To my One & Only Sissy Piglet


I dreamed I had Denise absolutely at my fingertips. I know I couldn’t do that in reality to her, but it was a dream. After a long foreplay I had her finally tied with her belly down and her ass up. But she was curiously tied. Not hands and feet, firmly in leather and chains in an X over the bed. Her legs, from feet to knees were firmly tied and her breasts also, with big broader leather straps. Denise couldn’t move those parts. Her head was free to move so I guess I could kiss her. But her belly and, buttocks and thighs were free to move. I learned afterwards in my dream why.

I was burning with sexual revenge against Denise. In my dream I have dressed her to kill, but encouraged by my cares for her, she wanted finally to use her clitty INSIDE my pussy and ass. UNFORGIVABLE. So I desired to punish her daring, that double crossing bitch Denise. So I blinded her eyes with an Hermes scarf and put tightly a gagball inside her mouth. She looked like a piglet prepared to go to the oven, and maybe I was doing it in my dream.

Then I enveloped the head with a plastic bag and closed it with my right hand, with all my force, that never can compare with the sporty cycling Denise. She tensed immediately knowing in a second what I wanted to do: asphyxiated by her Misress? She panicked trying to catch her breath anxiously. I put my left hand in the entrance of her ass hole, no lubricant at all.

Then I knew why in my dream Denise was tied in such weird way. She could only move the middle of her awesome sissy body. Simple mechanics. By her desperate movements trying to breath Denise impaled herself into my fist. Each time she tried to aspire air, her ass went up and my fist raped her asshole one more inch. As air lacked and lacked in the plastic bag, and Denise lungs began to falter, her buttocks, her ass hole jumped higher in the air… Until my fist won against her ass entrance muscles and, that barrier broken, I had all my fist inside her ass. I stopped to feel that delicious difference of temperatures and the higher warm of her inner ass.

Then I let Denise breath again. Her respiration accelerated and Denise gasped a lot. I let her catch a bit her breath and she looked at me. I kissed her gagball and, my poor piglet sissy Denise began to whimper. I had really surprised her, absolutely. I understood a bit of what she wanted to say. She was begging me not to torture her that way. She was afraid I couldn’t handle the asphyxiation and would kill her accidentally. She had never begged me this way, never before.

I just smiled mischievously and closed the plastic bag again and the horror in her eyes where amazing. My piglet sissy Denise tried again to liberate herself. With all her sporty might she tried to win over the leather straps but couldn’t. After all it was my dream, not hers. All Denise got was my arm in her ass hole to my elbow. The warm inside her guts were incredible. Piglet Denise guts burned like really inside an oven jajajajajajajaja. I openly laughed at her, increasing the humiliation, for nobody, I mean NOBODY fucks Denise the way I do. Sissy Denise was on the verge of vomiting of such degradation and humiliation, so I let my O&O sissy girl breath again, but impaled in her ass hole to my elbow. This time I let her recover her breath normally…

Through the plastic bag I grabbed her furiously red hair and pulled up her head with all my force. You dumb sissy Denise, let’s make a race for you, sporty girl! I’ll seal the plastic bag over your hair and I won’t let you breath until your caged clitty cries its cum tears. I’ll be fisting you all the time trying to put my elbow inside. You have permission to come piglet, but if you don’t come first than your empty lungs you’re gone, PUTAAAA!!! Jajajajajajajaja. So as you can see my piglet Denise, I’m the one who really can cosplay Harley Quinn jajajajaja. It’s up to you Denise! For I won’t open the bag to breath until you haven’t cum first, slut piece of sissy meat!

I closed the bag and her eyes went wild. With the last forces of her lovely body she pushed and pushed and pushed her piglet caged clitty against the bed in a race for her life! My Denise went so desperate and she began to look flushed and even purple in her face and, could you believe it? Denise cum and cum and cum in the middle of her asphyxiation, just in the nick of time for me to rip the bag and pull out her gagball. I guess Denise have never had an orgasm like this in her dumb life jajajajajaja

She couldn’t believe it as she had at the same time this dream but as a full color nightmare. As I still slept she eake up in the middle of the night, all her bed smeared with an unexpected cum in her sheets and body. Her sweat was cold and she wished this nightmare would never come true… except her submisive body that would treason Denise if this dream could really happen in the real world.

But that’s why I’m her fucking Mistress… For I do really care to dream her punishments all week trying to make her cumming intense… Like today I guess, you fucking slut piglet Denise!!!