Wed to the Whip


They walked along the beach, hand in hand, under the palms,
watching the sunset. The blonde had on a string bikini. She savored
the eyes of the passersby as they alighted on her. Males, some females
regarded her with sparkle-eyed appreciation. Kelly smiled inwardly to
herself. Yes, it was pleasant, being young, newly married. She
squeezed her husband’s hand. John smiled down at Kelly and squeezed
back. Soon, in the privacy of their hotel, they would be squeezing more
than just hands.
But not yet. The couple moved with a slow, languid grace.
They watched the sun as it sank slowly into the surf far out on the
horizon. Waves, sun-kissed, sluiced up between their toes, rushing in
on the sand as if to capture it, then receeding, then washing forward
again, each wave gently taking more and more of the beach under its grip
as the tide rose.
A couple came toward them. The man was handsome like the
blonde’s husband. She did not know his name, but it was William. He
was strikingly handsome, with a Roman nose, broad shoulders, a
well-haired chest. He had black hair and a trim goatee that gave him a
dominant aspect. In his large hand he held, as if captive, the hand of
a lovely brunette. Her name, also unknown to Kelly, was Jill. She had
larger breasts than Kelly. They were much larger, in fact, and for a
moment Kelly felt intimidated. She looked with apprehensive eyes up at
her husband. Had he seen the woman who was approaching them? Yes! Oh,
he stared at her with awestruck eyes, drinking in her bosoms as if he
were an infant, a starving infant, craving milk. Kelly squeezed her
husband’s hand but John, so newly married to her, did not sense her
squeeze. She felt dejected. Then, recovering from his rapture, John
gave his blonde newlywed wife’s hand a reassuring squeeze.
At the same time the approaching stranger, who was in truth
larger than the blonde’s husband, drilled his dark eyes into Kelly’s
chest. With a sudden blush Kelly realized the man found her small,
round breasts attractive. He seemed as taken with her bosoms as John
was with those of the fulsome brunette.
Jill was older than the blonde. She seemed not to mind her
husband’s desire. She walked with a light step, letting him peer. Jill
smiled. Her own eyes lingered upon and savored Kelly’s chest. Kelly
felt a thrill as she realized the brunette might be envious of her
small, high-perched tits.
“Good evening,” John said to the brunette and her companion as
they approached. The inrushing tide washed the feet of both couples.
“Good evening,” the brunette replied. The man with the goatee
nodded at Kelly, then at her husband. The brunette’s eyes flicked from
the blonde’s tits to her eyes, to John’s eyes, then, daringly, dropped
straight to his groin.
The two couples passed. The sun sank below the far-distant
line of the horizon.

“Anything?” the small blonde asked. Her long hair hung down
over her eyes and she reached up and pushed it back. Her hair was like
a veil, protecting her, yet it invited thoughts in her hosts that were
nothing if not depraved. She knew that, and was coming to grips with
accepting it.
“We are quite rigorous in our requirements,” the brunette said
to her. William, the man with the goatee, nodded.
Outside, seagulls could be heard fighting in the surf over bits
of fish. The blonde looked up at her husband. John’s eyes were
entranced by the brunette’s cleavage. Every breath she took, his eyes
followed the rise and fall of her sumptuous tits. He shifted on the
couch beside his wife. He grimaced, noticing Kelly, his wife, looking
at him. He tried to smile casually at Kelly. She looked down at his
crotch. There was a distinct bulge. John’s pants had suddenly become
very tight about his loins. John cleared his throat, nervously.
William lifted a hand and stroked his goatee. The blonde’s
young husband looked with embarrassed eyes at William. The brunette
smiled. Her husband, William, older by a decade than either herself or
the others, smiled. He knew what the younger man was going through. He
gazed frankly at John’s crotch. He made no pretence of hiding his
knowledge of the young man’s condition. He’d already warned John that
he, William, was bisexual.
“Kelly,” the brunette said to the youthful blonde wife sitting
across from her. “You must decide now.”
“Yes,” Kelly answered. She gazed with apprehensive eyes around
the older couple’s bungalow. They had met again, the next night. On
the beach. It was as before, both of them walking in the incoming surf,
their feet washed by the sea. They stopped. They chatted. The older
couple said they were “entertaining guests at the moment,” but would the
young newlyweds be interested in “something special” in a week? There
had been nods, soft murmurs of assent. The moon had risen as they
talked and it had cast a benediction of silvery moonlight over their
Now here they were, sitting in the older couple’s bungalow.
William and Jill were renting it for several weeks, until they should
become bored, and go elsewhere, journeying through the summer in a long,
island-hopping vacation, across the Carribean. John and Kelly had
extended their stay at the hotel down the shore. They were supposed to
be back in the ‘real world’ already, but something had caused them to
stay, to savor the island a little longer. Kelly looked up at her
husband. He glanced down at her. Together, with her husband perched
uncomfortably on the sofa beside her, they were contemplating their next
“Well, I would like to try swinging, but not necessarily with
bondage,” the blonde said.
“It is how we train new couples,” the older man, sitting across
from her, said.
“We will do our best to see that neither of you are hurt,” the
brunette assured them. “Of course, the lessons must be well taught. We
are not about to dilute them to suit anyone’s sensibilites. Even those
of such a lovely young couple as yourself.” The brunette smiled. She
had already told the blonde they would be spending time in each other’s
arms, if the blonde assented.
“Okay,” the blonde gulped. She glanced immediately at her
husband. Perhaps she wished he’d contradict her, but he didn’t. His
pants prevented that. He was well-hung and very hard now at the
prospect of what they were about to agree to. Of course, the fact he’d
already obeyed the older couple’s injuction against cumming for three
days helped seal his fate. He was full and very much in need of some
“Then if you’re both agreed, let’s go downstairs,” the brunette
said. The blonde felt herself flinch. This rented bungalow was
deceptive. A beach bungalow this size wasn’t supposed to come with a
basement. But this one, and several others along the beach, did. Most
people didn’t know that, of course. Unless they rented one, or were
invited to be guests in one. Outside, a seagull screamed in triumph as
it snatched a fish out of the beak of another gull.
“All our things are down there,” the brunette was explaining.
Jill snapped herself back into the flow of the other woman’s words.
“And there’s an added benefit,” the brunette with the imposing bust
continued. “The basement is soundproofed, so you won’t have to worry,
either of you, that you’ll be heard. Everything will be totally private
downstairs.” She smirked. “Except, of course, your privates.”
“Please excuse my wife’s sense of humor,” the man with the
goatee said to the blonde.
“I’m sorry,” the brunette smiled. The blonde gazed into her
eyes and saw a wicked gleam there.
“Oh, I don’t want to go!” the blonde blurted. Her husband,
John, leaned over and kissed her.
“We’re going.” he said simply. Then John rose from the couch.
He drew her up with him. He stood with his crotch bulging in his tight
jeans, before the older couple, who were still seated.
“Yes, going and cumming,” the brunette assured the young man.
She winked. She rose. Her husband stood up. The older man drew the
blonde away from John and hooked his arm through hers.
“You are a lovely young lady,” the older man assured the girl.
“Thank you,” the blonde gulped.
They went downstairs. There was a small room at the base of
the stairs that resembled a changing room in a gym. There were lockers,
a wooden bench. At the opposite end of the small undressing room was a
“My husand and I will be through that door,” the brunette
said. “We must get everything ready, so take your time undressing.
Kiss a little. When we call, then you may come through the door. And
oh, by the way,” the brunette added. “You are to take everything off.
Don’t leave on anything.” She looked at the blonde. “Not even your
earrings, dear.”
“I must take off my panties?” the blonde asked.
“Your earrings, and yes, of course, your underwear, dear,” the
brunette told the blonde. She looked at the blonde’s husband.
“You will ensure her compliance,” the brunette said to the man.
“Of course. I’m her husband,” the blonde’s husband answered.
When the couple was called forth from the changing room they
emerged holding hands. They looked like a couple on their wedding day,
their faces flushed, their eyes wide.
“Oh, my!” the brunette said immediately. The young husband of
the blonde sported an erection that was as large and stiff as a steel
rebar. A large room opened before the newlyweds. It was well stocked
with liquor, pillows, and a large bed. The covers on the bed were drawn
back. On a small table beside the bed was a vase of fresh flowers.
Also on the table were bottles of lotion, jars of cream, and a small
pile of colored condoms. At the far end of the room, behind a curtain,
the blonde caught sight of implements hanging on a wall. The tail of a
bull whip showed, as well as the wooden edge of a paddle.
“Hello, Kelly,” the brunette said in a quiet voice. “Hello
John.” The couple regarded her with open mouths. In sharp contrast to
ther total nudity, she was dressed in a riding jacket. It was bright
red. It was pulled open to show off her sumptuous, naked tits. There
was a red-colored riding cap on her head.
Jill, decked out in her riding gear, assumed an imposing stance
before the young couple. A black tie was looped around her neck. It
held closed the collar of a white blouse that she wore beneath her
jacket. But, like the jacket, her neatly-pressed blouse was thrown open
to reveal her bare tits. Her flat, smooth belly showed. Below that was
her proud bush. She wore no panties, no skirt. She stood with her legs
open in a stance of authority. Black thigh-high stockings gripped her
John stared at Jill with complete awe and fascination. He
still held his wife’s hand, but it was obvious that his entire mind was
mesmerized by the woman standing so confidently before him. His wife
was small, delicate, a little bird with a long mane of blonde hair.
Jill, though fine-fingered, and small-waisted, was a formidible figure
with her huge, momma-like bosoms. Jill smiled at John. She adjusted
the cap on her head, pushing at it with the tip of a riding crop she
held in her hand. In her other hand she held a condom. It was made of
clear latex.
Jill passed the condom to John. “Put this on, please,” Jill
said to the young man. “It’s the only covering you’ll be permitted for
the next several days. We always ask men to wear one. It helps cut
down on the mess.”
John nodded. He took the condom. He glanced down at the rich
carpeting they were standing on. It felt soft against his feet.
“Would you like me to help you, honey?” Kelly asked her
husband. Her voice quavered. She pushed at her blonde mane of hair
that kept falling down into her eyes. She looked nervous. Her bosoms,
though, sported twin nipples as hard as her husband’s cock.
“Kelly, you will not speak anymore unless I give you
permission,” Jill told the young wife.
“But–” Kelly began. She looked at the brunette.
“Kelly,” a male voice said. It was deep, sober. The man with
the goatee stepped out from behind the curtain where the implements were
hanging. William, Jill’s husband, stared at the blonde. His eyes
looked fierce. In his hand he was holding a paddle. He wore long boots
that stretched to his knees, but no pants. His hairy chest was bare.
On his hands he wore black leather gloves. “It’s important you do as
you’re told, Kelly,” the man said. He slapped his open palm with the
paddle. It was a round, wooden paddle, and it made a sharp crack when
it hit the man’s hand. He stood stolidly, unaffected by the hard report
of the paddle against his hand. But the blonde shrank at the sound.
She gripped her husband’s hand tightly.
What made the blonde even more frightened, though, was the
sight of the older man’s penis. It was fully erect. As if in
anticipation, it was already encased in a black condom. Kelly could see
the condom was well-lubed. Oil shone on its entire length.
“It is important that the condom, when it is placed over your
penis, has a good seal,” the brunette said with clipped, clinical words
to Kelly’s husband. “If it’s alright with you I’d like to show you my
oral talents. I’ll wet your penis with my mouth, then roll on the
condom.” She looked at Kelly, not waiting to see if John assented. “As
for you, you must wet down my husband’s cock, so he can slide into you
easily when the time comes. The oil I’ve put on his penis is edible.
Can you deep throat a cock?”
The blonde hesitated, finally nodded that ‘no,’ she could not.
“I didn’t think so. You’re so newly married, after all,” Jill
told the blonde. “That’s why I oiled my husband for you. You’ll kneel,
and practise taking him as best you can. Meanwhile I’ll get the condom
on your husband.” The blonde nodded. Her eyes were awestruck. “Oh,
and one more thing,” the brunette added. “Since we are your
instructors, you pay the penalty for any accidents. Tongue my husband,
but don’t make him cum.” She turned to John. “As for you, young man,
if you cum, you bear the punishment for it.”
“Okay,” John said. He glanced with fearful eyes at the
brunette’s riding crop. Then, emboldened by the rampant stiffness
between his legs, he arched his hips forward. He offered the brunette
the condom.
“Thank you,” the brunette said.
Both females knelt before a man, each taking charge of the
other’s husband. Kelly swirled her tongue around the latex-covered head
of William’s penis. Jill sucked John. When at last Kelly had learned a
little of the art of deep throat, and John was snugly attired in a clear
condom, the foursome rejoined each other by a small wet bar in the
Jill popped open a bottle of champagne. The others were given
flutes; they proferred them and Jill filled each glass to the brim.
“A toast, sir, to the perfection of your erection,” Jill said
to John. William seconded the toast. Kelly laughed at the sight of
everyone toasting her husband’s penis. John’s cock was thick and hard,
covered by latex but quite visible through the membrane of film.
William, more discreet, proffered a cock that couldn’t be seen through
the black condom that covered it.
Jill, filling her glass and sipping from it, tipped the
half-empty bottle of champagne over John’s genitals. To a cry from the
young man, the cock she’d so recently warmed with her mouth was doused
with cold bubbly.
“Ah, God!” John said. He watched as the champagne hit his dick
and splashed over it to the floor. The rug was wettened by the
champagne but if he came, he would spend safely inside the condom.
Kelly, inspired, took a sip from her glass and then poured the
remainer of it over William’s black-sheathed dick.
“Ahhh,” William breathed. He watched as the champagne hit his
penis and cooled it.
“Kelly, you should not spill your drink without permission,”
Jill said to the blonde. The young newlywed gulped.
“I’m sorry,” Kelly answered.
“Just for that I want you to kneel down and lick the champagne
off both men’s cocks,” Jill told Kelly. The blonde’s eyes widened.
“But– but I might make them…”
“Yes, and if they do, you’ll be the worse for it,” Jill said.
“So lick carefully. And do both at once.”
“At once?” Kelly said. Her face blanched.
“At once,” Jill answered. She pointed to the floor, indicating
that Kelly should kneel. The blonde did. Both men proudly offered her
their dicks.
“Ooooch! Oooook! YOOOOK!” Kelly spluttered as she tried to
accomodate both men’s penises at once in her small mouth. The men vied
for her attention. They drove themselves into her without regard for
her, forcing themselves together into her mouth, as if in a competition
to see which could spend first. They were both very hard. Desperation
mixed with delight showed in their faces.
William bent over the girl. With his cock shoved hard into
Kelly’s mouth, he delivered a sharp blow to Kelly’s bare fanny.
“Hooooooch!” Kelly shouted. Both her hands flew back to her
bottom. The men, now no longer having to contend with her shielding
fingers, pushed themselves deeper and more vigorously into her mouth.
They looked like two giants, standing over her, shoving carrots, one
flesh-colored, one black, into her rosebud lips. The blonde was
kneeling with her hands on her bottom. She did her best to accept both
penises in her stretched-apart mouth.
“That’s it,” Jill said to the blonde. She dropped to her knees
behind Kelly. She gripped the girl by her frail shoulders so that Kelly
couldn’t be pushed backward towards the floor.
“Oohoooooo!” Kelly squealed. Her body was trapped between Jill
and Jill’s husband, plus her own husband. She couldn’t bend back to
escape the men’s indriving cocks. She spluttered, gagged. The men fed
themselves to her like two randy young boys, enjoying their first oral
sex. They arched their hips and competed to drive their strong dicks
deep into Kelly’s slim throat. The blonde tried begging for mercy. Her
words were silenced by the twin prongs stuffing themselves into her
When it seemed Kelly would faint from lack of air, both men
yanked themselves back.
“WHOOSH!” Kelly gasped, drawing in breath as soon as she was
free of the dicks.
“Are you okay?” Jill asked the blonde.
“Oooooo! I couldn’t breathe!” Kelly said. She took several
deep gasps. “But now I can,” she added, as if to allay any fears that
she’d suffered harm. Her voice was high. Briskly she rubbed her
smacked bottom.
Jill reached around Kelly’s slim hips and insinuated a finger
into her cunt.
“Oooh, don’t!” Kelly pleaded. At the same time she wiggled her
hips, as if to urge Jill’s finger to desist, or perhaps to plunge more
“The first thing you’re to learn is that you must never touch
yourself here, except on express orders,” Jill said in a whispering
voice to Kelly, while touching her slit. “The second is that you must
never refuse another’s touch here.”
“Oooh, it makes me feel funny,” Kelly said. Her words were
shrill. She’d never been touched by another woman before.
“Yes, of course it feels unique, dear,” Jill said. She flicked
at Kelly’s special place with a sharp, manicured fingernail. “Let’s get
that little cunny of yours buzzing, hmmm?” Jill said.
For the next several minutes both men watched, awe-struck, as
the two women kneeling beneath their cocks touched. At first, Jill felt
Kelly from behind. Then Kelly turned, urged by Jill, and reciprocated
by fingering Jill’s slit. Soon both women were kissing as they
continued to massage each other between their open, thrust-forward
hips. Their digits explored each other’s slits. Saliva mingled in
their mouths as their fingers delved for, and found, honey-moistened
“Mmm! Mmmm! I want to be a mommie!” Kelly babbled as Jill’s
finger brought her to the sharp edge of an orgasm. Jill laughed. She
drew her finger out of Kelly’s furred nest.
“What a strange desire, for someone so newly married!” Jill
“Put it back!” Kelly gasped, looking at Jill’s finger.
“No, my sweet. I only wish to excite you. Not to make you
cum,” Jill said.
“Ooooh!” Kelly sighed. Her eyes were glazed. She looked up at
her husband, then at William. The men stared down at her.
“I’ll handle it,” William said.
“No you won’t, dear,” Jill said. “We have a long night ahead
of us. Days, perhaps. We will take our time. All of us.” She rose
from the floor. She waved her riding crop at her husband, for he still
seemed intent on dropping to the floor and bringing Kelly the bliss she
Jill looked down at the girl at her feet. With soft, manicured
fingers, she reached down and seized the girl’s arm. She drew the young
bride to her feet.
“We have much to do, and though plenty of time, not forever, to
do it in,” the brunette said.
“Mmmm, put your finger back in me,” the blonde said,
imploringly, but her eyes were glazed and she was willing to do whatever
was asked. Jill had plans.
A few minutes later John found himself standing before a series
of wooden stocks. Each was small, and placed at the level of his
groin. His penis arched out toward them. He gazed with wonder at each
of the stocks. They were like little baseboards on a guillotine, nine
of them, each lined up right behind the other. Their halves could be
closed, and then adjusted by the use of screws. At the moment each one
of them stood open, the top board flipped up, like a flip-top lid
hanging open on a container. John guessed that, given the right
incentive, the top of each stock could be brought down and snapped
shut. He stared at the small stocks. They looked perfect, for holding
something in place. But what?
In the center of each of the stocks was a hole. It was fairly
small. It was a single hole, placed in the middle of each of the
stocks. A man might fit his wrist through; no, the hand would be too
big. There was no possiblity of him sticking his neck through. What
could such a uniquely sized hole be for? Something long, John guessed,
and uniform in width all along its length.
“Those sure are odd-looking stocks,” John confessed to Jill.
He felt a tremor run up his back. It made his balls quiver between his
“They’re for your penis!” Jill said. She smiled happily. She
fingered the nearest stock. Her hands caressed it lovingly. She
beckoned John forward. He saw that she wanted him to stick his dick
through it. In fact, John realized, she might wish for him to thrust
his organ through several of the stocks. They were lined up one after
another in front of him. Their holes formed a kind of wooden vagina.
“I’m not supposed to put my head or my hands through these
stocks, then?” John asked. He stood erect before the nearest
guillotine-like stock. He admired how closely it would hold him if he
were foolish enough to insert himself in it.
“That’s right,” Jill smiled. She adjusted the height of the
stock, eyeing his dick, turning the screws so there would be just enough
room for him once the stock’s top was brought down. Then, John guessed,
if he did offer himself, and let her close the stock, she would lock
it. There were latches on the right side of each stock, to hold it shut
over whatever was put through it.
John shivered. He looked at Jill’s hands, touching, with
spider-like grace, the bolts running through the wood. He longed to
have something hold his penis, even if it trapped him.
Jill’s eyes dared John to insert himself. He felt like Adam
tempted in the garden. Except here, he might lose more than Adam did.
Who knew what might happen to him if he allowed himself to be fastened
down in the stocks?
John flexed his arms. He glanced at his wife. She stared
blankly; frightened, yet impressed. Like a weightlifter contemplating a
lift, John flexed his arms again. He arched his back. He flexed his
hard, muscled thighs. His penis wobbled in front of him; lewd, exposed,
its length fully hard and turgid.
Jill extended her riding crop out past John’s waist. She gave
him a smack on his bottom. It was a playful smack. John flinched at
the feel of the leather striking his bottom.
“Oh! Don’t mark his buns!” John’s wife cried. She put a hand
to her face. She watched with awed eyes. William stood beside her.
Jill ignored John’s wife. In a soft voice, her eyes bright with
invitation, she told John of her plans.
“We have men with penises of varying lengths visit us,” Jill
told John. “What you’re to do, John, is insert your penis through the
nearest stock. I’ll lock it over your cock so you can’t escape. Of
course, a slim wooden stock, locked round the base of your penis, would
allow most of the rest of your dick to be exposed. So each of the
succeeding stocks, behind the first one, will be locked down over your
dick as well. I’ll lock each one in turn over your cock until only the
head of your penis remains. Then, we’ll be done.”
“What then?” John asked, fascinated.
“You’ll see,” Jill smiled.
“Oh, I’m frightened for him!” Kelly blurted. She gripped
William’s hand, holding his hand like a small child might, or a lover.
William’s sleek cock stuck out from between his legs. Kelly’s free hand
dropped from her mouth and slapped her thigh, impatiently. She yearned
to diddle her own slit to excitement. At the same time she wanted to
yank on William’s erection. She was a buzz of erotic confusion and
contradiction, watching as her husband was lured into doing something
undreamt of with his penis.
“Don’t worry, you’re both newly married. I’m not going to harm
your husband’s penis,” Jill assured Kelly. She smiled at the girl.
“I’m just going to give it a workout.”
“Oh,” Kelly said.
John took a deep breath. He advanced. He placed his dick
within the half-moon shaped holes that were cut in the center of each of
the pieces of wood. Jill grinned. It was a cat-like grin. Her
long-lashed eyes fluttered demurely. She extended her small pink tongue
and licked her lips. As soon as John had presented himself, settling
his dick in the bottom of each of the open holes, Jill acted. She shut
the nearest stock. John felt it grip his penis. It clutched at the
base of his cock. Only the latex of the condom that hugged his dick
kept the bare wood from pressing directly against John’s flesh.
Nonetheless, through the thin latex, John could feel the unfinished
wood. It felt raw. He wondered if it had any splinters in it.
The snap of the first stock, closing over John, sounded loud in
the underground room. Kelly flinched as she stared at the raw wood
gripping her husband’s flesh. Jill closed a latch on the end of the
stock. She worked slowly. Each stock had five latches on it which had
to be snapped shut individually. They were gold in color. They looked
like metal laces. They were delicate in their design. Yet together,
Jill guessed, all of them closed, they would hold her husband fast.
Jill savored the sight of John’s penis engaged by the wood.
She licked her lips repeatedly. When all the small latches at the end
of the first closed stock were in place, Jill went to the table beside
the bed. She opened a drawer. She took out a large, heavy padlock.
She walked with swinging hips back to the stocks, where John stood.
With a grin she snapped the padlock over the middle latch in the nearest
“I take it speed isn’t of the essence here,” John said, looking
at the strange assortment of latches at the end of each stock. He
realized that all of them would have to be closed, individually. Then
each one would have to be separately locked.
“No, speed isn’t important,” Jill smiled. “You won’t be going
anywhere anyway, even with just the first stock closed around the base
of your dick. Go ahead. See if you can open the stocks. Use your
hands if you like.”
John did. He tried to break free. He wrenched on the stock
enclosing his penis. It didn’t budge. Not only was the post holding up
the stocks firmly planted in the ground, but the wood itself was now
tightly locked around the base of his dick.
Jill picked up a bottle of perfume. It had an atomizer
attached to it. She squeezed the ball on the atomizer and spritzed
John’s penis with male cologne.
“What’s that for?” John asked.
“Something to soothe your erection,” Jill said. “You’re going
to be locked up for awhile. I figure I should apply this now, before
you’re all covered over with wood.”
“I could always spend and get out of this thing,” John said.
“Oh, we’ll see about that,” Jill smiled. She finished
anointing John’s cock with the cool droplets of cologne.
One by one the stocks were fitted over John’s erection. When
Jill was finished, it took seven of the nine available stocks to lock
down John’s cock. Only the head of John’s penis showed when Jill was
done. It stuck through the last stock, large and red, a knob looking
for fingers to turn it. Jill did, twisting it a little. John cried
William laughed.
“And now a decoration,” Jill smiled. She took a knife and
carefully cut open the end of the condom on John’s dick. John cried
out, fearfully, but Jill hushed him. “I told you that you wouldn’t be
hurt if you obey,” Jill said.
“But what if I cum?” John asked. “There’s no guarantee I
won’t, you know.”
“Oh, I think there might be,” Jill replied. Tossing aside the
bit of cut-away condom, she walked over to the bed. She took a flower
from the vase on the bedside table. Greasing the tip of the flower’s
stem, Jill inserted it into John’s peehole. John gasped.
“You’re making me look like some kind of a faggot!” John
“Just wait,” Jill said.
A few minutes later John found out why he wouldn’t be able to
escape from his predicament, even if he reduced the size of his penis by
spending. William bolted a trestle to the floor behind John. He
inserted the trestle’s legs into pre-arranged holes in the floor. Then
his wife went to work. First, she put shackles on each of John’s
ankles. Then she locked his ankles to the legs of the trestle standing
standing behind him. Next, she put a vise on top of the trestle.
Within the jaws of the vise she placed a dildo. Jill eased apart the
cheeks of John’s ass. Carefully she oiled the rim of his anus.
“Hey! What are you doing?” John asked. He gazed back over his
broad, powerful shoulders. Jill cupped one of his small buns with her
hand, pulling it away from the other, and poked eerily inbetween his
“You’ll know quite distinctly in just a minute, dear,” Jill
said. Then she shoved the end of the dildo up between John’s ass
“Honey!” John cried. He jerked. He gazed wildly at his wife.
But Kelly, seeking refuge beside William’s imposing figure, only
laughed. She thought her husband looked silly with something stuck up
his ass, and his penis trapped between boards. She told him so.
“Don’t insult your husband, Kelly,” Jill said.
“I’m sorry,” Kelly said. “But he does look totally
Then it was Kelly’s turn to be put on display. Jill handed the
girl a jar of fresh icing. It was vanilla icing, for a cake. But
instead of being given a cake to decorate, Kelly was given the same
knife that had been used to cut open John’s condom.
“Spread the icing over your pussy,” Jill commanded Kelly. The
blonde, trembling, obeyed.
“Oooh, it’s chilly,” Kelly remarked. The icing had been kept
in the refrigerator. It felt like liquid ice against her skin. She
worked slowly, using the sharp knife, spreading the icing over her warm
muff. She had to be careful not to cut herself with the knife. She
already had a slit between her legs. She didn’t wish to enlarge it.
When Kelly had completely covered her pussy with icing, Jill
took the jar and the knife away from her.
“Now, using just one of your fingers, I want you to wipe all
the icing off of yourself,” Jill said.
Kelly poked at herself with one of her fingers. She bit her
lip, enjoying the sensation of her finger diddling her slit, scooping up
icing. She passed her finger between her legs and lifted it aloft. She
displayed it to the others.
“I need a napkin or something to clean my finger with,” Kelly
“No you don’t. Lick your finger clean,” Jill replied.
“Oh,” Kelly answered. She contemplated her finger a moment.
It was covered down to the middle knuckle with icing. But that wasn’t
all. Kelly knew she was wet between her legs and, in addition to the
icing, mingled in with it, was natural lubrication from her cunt.
Kelly opened her mouth. She didn’t want to taste herself! But
William and Jill gazed at her with hard, uncompromising eyes. She
glanced at her husband. He was no help at all, trapped by his cock
between seven guillotine-shaped blocks of wood. She made a face and
popped her finger in her mouth. It wasn’t too bad. The icing was
sweet. But she thought she could taste herself mixed with the icing.
She’d never done that before; it scared her. Yet, with the others
looking on, she licked her finger completely clean.
“Very good, Kelly,” Jill said. “Keep at it until your pussy
has no more icing on it.”
“Mmmm. The icing is sweet,” Kelly said. But she knew it
wasn’t just the sweetness of the icing she was tasting. Jill smiled,
and said,
“I’m sure it is, Kelly.” And then Jill smirked, and Kelly
blushed, fiercely. Oh, how embarrassing, to taste yourself in front of
another girl! She hesitated. She lowered her finger to her belly but
inserted it in her navel instead of letting it travel on down to her
iced bush.
“Kelly,” William said. “Do as my wife says. We keep a bull
whip on hand for girls who can’t obey.”
“Oh!” Kelly shouted. She gazed at her husband. He grinned,
impressed by the idea of seeing his wife eat herself out.
“Do as they say, honey,” John told her from across the room.
“I want to see you eat your own pussy.”
Slowly, painstakingly, Kelly wiped her pussy clean. She used
just one of her fingers, cleaning it in her mouth.
“Mmmm, this is a fun way to eat icing,” Kelly confessed. She
rotated her hips with pleasure. It was pleasant to be able to finger
herself, even if it was highly embarrassing. She shoved her hips
forward and smiled at William.
“God, how beautiful she looks!” John, still trapped in the
stocks, exclaimed.
“You have a lovely wife,” William, standing nearer the girl,
“I’m glad I’m not being punished like John,” Kelly said. She
gazed at his taut behind, split apart and penetrated by the
trestle-mounted dildo. She gave a heartfelt wiggle. She was naked and
free, and enjoying the icing-laced taste of herself. She dug anew in
her slit for more icing. She popped her finger in her mouth. She
sucked it, then brought it out again and diddled it again in her slit.
“Except, except,” Kelly said. “I have to cum!” Kelly cried. She
massaged herself freely. She did not lift her hand to her mouth again,
though her finger became quickly covered with icing.
“Kelly! No!” Jill said. She walked behind the girl and struck
her on her bare fanny with her crop.
“Hoooooch!” Kelly shouted. With her free hand she tried to
cover her bottom. She rubbed it. “Don’t!” Kelly implored, still
massaging her pussy with her index finger of her other hand.
“Control, Kelly,” Jill said. “Put your finger in your mouth
and lick it. Don’t keep stroking your cunny once you’ve got a
fingerload of icing.”
“Mmmm, yes,” Kelly breathed. She obeyed, but reluctantly,
taking her finger from her slit and licking it. “This is kind of like
torture if I can’t cum,” Kelly confessed.
“Yes. It’s supposed to be,” Jill replied.
“When do I get to cum?” Kelly said. Her voice was shrill and
sounded desperate.
“Not for a long time, little one,” Jill said.
“Ooooh! That’s much too long for me!” Kelly said. She put her
finger to her slit and paid no mind to the injuction against
masturbating. She wiggled her finger up into herself. She filled her
digit with icing but did not bring it to her lips.
“Kelly!” Jill scolded.
“Ooooh! I can’t help it!” Kelly wailed. “I need to cum NOW!”
“She thinks this is her bridal chamber, but it’s our house!”
William said angrily.
Jill grabbed the blonde’s wrist. She yanked the girl’s finger
out of her slit. Kelly stared at the woman.
“I’m sorry,” Kelly gasped.
“It’s time we took a firmer hand with you, young lady,” Jill
replied. The blonde looked toward her husband. But there was nothing
John could do, for he was trapped by his penis in the stocks.
William went to the bed. Kelly’s eyes trailed after him,
gazing at his hard, haired butt-cheeks. She expected him to call her to
the bedside but instead he bent down and pulled something out from under
Shoes. Kelly gazed at them. They were small, white tennis
shoes. They looked just about right for her feet. Along with the shoes
William took from under the bed a pair of socks, as well as a soft,
fluffy white towel.
William walked over to Kelly. Jauntily his condom-encased cock
bounced with his stride, like an eel quivering through water, except his
cock was moving through the cool air of the room. Kelly wondered if
William’s penis felt hot, inside its latex sheath. She admired the
torpedo-like shape of it. Its long shaft ended in a bulbous head of
obscene size; like a big nut stuck on the end of a tire iron. She
wondered apprehensively if William had any plans for sticking that big
nut-like head of his up inside her. Surely he must. She shivered.
William walked up to her and dropped the shoes at her feet.
“Put them on,” William said.
“I don’t really need shoes down here, with such a soft carpet,”
Kelly said.
William took both Kelly’s hands in his. He gripped her slender
wrists and looked into her eyes.
“Kelly,” William said. “Despite any pain you may suffer,
you’ll find that my wife and I always take utmost care of our captives.
I want you to sit down on the floor and put on these socks, and the
shoes. Then we’ll continue with your training.”
Kelly bit her lip. Then she began to kneel, to slide down
William’s body, feeling the knobby head of his cock banging against her
as she moved. William held her wrist aloft and stopped her.
“Let me unfold this towel first, so you can have a nice, soft
seat for your bottom to rest on while you put on your shoes,” William
told Kelly.
“I don’t really need, I–” Kelly began. She wiggled in
William’s grasp.
“You’ll be glad I paid such kind attention to your bottom, in a
few minutes,” William said to Kelly.
“Why?” Kelly asked.
“Because he’s going to march you around the room and spank it!”
Jill blurted. She seemed slightly peeved at how mesmerized her husband
was. His eyes glowed at the young blonde wife, showing a passion she’d
not seen in them since they’d first met.
“Oooh! I don’t want to be spanked!” Kelly said. But, at the
same time, she deftly took the white socks out of William’s hand. The
man dropped the towel he was holding down on the floor. Kelly turned,
bent, and unfolded the towel so she could sit upon it. Then she sat
down. She sat like a child, her thighs open wide, and picked up the
shoes. She lifted a foot into the air and pulled the shoe on her foot.
Merrily she tied the laces, as if to run outside and play. Now and then
she cast a flicking upward glance to see if William was paying
attention. He was.
Jill handed William the wooden paddle Kelly had first seen him
holding when she’d entered the basement, coming out of the changing
“Thanks,” William said absently to his wife. He never took his
eyes off Kelly.
“Be sure to make her lift her knees nice and high,” Jill told
her husband. “And to keep her hands up behind her neck. Any mistake,
and she should be given an exemplary blow, harder than the rest, so
she’ll develop a perfect posture.”
“I’m sure I know what to do,” William said in a distracted
voice to his wife. Kelly finished tying her shoes and stood up. She
smiled at William, delighted with the big man’s attention. She tried to
ignore the paddle he was holding. Instead, she focussed on his eyes.
With her fingers, she reached out and tentatively touched the knob-head
of his penis.
“Kelly,” William breathed. His voice sounded deep and throaty.
“Yes, sir?” Kelly asked in a high-pitched voice. She gave the
knob of his penis a slight twist.
“Agh. Kelly,” William said. His hand, holding the paddle,
“Your dick reminds me of a stick shift in a sports car,” Kelly
told William.
“That’s nice, Kelly,” William said. “I want you to put your
hands up behind your neck. I could lock them, but I want to train you
to hold them there.”
Immediately, though she must have guessed what William had in
store for her, Kelly clapped her hands to the back of her neck. Her
breasts, lifted and displayed by the gesture, shook tenderly. Kelly
gave William a big, eager smile. William nearly dropped the paddle he
was holding.
“Kelly, I want you to turn around,” William told the girl. She
obeyed, at once. William was impressed. She was so willing! William
patted Kelly’s behind with the wooden paddle he was holding. He watched
as a tremor ran up from the girl’s tail bone all the way to the back of
her neck, where her hands were. Surely she must be afraid, William
thought. Yet she was keeping her fear under control and doing all she
could to please him. William felt like grabbing his dick and shoving it
up her ass, he was so impressed with her. In the event, he almost did
spill, just looking at her eager young body. He paused, drew in a deep
breath, and waited while a tremor seized his cock and then subsided.
“Kelly, I want you to march around the room. Around your
husband,” William said. “March in a big, wide circle. I’ll be behind
you all the way. You must lift your knees as high as you can.” William
tapped Kelly’s behind with the paddle. She flinched. He marvelled at
the way the girl’s bare bottomcheeks quivered at the touch of the wood;
like twin halves of a ball, tight and perfect in their shape. “Begin,”
William ordered.
Kelly, who had been a Majorette in High School, proudly lifted
one of her knees. She felt her bosoms bounce as she did, and gasped.
She had always worn a bra when she marched in the band in High School.
SLAP! A gentle splatting of the paddle struck Kelly’s bottom.
“Oooch!” Kelly said. It was a soft, surprised remark, in
response to a controlled, well-placed blow of the paddle against her
SLAP! The paddle struck again, this time a little harder.
“HooOOCH!” Kelly said. But she never missed a step as she
picked up first one knee, then the other, making a wide, marching circle
around her husband’s trapped form.
John watched. He groaned when he saw the paddle strike his
wife’s bottom. He jerked his hips. He tried to free himself from the
stocks. But he was locked in, the wood fettering his penis, its
hardness tight against his own.
Jill walked up to John. She was holding the bottle of perfume
again. She stood behind him and bent over. She squirted the wet
droplets from the atomizer onto John’s testicals.
“You don’t really need to do that,” John told Jill. He felt
rather silly having his genitals moistened with women’s cologne.
“Oh, but I do,” Jill answered. She walked away. A moment
later she returned. Her bare hips swung sexily. She was grinning.
John longed for her pussy as he watched her walk up to him. If only he
wasn’t stuck inside these stupid board!
Jill had a long, black wand in her hand.
“What’s that?” John asked.
“It’s a cattle prod,” Jill answered.
“Oook!” John heard his wife say, somewhere behind him. She was
immediately awarded with a sharp slap on her bottom. She howled. A
moment later she came marching round in front of her husband, William
“Keep your eyes straight ahead, girl!” William growled. He
gave Kelly another blow on her bottom as she tried to gape at her
“YoooHoooo! Don’t hoit him! He’s my husband!” Kelly wailed.
“Such a silly girl,” Jill said. “I’ve already assured her you
wouldn’t suffer any permanent damage, right, John?”
“What’s that cattle prod for?” John asked.
“I’m going to test your ability to control your desire to
spend, darling,” Jill said. “It’s important that all you men practise
ejaculatory control, don’t you agree?”
“Yes, but–” John stammered. He watched as Jill inserted the
cattle prod up between his thighs. He couldn’t close them; his ankles
were bolted to the trestle that was fixed to the floor behind him!
“You’ll feel a light sting,” Jill said. “I’ve put it on the
minimum setting. Try not to spurt when it touches. Ready?”
John gazed down at the wood covering his cock. “What if I do?”
he croaked. “I’ve got a flower stem jammed in the end of my cock but–”
“Your jet might be so powerful you shoot it out?” Jill said.
“It’s a risk, I suppose. Do you think I should put a cup or something
down on the rug?”
“Oh, I don’t know! Don’t touch me with that thing and then it
won’t be a problem, hopefully–!” John gritted. “HOOOOOOOCH!”
Too late! The prod touched his balls and pushed against them,
like a pencil applied to the bottom of a well-filled balloon.
“How did that feel?” Jill asked.
“Don’t do that agAIN!” John cried, feeling the prod butt
against him a second time. It sent a chill of electricity zapping up
through his testicals and even along the long shaft of his wood-enclosed
“Oh! You’re hurting my husband! We won’t be able to have any
babies!” Kelly howled. A SPLAT! sounded as William punished her for
speaking without permission.
“OOOOOOOHH!” Kelly cried. She wiggled her bottom. It had red
prints on it now, from where the paddle had struck.
“YOW!” John cried manfully, as the prod came into contact with
him again. It made his perfume-wettened balls shiver like ripe fruit in
a gale.
John suffered repeated contacts from the prod. All the while,
his young wife was forced to march around him, her fanny bearing
increasingly red marks as William delivered stinging blows of the
paddle. At last, Jill called a halt to the proceedings.
“We shall have a break,” Jill said, simply. It sounded as if
they’d been playing tennis, rather than sexual games. She put her prod
down on the end of the bed and invited William and Kelly to join her.
“Ooooh! I’ve gotten it good,” Kelly said. She let go of her
neck and slapped her hands to her ass. She rubbed it briskly. She
gazed at William with appreciative eyes.
“I daresay the little bitch liked it,” Jill said. She plopped
down on the end of the bed, next to her prod. She reached out and,
grasping a strand of Kelly’s long blonde hair, she drew the blonde over
to her. She spread her legs and had Kelly stand between them.
“She showed exemplary form,” William said. He sat down on the
edge of the bed beside his wife. He glanced at the prod; his own penis
stuck out like a stiff invitation; his balls were brimmingly full and
“Did she let go of her neck often?” Jill asked. She stroked
Kelly’s long hair, as if combing it with her fingers.
“Only a few times; for which she was amply rewarded,” William
“Let me see,” Jill said. She took hold of Kelly by her waist.
She turned the girl’s bare figure so that she was forced to present her
backside to the young woman. “Take away your hands, Kelly,” Jill said.
The newlywed wife was still massaging her bottom.
“Ooooh! Don’t spank me anymore!” Kelly begged. She let her
hands be lifted off her fanny.
“We’ll see about that,” Jill replied. “My, how red you are
back here, Kelly! You did get some good swats.”
“They HURT!” Kelly said.
“I know they did, dear,” Jill answered. She bent forward and
kissed the girl’s neck. Then she whispered in her ear.
Kelly was tasked with serving everyone drinks. Even her
husband got one. He had to take his standing up, his cock firmly
embedded in the multiple blocks of wood.
“Make him drink a lot,” Jill told Kelly. “Refill his glass as
soon as he’s done. I want to see him pee, with his dick trapped like
“Okay!” Kelly said. She was happy. Nakedly she served
everyone, her bottom showing the signs of her punishment. She still
wore the tennis shoes William had given her. She moved with girlish
grace, mixing drinks like a pro, despite her tender years, serving her
husband with blushing cheeks. Jill complimented her on her ability to
serve them.
“Thank you,” Kelly said. “I’ve been trying to learn how to mix
all different kinds of drinks, so my husband can have a different one
every day when he comes home from work,” Kelly said.
“How thoughtful,” Jill agreed. “And do you meet him wearing a
“Um, sometimes,” Kelly said. “Or nothing at all.”
“Newlywed bliss!” Jill laughed. She looked at her husband.
His eyes were bright. He watched Kelly as she sashayed about, making
sure everyone’s drinks got refilled.
“I’ll bet you’d like to trade me for her,” Jill said accusingly
to her husband.
“Uh, maybe,” William answered. He grinned. When Kelly came
close, to check his drink again, he reached for her face. He opened her
lips with his finger. She smiled, didn’t complain. She sucked on his
finger briefly. Then he surprised her by pulling the black condom off
his penis. Strands of pre-cum oozed from the end of it. He lifted it
to her mouth. She resisted, a little, then let him stick the end of it
into her lips. She walked away, holding a drinks tray in her hand, and
a condom between her teeth. It hung from her mouth and flapped against
her chin. John stared. His wife said nothing, but continued with her
duties while holding the end of the condom in her mouth, just where
William had put it.
“I have to go to the bathroom!” John announced. Kelly
giggled. The condom fell from her lips onto her tray. Jill got up from
the bed and picked up her cattle prod. She walked over to John, her
eyes glowing with mischief. She stepped in front of him and bent over.
She placed her mouth against the tip of his penis. She kissed him. She
kissed the flower stuck in his pee hole. Then, carefully, she withdrew
the long stem of the flower from his penis, using only her mouth. Her
lips left a wetness on the head of John’s cock that made it feel cool.
Spitting out the flower, Jill lifted her cattle prod.
“What th–? You wouldn’t!” John gasped.
ZZZAP! The tip of the prod touched his moistened penis. It
connected with his pee hole and delivered a painful charge of
electricity to it.
“Yeeeeouch!” John cried. He twisted his hips, trying to endure
the shock of being touched in such a sensitive place.
ZZZAP! Again the prod came into contact with his pee hole.
Again he groaned, and this time he cursed Jill.
“Stop it, you bitch!” John said.
Kelly stared. She dropped her drinks tray. A glass of liquor
spilled on the plush carpet. Kelly clapped her hands to her face. Yet
she said nothing, no word of protest, only gaped with wonder as Jill
taunted her husband’s penis. William got up from the bed. He walked
over to Kelly. He reached out to put his arm around her but she twisted
away from him.
“Just a little jolt,” Jill said.
“YEEEOUCH!” John cried.
“I must remind you that you’re a love slave,” Jill smiled at
John. “I didn’t hurt you too badly, did I?”
“I-” John gasped. He caught his breath and wiggled his dick in
the close confines of the seven blocks of wood that were locked down
over it. “It’s- It’s okay, I guess,” John said with amazement.
“You’re quite sturdy,” Jill said. “All those jolts to your
balls, and still you didn’t spurt. I have a great admiration for your
control, sir. And just for that I’m going to let you pee.” She
turned. “Come here, Kelly,” she ordered.
William reached out and grabbed the girl. Then, holding Kelly
around the waist, as she wriggled and tried to escape, he gallantly took
hold of her arm. He admired its slimness. He ran his fingers up her
arm to her face. He pulled one of her hands away from her mouth. He
gripped it in his own hand. He walked with her toward John.
“Don’t I need to be released?” John asked Jill. “I told you, I
have to go to the bathroom.”
Jill picked up a small square off the floor. It had sat
innocently in a corner, unobserved, until now. She unfurled it like a
flag, and it turned out to be a large, unopened Glad plastic trash bag.
It was green. She laid it on the floor underneath the tip of John’s
“You are going to go to the bathroom, dear. Don’t worry,” Jill
told John. “In fact, you’re going to go right now. On your wife.”
“On my wife?!” John shouted. He stared as Kelly was tugged
onto the plastic by William. She tried to resist, a little, but William
was strong and could move her with ease when he wished to. He made her
stand before her husband, on the plastic sheet. Then he made her kneel
down. He got behind her and opened her legs. He dropped to his knees.
Kelly stared up at her husband’s cock as William entered her from
“You may pee now, John,” Jill said. She walked behind the
captive man. She grasped his big, full testicles in one hand and with
her other hand took hold of the end of the dildo that was jammed up his
butt. She twisted the dildo and simultaneously squeezed his balls.
“Don’t!” John gritted.
“Pee, or I’ll hurt you,” Jill breathed.
“Acck! I’m sorry, honey!” John shouted. A sudden stream of
pee shot from the end of his dick. It arched gracefully through the air
and splashed directly into Kelly’s mouth. It was open with surprise,
her lips parted in a pretty O. She realized she was tasting her
husband’s pee and tried closing her mouth, but a hard thrust from
William caused her to jerk her lips wider apart.
“OOOOOH!” Kelly exclaimed. William gripped her around her
waist with his big burly arms and shoved his penis hard into her womb.
She ground against him. Her bottom, red from being spanked, stung at
the contact of her soft skin upon his haired, bristly groin. Kelly
tried to rise. William held her down. He thrust into her from behind.
He caused her to scream at the forcefulness of his entry. In front, pee
from her husband’s penis showered Kelly’s face. In back, threaded up
between her legs, William’s penis filled her and stretched her.
“Nooooo!” Kelly pleaded. Her face contorted in a rictus of
heartfelt emotion. She was being peed on– and fucked at the same
time! Never had she done something so depraved. Jill watched, and
laughed. Kelly tried twisting her head toward the woman to protest, but
the thoroughness with which William was fucking her made it impossible.
He shoved; hard, repeatedly, feeding her his foot-long length of cock,
as she strove to dismount him. At the same time, wickedly, her husband
continued to urinate down on her. His pee filled her mouth and ran down
her throat. At the same time, the volume of it was so forceful that it
overfilled her small mouth and splashed her cheeks. It ran down her
neck. It speckled her breasts.
“Yes, piss all over her!” Jill said gleefully to John. She
stood beside him now, no longer buggering him or holding his balls, but
enjoying the spectacle of seeing him use his wife as a urinal. Kelly
could hardly resist. She was forcefully impaled on William’s cock and
being hammered with it as if she were a rag doll. Futiely her hands
clasped at the air. Her long lovely tresses bounced. In vain, in vain,
for the urine kept splashing upon her face while William, grunting
behind her like an animal, worked himself into a frenzy, his cock like a
huge sausage rammed up her belly.
“Oh, God! Not more!” Kelly blurted. Her eyes gaped as
William, inside her, suddenly let loose his sperm. It gushed into her
just as her husband’s pee began to subside. John watched with shocked
eyes as William used his wife to relieve his sexual needs. Kelly
groaned. William massaged her cunny with expert hands; finding her spot
easily, knowing just how to please it.
Kelly realized, as she felt William fill her and fondle her,
that the strange man knew better how to please her than her own newlywed
husband did!
“Yes,” Jill said, gazing down with approval. She extended her
cattle prod and touched one of Kelly’s breasts right on the tip of its
pointy nipple.
“Aaack!” Kelly hollared. An electrical charge imparted itself
to her tit. Jill laughed, probed across one bosom to the other, and
touched Kelly’s other nipple. “OoooHooooo!” Kelly groaned. At the same
time William, delving inbetween her legs, made her erupt in a
womb-shattering orgasm.
John watched as, one by one, the wooden blocks were unlocked
from his dick. William and Kelly lay on the bed, kissing. Jill was
tending to John’s penis. With bright eyes she released him from the
stocks. John stared at his naked dick, amazed to see it again. He
grunted and lifted its length out of the blocks of wood. He arched his
hips. He gloried in the feel of its newfound freedom.
Jill took John by the hand. “You’re quite good at holding
yourself back,” Jill said admiringly. She spoke to John, but was
looking directly at his cock. It quivered out in front of the two of
them. John gave a sigh of relief and watched with awe as a droplet of
precum formed on his penis’s tip. He was okay! He felt good. And he
felt very, very full. He moved his thighs and felt his sac of sperm
bulging between them like an overfilled balloon. “But I wonder,” Jill
continued, still addressing John by way of his penis. “If you were put
to the test, I wonder, how many times could you cum?”
It was what John had been waiting all night to hear.

Many hours later John and Jill lay intertwined on the bed.
They nuzzled each other. John was finally spent and he relished the
feel of his empty testicle sac lying loosely on his thigh. Sure, he
thought, it would be fun to be full again, but his cock was sore from
plunging in and out of Jill. They’d done it more times than he could
recall. He closed his eyes. Jill rubbed herself between her wet thighs
and kissed John’s cheek.
“You hurt me, you did it so much to me,” Jill sighed.
“I’m pretty sore myself,” John answered.
“Nooooo, put it in me the other way!” Kelly, kneeling by John’s
head, but with William rising stiffly behind her, insisted. They were
refreshed after a long sleep, during which Jill and John had been doing
“Always in your cunt. Don’t you want to try it in your ass?”
William said.
“No. I’m too small back there!” Kelly insisted.

More hours passed. John found himself sitting upright in the
bed, Jill beside him, William off someplace doing something upstairs.
Kelly sat perched on the edge of the bed. She had showered and looked
and smelled very fresh. Her hair was wet, sleekly combed. It hung down
over her small shoulders. She was naked, except for a pair of pretty
white socks.
Jill gazed at Kelly. Her hand loosely held John’s.
“Kelly,” Jill asked. The girl turned toward them. John saw
she was painting her nails. They were glossy, clear, but she was
putting an extra finish on them anyway, to keep them perfect. John
liked how his wife, at only 19, still girlish, nonetheless always tried
to look her best.
“Kelly,” Jill said. “Have you ever been whipped?”
“Yes,” Kelly breathed. Her eyes grew round and she patted her
behind sympathetically. Actually she only patted her hip, for she was
sitting on the part of her bottom that had been spanked. “Last night,”
Kelly said.
Jill laughed. “That was only a light smacking, Kelly,” Jill
said. “What I want to know is, have you ever been whipped, with a real
“No!” Kelly said in a high, definite voice.
Jill looked at John. She squeezed his hand. She glanced
seductively at his loins as she rested beside him.
“I think she’s old enough to be whipped, don’t you, honey?”
Jill asked Kelly’s husband.
“Would it hurt?” Kelly piped up. She had ceased doing her
nails and was sitting with a hand perched under her chin,
contemplatively. Kelly turned her eyes back toward the girl.
“Of course it would hurt,” Jill said.
Kelly thought for a moment. “Would it hurt very much?” Kelly
“Yes, Kelly,” Jill said. “It would hurt very much, right on
your bottom. It might be a whipping that leaves a weal, or perhaps even
draws blood.”
“Ooooh!” Kelly said. “I don’t want my bottom to bleed.”
“You must have some sort of mark to show you’ve been whipped,”
Jill said. She slipped a hand under her own bottom. “It can be only
temporary, of course. A nice weal might do, since it would be your
first time.”
“Where would it be placed?” Kelly asked. She shifted on her
“Wherever the whipmaster chose,” Jill answered. “It’s up to
him, Kelly.”
“Oh,” Kelly said. She was quiet. She sat thinking, her hand
on her chin.
“I think it would be good for you,” John said. He felt his
penis stiffen as he said it, despite its sore condition.
“I–” Kelly said. Her voice trailed off.
“You would be the center of attention, Kelly,” Jill said. She
lay in the bed admiring the girl. She looked so pretty, with her hair
neatly combed, her nails perfect, white socks hugging her small feet.
“It would take place at a party. Your bottom is perfect for it. Nice
and round. Just doing it here wouldn’t do it justice. We must have a
party, and there would be guests, and we would have a banquet
beforehand. In two or three days it could be arranged, if you two don’t
have to leave the island before then.”
John didn’t even think about the schedule they’d been trying to
keep, until they’d been waylaid by William and Jill. Instead,
reflexively, he blurted out: “We’ll do it.”
“John Fredrickson!” Kelly said, loudly, saying her husband’s
whole name, like a lover does when she’s shocked.
“It’s settled,” John said. To taunt his wife, he reached over
and cupped Jill’s pudenda. Gently he massaged her soft, wet folds of
“Mmmmf,” Jill groaned. “Please don’t, honey. My cunt hurts,”
Jill said.
“We’re going to that party,” John said. He kept rubbing Jill’s
nest, to keep her attention. “You’re going to arrange everything,
okay? I don’t know any more about this sort of thing than my wife
“John Fredrickson!” Kelly said again.
“What’s up?” William, coming through the door that led to the
small changing room, asked. He laughed. “Other than my dick, of
course,” he added. He had a new, stiff erection between his legs. He
was naked.
“They want to have me whipped!” Kelly said to William in a
high, childish voice.
“You should be, for not letting me fuck you up your ass,”
William said.
“But I don’t want to be whipped!” Kelly protested.
“It is the husband’s perogative,” William said. “If he feels
you need a whipping, you mustn’t refuse.” William sat down next to the
girl. He looked very large beside her. His muscles flexed and he
tenderly put an arm round her waist. He flexed the big penis hanging
between his legs. “And if you were my wife,” William added. “You’d no
longer be an anal virgin, I can assure you of that.”
“Oh!” Kelly shouted. Tears sprang to her eyes. William kissed
her cheek. “Lie back, he said. I’m going to fuck you.”