Nick quickly replied that she wouldn’t loose any money because we were going to play strip poker. Even though I could tell the alcohol was really starting to hit Mandy, I was shocked when she agreed to play. This definitely not the first time my friends and I had played strip poker so we had a system in place to cheat a little and get the girls naked quickly. We would deal all the guys a couple of extra cards so that they would have more to go on.

It didn’t take long before we had Mandy and Jen totally nude and Tasha sitting at the table in nothing but a little black and yellow Carona thong. In order to keep the girls playing, we made a deal with them. If a girl were to win , she could get an article of clothing back, but if she were to finish dead last, than she had to do whatever the winner wanted her to. After a few hands, everyone was fully nude. Jen had finished dead last and Mandy was the winner. To my surprise, Mandy seemed excited about the game. She had Jen make out with Tasha. Mandy won the next hand again. This time though, Tasha was the looser. I was in complete shock when Mandy Tasha to play with MY dick. All I could think was, is this for real or some sort of test. Before I could even get a word out, tasha had my crank in hand working it up and down for a good 20 seconds. Mandy just sat there and laughed, I couldn’t believe it. It was then that Jen decided that it was time for her to leave. She came to the party with Dave and Nick’s girl Tasha so they left as well. That left Mandy, Nick, and I still there. I was speachless when mandy broke in with “We still have the same deal as before…than deal the cards.” I suggested we change the game a little, I proposed that if Mandy were to loose, she would do whatever Nick and I had agreed on before the deal, if she won that she told the looser what to do. Of course, Nick and I kept cheating so we didn’t think she would win another hand the rest of the night. She actually won the next hand. I had lost the hand. Her command was that I watch while Nick ate her out. My Dick got hard as a rock, here my ultra conservative wife was not only playing strip poker, but having another man eat her out. My mind was racing as to just how far she would let this go. Mandy lost the next hand and we had her do I strip tease with lap dances for the both of us. I had no idea my wife could be so fucking raunchy when she danced. After she had lost the next hand, we had her give us both a blowjob. She got on her knees between us and grabbed our rock hard cocks. I have a good sized seven and a half inch cock, but on the thick side. Nick, on the other hand has a very large nine plus inch prick. I nearly came right there when she took his dick and swallowed it almost to the balls. She had always been great at blowjobs, but I never suspected she was capable of this. She sat there going back and forth ramming our cocks into her throat while working the other with her hand. Every few seconds she would spit on our cocks to keep them slick. She soon had a long thick string of saliva running from her mouth, down to her tits. I knelt down and grabbed her waist to help her get up. We had her kneel one knee down on the couch with her ass up in the air towards Nick. I grabbed her hair and guided her mouth back to my cock. Nick gripped her thighs and began working his dick into her pussy. He started off back and for the real slow, sliding himself further and further into her cunt. Mandy swallowed my cock and was working my balls with her tongue as Nick Fucked her from behind. Nick picked up speed until he was fucking her hard and fast. Every thrust shoved my cock further into her throat. I could see Mandy’s body start to shake with orgasm until she stopped and stood up. I grabbed her waist, bent her over the arm of the chair and started to fuck her. Nick Gripped her hair and started throat fucking her. I fucked her as hard as I could from behind. Mandy gagged on Nicks prick every time I thrust. After a bit, I stepped back and lay on the floor. Mandy straddled me and started riding my cock. She was so into fucking me that she haden’t noticed Nick move around behind her. Being the conservative girl she used to be, she had never done Anal before. Nick did not even give her a chance to object. Before she saw what he was up to, he had lubed himself up and rammed his dick into my wife’s ass. At first she screamed and tried to move forward away from his cock, but then she started moving with our thrusts and moaning with pleasure. I could feel her begin to tremble again, but this time she had the loudest, most violent orgasm I’ve ever seen her have. After she stopped cumming, we pulled out and she knelt between us and began sucking our cocks again. Soon Nicked started groaning and grabbed the back of her head and turned her face to his cock. He blasted a long thick creamy stream in her mouth and over her tits. Just as he stopped cumming, I turned her toward me and sprayed four good streams of jizz covering her face and running down between her tits. Mandy rubbed our balls and licked the jizz from the tips of our pricks until we went soft. After we had finished, we all cleaned up and went and collapsed on Nick’s bed. Sometime later that morning, mandy woke me with a blowjob and said she couldn’t wait for Nick’s next party to do it again.