My wife like oral sex

My wife Shella and I (Brian) had been married for 3 years. We were both 25yo and had a very health sex life. Even before we were married we would make out and so we had learnt a number of tricks to satisfy each other. My wife particularly liked oral sex, both receiving and giving. I would make her beg for me to go down on her. When I say beg, she didn’t really. It was a game we played. “Please lick me baby” she would wail “you know how much I love it. If you do it I will suck your cock. Make me cum, please”. I would resist and she would strip off and then demand I eat her out. The sex afterward was incredible.

She started to talk about this woman, Maddie, at work. She was 10 years older than us and she was divorced. Shella seemed quite friendly with her and as a weeks rolled by I heard more and more about her. Shella said her husband had beat her and then left her. She apparently told Shella she hadn’t been with a man for more than 5 years. None of this really interested me. But I did listen and pretend. “Oh that is terrible” I said. Shella laughed “terrible about her husband hitting her or not have sex for 5 years?” she said. I said both. I figured that was the safest answer.

One Friday night Shella and I went out for dinner and drinks. Shella seemed to drink more than usual. We got home and Shella was cuddling up to me. “Remember I mentioned Maddie” she said. “Yes, your friend at work, right?” “Yes” said Shella “well she told me she had never had oral sex with a man. I told her you were a fantastic pussy licker. She wants to meet you”. Now I had had a drink or three but I was not so drunk that I didn’t understand what she meant. “Wait” I said “you mean you have talk to her about our sex life?” I was shocked. She smiled “yes honey” she said, hugging me “I told her everything. Even how you loved me sucking your cock”.

My mind went into overdrive. Was my darling wife wanting me to go down on her friend? Was she suggesting some sort of threesome? The danger signals were blaring loudly. “Listen honey” I said “I don’t want to make out with anyone else but you. You are all I need” but at the same time my cock was starting to stiffen. OK, the thought of a threesome, in theory, was “stimulating” but in real life very dangerous. “I know you love me darling” she said “and I know you don’t want anyone else. I am just thinking that it wouldn’t affect us if you, you know, did something for my friend”. With that she rushed me into our bedroom and we fucked like randy rabbits.

The next morning, now hungover but sober, I expected her to be all “I didn’t mean it” “I am joking” “It was the alcohol talking”. Instead she again mentioned her desire to help her friend experience what she liked so much. I decided to play along. I thought it was some fantasy she had and it would soon fade. That crashed when she got home Friday and said we were invited to dinner at Maddie’s house the next night. My fear returned. Was this some sort of test? If I said yes, I would do it, would Shella start yelling and accuse me of who knows what. I decided to play it cool, not argue, Shella would soon tell me she was joking.

Mid-afternoon Saturday Shella began to get ready. She normally dressed quite conservatively when we went out. She kept her “play clothes” for indoors. I had already gotten ready and was sitting in the lounge. She walked into the room and my jaw dropped. She had on her little black dress. It was strapless and low cut. She wasn’t able to wear a bra with it. It was very short, barely covered her delightful little bum. Her legs looked even longer with a pair of stiletto heels. ”My God” I said “you are going out in that?” She laughed “yes honey. You know you like me in it”. I had to admit I did but in the confine of our home. Under the dress she was wearing a thong. I could see her nipples were erect. For my part, despite my concern, my cock was stiffening. “Do you want to cancel?” I asked “I have the urge to fuck you right now”. She laughed “later darling” she said “Maddie will be very disappointed if we don’t show up. She is excited to have visitors”. I shrugged my shoulders. “OK” I said “but you are really going to get it when we get home”.

At this point, all I knew about Maddie was that she was divorced, 35 and seeming been badly treated by an ex-husband. I really didn’t know what she looked like. I imagined her to be a sad woman living life rather than enjoying life. Quite a contrast to Shella. We got to the address and knocked on the front door. Maddie answered and I was shocked. I had been so wrong. Standing there was this beautiful woman, slim figure except for her breasts which seemed out of proportion to the rest of her. She had on a short skirt and a see-through blouse with a half bra which made her breasts look even larger. She wore high heels. Perhaps Shella had told her there were a fetish of mine. “Hello, please come in” Maddie said and she and Shella embraced “I am so glad to finally meet you Brian. I have heard a lot about you”.

We all went into the lounge and three glasses of white wine were already on the coffee table. Shella and I sat on the couch and Maddie sat in a lounge chair opposite. When she sat down her shirt, already short, rode up and revealed her upper thighs. “Her ex-husband must have been a complete idiot” I thought “this woman is a total fox”. Shella and Maddie chatted away while I sat listening. When were these two going to yell “gotcha” and tell me it had been a joke? Maddie looked over at me and smiled. The sort of smile that causes a stirring in a man’s pants. “You are very quiet Brian” she said “Shella tells me you are the life of the party. Anything wrong?” I cleared my throat “well I am not sure” I said “Shella has been saying some strange things. I don’t know what it think”.

Maddie looked at Shella “did you tell him what I wanted” she asked. “Well not exactly” Shella said “I just gave little hints and I hoped he understood”. Maddie looked back to me “did you understand Brian?” she asked “are you suddenly shy?” I again cleared my throat “well Shella said you had never, how do I put this, never had a man give you oral sex”. “Yes” said Maddie “and Shella said you are an expert. She also said she would allow you to be my first”. “Well Maddie” I countered “I was afraid Shella was trying to test me and if I did it she would accuse me of being unfaithful”. Shella chipped “no honey. I could say that because I would be right here while you did it. Now don’t be shy. Show Maddie what she has been missing all these years” and as she spoke Maddie was taking off her thong. “Come Brian” said Maddie “crawl over here and show me what I have been missing. Please, I want it. I have been thinking about this all week”.

I stared at Maddie’s exposed bald mound and decided that Shella was right. She was there egging me on so she couldn’t complain. I slid off the couch and crawled on hands and knees towards Maddie. She pulled her skirt all the way up completely exposing her crotch. I could see her pussy lips were puffed and ready. She spread her legs wider and I could tell she was already moist. Her pussy had, reportedly, not had a man for years. Now she was ready for my tongue. I flicked her enlarged clit and she yelped. Oh yes, she was so ready. I went to work. First lapping for pussy, then her clit, then repeated over and over. She was moaning louder as I sensed she was about to cum. Then she squealed and shook from head to foot. “Don’t stop” she groaned “I want more. You are right Shella darling. This is so very good”. She came twice more before she told me to stop. I looked around at Shella to see she had removed her panties and she was masturbating wildly. I looked up at Maddie and she had unbuttoned her blouse, pulled down her bra and was fondling her breasts. I thought my cock was going to explode. If these two wanted a threesome I was ready.

I returned to the couch and kissed Shella who was still fingering herself. “That was so hot darling” she said “Look at poor Maddie. She is so turned on”. I looked over and Maddie had taken off her blouse and bra. “Did you want to make out with her” I asked, still thinking about a threesome”. “Not exactly” Shella said, and I saw Maddie stand up and walk to the double door and open them. This huge dog came into the room. “This is Thumper” Maddie said “isn’t he just lovely?” I watched totally shocked as the dog pushed his head under Maddie shirt. She giggled “oh sweetheart” she sighed “do you smell my pussy. Well I have a new one for you tonight”.

I sat stunned as I watched Maddie welcoming the attention of her dog. I found my voice. “Maddie, I thought you said you had never had oral sex”. She smiled “I said I have never had a MAN lick me down there darling. You are 100 times better than Thumper. He never makes me cum”. I smiled back “well at least I got that right”. Then I suddenly realised what she had said “I have a new one for you tonight”. My God, surely not. I looked at Shella who had slid to the edge of the couch. “Do you want to try honey” said Maddie and Shella nodded. “Spread your legs and pat your pussy” Maddie said and when she did Thumper rushed up to her and pushed his head into Stella’s crutch. “Oh wow” squealed Stella as the dog began to feast on her. I sat unblinking, watching my wife being orally stimulated by a dog. I could not believe it but it was happening right in front of me.

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