Secrets of 110th street

Things just aren’t turning out right for me this week. Stuck in New York for
a convention that my boss has made me attend (against my will, no least) I’m
surely not a happy camper. To add to the negative attitude of just having to
be here, getting here just had to be the pits. Here I am on 121st street,
lost and being followed by 3 Hispanic guys. I can feel the tension and fear
rising. How am I going to get out of this mess.

Let me start from the top. John (my boss), suggested that to improve our
sagging sales, someone should travel to New York and attend their fashinon
convention and bring back a new line of clothes. I got elected. No
volunteering, just elected (negative aspect number 1).

My plane was scheduled to leave in 1 hour (luckily I keep a packed suitcase
for these unexpect occassions) and I had to get to Hartsfield Airport from
Alpharetta. That in itself was a joke. A speeding ticket later, I had missed
my plane by 10 minutes. My regards for on-duty cops will surely improve with
time I hope. Needless to say, I managed to book the next available flight out
on stand-by. I really should have just waited for the next flight because
this one was a real doozy. We hit a really bad storm. I don’t think that the
time that I rode The Screaming Eagle six times in a row could come anywhere
close as that ride. People were standing in lines waiting to get into the
bathrooms. Including the Flight attendants. I wasn’t the only one kissing
the ground when I got off the plane. The pilots were there too.

The hotel isn’t that bad though. Not if you don’t mind newlyweds on both
sides of your room that get the urge every 15 seconds, throughout the whole

The three guys behind me are gaining ground. They have picked up their pace
from a quick walk to a run to catch-up with me. I have long since given up
the idea of walking and had broken out into a full fledge run. I can tell
that I am no match for these guys. They are younger and much faster than I.
I turn down what I think is a side street only to find that its a dead end
alley. I am cornered and fear the worst.

They stand there laughing, and jeering at me. I can see no way around them.
The one they call Rico takes a step closer to me and teasingly stab out at me
with his hand. I jump from fright, but refuse to let them see the total fear
that I feel.

“What do you want from me!”, I yell, “Here!”, I hand them my wallet. “Take my
money if that’s what you want, and I’ll give you my watch too!”

“We dona wan jo watch maaan!”, sneers Rico, “We wanna jo ASSSS! Ju be a hot
lookin’ dude that looka like ju can give my DIICK a good whorkin’ ova!”

Real terror fills my eyes. Rico wasn’t short and he wasn’t tall. I could see
through his clothes that he is a solid guy with muscles that strains through
his tight fitting clothes. Unconciously, my eyes instinctively lock in on his
crotch. Through his tight fitting jeans, I can see that he is no small
packer. The bulge snaked thickly down his legs and tapered into a menacing
point. I gasp in shock and begin babbling uncontrollably begging them to let
me go.

The other two guys just stand there laughing and egging Rico on. Though Rico
has no weapon, the other two have switchblades extended and they are pointed
in my direction. They aren’t going to let me by. Not without some bloodshed.
I know my odds, and I’m not going to gamble with them either.

Jesse and Carlos are a little taller than Rico, but they are also equally
built. The bulges in their pants don’t make light of Rico’s own. I begin to
whimper and plead for them to not do this.

“Cova him!”, shouts Rico to his companions, “I’m gonna unlock the door'”.

What an idiot I am! I ran right into their trap. Just to the right of me is
a door to a warehouse that Rico walks over to.

“We gonna ‘ave some fun wif ju”, laughs Rico, “When we get done wif ju, ju
will be beggin’ fo’ more”.

Carlos is the best looking of the group. He has a thick, dark moustache and a
3 days growth of beard stubbble. His dark pearcing eyes are enough to make
anyone throw themself at him. A thick mat of dark, curly, chest hair flow
over his partially exposed chest. He grabs me and shoves me through the open
door into the large, dimly lit warehouse. It is filled with boxes and a few
chairs. On the floor is a well worn mattress that must have been used by more
than one of their unsuspecting recipients.

Jesse closes the door behind us and locks it. He takes a stand to the right
of me and begins rubbing the growing bulge of his crotch. “Dis is so hungry
to fill jo asss man, but Rico gets ‘is first. He godda open ju up good for
me. I dona wanna split ju open and dey not ‘ave any fun.” He moves closer to
me and begins rubbing his crotch against my ass. The others laugh and grind
their hips. I am helpless and can do nothing to resist.

Rico walks over to one of the carton and produces a can of lubricant which I
am more than positive that he plans to use on me. As he walks towards me, he
begins to undo the snaps that holds his pants together. He stops in front of
me and unbuttons his shirt. “Gid on jo knees man. I wan ju to suck me hard”.
My eyes widen with amazement. You mean that thing is going to get bigger! It
must have been at least 6 inches soft, and as thick as a polish sausage.
Carlos pushes me to my knees as Rico unzips his pants. He exposes a thick,
brown, uncut cock, dripping with pre-cum waiting to invade my mouth. My own
dick begins to swell from arousal. I am now a little less afraid and a lot
more willing to accept what is to come. “Look ada ‘im! ‘Dis dude is gedding
‘ard!” I cannot conceal what my mind is desiring.

With one hand on my head and the other on his fat meat, Rico begins to beat my
face with his meat and rub it over my mouth. “Open jo mouth and sucka dis
baby!” I do as I am told. I open my mouth as wide as I can, but he is so
large that I have trouble taking him in. I drool uncontrollably as he forces
more and more of it into my widely stretched mouth. He begins to thrust his
hips and fuck my face with such force that I think that my mouth will split.
I can feel the head of his cock striking the back of my throat and gag and
sputter. He holds my head tight against his groin, not moving, which begins
to cut off the airflow to my body. I can feel it swelling and stretching my
mouth beyond belief. My jaw aches. I can hear Carlos and Jesse moving behind
me, but cannot see them. My face and nose is buried in the musky, thick,
curly growth of pubic hair of Rico’s crotch. Between breaths I can smell his
strong manly odor permeating the room. He lifts one of his bare arms and
sniffs at the thick growth of hair under his arm. “Smell ‘dis man? Ids da
smell of a real man.

As I continue to struggle to satisfy this man, I can feel Carlos and Jesse
half ripping, half removing my own clothes. I am stripped naked including my
shoes. I soon feel a lubed finger probing at my asshole. I tense from the
sudden intrusion which makes the penetration slightly painful. I try, but
cannot, cry out in pain. The probing is merciless in its pursuit of deep
penetration. I can feel his knuckles pressed tight against my ass and it is
slowly withdrawn to be replaced by two then three more fingers. Out of the
corner of my eyes I can see Jesse’s head lowering to my own fully erect cock.
He engulfs my entire 7 inches to the hilt. My head begins to swim.

The fingers that were fucking my ass are withdrawn and for a while I am left
with an empty feeling in my ass. But it isn’t for long. I suddenly feel
something much larger pressing hard against my stretched asshole trying to
gain entry. I shut my eyes tightly from the pain. The head of his cock must
be enormous. He slowly, but forcefully slides in with a pop. This time I do
manage to scream. Rico again thrusts his cock deep into my mouth silencing my
only scream. This time, he manages to shove all 9 1/2 inches of that thick
meat down into my throat. I try to beat him with my arms. This only angers
him as he grabs my arms and hold them tightly behind him. If that wasn’t
enough, I can feel the monster cock sliding deeper into my rectum, stretching
it painfully. Tears begin to fill my eyes as I am being invaded from both
ends. Carlos’ dick must also have been tapered because it got thicker, and
stretched me more with every inch that slid in. I felt its head deep in my
ass forcing its way deeper. He struck a point where my insides must have
curved, but he didn’t stop. He slowly slid all 10 inches of his cock in to
the hilt and held it there for a few more seconds. I could feel his thick
pubic hairs scratching my parted cheeks. He was in, it hurt, but he was
feeling good. He slowly began withdrawing his cock until only the head of it
was still inside of me. The withdrawl was as equally painful.

Rico eased his grip on my head and I quickly inhaled lungs full of air. He
began a rhythmic fucking of my mouth in sync with Carlos’ slow but deep fuck.
The pain subsided and was quickly replaced with pleasure. I actually found
myself pushing back to meet each of his thrust. I had never been filled at
both ends like this before. It was wonderful and I didn’t want it to stop.
Carlos begins to fuck me faster and harder and with each thrust impales my
mouth deep on Rico’s cock. Jesse is sucking and licking my cock to the point
where I think that I might shoot my load so hard that if his mouth is on it, I
will surely put a hole in the back of his neck. He feels my climax mounting
and temporarily stops. I am brought to the brink, but never over it. He
moves to my nipples and nips at them sharply. My body twitches from this
sudden surprise.

Suddenly, Carlos ceases his pounding of my ass and withdraws completely. I’m
sure that my ass is stretched beyond recognition as I feel this sudden
emptiness. Jesse moves away and stands next to Rico ready to take his place
in the assault of my mouth. “Don’t worry”, he says, “Ju’ll soon feel my dick
uppa jo ass”. Rico withdraws completely from my mouth and I cease this
opportunity to relax my jaw. This must have gone on for at least 15 minutes
and mouth really needed the break. But it was only for 15 seconds at the most
as Carlos began shoving his much bigger dick into my mouth. I thought that
Rico was big, but he was nothing compared to Jesse. His 11 inches was just as
thick if not thicker. No matter how much Jesse tried to force his big dick
into my mouth, he still could not manage to get it all the way in without a
few teeth scraping it. He settled for fucking me with as much of it as he
could get in. Carlos stood next to him and began spurting cum onto my face.
I could at last see the massive size of his cock that had been pounding in my

The emptiness in my ass was again filled with the intrusion of Rico’s cock.
The stretching that Carlos had given it made for an easier entry of his cock.
It didn’t matter to him though. He was content with fucking my looser, but
still tight asshole. “Dis man is still tight even afta ju fucked him Carlos”,
he says. “It feels so good and tight!” Rico wasted no time with slow fucking,
he rammed my ass harder and faster with each of his thrust.

Carlos lowered his head to my cock and picked up where Jesse had left off. At
least my own cock was being satisfied out of this ordeal. Even if I don’t get
to fuck one of these hot dudes. But lo to my surprise I am going to get to
fuck one. Carlos. He slid a rubber over my throbbing cock (my mind was put
at ease on this one. I could see the discarded rubber that he had used when
he fucked my ass), and put a glob of lubricant on it. He worked the lubricant
over the entire length of my cock and put some in his ass. Jesse stopped
fucking my mouth long enough to let Carlos slide under me. With one hand,
Carlos guided my cock to his puckered asshole and slid the whole length deep
into himself. He stayed motionless for a few seconds and slowly began fucking
my cock. Jesse stood to the side of us and directed his cock back at my open
and willing mouth. He alternated between my mouth and Carlos’. Suddenly,
Rico reached around me and grabbed Carlos’ hips and pulled him tightly against
my cock as he buried his own cock deep. I could feel him tense behind me with
what surely had to be him cumming in my ass (with the rubber still intact I
hoped). With no regards to me, he quickly jerked his full length out of my
ass with a pop. I shot my load right then and there. Boy, I hope those
rubbers are strong. Otherwise, I’m sure that I split mine in two.

Jesse walked over to me and smiled. “Now ‘dis is the moment that I’ve been
waiting for”. Carlos knew that I had shot my load, but he didn’t attempt to
move off of my cock. Rico walked over towards one of the boxes and sat on it.
His cock was growing limp but still showed an impressive side as it rested on
his left leg. I watched as Jesse got a rubber and struggled to roll it down
over his big dick. He managed to get it over 3/4 of his cock and applied some
lubricant to it. He made me get up and walk over towards one of the boxes to
bend over. Carlos just rolled over on the mattress and layed there watching.
I bent over the box as instructed as Jesse stepped between my legs with dick
in hands. He rubbed the head of his cock over my hole before slowly forcing it
into my hole. Though Rico and Carlos had had their turns of my ass, I was
still not stretched enough to accommodate Jesse’s. As when Rico forced
himself into me, Jesse began causing pain as the head gained entry. I cried

Slowly, Jesse forced his way into my ass. Pushing in an inch, then pulling
out half an inch until he succeeded in shoving all 11 inches deep into my ass.
The pain went away quicker this time as I experienced the thrill and pleasure
of being fucked by a thick 11 inch cock. I got hard again and began stroking
it feverishly. He didn’t fuck me as long as Rico or Carlos had, but it was
long enough to make me send a stream of cum shooting 5 feet into the air. He
pulled his cock out of me, removed the rubber and shot a stream of come on,
and over my back into my hair. “Aww, look, I got some cum in your hair”. At
this point I didn’t care. I am totally drained, filled, and pleasured. All
fears and inhibitions are gone.

“Well man, since we’ve got what we wanted, we’re gonna let you go”, shouted
Rico, “But if you tell the police what ‘appened ‘ere, we’ll find ju and kill
ju! I got jo address outta jo wallet.”

“Call the police?”, I replied, “Hell! I would like to come back here again!
This has been the best experience that I’ve ever had!”

Rico and the others laughed. “I told ju ju would”, laughed Rico. “We have
quite a few regulars that keep comming back.”

Needless to say, when I get back to Atlanta, I’ve gotta thank my boss for
sending me on this trip. I’m going to try to get all of the trips to New York
and find this particular part of town every time.

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