Perfect Au Pair Girl

I entered the room, and it had been set up as requested. The lights were dim, and kneeling on the sofa, facing away from me, was our 19 year old au pair girl, Angela. Her blonde hair had a blue ribbon, and she was wearing a very short blue dress, with ruffles around the top and bottom. The bottom of the skirt lifted more than halfway up her ass, exposing the fact that she was not wearing panties. She had on the white stockings that came up to just below the cheeks of her ass. Her arms were cuffed securely behind her back, and her mouth was filled with a white cleave gag. I walked into her line of sight. I could see her staring at me, the white handkerchief knotted in the middle, secured tightly around her mouth, her teeth biting down on the knot.

“Welcome Angela. This is our getting to know you session. Before you can become an au pair, we have to see if you are fit for the duties. Since au pair comes from the French term meaning ‘at par’ or ‘equal to’, we have to make sure your are equal to everybody, including my wife, especially in the sexual duties.”

I stripped in front of her, watching her eyes grow wide as she saw my 8 inch cock, rock hard and ready for action. Her muffled sounds around the gag just made me even hornier, as I knelt on the couch just behind her. I lubed up the head of my cock and nudged against her. Pushing, I quickly came up against her hymen. Still a virgin, oh nice, getting to pluck my first cherry was a bonus.

“Still a virgin my dear?” At her vigorous nod, I growled, “well, not for much longer.”

I gripped her hips and pushed hard, and felt the sudden loosening of her hymen bursting as I penetrated. Her howl was well muffled by the gag as my cock violated her tight virginity. I surged into her, forcefully spreading open the walls of her tight teen virgin cunt, letting out a grunt as I stuffed her pink fuck hole. I sank in to the balls, impaling her completely on my steel hard eight inches, then holding myself there, reveling in the tight grip of her virgin walls clamped around my cock.

“There you go my dear, just a bit of pain, and know you’re a woman.”

I pulled back until just the head of my cock was inside, then surged forward again, burying my cock to the balls, once again. Her muffled grunts were like music to my ears, and clutching her hips tightly, I started to ram my steely shaft into her, my cock withdrawing almost all the way, and then I’d power thrust it back into her, my excitement spurring me on, power fucking her tight cleft. She made wordless sounds as I fucked her wildly. Every plunge into the exquisite tightness of her fuck-hole made me grunt with pleasure, the slick tightness of her teen virginity was out of this world. My balls were aching, working up a massive load to spew into her. I was consumed by the way her teenage tightness milked at my cock, making my spunk sizzle, the soft feel of her skin, hearing the juicy liquid squelch from her cunt as I drove in and out of her, over and over, how it felt to fuck the steamy depths of her teen tightness. I could feel my cock jerk, swelling tight with a massive urgency, she let out another muffled cry as my cock swelled inside her, piercing her cervix. The tightness took me over, the ultra tight hug of Angela around my shaft was the limit, my balls let go, and I could feel the hot spunk sizzling up my shaft. My wild groan of pure pleasure joined her muffled sounds as my cock erupted, pulsing and squirting wildly, and I slammed as deep as possible inside her, my spurting cock jerking and throbbing and pumping a flood, gushing thick ropes of cum deep into her tightness. I felt like I would never stop. I grunted and groaned, squirting 8 thick ropes of spunk deep into her tight gripping receptacle, splattering my load against her cervix, emptying my cock deep into her womb. She squirmed around wildly on my prick, the tight grip of her no longer virgin pink walls sucking every drop out of my cock.

I kept her against me, my cock buried deep inside her, until my cock popped out of her. I stood up, she had been perfect, but we had to make sure she was right for all of our needs.

“Angela, You have passed the first part, now, part 2. You will be expected to provide sexually not just for me, but also for my wife.”

At this, my wife Giselle entered the room, completely naked. At 39 years old, she is wet dream, her slender thighs curve up nicely to form her tight ass and her toned stomach is an open invitation to explore the gentle curve of her firm 38D cup breasts. Her nipples are just as perky now as they were when we first started dating. Her natural red hair and green eyes drew me to her like a bee to honey. She stepped in front of Angela, smiling at her, I watched Angela’s eyes open wide, and her eyes moving hungrily over the expanse of my wife’s sexy naked body.

Giselle said, “Has she been properly introduced to what will be expected of her duties? Have you filled her tight little pussy with a full, creamy load?”

I said, “Yes, she has. And, she was still a virgin, and I plucked her tight little cherry.”

Giselle purred huskily, “Ummm a tight little virgin that my lucky husband got to fuck.” Turning to Angela, she continued, “Now that your tight little no longer virgin pussy is full of my husband’s sperm, I am going to suck it out of you, and lick your tight little pussy until you cum.”

I watched as Giselle lay her head back and the couch, and slid under Angela’s spread thighs.

“Ummm, oh yeah, smells so hot, so steamy and sexy, now, enjoy this baby”, Giselle cooed.

She pulled Angela’s body down, and with mouth open, Giselle plastered her mouth over Angela’s opening. I could visualize the sliding in of her tongue, opening the tight teen pussy lips, and the rush of my thick spunk that would pour into her waiting mouth. I saw Giselle’s body virtually vibrating with pleasure, making sounds of pussy muffled pleasure as she did exactly that. I saw a look of bliss cross Angela’s face, and I quickly undid the gag. She started to pant and moan. My wife is a first class pussy licker, and Angela was getting the best lick job my wife could provide.

“Ummm, oooh, feels so good yes, oh yes,” Angela cooed.

Spurred on by Angela’s sounds of pleasure, my wife went at her with a force, fingers sliding into her tight channel, while she flipped the straining bud of Angela’s clit to and fro with her tongue. I could see Angela’s body trembling, watching this had turned my cock into a steel hard pole. Her body started to shake, and with a screech of pleasure she exploded, her girl cum gushing, giving my wife’s face a very juicy plastering, as she rode that crest. My wife stayed between the spread of her thighs until the last spasm, then slid our from under, saw my bone hard erection, and grinned.

“Oh yes, so sexy, part 2 is now complete. Now Angela, we have to test your cock sucking skills.”

I went to stand in front of her, and with no hesitation, she took me in, swallowing my cock down to the balls in one gulp. I felt her tight, pouty lips grip me, and her mouth started to ride up and down my prick. I grunted, it was obvious that she knew how to suck cock, and suck it very well. My wife and I exchanged a look, as I let her demonstrate her skill at fellatio. Her mouth was a tight, wet, hot sliding ring of pleasure, milking my cock with a tight grip, she let her tongue swirl around my shaft on each intake. The sensation made my balls quickly take notice, and I could feel the cum starting to sizzle. My cock swelled, I was tapping at the back of her throat, Giselle reached in and grabbed my balls and started to give me a gentle massage. Swallowing me down the full length, Angela kept my cock completely encased. I let out a load moan as I felt my swollen cock head snake down her throat, her throat muscles contracting and fluttering around my cock head. That did it, and with a loud grunt, my cock erupted, pumping a load of thick hot cream right down her esophagus, she let it slide smoothly right into her stomach, letting her mouth milk my cock before she released me. As I pulled out, my wife grabbed her, and plastered her lips tightly against Angela’s, tongue probing, wanting to get a taste of her cum slick tongue.

Breaking the kiss, Giselle purred, “Judging from my husband’s reaction, you have passed part 3, and one last part. Watching you has made me wet and hot, and now I want you to show me how well you can lick pussy.”

I watched as Angela was uncuffed, and Giselle laid her down on the carpet. She swung her leg over, and presented her hot, wet muff to Angela’s mouth. I got down to carpet level, so I could see what Angela was seeing. My wife’s beautiful crimson pussy, covered by a fine down of neatly trimmed red pubic hair, hovered above Angela. Her pussy lips were slightly parted, and I got at peek at her luscious inner pinkness, rosy and wet with her desire. The sent of Giselle in heat filled Angela’s nostrils, and I saw her eyes widen at the erotic scent.

“Now, lick me baby, lick my cunt, I’m so wet and juicy, just for you baby,” Giselle whispered.

Angela looped hands around Giselle’s hips, she didn’t hesitate, she boldly pushed her face into Giselle’s pussy, thrusting her tongue up into my wife’s, wet, hot opening, sucking up her juices as Giselle cooed and cradled her head against her cunt. The erotic taste of Giselle’s juices spurred Angela on, as she licked her steaming pussy wildly. I saw the pleasure on Giselle’s face, it was obvious that Angela was no novice to pussy licking either. Giselle was letting out soft coos of pleasure as Angela reached up, cupping Giselle’s breasts, caressing and tugging gently on my wife’s hard, stiff nipples.

“Yes, oh yes, there, right there! Keep licking me baby, make me cum all over your pretty face!” Giselle whispered.

Angela continued, her soft tongue thrusting into Giselle’s wet pussy, then pulling it out and swirling it around the tight rim of Giselle’s labial lips, then flicking it against Giselle’s eager clit. Angela began flicking her tongue more insistently over Giselle’s tingling clit. This really got my wife going, she was dripping all over as she continued to grind her pussy against Angela’s cute, teen face. She was moaning with pleasure, and began to buck wildly on Angela’s mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah, lick me baby, keep licking, make me cum, yeah, yeah, oh fuck I’m cumming fuck YES!!” Giselle howled.

My wife’s body was shuddering, and with squeals of pleasure, she exploded, giving Angela a rich serving of her tasty juices. Angela eagerly lapped at the flow, oh yeah, she pleasured guys and girls alike. Giselle’s face was blissful, sailing on her post orgasm plane. She lifted up, and as she stood up, she lifted Angela up from the floor.

“Angela welcome, you have passed all the required tests, and you are now officially our au pair. Let us take you to your room.” Giselle said.

Angela cooed, “Just so long as I am close to your room, so I can service your sexual needs as often as possible. I want to perform my duties to your complete satisfaction.”

Giselle and I smiled at each other. Good help can be so hard to find, but we now had our perfect au pair.

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