My friend’s daughter my mistress

I am a thirty year old red head with a decent body,
single and am a hydraulics engineer for a very large
company with offices all over the world. I took the job
right out of college and when I first started was
mentored by the only other female engineer in our
department and we became very close friends. Her
husband also works for the same company but in a
separate building half way across town from us and was
transferred to Europe for a year and they also
transferred my friend, Joan, so they could remain as a
family unit.

Well Joan has two children, a boy twelve and a girl,
Lisa, seventeen, who in my humble opinion is one of the
most beautiful creatures on earth. Well, Lisa is in her
senior year of high school and did not want to go to
Europe to finish out her high school career and was
fighting tooth and nail to stay here to finish high
school. She begged her Joan to ask me if I would let
her stay with me for the year and when Joan asked me,
with Lisa giving me that lost dog look, I agreed to let
her stay with me.

Now I’ll tell you a little about me, when in college I
had a two year lesbian affair with my roommate, my last
two years and I learned to really love other womens
tits, I would suck on my roommates tits for hours if
she would let me, which she did at least once a week
and I have really missed sucking at a hot breast since
my college days. Now I have seen Lisa naked twice, once
when she was sixteen and we were changing in her room
to go out for dinner and the second time this past
summer when we were changing again in her room to go to
the beach.

Lisa has the most beautiful tits I ever saw in my life,
she is five foot ten inches tall, has a thirty six D
chest with light brown aerola as big around as a soda
can and nipples when not erect that stood out about a
half inch. Besides the body, she is downright beautiful
and on more then one occasion I brought myself to
orgasm thinking about her body and sucking on her
magnificent tits and I was really hoping to see her
naked a few times while she was staying with me.

It was a nice bright sunny October day when we moved
her into my place and after she was settled, clothes
put away and all, her family left leaving us alone and
for the first time I really realized she was going to
be living with me for the next year. I had served some
light snacks and drinks and was in the kitchen cleaning
up, Lisa came into the kitchen, naked as a jaybird and
I think my mouth hit the floor.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits, I was mesmerized
by the most beautiful tits I ever laid eyes on and
didn’t even realize she was now standing in front of me
in her glorious nakedness. She had put her hand under
my chin and lifted my face up so that I was looking
into her eyes, said that her tits were all mine now,
bent her head down to mine and kissed me, sticking her
tongue in my mouth.

I couldn’t help myself, my pussy exploded, I was
moaning like a whore in a porno movie, cunt juice had
soaked my thong and was running down my leg and when
she told me to show her how much I love her tits and
pushed my head into her tits, my mouth clamped on her
tit and I started to devour the most magnificent tits
in the world.

Now I am only five foot five so it was very easy for me
to stand there and suck on her tit and while I was
feasting on her sweet tit, she undressed me and the
next thing I knew, I was now also naked, suckling her
tit like a new born, I was in absolute fucking heaven.
While I was suckling on her tit, she was playing with
my ass and stroking my hair, telling me how I belonged
to her now, that I was her pussy now and that she owned
me body and soul now. Her nipple had grown to at least
an inch long and it was like sucking a little cock,
making this the best tit sucking I ever got to do and I
knew in my head that she really did own me now as I
would do anything she wanted just to suck her tits.

She backed slowly out of the kitchen, so I wouldn’t
lose contact with her tit, into the living room, lay on
the couch with me on top of her, while still suckling
her awesome tits and told me that she had been waiting
to own me since she was twelve and hearing her say
that, I came all over her pussy, making her squeal with
delight. Then she told me to suck the other tit as it
was getting jealous and after I switched she told me
that since she owned me now, I could suck her tits
anytime I wanted and she was going to let me take good
care of her pussy for her, that I was such a sweet
little cunt and that she has loved me for years, making
me cum again.

She squealed again when I came on her, picked my head
up and told me that her pussy needed some attention now
and she wanted her baby to take good care of her hot
cunt now, pushing me down to her cunt. I got between
her legs and her pussy smelled so fucking good, I
buried my tongue in her sweet cunt, making her moan
like a little whore. She told me I was such a good
little pussy and for me to make her cum in my mouth so
she could see how much I loved her, then she told me
she loved me and how much her cunt ached for my mouth
and how I was her special cunt lapper now.

I was now so fucking hot from her voice, I was eating
her hot cunt like a demented soul, I just couldn’t get
enough of her sweet cunt. I made her hot ass come off
the bed seven times as she poured the most delicious
cum in the world into my waiting mouth and all the time
Lisa kept telling me to eat my mistresses fucking cunt.

After the seventh time I made her cum, she pulled me up
to her, wrapped her legs around me, stuck her tongue
down my throat and then told me how much she loved my
mouth on her pussy and she had been waiting all these
years to make me hers, kissing me again. I was in
heaven, I was laying on Lisa’s hot beautiful body, she
had her legs wrapped around me, kissing me and then she
told me to tell her who I belonged to and it hit me
full force that this teenager really owned me now,
because I would do anything she told me to, just to lay
naked with her and suckle on her sweet tits.

I looked into her eyes and told her that I belonged
totally to her, body and soul, she kissed me again and
told me that from now on, I would be naked for her all
the time so I would be ready to fuck whenever she
wanted. I snuggled into her and said, yes mistress,
whatever you desire and I was elated that she now owned
me. I suckled on her tits for about an hour, then she
smacked me on my ass and said she was hungry, so make
her something hot, bring it up here and feed it to her
in bed.

I got up to make some food, Lisa went into the bedroom
to wait for me to feed her and I did just that. I feed
her like she was a tot, which made her very happy, made
me realize she was my mistress and I was now her slave.
After I finished feeding her, she made me get on all
fours, got between my legs and started playing with my
pussy and asshole. Making my pussy so hot cunt juice
was running out of it all over her hand. She started
out with one finger in my cunt, then two, until she had
her whole hand in my cunt and was fist fucking my
brains out, while at the same time she had two fingers
buried in my asshole, finger fucking my asshole while
fist fucking me.

My poor brain exploded from all of that sensory input,
cum was pouring out of my cunt, I was in a place I had
never been before and I couldn’t even talk, all I could
do was make animal sex noises. She was now talking to
me while finger fucking my hot holes, telling me what a
delicious cunt I was, how I was born to be her fuck
slave, that I was the best cunt lapper she ever had,
how beautiful I looked with her hand up my cunt and her
fingers in my asshole, making me even hotter then I
was. She made me beg, pant like a dog, scream, she made
me do what ever she felt like and I was so happy to be
in her fuck heaven and just kept cumming and cumming
until I nearly passed out from the shear pleasure.

When I was again aware of what was happening around me,
Lisa pulled her hand out of my pussy and made me lick
it clean, then she stood up on the bed , made me get on
my knees to her pussy and eat her until her cum was
running down my face and onto my tits. I knew I was
going to spending a lot of time on my knees after that
cunt lapping I gave her. I never wore clothes at home
again either, or to bed, Lisa liked to feel my cunt
hair rubbing on her ass when she went to sleep and I
liked to keep her happy.

We also had tubes of KY jelly in every room in the
house as Lisa’s favorite thing was while I was standing
to finger fuck my pussy and asshole, make me beg like a
little whore for whatever she could think of that was
sexual and have my cum run down my legs onto the floor
so that I could lick it up after she was finished with

For some reason she loved seeing me on my hands and
knees, licking up my own cum so she could rub her pussy
against my ass and then make me get on my knees to her
pussy. We have been together for about eight months now
and I am the happiest little cunt slave in the world,
Lisa told her Mother that I was her fuck slave and her
Mothers reply kind of floored me for a minute, she told
Lisa that she was right about me becoming her fuck
slave, wasn’t she.

I had the distinct feeling that when Joan came back
from Europe, I was going to be eating her pussy too and
I figured I could get Joan to leave Lisa with me when
they came back, by letting her use me however she

Well my mistress wants me on my knees, so I have to go

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