Naughty Bridal Party 2.

Malena smiled through the reception’s usual routine, cutting the cake, first dance, all the usual festivities expected. When she excused herself to use the bathroom, she made eye contact with their wedding photographer, the invitation in her eyes was perfectly clear. He followed her at a distance, saw her open a door, and he quickly followed.

They were in a hallway closet, and she turned to him and purred, “I want another load, I need to suck your cock again.”

He growled, “Go for it baby, suck all you want.”

Malena stripped, folding her wedding dress and putting it out of the way, she was wearing nothing but her ivory white bra, ivory white crotch-less panties, thigh-high white stockings, and her virginal white bridal garter. Jeremy felt his penis growing rapidly, the sight of Malena, dressed all in virginal white, ready for the wedding night, what a view. He again admired the perky curve of her orange-sized mounds, the hard, stiff nipples pressing hard against her bra, the bare, well-waxed pubes, and she turned her back to him, letting his eyes get the fill of her perky, bubble butt cheeks, encased in the filmy covering of her virginal white panties, before she turned back to him with a smile. Having been sucked off earlier today, Jeremy knew her cock sucking talent was beyond compare, and he was going to enjoy another go with this hot bride.

Malena pouted her lips and slid them just over the head of his cock. Using her tongue, she circled his cock, her mouth wet and hot, oh yeah, then she slowly slid down his cock, enjoying Jeremy’s grunts of pleasure as she swallowed him down. With a slight twist of her head, she drove her mouth down until his balls bumped against her chin, Jeremy grunted out “Oh fuck, yeah!” as his cock was balls deep, the head down her throat, being stroked by the caressing of Malena’s swallowing motions. Malena pulled back up and again swallowed him deep, working into a familiar and practiced rhythm.

Jeremy looked down, the sight of his cock, shiny wet with her spit, appearing than disappearing between her tight crimson lips, was crazy hot. Malena was a born cocksucker, god, he’d never had as hot, practiced and enjoyable a cock sucking as this.

“Oh yeah baby, true cocksucker lips, feels so good, keep sucking me baby, make me cum!”

Malena loved to hear his words, it made her pussy itchy and hot, and she gave him the best blowjob she could. She got her fingers down, seeking her wet heat, and purred around his cock as her fingers found their mark. She started to stroke her throbbing pussy as her mouth rode his pole, starting to bob faster and faster, the hot, wet swirl of her tongue around his cock, the tight clamp of her full cocksucker lips milking at him. Malena sucked wildly on his cock, eager to make him cum. She eagerly awaited the flood of his cum, her pussy was ready to explode. She wanted her mouth filled with another thick load.

Jeremy growled, “Oh fuck yeah baby, suck it, make me cum!”

He was getting the best blowjob ever from a newly married bride, and he was going to unload a gusher into her just married mouth. That thought made his balls churn, working up a gusher, he was eager to paint her tonsils.

Jeremy grunted as he felt her hand grasp his ball sack, and start squeezing gently. He felt the cum streaking up his shaft as Malena swallowed him one last time, her throat muscles milking around his head, he growled, “Oh yeah, gonna cum, oh FUCK!”

Malena felt a hot blast of cum fired straight down her throat, and she tumbled into her own orgasm, her mouth tightening down on his spurting prick as she felt the wave take her. She quickly pulled her head back a bit, so the second and third ropes splattered against the roof of her mouth. Jeremy’s cock had recovered nicely from her earlier cock suck, she had to quickly swallow the first mouth-filling rush, and let his cock continue to pulse and throb, spewing thick ropes of cum all over her tongue, she swallowed again as Jeremy’s cock squirted out the last few dribbles of cum, Malena sucking eagerly, not quite ready to release him. She slid down his prick one last time, then tightened her lips down as she pulled slowly back up, sucking every drop from his cock.

She released his cock, stood up, and with a bright smile, purred, “Thank you, Jeremy, it was a total pleasure to suck your cock again, and swallow your big load.”

Malena took her dress and got back into her wedding finery, smiling at Jeremy, she said, “I think it’s time to rejoin the reception.”

A few minutes later, Malena was back among the guests, looking just like a happy bride should.

With the cake cutting and the first dance done, her husband Chad took her away from the party. It was being held at his parent’s mansion, there were several upstairs bedrooms, and he led her to what was to be the bridal suite.

They were quickly naked, and with her lust thrumming, Malena cooed and made sounds of pleasure as Chad kissed her body all over. She was so into the sensations that she didn’t realize as her arms were lifted up, that he had a different wedding night planned. He had velvet cuffs hidden below the pillow, and he brought them out and before Malena realized what was happening, her wrists were cuffed up.

Her eyes flew open, she tried to pull her arms down, but the cuffs were secured with leather straps to the headboard, her arms were straight up, and she was under his control.

“What are you doing?” Malena asked, suddenly anxious.

“Just relax,” Chad said softly, and he slid a sleeping mask over her eyes. “This is a wedding night you’ll love, I’m going to go downstairs, and invite selected guests to come upstairs and fuck you. I know how hot and horny you are, baby. ”

Malena couldn’t think of a thing to say. The idea of being bound and blindfolded was making her body warm up quickly. She was going to get multiple fucks, and she would have no idea who she had shared her pussy with. She could feel her juices start up. She felt a finger slip down, and rub gently against her seam, her juices starting to flow, coating the finger. She felt the finger get a full serving of her juices, then withdraw.

“Mmm, your juices are delicious baby, so wet and so hot, so eager for multiple cocks to fuck you. I’ll have a lineup of cocks ready for you very soon.”

Chad grinned as he left the room. He had gotten a full report, Linda couldn’t resist blabbing, and he had heard all about their strip club visit, the lesbian orgy the night before, and their racy bridal pictures, with Malena sucking off the photographer. If Malena had those horny needs, he was determined to be a good husband, and satisfy her as much as possible.

Linda had promised him a copy of their naked pussies on display for the camera if he would give her a good hard fuck, and he looked forward to that.

He’d had a wild time at his bachelor party. The stripper that called herself Renee that his guests had hired had been a real knock-out, tall, blonde, with big natural tits, and hair-free mound and hips that really hit his weak spot. Her jade green eyes were locked on him as she did her bump and grind, then she’d perched on his chair, rubbing her nudity against him as she unbuttoned his shirt, and toyed with his chest.

He heard his friends egging him on, she whispered urging on him to enjoy his last go of freedom. Almost like a dream, his pants were down around his ankles, his cock was warm and wet, buried deep inside Renee’s pussy. He could see her smiling as her naked body rode his pole, lifting herself up and down, the tight grip was milking at him, eager for every drop. His friends were cheering him on, and he felt the rise as her hot, steamy fuck-hole slid up and down his swollen cock.

Renee leaned in, whispering in his ear, “Let it go Chad, fill up my cunt, give me your hot load.”

He grunted as Renee rammed herself down hard, Chad could feel her muscles fluttering around his cock, her cries of orgasm took him over, and he erupted, shooting thick ribbons of sperm deep inside her. Renee smiled and gave him a kiss as he filled her with his hot deposit.

Chad watched as she dismounted, and all the guests got a ride, Renee was a sexual wildcat, grunting and growling, crying out as she was mounted, one right after the other. Things had been a little bit hazy after that, he recalled fucking Renee again, this time doggy style after the party, passing out, and waking up in bed with her, both of them naked, his hand was lightly gripping her breast. She woke up, Renee smiled when she saw him hard and ready.

She cooed, “Let’s do it one more time, just before you get the ball and chain, give me that big morning hard on to drain!”

Her whispered suggestion of one last time before the ball and chain, he couldn’t resist. More than eager to take her suggestion, he mounted Renee, his cock was indeed morning hard, and in one bold thrust, buried himself balls deep in her well-lubricated tunnel. Renee growled and squealed as he bottomed out, and he let out a growl as the fiery, eager tightness wrapped around his prick. So was very tight, with an almost virgin-like grip around his cock. He started to ride her, sliding into Renee’s wonderful tightness over and over. Chad’s balls smacked against her sexy, heart-shaped ass on every plunge. Her legs wrapped around his hips, Renee started to toss her head from side to side, her long blonde mane fanning out. She urged me on.

“Oh yeah, go deep, so deep, keep fucking me, make me cum Chad!”

Chad obliged, he picked up the pace, power-fucking her, relishing the liquid depths of her gripping pink fuckhole, driving into her with everything he had, he could feel the orgasm building, on the verge.

Renee cried out wildly as she climaxed, her body shuddering beneath him, she was a biter and a scratcher, as he felt her fingernails scratching his back, her teeth biting down on his shoulder. That brought on his explosion, Chad felt his cock burst, spilling his seed into her with a loud growl of satisfaction, splattering his sperm along her tight pink walls, her fiery fuck-hole eagerly milking his cock for every drop.

Knowing what Malena had done at the strip club had allowed Chad the freedom to indulge at his bachelor party. Now, it was time to invite chosen guests to partake of Malena’s body and give her a wedding night like no other. And, he was going to get Linda upstairs. He was eager to see her redheaded pussy up close, and fuck her sweet ass off.

Chad headed back down to the party, his cock stiffening up. When he got downstairs, Linda was alone in a nook just off the foyer, and he glided up behind her and pressed his body against hers. He heard a purr, felt Linda wiggle her ass back against him, his cock pressing through his trousers against her dress, nudging between the cloth covered cheeks. His hand came up and cupped her natural big melons, ummm, her nipples stiff against her dress, he was going to love sucking on those tits.

Chad turned her gently, keeping her body pulled tight against his. Linda didn’t hesitate when his lips came towards hers, they clung to each other, mouths tightly joined, sharing tongue filled swirls of passion. When they broke, they could see each others faces flushed, Linda could feel Chad’s rod straining, pressing against her bridesmaid gown.

“I’m ready to give you a hard fuck baby, Malena’s upstairs, tied to the bed, and I’m going to line up a group of the guests to go and give her a wedding night gang bang. She’ll love it!”

Linda was revved up, sounded so kinky, and she purred, “Where do we go lover?”

“Go upstairs, turn left and at the end of the hall, take the door on the right. That’s the main guest bedroom, and I’ll be up there very soon.”

Linda smiled, and went up the stairs. Chad watched, enjoying the sight of her awesome ass cheeks in motion. He then turned towards the main reception area, he knew who would have loved the opportunity to fuck his lovely bride, and he had a feeling that it would not be hard to convince them to take the opportunity.

Indeed it did not take much persuading, Chad had a lineup ready to go in short order. He laid out the rules to them, each one was to go upstairs, give Malena a good hard fuck, them come back downstairs, and tap one of the other guys on his shoulder. That was the signal that Malena was ready for the next cock. No talking if Malena knew what their current fucker’s voice sounded like, grunts and growls only. If they wanted to, they could give her an ass fuck, she knew from Linda’s first hand account, that Malena had gotten into the sensations of being buggered.

Chad then took his leave, racing up the stairs. Knowing that Malena was going to be fucked over and over, and Linda’s hot body waiting for him, he had a raging hard on. He quickly made his way down to the guest bedroom, stepped in and locked the door.

There was a candle glowing, Linda loved to get fucked by candlelight, and its warm golden glow lit up the room. She was still wearing her bridesmaid finery.

Linda cooed, “I thought you like to see the unveiling, lover man.”

Linda stripped naked, Chad filled his eyes with the sight of her nudity, ummm, big tits, curvy waist, and that landing strip of red pubic curls, then she turned so he could feast his eyes on her high, tight ass, he could see the faint tan lines of where her bikini had covered her.

Ever since Malena had introduced Chad to her friends, Linda had hungered for just one night with him. Damn he was so fine, she’d masturbate wildly while imagining his body covering hers, his cock powering between the part of her thighs, and riding her like a stud until he exploded, making her cum in a mad rush as she fingered herself wildly. When she’d blabbed to him about what Malena had been up to, her mind quickly formed the idea that getting the hot shots of their bare pussies could be used to bargain him into fucking her, and it had worked. She watched him strip, and she virtually drooled at the sight of his rock hard prick. The spicy nature of having the groom fuck her on his wedding night added in to her lust.

Chad quickly covered the short distance between them, and his mouth attached to her left nipple, and he started to lick and suck at it, nibbling gently.

“Oh yeah lover man, suck my tits, I love it!”

Chad went back and forth, nipping at her nipples, licking and sucking, feeling them stiff and eager, enjoying Linda’s moans of pleasure.

Linda was ablaze with lust, she needed his cock, right now, she purred, “Cock, I need your cock, now!”

“How do you want it baby? Doggy, face to face, or would you like to ride?”

Linda purred, “Umm, let me ride you lover.”

Chad quickly took to the bed, his cock pointing skyward. Linda squatted over him, and nudged against him. With a growl of desire, she humped her hips down, ohhh yes, he was so hard and so big, ummm, Linda felt his prick spreading her open as she impaled herself on his throbbing prick. Deep, so deep, and with a cry of lust, she rammed down the last bit, oh yeah, so stuffed, god that felt so good.

“Oh yeah, so big, so good, feel my tight cunt milking your big cock lover man, and paint my pussy white!”

Chad grunted with pleasure as Linda started to ride him, the sight of her big jugs bouncing up and down, looked so fine. His eyes then traveled down looking to where they were joined, he could see her landing strip of red pubic curls, fuck that was so damn sexy. The way his aching cock was engulfed over and over, the fiery tightness, and the way her body moved with expert strokes, eager to give him the maximum rush of cum, she was something else. She started stroking and tweaking her tits, pulling on her stiff, engorged nipples, and giving off little gasps of wordless pleasure. She continued to fuck Chad, thrusting her pussy up and down his throbbing prick over and over.

“Yes, yes! That’s it… just like that, ohhhh that feels so good,” Linda cooed. ”Make me cum, lover!”

It took only a few moments more before Chad could feel her pussy tightening up, then a rippling, milking action as Linda’s body started to shake.

Linda growled, “Ohhh my god YESSSS!”and her voice rose up to a shriek as she tumbled, her pussy milking madly at Chad’s cock. “Cum in me lover, cum with me, flood my cunt!”

Chad growled, “Oh fuck, cumming, fuck, FUCK!” and his cry of orgasm joined her orgasmic sounds as he exploded, his prick pumping rapidly, his cum flooding her cervix with a thick pasting of white, her pussy milking eagerly for every drop.

As he sailed through the rush of orgasm, a part of his mind wondered how Malena was enjoying her wedding night.

At that time, Malena was being well fucked by Chad’s father. He’d been eyeing her, envying his son at having a hot bride. Chad had noticed his Dad’s interest, and he had been more than ready to accept Chad’s offer. Being the first one up had really primed his pump, and he had entered the bedroom. When he saw Malena bound and blindfolded, totally nude, the sight of her cleanly shaven pussy, his prick soared up, god that was beyond hot.

Malena had heard him, and she cooed, “Ummm, my first cock, come to me, and give me a good hard fuck!”

Chad’s Dad had quickly stripped, she had felt his lips touch her, and they kissed wildly, hotly, tongues swirling. Sliding in between the spread of her thighs, he nudged against her, then with one fast hard thrust, he drove in. Malena grunted and growled, she loved getting spread open, and he felt his balls swing down and smack against her ass. Chad’s dad started to ride her, god, it felt incredibly hot, letting out grunts and growls, careful to not say a word.

The sound of heavy breathing started to fill the room, along with the wet juicy squelch of Malena’s creamy pussy, and the sound of skin slapping together.

Malena cooed, “Oh yes, fuck me, harder, give it to me, fuck my pussy!”

Malena was red hot, bound, blindfolded, and getting fucked by someone at the party that she would not know who he was afterwards. His cock was buried balls deep into her well waxed pussy on every thrust, ramming her, she imagined his balls filling up with a load of hot white spunk to flood her needy cunt. Malena could feel it, the tickling sensation, then sweeping upwards, oh fuck, she was on the verge, ready to tumble.

Malena cried out, “Yes fuck my cunt, ram it up my pussy, shoot me full of hot spunk! I need to feel you cum, please, cum with me, cum deep inside of me, flood MEEE!”

Chad’s Dad felt his balls hit the boiling point, and as Malena tumbled into orgasm, her pussy writhing and sucking at his dick, he let out grunts and growls of pleasure as he shot his load, flooding her deep, filling up her pussy with a hot steamy load.

Malena felt the hot rush flooding her, she purred with satisfaction as her anonymous lover got his prick off inside her. Malena hoped that Chad had lined up a lot of guys, she really wanted to be well fucked on her wedding night.

Chad’s Dad was getting off the biggest load of his life, the knowledge that he was fucking his daughter in law’s pussy, on her wedding night, kept his cock pulsing, pouring his seed into her tight pussy which was milking out every drop.

As the orgasm started to wane, he got up and pulled out. After getting dressed, he went back downstairs. He had a huge smile, and Chad’s best man Will was tapped to be the next one up. Will was more than ready, he wanted to take her ass, and judging from Chad’s instructions, he was welcome to do so.

Upstairs, the sight of Malena, naked, bound and blindfolded, he let out a gasp, he half suspected it might be a joke, but hot damn this was no joke. The room smelled of sex, she spread her legs, and her pussy was oozing cum from the fucking she’d just received. It looked like Chad’s Dad had really blown off a big load.

“Ummm, another hard cock, come and fuck me, take whichever hot hole you like!”

Will could see a line of mixed cum had run down the crack of her ass, perfect. He was naked in moments, his cock led the way to the awaiting bride. He pulled over the pillows, and shoved them under her butt, lifting her hips up. His fingers got busy, sliding through the cum, and running right around the rose shaped pucker of her asshole.

Malena purred, “Oh yeah, right there, Umm, fuck my asshole, open up my tight ass!”

Will quickly took position, he slid his cock inside her pussy, and gave her a few strokes, getting his cock well lubed up in the mixture of hot juices, then he pulled out, pushing her legs up until her knees were against her tits, he slid his cock down along her taint, and positioned it against her tight ass. He started pushing slowly, the head popped inside, he heard a gasp from Malena, she cooed, “Keep going, don’t stop!” Encouraged, he kept going, eager to drive his 9 inches all the way in.

“Ummmm, fuck…yeah, oh yeah…bury it, ram it in!”

Will put a bit more force into it, pushing until he was buried balls deep. Oh fuck, she felt virgin tight, that felt so fucking awesome.

“Mmmmpppfff, oh yeah, feels so good, fuck my ass!”

Will did as requested, and Malena felt the filling slide as she was stuffed, ummm, it felt so good to have her ass spread open around a rock hard dick, and she was letting out cries and growls of pleasure as her tight back door was shafted.

Will looked down to where they were joined, his cock, glistening with lube pulled almost all the way out then drove back in, the feeling of her tight asshole spreading open around his plunges was amazing.

Will was too involved in fucking Malena’s ass, to hear the bedroom door open and close quietly, he was going to get a surprise.

Will felt the bed move, suddenly a warm body pressed against his back, he could feel big boobs and stiff nipples poking against him, and a warm hand reached down, cupping his balls. He looked over his shoulder and got quite a shock. He was looking at his 18 year old sister Billie, she was totally nude, she had a mane of dirty blonde hair and green eyes that were glowing with lust, hot damn. A friend of Will has said that she was real breeding material, big boobs, solid body and wide flaring hips. Will thought too that she looked like she would be a real hot breeder, he wished he could be the man to breed her.

Billie had been downstairs, and had seen Chad gathering together a group of the guests, and taking them away to where they could talk in private. She was intensely curious, as she saw Chad’s Dad slip away upstairs, and come back down later with a huge smile on his face. When she had seen him tap her 22 year old brother on the shoulder, and he went upstairs, she quickly followed, eager to find out what was going on. She was up the stairs just in time to see him disappear into one of the bedrooms, and she crept forward. She eased open the door, and had watched in amazement as Will readied himself to fuck the bride. She had glided in noiselessly, Malena’s loud cry of pleasure and Will’s grunts as he gave it to the bride up her ass had spurred her on. She wanted a piece of such a wild rodeo, she had stripped fast, and put herself into the action.

Will felt her other hand around the base of his cock, stroking up and down as he fucked Malena, getting her fingers slippery. Will felt his ass cheeks being pulled apart, and a slippery finger poised against his own back door, and he felt his asshole being pried open as Billie slid her finger up his ass. Will grunted, holy fuck, his own sister was cupping his balls, gently squeezing them while finger fucking his asshole, as he thrust his cock deep, Billie drove her finger in, and he could feel her finger find the spot, and start rubbing his prostate. Will went roaring over, grunting and growling as his cock erupted, he was squirting like a 17 year old, fuck, it felt was he was shooting a gallon of spunk.

Malena cried out, “Ohhh god that feels so good, I can feel your cum filling my asshole, fuck, I love it!”

As Will kept his cock lodged deep in Malena’s ass, Billie continued to finger fuck his ass and squeeze his balls, Will’s cock stayed rock hard, damn that was amazing. He began thrusting in and out, eager to make Malena explode.

Malena cried out, ”Oh my god, still so hard, my ass feels so good, what a stud, still fucking my ass, keep going, gonna cum, oh fuck, gonna cum so fucking hard!”

Malena felt the rush and the explosion of pleasure as her orgasm took her. With a wordless shriek she let go, squirting her juices all over Will’s balls, Billie’s hand, and all over the sheets. The whole time Will and Billie had spoken not a word, letting grunts, groans and cries of pleasure communicate how they were feeling.

As their orgasm subsided, Will pulled himself out of Malena well fucked ass. He could see a big glut of spunk at the rim of her ass, and he watched in amazement as Billie licked her lips, then slid between Malena’s thighs, her mouth quickly moving in. A loud purr of pleasure sounded as Billie began licking up the mingled juices from her ass and her pussy.

Malena purred, “OH yes, feels so good, lick my pussy, lick my ass, lick me clean!”

Billie made a pussy muffled moan as she eagerly drove her tongue into the wet, swirling vortex, a rush of cum greeted her mouth. Billie was really hot, tasting her own brother’s cum, mixed with Malena’s juices, damn tasty.

At the door, Chad was peeking in. He’d just happened to look out of the bedroom door, wondering if he might see who was going to the master bedroom to get his cock off deep inside his bride’s body. Watching Billie head into the bedroom, he just had to see what was going on. Watching Malena getting butt fucked by Will and his sister Billie getting in on the action was wild, he could feel his cock growing back, Linda was still in the guest bedroom, and he was ready to ride her hot body again. He quietly closed the door without his presence being noticed, and quickly made his way back to the guest bedroom.

Linda was dozing lightly, sleep started to tatter as she felt herself being turned over. Now belly down on the rumpled sheets, she felt a large pillow being slid under her hips, raising her ass up to him. Chad’s cock twitched with eagerness, and he quickly got his mouth down, kissing and licking her ass cheeks, Linda’s soft moans of desire spurring him onwards. Chad pulled her ass cheeks apart gently, and his tongue started to lick at her asshole, licking at the tight pucker.

Linda felt the tongue stroking at the tight pucker, ummm, Chad’s so horny, good, she wanted more. “Oh yeah lover, lick and finger my asshole, get me all wet and slippery, than fuck my ass, I love getting my tight ass stuffed!”

Chad heard that, and his cock was stiff as steel, it drove him crazy to lick at a sexy babe’s ass hole. He’d put a tube of Astroglide on the bedside table, and as he licked at her, and nudged his finger against her, probing at the tight clench, he uncapped the lube, and spread a glob agaist her pucker, working it in, and spread a line along his cock, spreading it until his cock glistened with lube.

“Now fuck my ass, lover, fuck my ass, and shoot your load right up there!”

Chad was quick to comply, he moved his cock against the tight pucker, then driving in. He felt the acceptance of her asshole opening up, his cock being swallowed, Linda’s loud cry of pleasure filled the bedroom, her tightly stretched asshole was highly sensitive, and getting that sensitive hole fucked by Chad’s surging cock made her lust sizzle. Chad grunted and Linda moaned with pleasure as she felt his prick impaling her, pushing into her.

He was halfway in when Linda growled, “Now, bury it, stuff me fully!”

Chad quickly did so, the grip of her ass, like a tight little virgin made him gasp, Linda’s loud cry of pleasure joining his as drove in, burying it as his balls smacked against her pussy.

“Oh yeah, I love getting ass fucked, fuck me lover, let me have, I want my asshole whitewashed!”

Her asshole was tightly stretched around her Chad’s cock as he buried his prick, Linda growled with pleasure, she was eager to get a good, hard ass fuck.

“Oh yeah, feels so good, fuck me Chad, fuck my asshole!”

Linda was quickly enveloped by the shooting pleasure of having her asshole fucked as Chad took his pleasure by reaming out her tight hole. Linda’s grunts, growls and squeals of pleasure filled the bedroom as Chad reamed her out. Linda was getting a hard pleasure ride, and she savored every thrust of his glistening tool, spreading open the tight walls as he buggered her so well.

Chad really gave it to her, oh man, the feel of her tight ass around his cock, her moans and cries of pleasure as he pumped in and out, fucking her ass, was beyond superb. Watching Malena getting ass fucked had really built up a head of steam in Chad and he knew he wasn’t going to last long.

“Play with your pussy baby, stroke your clit, cum while my cock is stuffing your ass!”

Linda was happy to do so, and her cries of pleasure filled the bedroom as her fingers stuffed her wet heat, pumping in and out, then her fingers were rubbing at her throbbing clit. Oh fuck, it was so fucking good, she could feel orgasm racing at her.

Chad felt the stirring in his balls building up, seeing Linda closing in on her orgasm. Linda cried out, “Oh fuck, cumming, CUMMING!”, and she let out a shriek as she exploded. Chad could feel her asshole tighten down even further, pulsing around his dick. He felt his nuts let go, and his grunts and growls mixed with her cries of pleasure, filling the bedroom as he burst deep inside, spurting a thick volley of cum to paint her bowels, hosing down the tight grip of her asshole as Linda moaned and shook into a second orgasm.

As Linda’s pulsing ass milked his dick, Chad wondered what Malena was getting at that moment.

Back in the bridal suite, Billie was able to disguise her voice as she growled in Malena’s ear, “I’m gonna fluff up the dick that just fucked your ass, then he can fuck your pussy!”

Will looked on in amazement as Billie knelt before him and swallowed his dick in one gulp. Will gasped and growled as his own sister was displaying how good she could suck cock. She rode his pole, bringing him back up to maximum hardness, released him and whispered, “Now fuck her, while I sit on her face!”

As Will climbed on the bed and positioned his cock at the entrance to Malena’s pussy, Billie climbed up and straddled Malena’s face. Before Malena had a chance to realize what’s going on, Billie lowered her dripping wet pussy over Malena’s face.

Her voice thick with passion, Billie cooed, “Smell my pussy baby, lick my tight little hole while you get fucked!”

Malena smelled the rich scent of a pussy in heat and she wanted a full on taste. Her tongue outstretched, she swabbed at the tight pink rim, eagerly tasting the wet dripping pink folds, hearing a grunt as Billie settled herself down, spearing her tongue through the seam and into the middle of her tight, swirling juices. Having tasted all her bridesmaids the night before, this was not any of them. She had no idea whose cunt she was licking, wildly excited by the anonymity.

Billie was seething with lust, her pussy dripping like a faucet, rubbing her clit against Malena’s nose, the bride’s tongue licking at her pink folds, and she rushed into orgasm, squealing and crying out as her pussy let go, spreading a rich serving of juices all over Malena’s face.

As Billie’s orgasm ripped through her, Will, fired up, thrust hard and in one fell swoop, buried his 9 inches of pussy stuffing pleasure in the bride’s pussy.

Ohh, my GOODDD!” Malena howled, as she felt his swollen cock thump hard against the fluttering back wall of her cervix. “That feels so fucking good, fuck me, spunk my cunt, cream my womb!”

Will was happy to do so, as he began thrusting in and out while Billie climbed off Malena’s face and positioned herself. Again Will felt the hand gripping his balls, a finger at his ass and thrust in, making Will grunt as Billie worked him over, pumping her finger in and out, eager to get another good load out of her brother to flood the bride. When Will felt the finger start polishing his prostate again, he could feel the rise of orgasm quickly building. It quickly took him over, and his cock burst, dumping another hot load into the bride’s pussy.

Malena had been in a haze, getting fucked again was really making her lust roar, and she felt Will’s cock, longer and harder then ever, forcing open her cervix, then the hot rush of his load as he creamed her womb.

Malena cried out, “Oh Fuck oh fuck, I can feel it so deep, cream my womb, flood MEE!” and her pussy rippled crazily as she crested to orgasm, eager to suck every drop out of the cock that had just exploded inside her.

When Will and Billie got redressed to rejoin the party, Billie, again disguising her voice, whispered to Malena, “You were great baby, we really enjoyed your body,” then she plunged her mouth against Malena’s lips, tongues swirling passionately.

When they broke the kiss, Malena cooed, “Could you send up two guys at the same time, I want a double fuck!”

Billie cooed, “Sure thing baby, we’ll send up two hard studs for you!”

As they left the room, Billie grinned at her brother and said, “Tomorrow night, I want you at my apartment, and I want to get the exact same fucking that Malena just got!”

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