My Pervert Weekend in Portland


Drooping and clumsy with fatigue, it took Ruth a long time to get out of
the shower, dry off and get her hair fixed for bed. She was so spent, I
think she would have fallen asleep in the tub if I had allowed it.
Instead I kept her moving until she was between the flannel sheets of
her queen-sized bed — out like a light.

I was tired too, but I got dressed and drove my rental car to the hotel
where I packed and checked out, returning to Ruth’s townhouse with my
luggage. I was in bed next to Ruth five minutes after dropping my bags
in the entryway. Putting my arms around her, I nestled close and fell
asleep in 10 seconds, my face tickled by her clean, sweet-smelling hair.

I slept like a dead man for several hours, then gradually became more
and more aware of Ruth’s warm, nude form beside me in bed. A heavy rain
was pounding on the roof overhead, and occasional gusts of wind flung
raindrops like buckshot against the darkened bedroom window. The
perfumed warmth of Ruth’s bed felt incredibly sensual and secure in
contrast with the storm howling outside. Feeling restored by a few hours
of rest, I sleepily began to explore Ruth’s motionless body with my

I don’t know if Ruth was dreaming, or responding to my touch, when she
sighed contentedly in her sleep and turned toward me. I kissed her face
lightly and I could see her smile in the dim light filtering into the
room from the hallway.
Ducking under the covers, I lifted Ruth’s right arm and put my face
against her breasts. My lips moved across the smooth, firm curves of her
mounds, seeking until I found a nipple. It was just a small bump in the
center of her soft areolae when I first took it between my lips.

Gently I sucked and licked, sucked and licked, as her nipple slowly got
longer and thicker in my mouth. I wondered how long I could play, before
Ruth woke up. She sighed again and arched her back slightly. Then her
breathing changed and I knew she was beginning to waken. Her nipple was
fully erect in my mouth, now, and she arched her back even more,
pressing her breast forward to be devoured. She gave a low moan.

A minute later Ruth surprised me by taking my head in both hands and
gently pulling me up to face her, her stiff, wet nipple falling from my

“It’s not fair,” she whispered. “I’ve had three great climaxes since
dinner … four if you count that horrible thing you did to me in the
shower … and you’ve only had one. Tell me something I can do for you,
my master.”

“You SHOULD have more orgasms than me,” I whispered back, “girls are
designed that way. Guys are lucky to have two orgasms a day, maybe
three. But girls can have two or three orgasms an hour, then two or
three more the next hour.”

“We can?” she said, surprised. “I’ve heard girls talk about multiple
orgasms, but I thought they were crazy. I didn’t think it was possible.”

“Oh it’s possible,” I reassured her. “Most women can have multiple
orgasms with a little practice.”

“You have to practice?” she giggled, with a pretty smile.

“Of course! It’s pretty easy, but your body has to learn to have an
orgasm. And once you learn, it gets easier and easier.”

“Well I seem to have an easy time cumming with you,” Ruth sighed,
snuggling close.

“That’s because you’re my slave. You’d be punished if you didn’t cum for
me,” I joked. “Seriously, though, you climax pretty easily for somebody
with so little experience.”

“That’s because you make me feel sooooo nasty and sexy,” she purred,
adding, “that was a very bad thing you did to me in the shower.”

“You mean finger-fucking your sweet asshole?” I could sense her blushing
in the dark.

“YES! I can’t believe I let you do that to me!”

“You didn’t LET me do that. You’re my slave, remember?”

“Oh yes, I remember, and I remember I should be doing something to make
you feel as wonderful as I feel,” she said firmly.

“Have you ever given oral sex,” I asked.

“Nooo. Not really. There was the time after I was raped … but he just
grabbed me by the hair, pushed his penis in my mouth and told me to suck
it. I must not have been any good because he pulled it out after a
minute or so.”

“How did you feel about that?” I asked.

“I thought I would be disgusted … I thought the taste would be
disgusting,” Ruth said, “but it was kind of sticky … nasty and sexy. I
could taste his … stuff … and my pussy, too. I didn’t know if I
should be doing something with my tongue or what to do.”

“Well, oral sex is pretty simple, but it’s still something you have to
learn,” I said. “If it’s done right, it’s guaranteed to send your lover
into orbit.”

“Couldn’t you teach me?” she begged. “I want to learn.”

“Hmmm. I think I can show you the basics.” I sat up and guided Ruth
until we were sitting on the bed, facing each other about two feet
apart. Our legs were extended, clasped loosely around each other. I
found Ruth’s right hand and lifted it to my mouth.

“Oral sex for beginners, rule number one,” I said. “No teeth. Biting is
an advanced technique and depends a lot on your partner’s tastes. You
can learn that later.”

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