My Sister’s Diary

My sister was always one of the most popular girls in her school. Four
years younger than me, she was outgoing and friendly to everyone. She was
her class president, nearly an all A student, always elected to Who’s Who
(usually as Class Favorite), a majorette in the marching band, and actively
involved in church activities. Everyone who knew her liked her.

She was, and is, a beautiful girl. I suppose this did not hurt her
popularity. She is fair skinned, 5’5″ 110 lbs., with soft brown shoulder
length hair and big, beautiful brown eyes. At the time of the events I am
about to relate she was 15 and already very nicely developed. Her tits were
large for a girl her age, but not so big that she looked top heavy. Her
waist was trim and her stomach flat. She had an ass you would like to walk
behind and stare at all day. Her legs were long and taut. Her calves were
well defined from her daily exercise routines. In short, my sister was a
babe and the apple of my parents eye.

As for me, I was 19 and still in pretty good shape even though my serious
athletic endeavors ended nearly two years before when I graduated high
school. I had attended college near home for a while but had soon dropped
out. My folks raised hell over this, but I assured them that I was planning
on returning the following semester. I told them I had just needed some
time off to find a direction for myself. That seemed to pacify them for the
time being and, except for my dad giving me a hard time about finding a job
instead of just hanging out, they pretty much left me alone. I mowed lawns
and did odd jobs occasionally for spending money, and as long as I didn’t
ask them for dough I felt like they didn’t much care what I did.

I had a girlfriend at this time, but our relationship was a rocky one at
best. We fought almost constantly, breaking up one day only to get back
together a few days later. It was a pain in the ass but at least the
make-up sex was good when we did reconcile. My sister was not allowed to
date much at this age and she didn’t have a steady boyfriend, although she
had been out a couple of times lately with the same boy, and my mother said
she was afraid that they were getting serious about one another.

Unlike a lot of brothers and sisters I know, me and my sis really got along
well together. After she came home from school and on weekends when we
neither one had dates, we were usually always spending time with each
other. We would go out to eat, go to the mall or go to movies together,
just the two of us. We kidded each other that it was if we were dating. My
bitch girlfriend, Sheri, once complained to me during one of our frequent
break-ups that she thought I’d rather spend time with my sister, Dionne,
than I would her. I told Sheri that if wasn’t for getting to fuck her once
in a while I would rather be with my sister. Needless to say, that
statement didn’t prevent us from breaking up.

Also, I began making up excuses to my guy friends about why I couldn’t hang
out with them as much anymore. If they had known I just preferred being in
my sister’s company I would have really caught it. Gradually it dawned on
me that Dionne wasn’t just my sister … she was my best friend.

I am not really sure when my feelings of just “brotherly love” for her
began to change. But looking back, I believe three incidents combined were
probably the cause.

The first occurred about a year and a half before the date of this story,
when Dionne, or Dee-Dee as my family called her, was 13. Our house only had
one complete bath and two half baths. This meant everyone used the same
shower. This was during my senior year of high school and I came home late
one Friday afternoon to get ready to go out for the evening. My parents
were still at work and Dionne was in the house alone. I started to go into
my room when I saw that the bathroom door was ajar and I could hear the
shower running. She was in the shower and had left the door open to hear if
the phone rang. A wicked grin spread across my face and I thought I’d give
my little sister a hell of a scare by bursting in on her in the shower.
Stealthily, I crept up to the door and nudged it open a bit more. The
reflection of the medicine cabinet mirror gave me a direct view of the tub.
I could see the steam from the hot water boiling over the top of the shower
curtain. The bathroom door being left open prevented the mirror from
fogging up, much to my good fortune. Within a minute or two the water shut
off and I readied myself to throw open the door and scare Dee Dee as soon
as she stepped out. But when she slid the plastic curtain back I was
stopped cold in my tracks.

Her glistening, wet body was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever
seen. Although she was only 13 her hips were already beginning to form the
hourglass shape signaling her advent into womanhood. Her breasts were
certainly smaller then, but they were still a good handful each. Going from
the hot water to the cooler air caused her pert nipples to become erect and
the waterdrops cascading down her tits gave me a tingling sensation that I
knew all too well. Instinctively, my gaze shifted to between her legs. A
triangle of soft, wet, jet black pubic hair greeted my eyes. She turned
around to take the towel off the rack and for the first time since she was
a very little kid I saw her bare ass. The tingling sensation had become a
full fledged hard-on. Regardless of how many I’ve seen by now, whether
live, in pictures or film, my sister has one of the best butts it’s been my
pleasure to view. And even though it was in it’s developmental stage at
this time, to a perpetually horny 17 year old boy it was a sight to behold.
I watched her dry off as long as I dared, but all thoughts of scaring her
had vanished.

The next incident happened about a year after the shower scene and I think
had much more to do with my later incestuous feelings towards my sister
than did seeing her coming out of the shower.

Dionne had a classmate and close friend named Michelle. Birds of a feather
flock together so naturally Michelle was pretty and popular too. In fact,
the two girls were very similar in their height, weight and looks. Michelle
was only an inch or so shorter than Dionne and her hair was only slightly
darker. Like Dee Dee, she, too, had a nice set of tits.

Michelle also had a major crush on me. She made no effort to disguise this
and was always coming on to me in her inexperienced schoolgirl fashion.
Michelle frequently spent the night with us, much more frequently than
Dionne did with her, and whenever she was over at our house she did
everything she could to get my attention. Whenever my parents weren’t around
she would sit next to me and rub her hand up and down my leg. She would
press up against me at every opportunity, allowing me to feel her tits, and
it seemed like she spent an inordinate amount of time bent over with her
butt blocking my line of view. To me, Michelle’s attentions were amusing,
and flattering, but I never really took them very seriously. I figured
within six months she wouldn’t even remember my name. Dionne put on an air
of exasperation whenever Michelle was flirting with me, but sometimes it
seemed she was almost jealous.

Then on one of her sleepovers Michelle made it clear she wasn’t content
just to flirt with me anymore. I had driven the girls to McDonalds. The
drive-thru was jammed so we parked and Dee Dee went in to get our food. As
usual Michelle was sitting snugly up against me, and she made no effort to
slide over when Dionne got out of the car. She made some pretense about
liking my shirt and ran her hand over my stomach, edging lower and lower. A
little taken aback, I decided to call her bluff and just see how far she
was willing to go. But she wasn’t bluffing. Her hand snaked its’ way over
my belt and into my lap where she gently began to massage my quickly
hardening cock. I looked her in the eyes and told her she was going to get
herself in trouble like that. She looked me right back in the eyes and
said, “Maybe I want trouble to get inside of me.” With that she reached up
and kissed me and I returned the kiss, even slipping my tongue into her
mouth a bit. I gingerly squeezed her left tit as she continued caressing my
dick through my jeans. We petted and kissed for a couple of more minutes
before Dionne came back. By then I had begun to see Michelle’s innocent
little crush in a whole new light.

I lie awake late into the early hours that night, still turned on by
Michelle’s advances, even though I had masturbated shortly after we had
returned home. I decided to see if Michelle wasn’t still awake too. Maybe,
if she was, I could sneak her back to my room, and from there, who knows?

My sister’s room was just down the hall from mine and our parents room was
on the other end of the house, so I knew if I was careful they wouldn’t
hear. As quietly as possible I crept down the hall, making sure to step
over the spot in the floor that always creaked. With barely a sound I
pushed open the door to the girls’ room and stood in the doorway listening.
Faintly, I could make out both their low, steady breathing. I felt sure
they were both asleep. I started to go back to my bed when an idea hit me.
Maybe I could get my rocks off anyway, even if Michelle was asleep.

I entered the room and stole over next to the bed. The room was almost
pitch black. The only light came from the weak night light out in the
hallway and it hardly cast any glow into Dee Dee’s room. No matter though,
I thought, I didn’t necessarily need to be able to see for what I had

I knew Dionne always slept on the far side of the bed when she had spend
the night company, so I knelt down in front of the near side of the bed and
carefully ran my right hand up under the blanket and sheet covering the
girls. Going very slowly so as not to awaken Michelle, it took me a minute
or so to reach my destination, but soon I could feel the soft heat from her
skin. Eagerly, my fingers touched her leg. I paused a moment to make sure
she hadn’t awaken. I leaned forward close to where I knew her head had to
be and sure enough, I could still hear her consistent, natural breathing. I
traced my hand upwards and realized I was caressing her upper thigh area.
My already semi-hard cock was now fully erect, making a tent of my jockey
shorts. She was lying on her back. My hand slid it’s way upward until I
came into contact with her panties. Nylon panties against smooth, young
female flesh. God, what a wonderful feeling! As I lightly rubbed around I
could tell that her hips were slightly angled towards me, with her right
leg lying somewhat on top of her left leg. As gently as possible my fingers
glided over her pubic mound. She stirred, shifting a little and for a
second I thought she might wake up. But just as quickly she settled back
into her deep sleep. She had, however, adjusted to where she was flat on
her back, with her legs slightly spread.

By now my cock was throbbing as I took a deep breath and eased my hand over
her panties and down to the spot where I could feel the heat from her
pussy. It felt so good. The only thing separating my fingers from that 14
year old virgin pussy was a thin film of material. I began to work my hand
back and forth over her cunt and I could feel it becoming moist. She
stirred again, this time a barely audible moan escaping her lips, and her
hips began to move ever so slightly under my touch.

I replaced my right hand with my left hand and I moved my now free hand up
her body. Her tight stomach trembled a little as I passed over it. About
midway up her belly I encountered the hem of the short nightshirt I had
seen her wear to bed. The mental image of her sleepwear hiked up over her
waist made my prick ache and I longed for a third hand to stroke it with.

My right hand slipped under her clothing as my left hand continued to grind
against her pussy. I came to the swell of her left breast and my hand
eagerly sought out her nipple. I began to knead it between my fingers as I
squeezed softly on her tit. I couldn’t help but notice she was bigger than
I thought she would be. Her breathing became more labored and ragged. I
thought she was about to wake up so I rested both hands and listened. She
made a soft sighing noise and then I heard her breathing return to normal
and her breast began it’s slow rise and fall under my hand, signaling her
continued slumber.

For the better part of an hour I continued my fondling of the girl. Her
panties had become wet beneath my left hand and I inched my fingers
underneath the waistband. I worked my way down to her bush and stroked my
fingers through her tight, curly hairs. Several times I came in contact
with the top of her pussy lips and I desperately wanted to insert my finger
inside of her, she was definitely wet enough that this would not have been
a problem, but I didn’t. I was afraid she would wake up and become afraid
when she realized someone was groping her in this almost black room. She
would panic and this would wake Dionne up and there was no way I could talk
my way out of being in their room in the middle of the night with my hands
under the covers.

When I at last decided I could not take this anymore I removed my hands
from beneath the covers and stood up. I leaned over and by moving my face
until I could feel her breath against my skin, I lightly kissed her on the
mouth. Her lips were slightly parted and it was all I could do to keep from
ramming my tongue into her mouth. I settled for delicately licking her lips
and then I silently left the room. Back in my bed, I pumped my rock hard
cock until I came, which didn’t take long at all. Making sure I shot off
into my shorts, I removed them and slid them under the bed, making a mental
note to put them in the hamper first thing in the morning. Then, I quickly
fell asleep.

It seemed I hadn’t been asleep anytime when I awoke with a pressing need to
take a piss. I must have been asleep a couple of hours though, because the
morning light was straining in through my window. I got up, put on a clean
pair of jockeys and headed for the bathroom.

As I started to go into the john, I noticed I had not pulled the girls’
door to when I left their room. I tiptoed to the door to do so, but with my
hand on the knob I froze. The early morning sun was filtering in through
the curtains, casting the room in a warm, hazy glow. There on the bed I saw
the two girls. The covers had been partially tossed aside while they slept,
leaving both girls uncovered from below the waist up. The girl on the far
side of the bed had rolled onto her right side, facing the wall. The other
was still on her back, with her head turned toward me. It was Dionne. For
whatever reason, she hadn’t slept on the far side of the bed and I realized
it had been my own sister that I fondled in her sleep!

Afraid to even breathe, I stood there staring at her face, making sure she
was asleep. Her nightshirt was still pushed up, exposing the lower part of
her left tit. I ran my gaze down and saw that the top of her panties were
slightly pushed down, just revealing the top of her bush. I couldn’t
believe it. I had groped and kissed my little sister, and had wanted to do
a whole lot more, and I had loved the hell out of it! Without a sound, I
pulled the door to and went into the bathroom.

For the next few months I stayed in a state of confusion over my midnight
visit to Dionne’s room. On one hand, I had not known it was her I was
touching that night so I told myself it was an accident. But on the other
hand, I was getting more of a charge out of reliving those memories now
that I did know it had been her. I tried not to think about it but it was
no use. I just couldn’t get how good she had felt out of my head. It was
about this time the third incident started taking place.

I began to have erotic dreams about my sister. Not just once, and not the
same dream. It got to where at least once a week I was having these wild,
wet dreams where my sister and I were starring in our own little passion
play. In my subconscious we performed every sexual act known to man, and it
always ended the same way. Me waking up with an enormous erection and
frustrated as shit that it had only been a dream. The first few times after
these dreams I would masturbate forcing myself to think of some other girl,
be it Michelle or someone else. But soon I didn’t even try to pretend
anymore. I’d jerk off thinking only of Dionne. It always seemed better this

For a long time I felt guilty about my newfound emotions and I told myself
it was just the effects of the accidental fondling and the dreams which I
could not control. I assured myself that soon I would be back to normal.
After all, I hadn’t planned this. She was my sister, for crying out loud,
and you weren’t supposed to want to bone your sister. Now my Aunt Cecilia,
that was a different matter . . . but that’s another story.

The trouble is, my feelings did not change and I did not “get back to
normal.” As I said, I had an on again off again girlfriend at this time,
and sometimes when we were fucking I would find myself fantasizing that she
was Dionne. After one of these couplings Sheri told me that had been the
best sex we had ever had. She said I had never screwed her that long and
that hard before. I just told her that I loved her. How could I have told
her that I had been pretending she was my sister the whole time?

Then one day while we were having yet another argument, Sheri said
something derogatory about Dionne and I dumped her like a hot rock and we
never got back together, although she tried to several times.

I began to think something was wrong with me. That I was some kind of a
pervert, a deviant. But then I would see Dionne in a pair of shorts and a
halter top, or I would see her first thing in the morning when she had just
gotten up and she would only be wearing a T-shirt barely long enough to
cover her panties. The large, dark circles of her titties straining against
the flimsy material of her shirt. I realized I would be strange if I was
not attracted to somebody this hot . . . even if she was my sister. I
decided to just go with my feelings and see where they led. Even then,
though, I never expected them to lead me as far as they did.

Now she was 15 and about to finish her sophomore year of high school. While
she was at school and my parents were away at work I began going into her
room and going through her things. I have always had a panty fetish so I
would rummage through her panty drawer and find her sexiest ones. I would
imagine her wearing these and nothing else. I would lay on her bed which
was never made from the night before and I would jack off into her panties.
The first time I did this my conscience bothered me. I knew my incestuous
feelings were wrong but the soft, satiny material of her panties felt so
good against my cock that I could not help myself.

I would shoot my load into the crotch panel of her panties then I would
rinse them out and put them into the hamper to be washed. Soon, that wasn’t
enough. I began creaming into her undies and then I would rub my cum into
the material, trying to keep it in the paneled area, so it would not be too
obvious. Then I would put them back into her drawer underneath some
unsoiled ones. It really turned me on to think about her wearing the
panties I had fucked, my now dried spunk pressed tight against her pussy.

One day, after wanking off into my favorite red lace pair of hers again, I
was nosing around in other parts of her room. By then I had shot off into
all of her panties that I found appealing and the thrill of this was
beginning to wear off. I was going through her closet, trying to find
something else of hers that I could use in my fantasies when I found a
small book on the back of the shelf. I took it down and looked at it. It
was her diary. It was a cheap vinyl covered ones with flowers printed on it
and her name emblazoned across the front. It had a tiny lock on it that she
had secured. Thinking this might prove interesting, I tried to pick the
lock. This took all of twenty seconds.

I thumbed through the usual dull schoolgirl shit until I came to the last
few entries. What I read there made my heart pound and my limp dick again
began to rise to attention. My little sister described in great detail
about her first sexual intercourse, which, according to the date on the
entry had just happened a few weeks before. She had lost her virginity to
the boy she had been dating the last few times my parents let her go out,
Donny. I already didn’t like that little motherfucker, I don’t know if it
had been jealousy or what, but now I really despised him.

According to her diary, the two of them had gone to a party at one of his
friends house and she had a few drinks, which I knew she wasn’t used to.
Afterwards, he took her parking and practically forced himself on her. She
wrote that he told her she had been leading him on only to leave him high
and dry when he tried to go all the way. Knowing my sister, I knew she was
not a prick tease but still I could sense his frustration at not being able
to do it with her. As a matter of fact, I knew exactly how he felt.

I was frustrated too, not being able to actually do anything, or even
having someone to talk to about the way I was feeling about Dionne. Who do
you confide in that you have been wanting to screw your little sister?

But hell, at least he had been able to go out on real honest-to-God dates
with her, kissing her, feeling her lips on his, her body pressed against
his. So far he had it better than I ever thought I would where she was
concerned. As I read the diary it made me mad as hell that he had coerced
her into doing something she obviously was not ready to do. But, truth be
told, it also made me as horny as a rhino thinking of Dionne in the back of
a car, her luscious legs spread and some guy ….any guy….ME!….sliding
his cock into her cunt. I masturbated again, then and there, and left her
room, taking the diary with me. I had an idea!

I picked her up in my car after school that afternoon, and I was
intentionally cold toward her. She repeatedly asked me what was wrong, but
I wouldn’t say. After much questioning all I would tell her is that I had
found something out about her and that it was bothering me. We rode the
rest of the way home in silence.

When we got home I went directly into my room and closed the door. After a
bit, I heard her go into hers. I eased to her shut door and listened. I
could hear her moving around in there. Usually, when she got home, she
would turn on her stereo or call one of her girlfriends on the phone. Today
she didn’t. I could tell that what I had told her had upset her. After a
couple of minutes of listening to her pace about in her room I heard her
open her closet door and my pulse began to race. I could hear her sliding
the clothes in her closet along the rod. I expect she was deciding on what
to wear to school the next day. Suddenly, the sound stopped. In my mind’s
eye I envisioned her looking up on the shelf and not seeing her diary in
it’s accustomed place. My heart leapt into my throat. Hurriedly, I rushed
back into my room and closed the door.

What would her reaction be, I wondered? Would she come screaming into my
room, demanding the return of her private journal? Would she wait until our
parents got home and tell them I had stolen her diary? If she did I could
just imagine the shit that was going to hit the wall. I didn’t have to wait
long until I got my answer.

A timid knock came at my door and cautiously she opened it. I was sitting
on the edge of my bed holding the diary. All the color rushed out of her
pretty face as she saw me. I felt my own face become hot and I prepared
myself for World War III. But I was completely taken by surprise when she
began to cry. She told me that she was ashamed of herself, that she felt
like a pig for letting “that guy” use her like that.

I got some satisfaction out of the fact that she wouldn’t even call him by

Without me having said a word she dropped onto her knees in front of me and
begged me not to tell our parents. At first, I felt like a real shit-heel.
It had not even occurred to her to be mad at me for going into her room and
stealing her most private possession. I had robbed her of her private
thoughts and here she was pleading for my forgiveness and asking me not to
get her into trouble. Yet as crappy as I felt about myself for having put
her in this situation, I realized I had the upper hand in this ordeal.

I could feel my cock begin to stir in my pants. Here was this beautiful 15
year old girl kneeling in front of me, her trembling hands on my knees,
pleading with me, saying she would do anything if I just would not tell on
her. God, I wanted to pick her up, throw her on my bed, and fuck the hell
out of her then and there. But I didn’t have the nerve. Instead, I told her
that I wouldn’t say anything for the time being and that maybe we could
work something out. She took a little convincing, but at last she got up
and thanked me. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. Her moist,
trembling lips felt like heaven on my flushed face. Summoning all the
resistance I had I told her to go and we would not say anymore on the
subject for now. Sheepishly, she left my room. As she walked out I admired
her perfect ass and I knew what my terms for surrender were going to be.

I kept my word and nothing else was said about the diary for the next two
months, although it was always on my mind, and I’m sure, hers as well.
School let out for the summer and this meant Dionne and I spent even more
time together. Things seemed to get back to normal between us, yet there
always was an undercurrent of tension whenever we were alone together.

She broke it off with Donny and the next day he came over to talk to her. I
met him in the drive and told him that she had told me what had happened. I
told him if he ever came over again, or even called her, that I was going
to put him into the hospital, then I was going to tell my dad and that he
would probably kill him. Donny apologized profusely and then left. I was
sure that was the last we would ever see of him.

All this time, however, my carnal urges for my sister grew stronger and
stronger. It got to the point where I was jerking off thinking of her at
least once a day. I had begun to use her panties again to relieve myself,
but now I wasn’t putting them back in her drawer. I was keeping them,
hiding them in a duffel bag in the bottom of my closet. That way, I didn’t
have to wait until she wasn’t around and sneak into her room. I don’t know
if she was beginning to miss them or not but she never said anything if she
did. She started filling my thoughts almost all the time, whether I was
awake or not. I lost interest in everything else. All I could think about
was fucking my sister. I knew I would have to act before long.

Then one fateful day, my opportunity finally arose. It was a Tuesday. We
were alone in the house together as usual. I was in the den watching TV
when Dionne walked through wearing a bikini with a beach towel slung over
her shoulder. She said she was going to lay out by the pool and work on her
tan. Immediately, the wheels in my head began to turn. I waited for her to
get settled outside and then I went into the half bath in my parents room.
It had a small window that overlooked the deck and pool. I went to the
window, parted the curtains slightly and looked out.

My sister was laying on the towel, face down. She had untied her bikini top
and I could see the sides of her breasts heaving out from either side of
her. She was laying in a vertical line with my eyesight, giving me a
wonderful view of her back, ass and legs. She had hiked up her bikini
bottom over each ass cheek for maximum sunning. Instinctively, my hand went
into my gym shorts and I began to pull at my already enlarged organ. Sweat
had popped out across her back and legs, coating her in a mesmerizing sheen
of dew. How I wanted to lick that sweat off her body! Her already tanned
legs were spread a little, and I could just make out the contours of her
pussy beneath her swimwear. And that ass! Each cheek had a well defined tan
line and she was rocking her hips back and forth in time with the music she
was listening to. It would have been the easiest thing in the world for me
to have whacked off right then, watching this incredible sight. But I
didn’t. I had other intentions.

Ever since I decided that I was going to have to take action, I had been
keeping up as best I could with Dionne’s menstrual cycles. When she wasn’t
around I would check the trash can in her room for feminine napkin
wrappers. By doing this I pretty much knew when she was on her period and
when she wasn’t. It had been about two weeks since I last saw one in her
trash, and I knew now would be as good a time as any for me to make my
move. I was nervous as hell, but horny enough and frustrated enough to
decide today was the day. As I watched, Dionne rolled over onto her back,
and for a brief second I caught a glimpse of her gorgeous tits before she
lay her top across them. That clinched it. I was going for it!

I pulled back the sliding glass door, and with a glass of lemonade in my
hand, walked out and stood over her on the deck. She sat up and asked if I
was going swimming. I said no, that it was time for us to have a talk. She
looked up at me puzzled for an instant, then I saw a look of recognition on
her face and she nodded. I sat down beside her and dangled my feet into the
water of the pool. Holding her top with one hand she slid forward and did
the same.

“What are we going to do about this?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said, “have you been thinking about it?”

“A lot.” I replied.

“Me too. I just don’t want you to tell mom or dad, they’d kill me.” Dionne

“That’s right. They would.” I offered her my glass and she took it, sucking
on the same straw I had used. My dick lurched upward at the sight of her
full lips wrapped around the shaft.

“Well, what do you want me to do …. I could wash your car for the next
hundred years or something,” she said, looking at me. I just shook my head.

“What, then…”she said “…I don’t have a lot of money, but if you want, I
could give you what I have.”

“I don’t want your money Dee Dee,” I replied, looking back at her. “But my
silence ought to be worth something to you.”

“It is…you know it is. Just tell me what you want me to do,” she

I squinted my eyes as I said, “I don’t know…I’m not sure if you’re ready
for this.”

She elbowed me in the ribs. “Would you tell me already?!”

I looked at her and hesitated. I was at the threshold. Did I dare step over
the line, not knowing what the consequences would be? I took a deep breath
and went for it, but it seemed like someone else was saying my next remark.

“I want you to give me the same thing you gave Donny.”

If I had told her God was a lobster she couldn’t have looked at me with a
stranger look.

“What…do…you…mean?” she finally stammered out.

I dropped my eyes from hers and I looked down. Her hand holding her top in
place had fallen a little and I could see the tops of the dark circles at
the ends of her tits. My gaze wandered further down to her flat stomach,
which I noticed wasn’t flexing in and out. She was holding her breath. Just
beneath her navel I could make out the fine blonde hairs that led down to
her bush and I could imagine the treasure underneath her bikini panty. I
was willing to risk anything to obtain that treasure.

“I want to have sex with you,” I at last said. For what seemed an eternity
she didn’t respond.

“You’re just joking, right . . . . you’re not serious, are you?” Her voice
was weak and low. Her eyes were opened wide.

“I’m dead serious.” Having at last vocalized my lust seemed to restore my
determination. “If you want me to keep quiet about what I found in the
diary you’re going to have to fuck me.”

The “f” word seemed to send her reeling. She momentarily lost her motor
skills and the top fell into her lap. I looked appreciatively at her big
boobs for a second before she regained some control and pulled her top back
over her tits.

“But…but…you’re my brother…I’m your sister…we can’t do that.” Her
voice now had a pleading quality to it.

“You did it with a guy who you had only been out with a couple of times,” I
reminded her, “you can do it with a guy you’ve grown up with just as well.”

She tried to set the glass of lemonade down beside her but it tipped over.
She drew her legs out of the water and pulled them up to her. She wrapped
her arms around her legs and dropped her head onto her knees. I thought she
was going to cry.

“I’ve been wanting to tell you about how I felt for a long time,” I said,
“but I was never sure how to approach you about it. I love you. Not just
the way a brother loves his sister, but the other way. The way mom and dad
love each other. I can’t help this. If we hadn’t been born into the same
family what I’m telling you wouldn’t be a big deal. It’s not my fault we
are brother and sister. I’ve been feeling like this for a long time, and
it’s driving me out of my mind. Don’t tell me you’ve never wondered what it
would be like to be with me.”

She looked at me again. She was crying, just a little. “I don’t
know….maybe….but I couldn’t….you’re my big brother.”

I edged up against her and put my arm around her bare shoulder. My palm was

“Do you love me?” I asked.

“Yes, you know I do,” she answered.

“Do you love me enough to show me that you love me?”

“I…I…don’t know. If you weren’t my brother…maybe.”

“Look at this way,” I said, “I’ve loved you for fifteen years. I was the
first boy to ever love you. If you do love me, and I know you do, you have
loved me practically your whole life. So what is wrong with two people who
love each other expressing how they feel by showing each other.”

She had pulled away slightly when I put my arm around her. Now she relaxed
a little and settled back into my embrace. I could tell she was
contemplating what I had said.

“If we do this…,” just the trace of a smile crossed her lips, “do you
swear your not going to tell mom and dad about the diary?”

“What could I say…Dionne wrote in her diary about having sex with a guy,
so I talked her into having sex with me, too?” I said sarcastically.

She laughed a little, and I slipped my hand down around her waist.

“And you promise your not going to tell your friends, or anybody? If anyone
ever found out…”

“No one is ever going to know. This is just a one time thing, if you want,
and it will be just between you and me.”

“If I agree to it, when do you want to?” I thought my cock was going to
explode! I was within sight of fulfilling my deepest fantasy!

“Now….mom and dad won’t be home for hours yet. We’ve got the whole house
to ourselves.” I said. My heart, not to mention my prick, was pounding.

She didn’t say anything. She just sat there with an embarrassed smile on
her face.

“C’mon…,”I nudged her, “it’s just sex. It’s just skin touching skin.
There won’t be any lightning bolts come down and strike us or anything.
It’s just two people making each other feel good. I know you didn’t enjoy
it the first time. That’s because that dipshit did it wrong and you weren’t
ready. This time it will be different, I promise. It won’t hurt and I won’t
rush you. It’ll be good.” With my right hand I turned her face to look at

“I’m your big brother, remember? I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.”

She sighed deeply. “Okay, big brother…let’s go inside.”

I thought I would cum right then and there. I leaned over and kissed her
gently on the lips. She didn’t pull away, and I was glad. I got up, took
her by the hand, and led her into the house. As we were going in I caught
our reflections in the sliding glass door. She had let her bikini top fall
to the deck and her bare tits bounced slightly as she followed me in.

I led her through the den, down the hallway and into her room. I wanted the
first time I fucked my sister to be in her own room. I pulled her in and
closed the door behind us. My raging cock hurt it was so hard. My all
consuming lust told me to grab her and ravish her. But my brain, what
little of it still had blood left in it, told me to take it easy with her
at first.

I pulled off my T-shirt and then took her into my arms. Her tits, pressed
against my bare chest, sent a shiver down my spine, and my petrified
manhood, snug against her stomach, was almost more than I could stand. Our
eyes locked for a moment and then I lowered my mouth to hers. Our kiss was
delicate at first. Our lips caressed each others for half a minute before I
felt she was relaxed enough to slip my tongue into her mouth. As I did I
could feel her tense up just a bit, so I gently moved my tongue. I ran it
slowly across her teeth and lips before pushing it deeper. I covered every
area of the inside of her mouth before wrapping my tongue around hers. I
felt her relax as our tongues danced together, and within seconds she was
giving as good as she got, pushing her tongue into my mouth.

My hands traveled down her back to her ass. Her bikini was still bunched up
in her crack and I could feel her bare cheeks. I had wanted to get my hands
on this butt for so long and now here I was, doing it! I squeezed her ass
gently but firmly, lifting her up onto her tiptoes as I did. My right hand
slid underneath her bikini and worked them out of the fleshy vice holding
them. I ran my hand across her butt crack and pulled her left cheek apart
just enough to ease my hand between her cheeks. The moist warmth there felt
glorious to my hand and with my index finger I lovingly massaged her anus.
I felt her tense up a little again so I took my hand away, reminding myself
to take it slow with her.

At last we broke our kiss and I looked at her. Her face was flushed and she
was taking deep breathes through her mouth. Her eyes had a sort of wild,
hungry look to them. I could feel her little nipples, hard as pencil
erasers, pressing into me. She spread her legs a bit and semi-straddled my
left thigh. She began to slowly grind her pussy against my leg. I pulled my
chest away far enough that I could get my right hand onto her left tit. I
squeezed it and lowered my mouth to the nipple. She leaned into me as I
engulfed her nipple in my mouth. Her right hand went to the back of my head
and pressed me into her harder. Her hips continued to undulate as she
masturbated herself on my leg.

I flicked her nipple back and forth with my tongue. I didn’t think it could
get any harder than it had been but it did. I rolled my tongue around her
nipple, then bit down on it with my teeth just hard enough for her breath
to hitch. I tried to suck her entire tit into my mouth but it was just too
big. She began to moan a little. I went to her right tit and gave it the
same attention. She was really hunching on my leg now, trying to appease
the burning in her young slit. I put my left hand on her right hip, sliding
it underneath the waistband of her bikini. I helped her push harder onto my
contracted thigh.

Pulling my head up at last I looked into her face. My God she was
beautiful! She ran her tongue seductively over her lips and had a fuck-me
look in her eyes that would have done a grown woman proud.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted this to happen?” I asked, my
voice deep and husky.

“I didn’t until that night you came into my room when Michelle was over,”
she replied.

For a second I was stunned. I was almost embarrassed, but the heat of her
pussy rubbing on me assured me we had gotten beyond that.

“You knew about that? I thought you were…uh…asleep.”

I had almost said that I thought she was Michelle, but it dawned on me in
mid-sentence that she thought she was the intended object of my visit that
night and she still hadn’t objected to it. Besides, I sure as hell wasn’t
going to risk offending her now.

“I woke up and I could feel somebody touching me, and for a second I was
scared. But somehow I knew it was you.”

“Why didn’t you let me know you were awake?,” I asked.

“I’m not sure,” she said, “maybe I was a little frightened. But it felt so
good, having you touch me like that, and I knew you weren’t going to hurt

“You mean you trusted me,” I said. She nodded. “Then trust me now.”

I kissed her again and taking my hand off her hip, I pulled my left leg
from between her legs. I placed my right hand on her stomach. I could feel
her tight muscles quiver slightly. Slowly, I ran my hand under the front of
her bikini and inched my fingers down, coming in contact with her nether
hairs. Her right hand glided across my chest and she began to tweak my left
nipple. My hand continued it’s descent until I could feel the crease of her
pussy lips. Here I was, at heaven’s doorstep. My fingers went downward
until I rounded her mound and was now at the entry point. She was so wet
that my middle finger slid into her crevice with no difficulty. She moaned
and leaned her head backwards as I began to work my finger in and out of

I lowered my mouth to her throat and began to massage it with my lips and
tongue. Her juices flowed over my finger and I inserted my ring finger into
her as well. She raised her head and our lips and tongues met again in a
passionate kiss. I pumped her cunt with my fingers, sliding them out to the
tips and them pushing them back in as far as they could reach, lubricating
her hole more and more each time I did.

My left hand took her right hand away from my chest and I guided her down
to my shorts, where I pushed her hand against my raging tool. She began to
rub my cock through my thin shorts and I had a hard time keeping from
cumming right there. We had so much more to experience, I sure did not want
to spoil it now!

Taking her wrist, I pushed her hand past the waistband of my shorts. Her
fingers pulled through my pubic hairs and sought out my dick. She wrapped
her fingers around it but was unable to completely encircle my engorged
pecker. I was now furiously finger fucking her love slot and she was
groaning and grunting continuously. She pumped my cock up and down, making
me even harder and longer. I knew I would not be able to hold out much
longer at the rate we were going.

I took my hand away from her pussy. My fingers were coated in her juices. I
put my two fingers up to her mouth and she took them into her, licking and
sucking her own flowings off my fingers. Our hips came together and we
ground them against each other. After watching her suck my fingers a little
bit longer I took my hand away from her face. I started tugging at my
shorts, working them down, and she leaned over and helped me finish the
job. As my shorts hit the floor and I stepped out of them I saw her eyes
fasten on my shaft. It was standing straight out, the tip barely touching
her belly just above the navel. A drop of pre-cum had leaked out of my cock
head and adhered to her skin. As I pulled back just a bit, a thin line of
fluid hung between her and my dick. She looked up at me questioningly and I

“Don’t worry…it’s supposed to do that. There’s a lot more where that came
from,” I said.

She smiled and took hold of my prick, gently rubbing the head around her
stomach, smearing the clear liquid on her skin.

I hooked my thumbs under the bikini at her hips and began to pull them
down. She shifted her hips to help in the removal. I knelt down on one knee
and as the material cleared her crotch I inhaled deeply of her scent. It
was a wonderful, musky smell. My head reeled a bit as her bikini panty slid
over her thighs, her knees, and finally fell to the floor. I pushed my face
into her lower belly and my tongue ran across her bush. She had trimmed
away all the excess hair from between her legs and what was left was
cropped short. It felt marvelously rough against my tongue. I slipped my
tongue just inside the top of her cunt lips and she gasped. I began licking
her clit and her hands went to my head, trying to push my face in deeper. I
tongued her for a few more seconds before standing up.

Grasping her shoulders I gently moved her backwards until her legs touched
the side of her bed. I eased her down onto the bed. She scooted back until
her knees were at the edge, her feet off the floor. I positioned myself on
top of her, my head at her breasts. Licking her tits, I worked my way down.
I kissed and tongue bathed her stomach, feeling the heat from between her
slightly spread legs against my chest. The tan line of her bikini was
tantalizing to me and I traced over it with my mouth.

Dropping onto both knees, I put both hands on the sweaty crook in her legs
and spread them wider. I was looking directly at her pussy. It was moist
and warm. Running my hands down to the backside of her thighs I spread them
apart further until the lips of her vagina parted and I could see the
beautiful pink folds of the inside of her cunt. With a half suppressed
growl I sank my mouth onto her.

My tongue plunged into her and she let out a pleasured moan. Her hand went
to my back and she raked her nails up and down as I buried my face into her
groin. Never had I experienced such a wonderful oral sensation. I wanted my
tongue inside her as deeply as possible, and I pushed it in farther and
farther. I could feel her wetness on my lips and chin as I ate her. I
wriggled my face against her and her hips began to buck up and down. I
vowed to myself that this was going to be the best tongue job she would
ever get and I wanted my little sister to be able to remember it for the
rest of her life!

For the next twenty minutes I ate her, making her cum at least three times.
She was alternately screaming out loud then making whimpering little kitten
noises as waves of ecstasy washed over her. Goosebumps speckled across her
outstretched thighs and her nipples jutted into the air. Her left hand was
stroking my hair and as I glanced up I saw her other hand squeezing her
right tit and playing with the nipple. Just as she was about to reach her
fourth orgasm I stood up, wiped the excess moisture from my chin and
climbed onto the bed with her.

She looked a little disappointed that I had stopped pleasuring her, but I
kissed her and whispered that it was her turn. A twinkle lit up her eyes
and she smiled. I lay on my back, with my cock pointing straight up at the
ceiling. She kissed her way down my stomach and took my member in her hand.

“I’ve never done this before…tell me if I do something wrong,” she said

I put my hand on the back of her head and gently lowered her toward my
rigid dick. She lightly licked the tip, her tongue sending ripples of
pleasure through me as she kissed the super-sensitive head. She licked up
and down the length of my shaft, cradling my full sac in her left hand.
After a minute or two of this I could not stand it any longer and I took my
cock in my hand and guided it to her mouth.

“Put it in your mouth, Dee Dee,” I hoarsely moaned.

She opened her mouth and my cock head disappeared from view as she did as I
said. She slowly worked it in, a little at a time, until almost half of it
was inside her mouth. Slowly, I began to thrust my hips upward, trying to
bury my schlong in her throat. Her throat constricted a couple of times and
she almost gagged. I told her to relax her throat and just to let it slide
down. A couple of more tries and she had done it, engulfing my tool in her
mouth until her nose was buried in my cock hairs.

She began to raise her head back and forth, coating my cock with her
saliva. She would pull back until just the head was in her mouth and she
would bite down on it ever so slightly, then she slammed her face forward,
swallowing my dick to the hilt. Over and over she did this until I could
feel my balls begin to tighten and I knew I was about to shoot my jet
stream into her throat. I finally had to tell her to stop and let’s rest
for a moment. She snuggled up next to me and we kissed and petted for a few
minutes until I had regained control.

At last I told her to she could start sucking me again and she eagerly
obliged. I put my left hand between her legs, just below her ass, and
pulled her around. She didn’t know what I was doing at first, and I had to
tell her to straddle my face. She threw her leg over my head and shoved her
ass back to where I could reach her pussy with my tongue. My sister was one
fast learner!

I crammed my tongue back into her pussy and my hands squeezed and fondled
her ass cheeks. I could see her puckered brown hole just above my face and
I knew I had to try again. Inserting the middle finger of my right hand
into her pussy as I flicked her clitoris with my tongue, I lubricated it. I
took it out and gently began rubbing her asshole with my wet finger. She
tensed up for a second but then relaxed. Very delicately I eased my finger
into her butt. She wiggled her ass a little, but continued slurping away at
my cock. I sank my finger deeper and deeper into her, until it was up to
the knuckle. She was groaning, and her dark hole spasmed around my finger,
but she made no effort to remove it. With my tongue in her cunt and my
finger in her anus I moved them in and out independent of each other. This
sent her over the edge. She was now rocking back and forth on top of me.
With my pecker still in her mouth she cried out, and her body began
convulsing as she came for the fourth time in the last thirty-five minutes.
I worked her ass until my hand started to cramp, then I pulled it out and
used my tongue on her butthole. Finally, I had free access to the ass I had
wanted for so long, and I could not get enough of it!

At last she twisted off of me and sat up. Her face was flushed and sweat
glistened all over her body.

“I want you to fuck me, big brother!” She didn’t have to ask twice!

I sat up and pushed her onto her back. I positioned myself between her
legs, sitting on my knees. Holding her by the ankles, I spread her sweaty,
beautiful legs wide. I pushed myself forward until my shiny cock was laying
on her stomach. With her right hand she guided my dick to the entrance of
the promised land. Looking into her eyes, I said, “No lightning bolts….I
promise.” She smiled and slowly I entered her.

There is no way mere words can describe the rapture I felt as my cock slid
grudgingly into her juicy pussy. When I was completely inside her, I
paused, enjoying the wet warmth of the cocoon my rod had found. I looked
down at her. Here was my little sister, who I had grown up with, and had
watched grow up. The one person in the world I loved more than I could ever
express, giving me the greatest gift a female can bestow. She looked at me
with loving trust in her eyes, a smile spread across her lips, as I began
to pump.

Slowly at first, I worked my cock in and out of her. As I pulled back she
would pull back, until my cock was barely inside her. Then I would hump
forward, feeling her cunt muscles tighten around my length. She was so
tight! Her pussy clung to my dick, urging it further into her, and I pushed
against her as tight as I could before pulling backwards and doing it all
again. My hands traveled all over body, I didn’t want to miss a square inch
of her flesh. She grabbed my arms and pulled me down on top of her,
thrusting her young tongue into my mouth. Her legs wrapped around my ass,
her strong leg muscles pulling me deeper into her. I took this as my cue
that she was mine to do with as I pleased, so I began to ram into her as
hard as I could, her body lurching upward on each heave. I could feel my
cock piercing her insides, flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood, and I
wanted this feeling to last forever.

When I began to feel myself losing control again I pulled out of her and
rolled her over on her stomach. With a little help I made her understand
what I wanted. She put her knees into the mattress and raised her ass in
the air. I rose up behind her and shoved my throbbing slab into her pussy
from behind. As I thrust forward I spread her ass cheeks wide so I could
penetrate her even deeper than before. On each shove she groaned aloud,
even though her face was buried in her pillow. I looked down marveling at
the sight below me, of my swollen cock jackhammering in and out of her
sopping wet hole. I could see her asshole, stretched out invitingly, and I
thought how easy it would be to dip my penis into it’s forbidden depths.
But I didn’t think she was quite ready for anal sex to that degree just
yet. Besides, I told myself, unless I was very much mistaken, there were
going to be plenty of opportunities for us to explore other avenues of
carnal delights together.

Suddenly, I could feel my balls begin to roll and I knew this time there
would be no holding back. I pounded into her faster and faster, wanting to
get in as much as I could, wanting her to be completely satisfied. I wanted
her to want this again and again. I wanted to make her lust for me whenever
she was horny.

All at once I felt the cum begin to release and I jerked backwards out of
her and then, grabbing her hips, pulled her back against me, my cock
sliding up between her ass cheeks, my balls slapping against her pussy. The
first jet of sperm flew into her hair, stringing down onto her shoulder
blade. The rest splattered across her sweaty back and thin waist. I lurched
forward time and again, each time sending my jizm spraying across my
sister’s body. I have never cum that much or that long before or since. I
did not think it would ever stop. Finally, when it had, I eased my still
hard prick back into her waiting cunt and pumped her for another few
minutes, until she had cum yet again and my swelling at last started to

Afterwards, we lay together for another half hour, holding each other,
kissing, and telling each other how much we loved one another.

I said, “I know I told you this would be a one time thing if that’s what
you wanted, but I’ve got to tell you that I want this to happen again.”

She looked at me, a broad smile on her face. “You had better,” she said,
“or I’m telling.”

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