New shoes

The last thing Lynn said as I walked out the door was, “I’m off
shopping this morning, where will you meet me”. “Your choice” was
my reply. Lynn said, “Ok. Meet me at the Shoe Shop about midday,
I need some new shoes for the Annual Dinner next week”. I replied
“Yes” and left the house to visit a mate.

If you’ve been following Lynn’s escapades, you’ll know that we’ve
been married for 25 years and she is a blonde aged 45 year old,
who just loves the feel of a man lying between her thighs. I
cannot complain, I love to watch her with a hard cock inside her.
We’ve had this open arrangement ever since we wed.

I left Alan’s place at almost midday and made my way to the Shoe
shop. Has I walked past the window I could see Lynn sat on a
stool whilst a guy who looked about 50 years old was sliding a
black patent leather high heeled shoe on to her right foot. Lynn
was wearing a skirt which normally would have come to just above
her knees, however, it buttoned up the front and it was obvious
that at least 1 button had come undone.

I walked into the shop and Lynn looked up and smiled as she said,
“Hi sweetheart, Robert is being very helpful, but I can’t make up
my mind”. Her cheeky grin told me she was enjoying the attentions
of Robert. She asked Robert if she could try on the blue shoes,
so Robert leaned over and grabbed the shoe, he took a hold of
Lynn’s right foot and having removed the black shoe, slowly slid
the blue shoe on to her black stocking clad foot. Lynn uncrossed
her legs and said, “What do you think”. I smiled and said they
looked nice. Lynn then asked Robert for a red pair with 4 inch
heels, he said he would go look, he then went into the back

Whilst he was gone, Lynn said, “I’m enjoying this, it’s fun”.
Lynn then undid two buttons on her skirt so that you could see the
top lacy part of her stockings. When Robert returned he knelt in
front of Lynn and took a red shoe out of its box. Lynn raised her
right foot, only this time she didn’t cross her legs, I watched as
Robert glanced up at Lynn’s thighs, Lynn just smiled. She said
“What do you think, do you like them”. Her foot was still in
Robert’s hand as she let her legs drift lazily apart. I said they
looked very good, she then asked Robert if he had them in taupe,
he again went to the rear storeroom.

Whilst he was gone again, I said, “he must be able to see your
panties”. Lynn smiled and said “No he can’t, anyway, I’m not
wearing any, but he’ll find out soon enough”. I called her a
randy slut as Robert walked back into the shop. I also noticed
that under her cotton blouse she wasn’t wearing a bra and her
nipples were starting to poke through the material. Lynn’s blouse
was already undone down to the middle of her cleavage, so when she
bent forward Robert can’t have failed to see the top half of her
breasts. This time when Robert returned he dragged a fitting
stool in front of Lynn and sat on it, he took a hold of her right
foot and placed it on the foot-rest, he then took the shoe out of
the box and raising Lynn’s foot, slipped the shoe on. Has he did
so, Lynn allowed her legs to drift apart, I could see the inside
tops of her thighs, so Robert must have had a pretty good view of
her unrestrained cunt lips.

I watched as Robert began running his
hand up and down Lynn’s lower leg, all the time gazing up her
skirt at her pussy. Lynn coughed and Robert, slightly embarrassed
looked up at her and said, “Yes”. Lynn said, “Do you have these
in red please Robert”. He said he would go look. When he left
Lynn said, “I’m enjoying this”. Has she spoke she undid 1 button
on her skirt and another on her blouse, so that her stocking tops
were clearly visible and her blouse was now undone to below her
tits. Lynn said, “What do you think, will he try to touch my
pussy, I do hope so, god I feel like a real slut today”. I said
that she looked like one, Lynn just smiled and said, “But you love
it when I flash my cunt and tits at strangers”. Just then Robert
returned with another pair of shoes.

Robert again sat on the footstool and raising Lynn’s foot again
slipped on the new shoe. This time Robert raised Lynn’s foot even
higher. Lynn allowed her legs to drift further apart, there was
no doubt that Robert could see her pussy. Lynn bent forward and
ran her hands along her stocking covered leg from her knees to her
thighs, has she bent forward, Robert gazed into her blouse and
savoured the view of Lynn’s tits and nipples. Lynn took a hold of
her stocking top and attempted to pull it higher, which made her
legs move even further apart, Robert was really starting to enjoy
the view. He again began running his hand up and down her lower
leg, having received no formal rebuke for his actions, Robert
began to move his hands higher until he was touching her bare
thighs. Lynn then said to Robert, “do you have any other shoes
that might suit me”. Robert said that they did and why didn’t she
come into the back storeroom and choose a couple of pairs. Lynn
said that was a good idea and asked him to lead the way.

Robert entered the storeroom whilst Lynn came over to me and gave
me a kiss, she then stood up and undid another button on her skirt
and blouse, there was only 2 buttons holding her skirt up and 1
button holding her blouse shut. Lynn said, “if I’m not back in 2
days, send a search party”, then winking at me she followed Robert
into the storeroom. I walked to the storeroom door and stood
looking in. Lynn was stood in front of Robert and I heard Robert
say, “If you want to see the stock, climb up the little ladder and
you can see the outline pictures of the styles, that way you can
choose the shoes you want”. Lynn said, “Where will you be” and
Robert said, “Right here holding the ladder”. Lynn said, “Okay
lets do it” and began climbing the ladder until she was at the
right height for the shoes her size, which just happened to put
the bottom of her skirt level with Roberts eyes.

Once Lynn was up the ladder she reached up for a pair of shoes, I
watched her skirt rise up so that the tops of her stockings were
on view. Lynn said to Robert, “I don’t feel safe up here, I need
steadying”. Robert reached out and placed his hands on the backs
of Lynn’s legs above her knees, Lynn said that felt better. Lynn
grabbed a pair of shoes and half turning passed them to Robert,
who took them in one hand. Lynn then turned round on the ladder
and leaning back so she was sat on the top rung, moved her right
foot out so that Robert could slip the shoe on. Once the shoe was
on her foot, Lynn lifted her foot so that she could see the shoe,
this made her skirt open more so that Robert could see her hairy
pussy, Lynn said, “What do you think”. Robert said it was lovely,
absolutely lovely. Lynn said, “Are you referring to the shoe or
something else”. Robert just smiled and reached up and placed his
hands on the tops of Lynn’s thighs.

Lynn moved down the ladder until she was stood on the floor in
front of Robert. He moved his hands up from her legs as she came
down the ladder so that his hands were now around her waist and
her skirt was also pulled up to her waist. She said to Robert,
“Oh dear, I seem to be stood here in front of a strange man, with
my skirt wide open and my husband only 10 metres away”. Robert
apologised and went to remove his hands, Lynn took a hold of his
hands and placed them back on her hips, she moved her hand’s upto
her blouse and pulled it open so that both breasts were openly on
display to his gaze. Lynn said, “Feel them Robert, I need you to
squeeze my nipples, you’ve been looking up my skirt for the past
30 minutes, you must want to touch my tits”. Robert moved his
hand’s upto Lynn’s tits and cupped them both saying how lovely
they felt. Lynn moved closer and began kissing him on the lips, I
watched as their mouths opened and their tongues probed each
others mouths. Whilst they kissed, Lynn reached down and began
rubbing the bulge in the front of Roberts trousers, she then began
fumbling with his zip.

I watched as Robert rolled Lynn’s nipples between his thumb and
fingers, Lynn broke off the kiss and loudly said, “Darling be a
sweetheart and lock the shop door, Robert is far to busy back here
to see other customers”. I replied okay and locked the front
door, I then returned to the storeroom door to see Lynn taking
Roberts prick out of his trousers. Lynn stood there with his cock
in her right hand slowly wanking it, whilst Robert played with her
nipples, all the time they were kissing, their tongues darting in
and out of each others mouths. Lynn reached up and took hold of
Robert’s right hand and placed it inside the front of her skirt,
she guided his hand to her juicy pussy and placed her hand behind
his head as Robert began to explore her moist cunt.

Lynn moaned as Robert inserted his fingers inside her cunt, her
hand was still holding his cock and wanking him slowly. After
about ten minutes of Robert fingering Lynn’s cunt, Lynn slowly
began to turn around, has she did so, Roberts fingers slipped from
her pussy and he placed his hand back on her tits. Lynn began to
bend at the waist and began to rub Robert’s prick between her arse
cheeks. Robert released his hold on her nipples and took a hold
of her skirt and lifted it up over her arse, Lynn placed Roberts
purple head against her pussy lips and Robert eased his cock deep
into her love tunnel.

Lynn turned her head towards Robert and said, “Go on, fuck me,
fuck me hard”. Robert grunted has he shoved his cock in and out
of Lynn’s cunt, Robert then said “You’re a fucking whore, taking
another man’s prick whilst your hubby is outside waiting for you
and your new shoes”. Lynn smiled at Robert and moaning said “Just
fuck me, don’t worry about him, make me cum, shoot your spunk deep
inside me, fuck me, fuck my cunt”.

Robert pounded his hard cock in to my wife, who was gripping the
stepladders to steady herself against Robert’s prick has he fucked
her hard. Robert then said “Oh god I’m going to cum”. Lynn
moaned deeply as she said “Yes, yes spunk in me now”. Robert
slammed his cock deep into my wife and remained still. His arse
cheeks clenched as his prick spewed spunk deep into Lynn’s belly.
When he had finished cumming, he eased his prick from her sloppy
cunt and put his cock back in his trousers. Lynn stood upright
and adjusted her stockings, she turned to Robert and kissed him on
the lips forcing her tongue into his mouth. She broke away from
the kiss and said “that was great, see you later for more”. Lynn
walked out of the storeroom and kissed me as she passed, she
turned to me and said, “well, come on then, there’s another shoe
store around the corner, you don’t want to miss the action do

What a randy whore, she unlocked the door and just strolled into
the shopping mall as if nothing had happened, no doubt, Roberts
cum running from her pussy and down on to her naked thighs. Gee I
love the slut!

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